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‘Woke’ Progressives Are Forcing Brown and Black Dudes Back Into Segregation For Wanting To Date White Women

Being a “progressive” dude trying to date must be miserable because not only do you have to worry if paying for your girlfriend’s dinner is considered toxic masculinity, you also have to ponder whether your leftist comrades approve of your date’s skin color, according to one op-ed writer for The New York Times.

In a piece titled, “I Broke Up With Her Because She’s White,” Chris Rivas laments that in trying to serve some sort of social justice god and “trying to be woke” that he has actively chosen “not dating white women, and feeling kind of bad about that.” 


Some, likely a very tiny minority of “woke” Richmond Hill, Ont., residents upset after council rejects land acknowledgment proposal

Richmond Hill, Ont., residents upset after council rejects land acknowledgment proposal

City councillors in Richmond Hill, Ont., rejected a motion to begin their meetings with an acknowledgment of the area’s Indigenous community and history.

The decision was made after a lengthy Monday night council meeting that featured dozens of impassioned speeches and letters from citizens in favour of the proposal.

“It was a blatant, strategic, political quashing of a legitimate motion,” said resident Joel Clements, who spoke at the meeting.

Following the decision, some attendees shouted “shame” at councillors who did not support the proposal.

Good. About time elected officials demonstrated some backbone and stood up to these woke idiots.


San Francisco’s leaders prepare to site a large homeless shelter in the heart of the city.

The Crying of Lot 330

The prospect of a 225-bed homeless shelter on the Embarcadero, one of San Francisco’s most scenic and economically vital areas, took residents by surprise. Only eight days earlier, the proposal had been unveiled to turn what is now a parking lot—Seawall Lot 330—into the largest homeless shelter of its type in the city. Neighbors arrived en masse at the Port Commission hearing to express their views. It was standing-room only, with people crowded on floors and in aisles, and spilling out the door.


David Frum Is Trending On Twitter?… Oh, The Trump Deranged Are Eating Their Own Again.

Frum has written an immigration piece for the Atlantic –If Liberals Won’t Enforce Borders, Fascists Will

It’s the usual bilge,  Trump supporters are Nazis but I’ll advocate for virtually the same policy on account I’m not coarse and common and therefore morally and politically superior to those nasty lowlifes.

That however is a step too fascist for the open borders Wokentariat and Frum is being lashed on Twitter, below is a sample.

At least he raises Bernie Sander’s opposition to mass immigration, a fact the Liberal-Left conveniently forget.


Disarming Law Enforcement in Portland

The city’s progressive leadership sees police as a greater threat than escalating disorder.

Portland police officer Jeff Niiya has been accused of “collusion with right-wing extremist” after exchanging text messages with Joey Gibson, the founder of Patriot Prayer, a group of right-wing provocateurs who mostly demonstrate at leftist gatherings. It’s standard practice for police to communicate with leaders of fringe groups on the right and left, but Niiya’s texts appear to have been overly friendly.

Portland progressives have seized the opportunity to tar the city’s entire police force as sympathetic with right-wing groups at the expense of liberals and leftists.


When the Woke Reawaken

The existential political and philosophical crisis now underway in the United States has no lack of real and manufactured flash points. Most recently on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial occurred a minor event that became a bitter national controversy due to the extraordinary influence of social media and the extreme bias of “news” outlets, their viewers, readers, and fellow travelers.


Wokeopolis: Toronto is often an outlier for public opinion, researchers say

Toronto is often an outlier in terms of public opinion across the province on various topics, such as immigration and climate change, a survey has found.

Research conducted on behalf of the Mowat Centre, a think tank at the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs, found that otherwise, there are not many general differences of opinion across the regions.

But a main finding of the research is that Toronto seems to be different than other regions.

“Toronto in many ways is a region unto itself in terms of public opinion in Ontario — that is to say, it is frequently somewhat of an outlier,” the authors of a report write.

“The frequency with which opinions in Toronto stand somewhat apart from those in the other regions of the province suggests that the factors and experiences that shape these opinions in the inner metropolitan 416 area are somewhat unique.


Activists, Not Healers: Why I Despise What My Profession Has Become

I am a psychologist. I used to be proud to say this when people asked what I did for a living. Now, when asked, I say I am a writer. The psychology profession is nothing but a bunch of politically correct social justice warriors looking for their next set of victims. The APA (American Psychological Association) has been sinking for the past twenty years (or more) in terms of ethics but now they have sunk to a new low. According to this article at National Review, traditional masculinity is now in their sights


New York Times Praises Radical Environmentalist Who Killed Himself To Save Earth

The New York Times has treated one man’s deranged act of self-immolation as some sort of noble sacrifice worthy of reverence.

Earlier this year, radical environmentalist David Buckel demonstrated his love for planet Earth by lighting himself on fire in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park in order to set an example in the fight against climate change. In a suicide note, the 60-year-old gay rights activist said his use of fossil fuels to immolate himself was to make a point about what humans are already doing to themselves.


2019: The Year of the Wokescolds

…Wokescolds are the new representatives of moral panic. We’ve seen plenty of moral panic before in the United States, from worries about violent video games, to concern about allegations of sex abuse at day care facilities. But never have we seen a moral panic of the stunning breadth of today’s woke moral panic. It’s a moral panic that insists we change fundamental characteristics of our society, from biology, to language, to politics, to religion, to romantic relations, to art, to comedy.


The Great Awokening: How far will the cult of social justice go?

Your tax dollars at work at the Woke CBC

When Baby, It’s Cold Outside was kicked off the air a couple of weeks before Christmas by anxious radio managers, many of us marveled at the silliness of it all. When I was young, we knew what offensive music was like. It was like the Fugs – a filthy-mouthed band once described as “the most vulgar thing the human mind could possibly conceive” in FBI files.

Times change. So do our our ideas of filth – and not necessarily in ways one might expect. We are now going through a prudish phase, in which even the most innocuous of male-female byplay might be interpreted by some people as a little date-rapey. In this ultra-sensitive #MeToo age, you can’t be too careful.


Documenting San Francisco’s Homeless Problem One Tweet At A Time

On Christmas Day in San Francisco, a 43-year-old woman was stabbed by a homeless man named Michael Jacobs. A second female victim, age 70, was pronounced dead from stab wounds in the same neighborhood hours earlier. Police suspect Jacobs was responsible for her death as well but haven’t proved it yet. Murder (and attempted murder) are extreme examples of problems connected with homelessness but incidents of violence do happen. Just last week I wrote about a business owner who got fed up after one of his employees witnessed a homeless man stomping another man’s head into the sidewalk outside his office in broad daylight. But even apart from the violence, the city is feeling the impact of thousands of homeless people in other ways as well.


Bizarre politically correct parking spaces scrapped

Can you work out what most politically correct parking spaces EVER mean? Westfield shopping centre’s bid to ‘promote diverse families’ left shoppers so confused they had to scrap them

This one is easy… Only a grouping of two disabled lesbians with exactly two kids can use this parking spot. Although it could be extended to be more inclusive of the vibrant female cross-dresser community.


Sodomoney and Gomorrah! Trudeau Approves Gay Rights Dollar Coin For Circulation In 2019

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has approved a dollar coin to celebrate the LGBT experience and commemorate the 50th anniversary of the decriminalization of homosexuality in Canada.

The coin is already generating backlash, with opponents of the Trudeau government questioning whether the prime minister hasn’t done enough already to promote identity politics in Canada.