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Turkey says US can’t thwart deal to buy F-35 fighter jets

Following last week’s passing of an amendment to a US Senate defense bill which prohibits Turkey from buying Lockheed Martin’s F-35 fighter jets, Turkey’s foreign minister said on Wednesday that the country will go elsewhere if the US thwarts the sale.

Apparently Turkey isn’t aware there’s a new sheriff in town who speaks A-rab:



Terror-linked CAIR Asks U.S. Marine Corps to Drop Books About Muhammad & “Arab Mind” From Reading List

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, today called on the United States Marine Corps to drop two Islamophobic and anti-Arab books from a recommended reading list on its official website.

CAIR asked the Marine Corps to remove any reference to and perceived endorsement of the factually-incorrect and Islamophobic books, “The Truth About Muhammad: The Founder of the World’s Most Intolerant Religion,” by Robert Spencer, and “The Arab Mind,” by Raphael Patai from the Marine Corps University Research Library website’s Military Reading Lists page, which links to the “HQMC Civilian Marine Reading Lists.”


Nebraska – Principal To Student: ‘Remove Army Sash Or Do Not Receive Diploma’

A high school student in Nebraska was given an ultimatum by the school’s principal; either she could remove her Army sash, or she would not be given a diploma. The controversial decision has led to the school being highly criticized and called unpatriotic. Megan Pohlmeier was planning to graduate in May and to celebrate the occasion she wanted to wear her Army sash which she was given by her recruiter at the Grand Island Office in Nebraska.

Remember when a student who joined the military was a source of pride for the school?


Meet Russia’s Machine Gun-Toting Snowmobile

I heard Kathleen is getting everyone in Ontario one of these for Winter Holiday.

One of the Russian Army’s newest ground vehicles is also its smallest. The TTM-1901 “Berkut” snowmobile is designed to support Russian forces operating north of the Arctic Circle. The snowmobile will have a starring role in Russia’s upcoming annual Victory in Europe Day parade as Moscow shows off new cold weather weapons and vehicles.


Amid new approach to military justice, Sajjan pledges to ‘aggressively’ handle offenders

The bill includes measures to ensure victims have a right to information about their case and get new protections from intimidation and retaliation. It also abolishes summary trials and provides for ways to present victim impact statements.

Bill C-77 would also make it so the circumstances of Indigenous offenders have to be considered in sentencing if jail time is on the table, and introduces a victim liaison officer.


Harjit Sajjan orders crackdown as Canadian Forces Facebook page features racist, vulgar comments

Though the Forces have a team of dedicated social media staffers, the comments have become so toxic at times that one member of the public observed the “comment section around here reads like a Sons of Odin chat room,” a reference to a far-right, anti-immigration group.