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Swedish Security Service: Number of jihadis has gone from hundreds to thousands in just a few years

“The number of people in so-called extremist environments is growing, and the figure has gone from hundreds to thousands in just a few years, according to Säpo.”

Why is that? Because of the immigration policies that the Swedish government is pursuing indefatigably, even at the expense of the safety and security of Swedish citizens. Will those policies be scrapped, or even reexamined? Of course not. That would be “Islamophobic.”


Sweden Democrats Promise to Reduce Asylum Numbers to Zero and End Chain Migration

The election platform, released this week, claims that under an SD government Sweden would only take in asylum seekers from neighbouring countries. Jimmie Åkesson, the leader of the party, said the SD policy, when compared to the Moderate Party, “is between 50,000 and 60,000 asylum and family immigrants per year,” Blekinge Läns Tidning reports.


Sweden: Pro-Sharia advocate of polygamy and wife-beating gets green light to open Islamic school

The project was driven by Abdirizak Waberi, “a former Conservative politician of Somali descent,” who has been open about his views supporting polygamy and wife-beating. So Sharia values will form the basis of this school, and the Stockholm Court of Appeals couldn’t see the obvious negative impact.


Islamic Fundamentalist Gets Green Light to Start School in Sweden

Behind the divisive initiative is Conservative MP Abdirizak Waberi, who notoriously called for banning music and dancing, prohibiting boys and girls from socializing and allowing men to beat their four wives with sticks when they became disobedient.

After protracted deliberations, the Islamic School Foundation has been ultimately granted the right to open a contested Muslim “free school” in the city of Borås, the newspaper Dagens Nyheter reported. The Borås municipality has long fought to stop the school that, it contended, would impede the integration process and cement segregation.

However, the Stockholm Court of Appeals gave the school, which previously received the backing of the School Inspectorate and the Administrative Court, the all-clear. According to the court, the municipality failed to prove the negative impact of the school with a focus on Muslim education and the Arabic language.


‘We Are Not Visitors’: Muslims in Sweden Demand Mosque Call to Prayer

Muslims in Sweden have applied for permission to broadcast the call to prayer, claiming the move would boost community self-esteem and assist with integration.

The Växjö Muslim Foundation submitted an application to the police requesting permission to send out a three-minute Islamic call to prayer each Friday from a loudspeaker attached to the front of a mosque in the city’s Araby district.

Sweden is approaching sh*thole velocity now.


Violent crime in Sweden is soaring. When will politicians act?

January was a particularly violent month in Sweden. A 63-year-old man was killed in Stockholm by a hand grenade lying in the street. A Dutch exchange student was hit by a stray bullet during an execution-style killing at a pizza restaurant in Uppsala. In Gothenburg, a hand grenade was thrown into a flat and exploded in the kitchen — the same predominantly immigrant-populated suburb where an eight-year-old British boy was killed in a grenade attack less than two years ago. In Malmö, a grenade was tossed at a police station and exploded outside. So it has not, so far, been a very happy new year.


Feminism, Swedish Style

“Sweden has the first feminist government in the world,” brags the Swedish government on its official website. Meaning what, exactly?

“This means that gender equality is central to the Government’s priorities… a gender equality perspective is brought into policy-making on a broad front… The Government’s most important tool for implementing feminist policy is gender mainstreaming, of which gender-responsive budgeting is an important component.”

Accompanying this patch of bureaucratic rhetoric is a photograph of Sweden’s current government of twelve women and eleven men.

Remind you of an idiot peoples?


Sweden Appoints Pakistani Muslim Head of National Heritage Board

And that marks the end of Sweden’s national heritage.

Qaisar Mahmood, a Muslim born in Pakistan, is the new head of the Swedish National Heritage Board. This is an extremely anomalous appointment, since he readily admits that he has not read anything about Sweden’s cultural heritage. But his new job is not really about preserving and protecting Sweden’s cultural heritage and historical sites at all.

Kinda like Justin’s cabinet appointments…