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National Inuit housing strategy calls for local training to help solve ‘national crisis’

The Inuit-Crown Partnership Committee has released its strategy for addressing a chronic shortage of housing for Inuit, saying that consistent funding and creating local capacity to build homes are keys in finding a sustainable solution.

The strategy, released Wednesday, is light on specifics but calls for several solutions, including finding a way to direct federal housing money to Inuit organizations in Nunavut, rather than entirely through the territorial government.


Budget 2019: $1.4B in loans to be forgiven or reimbursed to Indigenous groups for treaty negotiations

The federal government announced in its 2019 budget it will be forgiving loans to Indigenous groups who have taken on debt to negotiate comprehensive claims and treaties.

Groups that have already repaid the government for such loans will get their money back, Ottawa says.


Senator who posted racist letters about Indigenous people balks at cultural sensitivity course

OTTAWA — The Senate’s ethics officer says Sen. Lynn Beyak violated the upper chamber’s conflict-of-interest code by posting racist letters about Indigenous people on her website.

Pierre Legault says Beyak’s conduct did not uphold the highest standards of dignity required of a senator.

Nor did she perform her duties with dignity, honour and integrity or refrain from acting in a way that could reflect negatively on the Senate, as stipulated in the code.


Trudeau government fails to help missing aboriginal women and girls

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s early election campaign promised to combat one of the most pressing issues facing the nation in modern times, i.e. the persecution of Canada’s Indigenous People’s. However, the unfortunate circumstance is that Trudeau’s promises have been unfounded.