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Sweden: A Qatari Protectorate

On April 28, the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs of the State of Qatar opened the Umm Al-Mu’minin Khadijah Mosque in Malmö, Sweden. Qatar — the epicenter of Muslim Brotherhood and the base of its proselytizing megaphone, Al Jazeera — paid more than 3 million euros to build the mosque, which is almost 2,000 square meters and accommodates up to 2,000 people, making it the largest mosque in Scandinavia.

One astonishing fact about this new mega-mosque is that, according to Swedish mainstream media, the opening never happened. Not a single Swedish news outlet mentioned the opening. Swedish authorities were also completely silent on the topic. On her Facebook and Twitter accounts, Malmö’s Mayor, Katrin Stjernfeldt Jammeh, wrote about the opening of a new office for army recruits in Malmö and the Swedish coast guard moving its activities to Malmö harbor, but failed to mention the opening of the largest mosque in Scandinavia. The website of Malmö municipality was also silent on the topic.


Is Canada becoming North America’s Sweden?

There are several similarities between Sweden and Canada. Both are cold northern countries with loads of forests and lakes and rather few people. Moreover, until recently both were extremely boring places where nothing newsworthy ever happened. At least that was the case for Sweden before it flung open its borders to every piece of primitive, inbred, violent, illiterate, unemployable, Third-World garbage who fancied a life living off Sweden’s generous benefits system.


Sweden Has Turned the Corner

As someone based in Sweden, and half Swedish by birth, I have always known that my countrymen are given to a desperate longing for consensus and uniformity. Many will go to enormous lengths just to fit in. I watched in dismay as this collective neurosis gave way to mass delusion. With the full support of the mainstream media, national and local government, advertisers and a volunteer army of virtue-signallers ready to lambast anyone with even a mildly differing opinion, Sweden finally ceased to be a nation and became a cult. Doubters and dissenters were pilloried, often in public. This madness reached its apogee in the autumn of 2015, as hundreds of thousands of migrants poured into the country. Most everyone I know was falling all over themselves to send money, clothes and toys to the new arrivals. One or two even started refugee shelters, a profitable business in these parts.


Student assistant at school in Stockholm is sentenced to eight years in prison for rape against students

A 30-year-old Somali citizen working as a student assistant at a school in Stockholm was sentenced to eight years in prison for repeated rapes against three different boys; Two of them only ten years old.

The boys, two of whom were born in 2006 and the third of 2002, were raped with violence and threatened repeatedly from November 2015 until the end of September. One of the boys tells that when he protested, the man reached a knife and held it against his neck.

He’ll be out at raping children at knifepoint again in no time.


Swedish mail firm halts deliveries to suburb within notorious migrant ghetto ‘no-go zone’ because it is too dangerous

This is your mail. In Sweden.

A Swedish mail company has halted deliveries in a suburb close to a notorious ‘no-go zone’ because it is now considered too dangerous for their staff.

PostNord is said to have stopped the deliveries in the Rinkeby borough of Stockholm – an area of Sweden which has been plagued with riots in the past.

According to nyheter24, people living in certain areas of Hjulsta, in Rinkeby, will now have to pick up their post between the hours of 7am and 10am.


Swedish Police Chief Shut Down By Interior Minister After Call to Deport Terror Suspects

Citing “freedom of speech” and the possibility that expelled migrants risk “persecution” if sent back to their homelands, Sweden’s Justice Minister rejected Erik Nord’s call to deport Islamic State-supporting migrants and demanded the police chief “explain himself”.


Sweden will ‘never go back’ to the days of mass immigration

Muslims did this. In the name of Islam.

The Prime Minister of Sweden has vowed his country will ‘never go back’ to recent levels of mass immigration after it emerged the terrorist who killed four people in a truck attack was a failed asylum seeker.

Stefan Löfven pledged to change his country’s liberal attitude, insisting the massive influx allowed during the 2015 migrant crisis would never happen again.

Rakhmat Akilov, from Uzbekistan, hijacked the lorry and deliberately drove into pedestrians on central Stockholm’s main shopping street on Friday afternoon.

I don’t believe a word the commie bastard says.


State Media Paints Stockholm Terrorist as Potential Victim of Poverty in Uzbekistan

Sveriges Television (SVT) Russia and central Asia correspondent Elin Jönsson wrote on Saturday that while authorities “know nothing yet about the motive” for the attack, “many young people in Uzbekistan are poor, and become easy prey for Islamist organisations.”

Describing Uzbekistan as “extremely oppressive”,  the SVT correspondent asserted that the policies of former Soviet republics to limit religious practice “led to a radicalization of many Muslims.

However, according to Dagens Nyheter, the suspect traveled to Sweden to make money, and was described as a ‘typical family man’ who ‘worked hard to make money for the family.’


Swedish anti-terror police – including a Muslim officer praised by colleagues – are pelted with STONES while arresting Stockholm attack suspects near migrant district Trump called a ‘no-go zone’

Police officers responding to the Stockholm terror atrocity were attacked by a gang of youths who pelted them with stones last night, Swedish policemen have said.

The attack happened last night near Rinkeby, part of the ‘immigrant no-go zone’ that gained notoriety when President Trump referred to it in a controversial speech in February.


‘We are too good-hearted’; Sweden truck attack puts immigration under microscope

“We have been too liberal to take in people who perhaps we thought would have good minds. But we are too good-hearted,” said Stockholm resident Ulov Ekdahl, a 67-year-old commercial broker who went to the memorial.

Joachim Kemiri, who was born in Sweden to a Tunisian father and a Swedish mother, says migrants and refugees had been arriving in too large numbers.

“Too many of them have been coming in too fast,” the 29-year-old railway worker said. “It’s too much.”