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Macron says Notre Dame should be rebuilt consistent with the modern, diverse France – and architects suggest a glass roof, steel spire and minaret

Macron’s initial promise to restore the magnificent cathedral to its former glory has been shoved aside. Now he says it will be rebuilt “consistent with our modern, diverse nation”, and at the same time the French Government has announced an international competition to redesign the Notre Dame spire.


Macron Says Social Media & Russia Are To Blame For Yellow Vest Movement

French President Emmanuel Macron, who considers himself ‘a man of the people’ does not blame himself or economic problems for the rise of the yellow vest movement.

A head of the 12 consecutive week of yellow vest protests, Macron laid the blame on social media and the Russians (of course) rather than taking any responsibility himself.


The Riots In France Aren’t Just About Gas Taxes, But About The West’s Decline

While protests and car-burnings are actually common in France, what’s happening now is much worse than usual and will not go away anytime soon. What observers should know is that this is not about fuel prices or Macron’s incompetence; this is about the fall of the West.


Paris Is Burning – EU Press Asks Whether Macron ‘Can’ Continue?

The German tabloid Bild is the bestselling newspaper of the largest economy on the European continent, and thus one of the biggest newspapers being read daily. During the weekend, it normally runs front pages about anything the Germans are interested in, which means that today you would expect Merkel or the Bundesliga (German soccer league) to be the headline.

Unsurprisingly however, they went with the question that many European newspapers are asking today given the three straight Saturdays of rioting seen in Paris.


France prey to ‘poison’ that caused Brexit says Emmanuel Macron, as he tries to defuse ‘yellow vest’ protests

Mr Macron has been under pressure to defuse popular anger over planned hikes in “green taxes” on diesel and petrol which has morphed into a wider revolt against basic living costs, high taxes, and a sense of state abandonment in suburban and provincial France.


Armistice Day: Trump-Macron smooth over defence spat

Donald Trump and France’s Emmanuel Macron have both said Europe should pay more of its defence costs, a day after the US president lambasted the idea of a European army.

Besides where would Macron get an army? It’s not like France has thousands of unemployed, violence-oriented, military aged men just sitting there waiting for an opportunity to wage war jihad.


Is Criticizing Terrorism “Mental Illness”?

A 615-page report was recently released, written by an adviser to President Emmanuel Macron, Hakim El Karoui, who is in charge of designing the new institutions of an “Islam of France.” The report defines Islamism as an “ideology totally distinct from Islam” and also never addresses the links between Islamism and terrorism. The report also insists on the urgent need to spread “true Islam” in France and adopt the teaching of Arabic in public high schools.