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Malmö: The New Capital Of The Islamic State Of Swedenstan

If present demographic trends continue, in a few decades, native Swedes could easily become a minority in their own country. Swedish ambulance personnel want gas masks and bulletproof vests to protect their staff against the escalating attacks, similar to equipment used by staff working in war zones. Most dangerous, however, is our inability to deal forcefully with problems undermining Western societies, because some Western media refuse to admit that the problems exist.


Imam With Muslim Brotherhood Links Pops Up at Swedish Truck Attack Anniversary

Despite research indicating that the Muslim Brotherhood is working to polarize and increase segregation in Swedish society, an imam with close ties to the controversial Islamist organization banned in many countries, was invited to the memorial service over the victims of the deadly Stockholm truck attack.

An imam from the Stockholm Mosque, known for his association with the radical Islamist organization Muslim Brotherhood* was invited to the service held in memory of the victims of the truck attack that happened in central Stockholm on April 7, 2017, killing five and crippling 15.


Swedish student suspended for telling the truth about migrant sex crimes

It all started with a discussion between Felix and two female classmates. When he said migrants are overrepresented as perpetrators of sex crimes the women did not believe him and wanted to see sources of his claim.

After he had given the fact sheet to the women the following day, it was spread in his class during a lecture. In the middle of the lecture, an African woman in the back of the hall suddenly stood up and pointed to Felix, who sat at the front.

“She screamed that I was racist and a Nazi. I tried vainly to tell her to calm down and there was no room for discussion”, says Felix.


Swedish parliament member plans to move to Hungary because there are fewer migrants

Kent Ekeroth, a former politician of the Sweden Democrats, told newspaper Svenska Dagbladet that he will be moving to Hungary to “escape migration”.

“To start with they have no immigration. That’s the most important thing. They value their own culture highly and the grounds on which European civilization rest,” he said.


Sweden releases pamphlet to guide men married to underage girls through welfare system.‬

Information till dig som är gift med ett barn (Information for you who is married to a child)

Sweden’s board of Health and Welfare, in cooperation with the Migration Authority, released a pamphlet titled Information for one who is Married to a Child, intended to help guide men who marry underage girls through the Swedish welfare system.‬

The pamphlet in the original Swedish had been available here but was removed one hour after Arutz Sheva‘s publication. It may now be viewed here.

Commentator and journalist Annika Hernroth-Rothstein reported on the new pamphlet and wrote on her Facebook page: “The irony is that in Syria, having sex with and impregnating a child leads to a 9-year stint in prison whereas Sweden rewards the same behavior with financial aid and a helpful pamphlet.”

Information till dig som är gift med ett barn (Information for you who is married to a child)

Swedish welfare guide for Muslim pedophiles


Polish Woman Hoped for Peaceful Life in Sweden; But Was Raped by Arabs and Ignored by Police

It’s been a year since two young Arabs raped Agnieszka Wiśniewska in Sweden. She now has decided to tell her story. She says the police did not even attempt to solve the case and she had to wait 11 months for a psychologist to help her overcome the trauma.


Växjö Municipality: We Don’t Care Of The Content And Message Behind The Muslim Prayer Calls

The Environment and Health Protection Commission in Växjö Municipality has not only approved the prayer calls that the city’s Muslim population want to organize but state that they will not be taking the content of the prayer calls into account.


Islam Is Part Of Sweden: Mosque Is Being Built In Alvesta

A large mosque building in Alvesta has now received the green light approval from the municipality’s building committee. The building will cost a total of 15 million kronor and will accommodate 500 people.

But how large is the armory? Let’s see: 2 firearms per person (handgun and rifle) plus plenty of ammo and at least one knife, assorted grenades, and a backpack of IEDs… times 500… hmmmm.