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Sweden! 16-year-old Ali sentenced to 40 hours of community service for sexually assaulting a 13-year old. The family is appealing the decision

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’16-year-old Ali was convicted in February of child rape after he printed up a 13 year old girl against a wall at Toleredsskolan in Gothenburg and forced her to oral sex. The crime took place in July, 2016.

…During the rape, he took out his mobile phone and filmed the assault, prompting the girl to ask him to put it away… After the rape, Ali according to the judgment spread the film to other people “who began to speak ill of” girl. Despite this, Ali has not been convicted of either child pornography or defamation.

If anything, the kufr slut is the one who should be serving the community or being stoned to death for leading a poor innocent lad astray.


BREAKING NEWS SWEDEN – Several people to hospital after mass fight in central Norrköping.

Several people were taken to hospital after a major brawl in central Norrköping on Sunday. Five people have been arrested and police headlining events as attempted murder and aggravated assault.

Shortly after 18 o’clock alerted police to the district Östantill in central Norrköping. Several people who got into trouble should be beating each other with any kind of weapons.

BREAKING NEWS SWEDEN: Riotous conditions in Trollhättan – gangs of youths shooting fireworks at guards & burning tires

Unrest broke out on Sunday evening in Kronogården in Trollhättan. Most young people should have fired rockets toward including guardians and some 30 police officers are allowed to go to the district. According to police, the situation had calmed down at 22 o’clock.

– There are young people who are firing rockets and fires of tires, said Joakim Hansson at the police control, to Swedish Television News during the evening.

The disturbances occurred around the Kronogården, and in particular at Chronograph Farm square. According to the police, it has moved on around 30 young people.

– It started with social unrest among young people and then they fired rockets at security guards, says Göran Carlbom, duty officer at the police’s Western Region.

“Young people” – they will never admit what they have allowed into their midst: foreign invaders hellbent on taking over.

Swedish minister under fire after Twitter pic

Sweden’s Minister for Justice and Migration, Morgan Johansson, is criticised and ridiculed in social media after he on Twitter posted a picture of himself and a group of unaccompanied refugee children.

Johansson had wisely (and suddenly) termed the “children” youths on Twitter, or the ridicule would probably be even more relentless.

Sweden’s Far-Right Gaining Ground As Social Problems Mount

Sweden has accepted more refugees per capita than any other European country. At the height of the European refugee crisis in 2015, Sweden accepted 10,000 refugees per week. Sweden’s liberal immigration policy is honourable, but it does not come without problems. As social problems increase, Sweden’s far right party, the Sweden Democrats (SD) are gaining territory and will likely be the major winner in the next election.

Sweden roundup: Another weekend of gang-rapes and sexual violence, police forensics so understaffed suspects walk free

Several Swedish women and girls have this weekend become the victim of gang rapes, rapes, and other forms of sexual violence. Increasingly, girls and women are publicly questioning the ‘normality’ of the harassment that for many of them seems to virtually have become a part of daily life.

Swedish Forensics Departments Understaffed

One of the factors hampering investigations into sex crimes and other felonies is the inertia of the forensic divisions of the police. According to Sveriges Radio, several hundred of the country’s prosecutors are dissatisfied with the detectives’ work, a recent survey has proved. Sweden’s National Forensic Center (NFC) sometimes needs more than a year for a DNA analysis, while offenders go free.

“The problem is approaching the size of legal scandal,” one of the commenting prosecutors said, while another stated that “serious criminals are set free because we’re awaiting the response of the NFC.”

Swedish Integration Minister Admits Lying About Rape Statistics

Ylva Johansson was giving an interview on the BBC News channel when she said there was no connection between crime and immigration and the level of rape in Sweden is “going down, and going  down, and going down.”

“The level of rapes is not actually high in Sweden”, she also said, after attacking former UKIP leader Nigel Farage – who recently said Malmo was the “rape capital of Europe” – claiming he “doesn’t really know what he is talking about.”

However, it appears Ms. Johansson isn’t so well informed herself. The latest figures show a 13 per cent increase in reported sex crimes in Sweden in 2016, and there has been a general increase over the past ten years.

U.S. Journalist Investigating “Migrant Crime” In Sweden Has To Leave Under “Police Escort” For His Own Safety

After Trump called attention to the rising tide of migrant crime in Sweden last week, independent journalist Tim Pool decided to head to Stockholm for a first-hand look at the “crime-ridden migrant suburb” of Rinkeby.  Unfortunately, upon arrival Pool didn’t get to do much investigating before arousing the suspicion of a couple of masked men who proceeded to follow him through the streets eventually leading to his prompt police escort out of the city out of fear for his crew’s safety.