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A pro-refugee sign popular among progressives has troubling origins.

Virtue Signals Welcome Here

In newly affluent Brooklyn neighborhoods like Ditmas Park, replete with organic food, cafes, and a bar that doubles as a flower shop, posters bearing the message “Refugees Are Welcome Here”—illustrated with a sketch of an Arab man tucking a child inside his jacket—is a signature of progressive politics. The refugee sign has been appearing in local storefronts since the onset of the civil war in Syria, a conflict that has unleashed the worst such crisis in recent history. Created by Brooklyn-based artist Micah Bazant, the image on the poster is drawn from a photograph of a Syrian man and his son, taken at a refugee camp. “I wish I knew who that father was,” Bazant told Newsweek.


Here Are All The Politicians Who Rushed To Judgement On The Smollett ‘Hate Crime’

When Jussie Smollett claimed he was assaulted by two men wearing “Make America Great Again” hats, many Democratic politicians quickly came to his defense.

Those Democrats included Sens. Cory Booker and Kamala Harris, and Reps. Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, among others.


It’s Time For A Serious Conversation About Serious Conversations

Liberals love “virtue signaling,” the self-righteous act of letting everyone around them know they think they’re better than they are. When an old neighbor of mine found out what I did for a living, one of those “Hate Has No Home Here” signs suddenly popped up on their front lawn, for example. We never really spoke again, which was fine with me, so I didn’t find out what “hate” they thought had homes on the rest of the street. But I can imagine in their minds it was whatever kind of “hate” that was fashionable to be against at any given moment.


‘Do white people dominate the outdoors?’ MEC apologizes for using only white models

In a surprising apology, Mountain Equipment Co-op, the Canadian outdoor apparel giant, admitted to helping advance the “vastly incorrect notion” that the outdoors is for white people only, criticizing decades worth of its own advertisements and catalogues for depending almost exclusively on white models to sell wares.


Colleges Are Rejecting Applicants Who Follow Controversial People On Twitter

While major Internet platforms are busy silencing Alex Jones of, prestigious colleges are rejecting applicants who connect on social media with him and others with opinions not considered mainstream. We are not talking about applicants who are retweeting alleged hate speech,  alleged “Fake News”, or alleged hoaxes. We are talking about just following a Twitter feed of someone whose views are frowned upon by members of an admissions committee.

While one of my legal clients (a 17 year old teen) was being interviewed by one of the most competitive colleges in the country he was asked why he was following Alex Jones on Twitter. My client, a teenager expected to talk about his stellar grades, top test scores, amazing extracurricular activities and volunteer work, but the interviewer focused on who he was connecting with online. My client had never “liked” or re-tweeted any of Mr. Jones’ content. His alleged “transgression” was that he followed Mr. Jones on Twitter. That was it.

Subsequently, the student’s parents engaged me about this troubling situation. Immediately, I performed a digital background check on the admissions interviewer and found her to be a Bernie Sanders follower. Interestingly, Mr. Jones’ is not a big fan of Mr. Sanders.  To each his own; however, political discrimination has no place during the college admissions process and I told the college’s admissions director that the situation must be properly resolved immediately. The college didn’t want any negative publicity about this matter so it quickly resolved the situation to my client’s satisfaction.

This example demonstrates why teens need to not just audit their digital profiles and lock down their social media accounts during the college application process, they must also ensure that their web surfing history is not collected by an admissions committee because innocent digital activity is being used to reject students from their dream colleges. A teen’s web search history may include topics such as politics, religion, health status, creed, etc. According to The New York Times, some colleges are trying to buy these data points from the organizations that provide the SAT or ACT who obtain this data directly from student test takers.


Jewish Self-Estrangement Is Perennial

I could revive the dead, but I have more difficulty reviving the living.” — Rebbe Menachem Mendel of Kotzk

In a recent article for PJ Media, I expressed my skepticism regarding the Jewish concept of Tikkun Olam, or the injunction to “repair the world.” It is a noble behest, deriving as I speculated from the 7th Noahide Law traditionally enjoining the “sons of Noah” to ensure justice and restore harmony in the world. But, as I suggested, it has a dark side, too. Since the publication of the article, I have received ample commentary, most of it sympathetic but some of it rather clueless and even wilfully perverse. I thought I might take this opportunity to answer my detractors.


Silly Kuffar Freeland defends Canada’s virtue signalling on Saudi Arabia amid sanctions

…Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has not commented about Saudi Arabia’s sanctions.

That says it all, we have a bunch of idiots running the country, this isn’t about “standing on principle” or anything near so noble, it’s about virtue signalling gone wrong.

This is a Liberal government that coddles Islamic terrorists, that willfully turns a blind eye to Islam’s incompatibility with Canadian values, all in an effort to court the Muslim vote while admonishing Canadians about their “Islamophobia” for daring to criticize the “religion of peace”. A government that is into soy latte symbolism rather than substance. So please don’t pretend the Liberal Party has anything other than the most elastic of “principles.”

What did they expect from a Muslim state? That Saudi Arabia would cower over a tweet?

As if, Saudi merely smacked down an uppity kuffar nation. Canada’s back alright and the Trudeau government just met the back of Islam’s hand.

You silly kuffar Freeland, virtue signalling is for kids and next time don’t forget your dhimmi in waiting status.


It’s Not The ‘White Threat’ Harming Our Politics, It’s Tying Race To Destiny

The changes in the way race plays into national politics are not a reaction to Barack Obama. They are a reaction to the world progressives built and are still building.

Ezra Klein’s Monday article in Vox addressed race in politics, comparing the election of Barack Obama with the election of Donald Trump. It was longer and more nuanced than most of what is published there, but still missed the major point.

The changes in the way race plays into national politics are not a reaction to Obama. They are a reaction to the world progressives built and are still building, a world that has seen the Left’s default position go from aspiring toward color-blindness to one of grievance-nursing along every possible intersectional axis. The political world that gave us Trump is different than the one that gave us Obama, but the difference is of the Left’s own making.


Conservatives pull controversial attack ad of black asylum seeker walking on Trudeau tweet to cross border

Conservative party spokesman Cory Hann says the ad was axed because the situation at the border is not about any one group of people

OTTAWA — The Conservative party pulled an attack ad from its Twitter feed Tuesday that depicted a black man carrying a suitcase walking over a tweet from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

What cowardly idiots. Letting the Liberals dictate the state of play once again.


Spate of Toronto shootings setting off the ‘panic button’…

According to the Toronto Police Services website, which has data going back to 2014, police recorded:

177 shootings in 2014.
288 in 2015.
407 in 2016.
395 in 2017.

The city’s mayor, John Tory, has blamed the wave of violence on a “combination of a whole lot of things,” pointing to guns and drugs, gang activity, turf wars and retaliation as the main culprits. Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders, in an interview with CP24, also noted that the “vast majority of the gunplay in the city can be associated somehow with a street gang.”

Sorry Tory but no one beyond the ususal public virtue signalers is going to get worked up about gang violence when it originates in the same community that glorifies the “Gangsta” lifestyle and has spawned the likes of Black Lives Matter. We’ve seen this movie before. More tax dollars will be poured in to no discernible effect as we’re lied to that systemic racism or white privilege etc is the root cause of it all.

Maybe we need a ban on venues that cater to the Hip Hop lifestyle. If only to save the life of one aspiring rapper who was turning his life around.

More… LEVY: Mayor and council helped create the gun crisis


Justly fired restaurant manager unrepentant after refusing Trump supporter

“I stand by my decision,” he wrote via Facebook. “The MAGA hat has come to symbolize racism, bigotry, Islamophobia, misogyny, white supremacy, [and] homophobia.”

“As a person with a strong moral backbone, I had to take a stand against this guest’s choice of headwear while in my former place of work. Absolutely no regrets,” he added.

Another virtue signalling totalitarian heard from.


It’s too easy to form a mob today. Where are our protections from online mob ‘justice?’

Mobs are as old as settled humanity. From the Roman mob, to the Blues and Greens of Constantinople, to the London mobs that provided the “riot” part of the 18th century British governance model (“aristocracy tempered by rioting” in one famous description). and on to the present day, mobs have formed and left wreckage behind.


Spotify’s hate content policy seems awfully selective

Last week, Spotify announced a controversial decision to cut R. Kelly from its playlists and other editorial promotions amid allegations that the R&B star ran a violent “sex cult.” The streaming service justified its decision as part of its new “Hate Content & Hateful Conduct” policy, which says that it will not include content that promotes hatred or violence toward a particular group of people based on race, religion, gender or sexual orientation, among other things, nor will it actively promote artists whose personal lives are at odds with Spotify’s values.