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ISIS Slays Afghan Boy, 12, for assisting Police

Islamic State militants executed a 12-year-old boy on charges of helping local police in northern Afghanistan, according to a senior Afghan government official who spoke to VOA.

The boy was accused of supplying food and water to an Afghan local police check post in northern Jawzjan province.

“The kid was apparently helping his brother-in-law, who is a member of (the) Afghan local police, fighting against militants in Kota-e-Osti district,” Lutfullah Azizi, Jawzjan province governor, told VOA. “It is not the first time that IS militants are committing atrocities against civilians. They have previously killed women in summary executions.”


Senior ISIS leader killed in northern Afghanistan, highlighting shifting militant allegiances

KABUL — The U.S. military said Monday that it has killed the senior leader of an Islamic State enclave in northern Afghanistan, highlighting an evolving fight that expanded more than a year ago after the militant left the Taliban in a dispute.

Qari Hikmatullah and his bodyguard were killed while walking in the Bal Chiragh district of Faryab province on Thursday, said Army Col. Lisa Garcia, a U.S. military spokeswoman. News of the strike began circulating in Afghan media and among local officials on Saturday, with some Afghan officials pinpointing its location a short distance over a provincial border in the Darzab district of Jowzjan province, about 275 miles northwest of Kabul.


The Taliban Have Gone High-Tech. That Poses a Dilemma for the U.S.

WASHINGTON — Once described as an ill-equipped band of insurgents, the Taliban are increasingly attacking security forces across Afghanistan using night-vision goggles and lasers that United States military officials said were either stolen from Afghan and international troops or bought on the black market.

The devices allow the Taliban to maneuver on forces under the cover of darkness as they track the whirling blades of coalition helicopters, the infrared lasers on American rifles, or even the bedtime movements of local police officers.

The Afhgan government is a corrupt mess and won’t last without an American military presence, unless the US decides to formally colonize this failed state (bad idea) they should pull out.


Is Russia arming the Afghan Taliban?

The US accuses Russia of trying to destabilise Afghanistan by supporting the Taliban. Senior US officials have been saying for months that Moscow is even supplying the militants with weapons.

Russia and the Taliban, who are historic foes, deny the charges. They come amid what some observers see as a “new Cold War” – so how much truth is there to the US claims?


Are your nuts funding terrorism? The Taliban are making millions every year from the pistachio

Heroin production, arms smuggling, kidnappings; the Taliban funds its ongoing war in Afghanistan with a wide range of illegal activities, putting its war-footing fund-raising ahead of any moral, or indeed religious, concerns.

A less obvious, but still lucrative, source of revenue has been brought to light by the Institute For War & Peace Reporting (IWPR): pistachio farming.


Asylum seeker “child refugee” who raped and murdered EU official’s daughter is jailed for life in Germany

An Afghan man who claimed to be underage to claim before raping and murdering an EU official’s daughter has been sentenced to life in jail in Germany today.

Hussein Khavari, who broke down and asked for forgiveness during court hearings into the brutal murder of Maria Ladenburger, 19, was told he will serve an indeterminate sentence because of the brutality of the crime.

Despite previously claiming to be 17 years old, he was convicted as an adult, as age tests on his teeth showed him to be at least 22, perhaps older.


Islamic State suicide bomber kills 33 as Afghans celebrate new year

A suicide bomber linked to Islamic State struck on the road to a Shiite shrine in Afghanistan’s capital on Wednesday, killing at least 33 people as Afghans celebrated the Persian New Year, authorities said.

Wahid Majrooh, spokesman for the Public Health Ministry, said 65 others were wounded in the attack, which was carried out by a bomber on foot.

Islamic State claimed responsibility in an online statement, according to the SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors militant websites. The group said the attack targeted “a gathering of Shiites celebrating Nowruz,” the Persian New Year.


A Face Of Victimhood Defaced In Afghanistan

A group of Afghan streets artists painted a mural to pay tribute to a prominent human rights defender who was killed by Hezb-e Islami, the former militant group that has since reconciled with the government.

But the mural in the capital, Kabul, did not last long. Only days after it was completed, masked men arrived to deface it. Initially thwarted by security guards, the culprits returned in the cover of darkness to finish the job.


‘The Taliban is in the city’: Secretive raids with U.S. forces launched to stop Kabul attacks

BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan — The United States is bolstering its efforts to help the Afghan government squash a rash of deadly high-profile attacks in its capital city through Special Operations raids, intelligence to map out residents and additional military advising, the top U.S. general here said.

Army Gen. John W. Nicholson Jr. said that defending Kabul is the main goal for the U.S.-led military coalition right now. Although the number of bombings in the sprawling city has remained about the same, they have increased in size, he said. Hundreds of people have been killed in the past year’s blasts, terrorizing civilians and damaging embassies and other buildings.

“Yes, the Taliban is in the city,” Nicholson said.


How Pakistan Supports the Taliban and Why the United States Does Nothing

American military leaders are still in denial about fighting the wrong war in Afghanistan.

After successfully toppling the Taliban regime in 2001, the United States and our NATO allies implemented a policy of nation building to bolster the new Afghan government. Moreover, the coalition employed counterinsurgency tactics against the growing number of Taliban fighters that were returning to Afghanistan from safe havens in Pakistan within eighteen months of their defeat.

Contrary to the conventional wisdom circulating in the offices of the Pentagon, the conflict in Afghanistan is not an insurgency, but a proxy war. One can arguably claim that the Taliban comprises a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pakistani intelligence, the ISI.


ISIS stones man to death in Afghanistan

A man has reportedly been stoned to death by Islamic State (IS) militants in Afghanistan’s eastern Nangarhar Province.

An RFE/RL correspondent who obtained photos released by the militants reported that the stoning occurred in the Wazir Tangi area of Nangarhar.

The pictures from the scene show a purported IS member dressed in white apparently kissing the forehead of a blindfolded man before he is stoned to death.


Afghans submit 1.17 million war crimes claims to international court

Afghans have submitted 1.17 million statements to the International Criminal Court in the three months since it began collecting material ago for a possible war crimes case involving their homeland.

The statements include accounts of alleged atrocities not only by groups like the Taliban and the Isis, but also Afghan Security Forces and government-affiliated warlords, the US-led coalition, and foreign and domestic spy agencies, said Abdul Wadood Pedram of the Human Rights and Eradication of Violence Organisation.

Based in part on the many statements, ICC judges in The Hague would then have to decide whether to seek a war crimes investigation. It is uncertain when that decision will be made.

That’s a lot of war crimes.


Taliban publishes open letter to Americans

The Taliban has published an open letter to the American people, calling on them to demand an end the conflict in Afghanistan and to reject “the inexperienced policies of president Trump and his war-monger advisors”.

Zabihullah Mujahid, spokesman for the Taliban, released copies of the 10-page document on Wednesday in several languages, detailing insurgent gains and so-called failures of the “illegitimate” US-led invasion, now in its 17th year.

The authors write that they hope Americans “will read this letter prudently and will evaluate the future of American forces and your profit and loss inside Afghanistan in light of the prevailing realities”.