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First British female fighter to battle ISIS accuses MI5 of targeting her family by taking away their laptops and phones

The first British female fighter to battle Isil has accused MI5 of targeting her family by taking away their laptops and phones.

Kimberley Taylor travelled to Syria to join Kurdish forces in the battle to reclaim Raqqa in March last year from Islamic State (Isil) fighters.

Ms Taylor, from Blackburn, is the first known British woman and has claimed her family is being threatened with prosecution.

She told the BBC that her parents’ laptops and phones were taken away and have still not been returned – a month after they were seized.

Russian soldiers killed in ‘Islamic State’-claimed attack in Chechnya

At least six Russian soldiers were killed on Friday when gunmen launched an attack on a military facility in Chechnya, the National Guard said in a statement.

“Six of the attackers were destroyed,” the National Guard said. “During the armed combat, six military were killed and there are wounded.”

The “armed bandits” stormed the base under heavy fog but failed to enter the facility, said the National Guard, a national security agency created by Russian President Vladimir Putin last year for counterterrorism and border security operations.

Isis claims responsibility for London terror attack that killed at least three victims

Isis has claimed responsibility for the Westminster attack in a statement via its Amaq news agency.

A spokesperson said a “soldier of the Islamic State” had carried out the atrocity that killed three victims.

The wording of the statement mentioned no direct involvement in the attack, which investigators have said was inspired by Islamist terrorism.

We will find and we will kill you, would-be Islamic State fighters are warned

ISIS Transgender Brigade

BRITAIN’S top commander in Iraq and Syria has warned foreign fighters travelling to join Islamic State (IS) in the region: “We will target you, we will find you, and we will kill you.”

Major General Rupert Jones said it did not matter where people came from, as they would all be treated the same.

He said: “If you come to Iraq, if you come to Syria, and you bear arms against the people of Iraq and the people of Syria, against the sovereign forces of this country in Iraq, we will target you.

ISIS hacker who published ‘kill lists’ reportedly killed in U.S. drone strike

The leader of a notorious ISIS hacking group responsible for distributing so-called ‘kill lists,’ has reportedly been killed in a U.S. drone strike.

Osed Agha, head of United Cyber Caliphate (UCC) hacking group was allegedly targeted by a U.S. drone strike on the Islamic State’s de-facto capital Raqqa, according to encrypted Telegram messages observed by The Foreign Desk.

‘You’re SPOILING MY JIHAD’ Euro ISIS terrorist slams Muslims who ‘do not understand Islam’

A FEMALE ISIS member who left Europe to fight for the terror group has blasted Muslims for ‘spoiling jihad’ because they do not ‘understand’ what it is really like to follow Islam.

An ‘exclusive’ insight into the mind of a woman inside the so-called ‘caliphate’ has featured in depraved Daesh’s latest copy of propaganda magazine Rumiyah.

‘Umm Musa Al-Finlandiyyah’ addresses readers in the insane e-magazine, with a bizarre diatribe which tells Muslims they are not worthy of Islam, if they do not subscribe to the Islamic State.

The article penned by the woman in the caliphate begin by explaining how she “came to Islam” and realised the Muslims she had met in her homeland of Finland, were not real Muslims at all.

Those who vote, fight in foreign armies, hear the preaching of non-ISIS imams, she claims, have had their religion ‘nullified’.

Al-Finlandiyyah writes: “The ignorant ‘Muslims’ are blaming the Islamic State for spreading fitnah and ‘spoiling the jihad’, though the only true jihad for Allah’s cause is what the Islamic State is actually conducting – for all of its enemies do nothing to support the establishment of Allah’s rule on earth.”

Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi abandons Mosul fight to deputies and is hiding in the desert

US and Iraqi officials believe the leader of Isis, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, has left operational commanders behind with diehard followers to fight the battle of Mosul, and is now hiding out in the desert, focusing mainly on his own survival.

It is impossible to confirm the whereabouts of the Islamic State “Caliph”, who declared himself the “ruler of all Muslims” from Mosul’s Great Mosque after his forces swept through northern Iraq in 2014.

But US and Iraqi intelligence sources say an absence of official communication from the group’s leadership and the loss of territory in Mosul suggest he has abandoned the city, by far the largest population centre his group has ever held.

I knew they had killed everyone who wasn’t a Muslim. So I had to pretend to be a Muslim to survive.”

How two Yazidi teenagers were captured by so-called Islamic State and trained to kill

Lovant and Sabbah were just 16 and 14 when they were forced to fire bullets into the dead bodies of men executed for being traitors by so-called Islamic State.

This was target practice – just one part of the daily rounds of weapons training they endured at a military camp for youngsters.

Pentagon plan to seize Raqqa calls for significant increase in U.S. participation

A Pentagon plan for the coming assault on Raqqa, the Islamic State capital in Syria, calls for significant U.S. military participation, including increased Special Operations forces, attack helicopters and artillery, and arms supplies to the main Syrian Kurdish and Arab fighting force on the ground, according to U.S. officials.

The military’s favored option among several variations currently under White House review, the proposal would ease a number of restrictions on U.S. activities imposed during the Obama administration.

Islamic State ‘gallery’ reveals depraved Daesh’s dream of conquering ITALY

ISLAMIC STATE (ISIS) has vowed to invade Rome in huge murals discovered under the part-liberated city of Mosul.

Chilling messages have been scrawled across the walls of the jihaid bunkers, recently visited by Iraqi forces, pushing the terrorists back towards the west of the city.

Coalition-backed forces have already battered the jihadis and left them fleeing from the east.

Now, as they leave the city, their underground lairs have been discovered.

Twenty five metres deep beneath the city a 2km long “gallery” was found.

Security ramped up at a Belgian train station after an ISIS militant films ‘we are here’ video

Security has been ramped up at a Belgian train station after an ISIS militant filmed himself there threatening to cop off the heads of civilians and fill the streets with blood.

Islamic State issued the sick threat to Belgium warning an attack on the country is imminent in an eerie video, which starts with a militant showing a piece of paper reading ‘we are still here’, and shows a terrorist walking through Antwerp.

It is filmed in and around the city’s Central Station where police are desperately scouring CCTV footage in an attempt to identify the man behind the camera as extra officers have been deployed.

British medical students who joined Isis ‘killed in Iraq’

Two British medical students who joined Isis after studying in South Sudan have reportedly been killed during a firefight in Iraq.

Ahmed Sami Khider, from London, and Hisham Fadlallah, originally from Nottinghamshire, are thought to have died after a clash in the north of the country at the weekend.

Khider was killed by gunfire as he travelled in a convoy attempting to leave Mosul, which is the focus of a efforts by the Iraqi army to oust the radical Islamist group.

Isis has industrialised martyrdom, says report into suicide attacks

Islamic State is launching suicide attacks as a military tactic with similarities to Japan’s use of kamikaze pilots in the second world war, according to a study that looked at nearly 1,000 Isis suicide operations in a single year.

At least 923 Isis militants killed themselves in attacks between December 2015 and November 2016, according to Charlie Winter, the author of the report, War by Suicide.

Working with the International Centre for Counter Terrorism in The Hague, Winter analysed the missions and found that 84% – or 776 – were geared towards military targets, in most cases as a defensive measure to thwart the advances of opposing ground forces.

Winter said Isis had “industrialised the concept of martyrdom”.

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