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Kabul suicide bomber kills 48 at education centre

At least 48 people have died after a suicide bomber targeted an education centre in a minority Shia area of western Kabul, in the latest assault in Afghanistan’s war-weary capital.

“We can confirm the attack was caused by a suicide bomber on foot. The bomber detonated himself inside the education centre,” said a police spokesman, Hashmat Stanikzai.

The health ministry said 48 people had died, with another 67 wounded. There was no immediately claim of responsibility. The Taliban quickly denied involvement.


Rape, Forced Marriages, And Child Soldiers — Life Under Islamic State In Afghanistan

SHEBERGHAN, Afghanistan — Clad in a dusty blue burqa and clutching a piece of stale bread, Khaleda cowers in front of her three wailing young children in a makeshift refugee camp in northern Afghanistan.

The 35-year-old, who only goes by one name, is among thousands of people who recently escaped the brutal rule of the Islamic State (IS) extremist group in the Darzab district of Jawzjan Province, a stronghold of the militants for the past year.

Now living among hundreds of other families in a bulging camp on the outskirts of the provincial capital, Sheberghan, Khaleda recalls the horrors of life under the militants.


Afghan Government Under Fire for Rescuing Islamic State Militants

ISLAMABAD — Officials in Afghanistan have vowed to bring to justice perpetrators of “war crimes” among scores of Islamic State militants who recently surrendered to the government in northern Jowzjan province to avoid being captured by the Taliban.

The top commander of the self-proclaimed Islamic State Khorsan Province, or IS-K, in northern Afghanistan, Mawlawi Habib Rahman, along with his 250 fighters, turned themselves in last week in the Darzab and Qush Tepa districts.

The Afghan government has since been criticized for its unexplained action of providing asylum and protection to IS-K militants, accused by residents of committing serious crimes against innocent civilians while running strongholds in the two isolated Jowzjan districts for three years.

Also – Islamic State Commander Accused of Rape Surrenders


Recruited by Iran to fight for Syrian regime, young Afghans bring home cash and scars

HERAT, Afghanistan — Over the past four years, thousands of young Afghan Shiite men have been drawn into the war in Syria by Iran, part of a well-financed system of recruitment, training and incentives that funnels Afghan recruits to fight for a repressive Arab government.

The Afghans are soldiers in someone else’s war, propelled by economic woes and religious loyalty to join a foreign fight. Some have lost friends and relatives in battle or sustained severe injuries themselves. As many as 840 have been killed, according to researchers. Survivors can recount hard-fought battles near Aleppo or Damascus, and some believe they are helping to protect sacred Shiite shrines in those areas.


Afghan Cleric’s ‘Fatwa’ Against Media Makes Life Even More Dangerous For Journalists

Afghanistan was already considered one of the most dangerous countries in the world for journalists, a consequence of decades of war and religious extremism.

But for some Afghan journalists, the risks have been amplified after a cleric in the western city of Herat recently declared jihad, or holy war, against the country’s besieged media.

It’s time to leave Afghanistan to the Afhganis. If a terrorist attack on the west emanates from the country blast all their infrastructure to smithereens, rinse and repeat throughout all Islamic states.


Report: Trump sends envoys to Afghanistan to open talks directly with Taliban over peace deal

Donald Trump has reportedly ordered American envoys to seek direct talks with the Taliban to end the country’s longest ever war, in a major shift after years of US diplomatic policy on the conflict.

The change in White House stance rolls back a long-held position that any talks must be led and controlled by the Afghan government.

The White House has now told diplomats to seek initial talks with the militant insurgent movement to try to kick start a wider peace process to end the 17-year-long conflict, the New York Times reported.

Bear in mind the initial “report” was in the New York Times.


Afghanistan Vows End to Using ‘Virginity Exams‘ to Arrest Girls and Women

A new measure unveiled in Afghanistan in July to prohibit government health personnel from performing “invasive and medically meaningless vaginal and anal exams” on women and girls to ascertain whether they are “virgins” is a step in the right direction to protect women’s rights, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said this week in a statement welcoming the policy.


The secret story of how America lost the drug war with the Taliban

As Afghanistan edged ever closer to becoming a narco-state five years ago, a team of veteran U.S. officials in Kabul presented the Obama administration with a detailed plan to use U.S. courts to prosecute the Taliban commanders and allied drug lords who supplied more than 90 percent of the world’s heroin — including a growing amount fueling the nascent opioid crisis in the United States.

The plan, according to its authors, was both a way of halting the ruinous spread of narcotics around the world and a new — and urgent — approach to confronting ongoing frustrations with the Taliban, whose drug profits were financing the growing insurgency and killing American troops. But the Obama administration’s deputy chief of mission in Kabul, citing political concerns, ordered the plan to be shelved, according to a POLITICO investigation.


Why female suicide in Afghanistan is so prevalent

“I didn’t want to live any more. That’s why I tried to kill myself with poison.”

Jamila (not her real name) attempted suicide after she felt abandoned and betrayed by her fiancé – who decided, after a six-year-engagement, that he no longer wanted to marry her because she was “not a young woman any more”.

Jamila is 18 – and her family arranged her engagement when she was just 12. She was taken to a hospital in Herat by her mother and treated for poisoning last month.

Jamila is one of thousands of Afghan women who try to kill themselves every year.


Eighty Afghan girls’ schools close over Islamic State threat

More than 80 girls’ schools have closed and exams have been postponed after Islamic State militants in eastern Afghanistan said they would bomb them in retaliation for US air strikes.

Thousands of pupils were kept at home in Nangarhar province after the militants declared that “heavy blasts and thunderous attacks will target all those girl schools which disobey this warning”.

Broadcasts on their propaganda radio warned officials to close the schools and told parents “not send their daughters to schools to pursue this secular infidel curriculum”.


French woman beaten up by Afghan asylum seekers ‘for being too lightly dressed’

The assault happened on a train leaving Paris. The men taunted and insulted the woman for not being dressed enough to suit them.

Islamic barbarians have told us what they fear and yet we refuse to use that knowledge to stop these attacks. So who is really to blame here?