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ISIS commander in charge of executing women is assassinated during battle to liberate Mosul

An ISIS commander in charge of executing women has been assassinated in Iraq, it has emerged.

Saudi national Abu Abdel Rahman was killed by an unknown gunman in besieged Mosul, the terror group’s northern Iraqi stronghold, according to a security source.

The fanatic, who oversaw the execution of women in the city, is understood to have been killed ‘right on the spot’.

ISIS video taunts ‘Crusader’ Trump

ISIS has released a new propaganda video featuring U.S. President-Elect Donald Trump in what appears to be the first time in the group’s ‘official’ propaganda videos.

Set in Kirkuk, Iraq, the video originates from the Islamic State’s main propaganda arm, as opposed to recent propaganda put out by accounts labeled by experts as ‘ISIS-linked,’ ‘pro-ISIS’ or ‘ISIS-inspired.’

The video, entitled “Kirkuk: The punishment for traitors,” opens with a montage of several media outlets followed by an image of Donald Trump, as a voice reads, “The Crusaders of the West.”

Capturing Mosul Solidified Islamic State. Losing It Could Break It.

The dawn of the new year has unsurprisingly witnessed global media turn toward the incoming U.S. administration with an intensity bordering on the obsessive. Cabinet confirmations, Russia’s alleged hacking activities, and intelligence agency squabbles now dominate international headlines.

Meanwhile, events of arguably equal or greater importance are sacrificed in favor of the story of the day. Nowhere is this failing clearer than with the lack of recent coverage of the ongoing campaign to drive the extremist group Islamic State (IS) from one of its last remaining urban strongholds: Iraq’s second-largest city, Mosul.

Shootout at U.S. Consulate in Nuevo Laredo Part of Cartel-Terrorist Attack Plan for Trump Inauguration

A deadly shootout at the construction site of the new American Consulate occurred this week in a Mexican border town where Islamic terrorists and drug cartels plan to launch attacks against the U.S. during the period surrounding the presidential inauguration, high-level government sources tell Judicial Watch. An unknown number of gunmen fired multiple rounds adjacent to the new U.S. Consulate compound in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, a crime-infested city in the state of Tamaulipas that lies directly across from Laredo, Texas.

The Mexican military responded to the attack, law enforcement sources on both sides of the border confirm insisting that their identities be kept confidential for security reasons, and at least three soldiers were either killed or critically wounded in the ambush. A local newspaper in Tamaulipas reported that 13 people died during a shootout in Nuevo Laredo, referring to the deceased as heavily armed “delinquents” with an arsenal that includes 12 automatic weapons, a rocket launcher, grenade, loads of ammunition and drugs in three vehicles, one of them armored. The deceased have not been identified and Mexican authorities will continue to investigate, the article states, attributing the information to a press release issued by Mexico’s Defense Secretary.

ISIS extremists in Mosul hurl blindfolded prisoner off a roof after accusing him of being gay

This is the moment ISIS extremists in Mosul hurled a blindfolded man off a roof after accusing him of being gay.

A fanatic can be seen reading out charges against the prisoner, a man in his late 20s or early 30s, who is then dragged to the top of a building in the besieged Iraqi city.

Shocking pictures then show him being pushed off the roof in front of a baying crowd below.

Smugglers and rebels trade Isis fighters in Syria’s war economy

Turnabout is fair play.

Smugglers and rebels trade Isis fighters in Syria’s war economy

As jihadis lose territory, defectors have become a black-market prize

In the murky world of Syria’s war economy, Isis has been one of the main drivers of human trafficking during nearly six years of civil war. First, it was the biggest buyer. Now, its fighters are a top commodity.

Isis militants have become one of the most lucrative targets for smugglers and rebel groups — including factions armed by foreign powers such as the US and Turkey.

“Every faction trades in Isis fighters. Don’t believe anyone who says they don’t,” says Abu Yazan, who, like most rebels interviewed, asked for his real name not to be used due to the sensitivity of the subject. A fighter in northern Syria for the Jabha Shamiya rebel group that has been supported by Ankara and Washington, he has shuttled Isis militants from the group’s territory to rebel areas.

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ISIS stops paying Mosul fighters’ salaries in hint at funding shortage

Islamic State has stopped paying the salaries of its fighters in Mosul, just as they face the fiercest part of the battle for the city, residents have said.

The militants usually receive a monthly wage of around $350 but Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) has reportedly stopped the payments in recent weeks, indicating the terror group may be low on funds.

Lying in the dust and being picked off by looters, the shattered remains of the ancient city of Nimrud that was obliterated by ISIS

These pictures show the shattered remains of what was once one of the most magnificent cities in the Middle East.

The ancient Iraqi city of Nimrud has been reduced to rubble by Islamic State, who were forced out of the famed archaeological site in November.

The terror group was driven out by Iraqi forces, but left behind scenes of devastation, with much of the ancient Assyrian city destroyed.

Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is still alive and in charge, says Pentagon

Isis chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdidi is alive despite numerous attempts on his life, the Pentagon has confirmed.

Rumours swirled earlier this month that the terror group’s leader had been killed after activist group the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which is based in London, reported that senior Isis figures had gathered for an emergency meeting in Iraq.

Does Islamic State Engage in Organ Trading out of Turkey?

Charges that Islamic State (IS) engages in organ trading — taking body parts from their victims in Iraq and Syria and selling them to traffickers in Turkey — have surfaced again.

The Iranian news network Alalam reported on October 6 that IS has set up a market in Turkey where it sells human organs stolen from innocent people. Alalam also posted a photograph of a person whose organ was taken.

The Iraqi News also reported that IS has kidnapped and sold many children in Syria to Turkish organ traffickers in order to finance its operations.

Turkey’s government-funded news service, Anadolu Agency, reported months ago that ISIS opened a “medical school” in Northern Syria.

Isis commanders ‘liaised with plotters planning to attack UK in past year’

Islamic State commanders in Syria have communicated with jihadis attempting to stage terrorist attacks in Britain in the past year, counter-terrorism investigators believe.

The intention was to add Britain to the list of western countries hit in the past 12 months. An attack in 2017 is still deemed highly likely and the severe terrorist threat level is expected to remain.

A source said: “There is an assumption that it won’t abate in 2017. People do not believe that it is going to get better.”

Berlin attacker urged nephew to kill relative for ISIS

The Berlin lorry attacker urged his teenage nephew to kill his uncle to prove his allegiance to Islamic State, according to Tunisian police.

Ferjan Fadi,18, was arrested over the weekend in his hometown of Oueslatia, along with two others, believed to be cousins of the family, suspected of being members of a “terrorist cell” that supported Anis Amri.

Amri sent Fadi money to join him in Europe some time before he ploughed a truck into a Christmas market in Germany, killing 12, the Tunisian Interior Ministry said.

Isis ‘offers $1m reward’ for murder of woman who dropped out of university to fight them

Isis has reportedly offered a $1 million reward for the killing of a Kurdish-Danish woman who dropped out of university in 2014 to fight the extremist group in Syria and Iraq.

Joanna Palani, 23, is currently behind bars and facing trial in Copenhagen for leaving the country after a 12-month travel ban imposed in June 2015.

Ironically, if found guilty she faces up to two years in prison under the new laws designed to stem the flow of Isis fighters from Denmark to the Middle East.

Islamic State, Ltd.

Recent military developments in Mosul, Iraq and Aleppo, Syria highlight the mounting successes of both those regimes and their armed forces, backed by outside powers. In contrast, the Syrian rebels and iSIS in Iran are in significant retreat. Islamic State (once called Daesh – The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) has lost extensive swathes of territory within the last few months and the largest city under its control, Mosul, is under siege. Iraqi government forces, augmented by Kurdish Pesh-murga and Afghan Shiite militias, threaten to invade the city and engage in house to house combat with Islamic State Jihadists.

Rumors, possibly planted as psychological warfare, report an emerging coalition of forces that will invade the Raqa, capital city of Islamic State, and bring it back under Syria’s wings.

US more than doubles bounty for ‘Islamic State’ leader

Officials have hiked up a reward for details on “Islamic State” leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Reports suggest the elusive terror figurehead is most likely still in Iraq.

The US State Department’s Rewards for Justice program will award $25 million (23.9 million euros) for information that will help locate, arrest or convict the head of the “Islamic State” (IS) jihadi group.