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Liberals say Ford’s star London candidate ‘has to go’ after racist and sexist comments surface from 2016

The Ontario Liberals are suggesting Progressive Conservative leader Doug Ford replace Andrew Lawton, Ford’s hand-picked candidate in London West, after the Liberals revealed more recent racist and sexist comments made by the former media personality during his time with Rebel Media.

With the polls tightening my bet is Ford will toss Andrew Lawton under the bus. It will be the wrong move. Tossing Granic Allen sent a message of weakness and disloyalty. Ford has already set Lawton up as he did Granic Allen by “disavowing” their comments. The PCPO Assassin Special is right on schedule.


Depolicing is Real: The Politicization of Police Forces and Soaring Crime

The politicization of oversight agencies and the imposition of demands by politicians attempting to enforce a social justice warrior ethos is impacting police services.

It is crushing the concept of pro-active policing and compounds the problems already faced by police.

In the City of Ottawa, home to Prime Minister Trudeau and the federal government, this problem is an increasing reality.