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No kidding? D.C. housed the homeless in upscale apartments. It hasn’t gone as planned.

The SWAT team, the overdose, the complaints of pot smoke in the air and feces in the stairwell — it would be hard to pinpoint a moment when things took a turn for the worse at Sedgwick Gardens, a stately apartment building in Northwest Washington.

But the Art Deco complex, which overlooks Rock Creek Park and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is today the troubled locus of a debate on housing policy in a city struggling with the twin crises of homelessness and gentrification.

Located in affluent Cleveland Park and designed by Mihran Mesrobian — the prewar architect behind such Washington landmarks as the Hay-Adams Hotel — Sedgwick Gardens was once out of reach for low-income District residents.


Facebook, YouTube blindsided by mosque shooter’s live video

Social media platforms including Facebook are facing harsher scrutiny after a shooter accused of killing 40 people in two mosques in New Zealand appeared to livestream the murders over the internet.

While platforms including Twitter and YouTube said they moved fast to remove the content, users reported it was still widely available hours after being first uploaded to the alleged shooter’s Facebook account. The video, which shows a first-person view of the killings in Christchurch, New Zealand, was readily accessible during and after the attack – as was the suspect’s hate-filled manifesto.

Watch as the calls for a benevolent totalitarian censorship rise.


Why are more Americans than ever dying from drug overdoses ( Canada No. 1 in annual per capita medical opioid consumption)

Deaths from drug overdoses in the US reached staggering new heights in 2017, according to newly published figures. Trump called the crisis a “national shame and human tragedy” – but what is fuelling it?

Roots of the crisis

The US medical sector has historically been a leading consumer of opioids – substances that produce morphine-like effects. In the 1990s opioid-based painkillers became a common remedy for a variety of conditions, such as back pain and arthritis.

Pharmaceutical companies aggressively lobbied doctors to prescribe new formulations such as OxyContin, which they claimed could provide effective pain relief with no real addiction risk even to long-term patients.

As a result, medical opioid consumption more than tripled, soaring far beyond levels seen in other countries. Today, the US medical sector ranks second in the world for opioid use behind only Canada, which is struggling with its own overdose crisis.

We’re No 1!


Andamans: US man’s death puts spotlight on ‘tribal tourism’

The killing of an American national by members of an endangered tribe in the Andaman islands off India’s east coast has renewed concerns over the surreptitious practice of “tribal tourism” in the archipelago, Omkar Khandekar writes.

The indigenous islanders of North Sentinel, among the last of the “uncontacted” tribes in the world, killed 27-year-old John Allen Chau with arrows when he went to their island last week.

Police said that Chau had paid 25,000 rupees ($354; £275) to six local fishermen to take him to North Sentinel. Media reports suggested he wanted to introduce the islanders to Christianity.


California fires: Number of missing soars over 1,000 as Paradise reels from unfathomable losses

The death toll from the devastating Camp fire rose to 71 Friday, while the number of people reported missing jumped to more than 1,000, authorities said.

Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea told reporters at a Thursday afternoon news conference that search crews had recovered eight more bodies in the burn area.

The number of people unaccounted for rose to 1,011, up from 631 on Thursday evening, after authorities combed through additional 911 calls, emails and other reports generated at the peak of the chaotic evacuation.

Honea said that number may include some people who are counted twice or others who may not know they were reported missing.

The Camp fire is by far the worst wildfire in recorded California history. By Thursday evening, the blaze had chewed through 141,000 acres and 11,862 structures, destroying an entire town in hours. Officials said it could take weeks to complete the search for victims. Thousands of survivors are without homes, living in shelters and tent cities.


Queen’s Swans Starving Thanks To “Do-Gooder” Backfire

Birds are starving because people are told not to feed them bread, warns Queen’s swan guard

How do you get to be a Swan guard?

Feeding the ducks bread, once a beloved tradition for many families, has in recent years become a guilty pleasure as campaigners warn it is not a healthy food for the birds.

Now, the Queen’s swan guard has warned that campaign has caused swans to starve as people have stopped feeding them at all.

“Bin the Bread” was a highly successful campaign, officially launched by rescue charity Swan Lifeline, but the man charged with looking after the Queen’s swans has said it did more harm than good.

The Queen’s Swan Marker David Barber, Member of the Royal Victorian Order, said there is “no good reason” not to feed the swans bread and that many are underweight as a result of the ban.


No Debate: “To Kill A Mockingbird may only be taught in Peel secondary schools… if instruction occurs through a critical, anti-oppression lens.”

A Peel district School Board email was forwarded to my attention – The Equity Poobahs have spoken! To Kill A Mocking Bird is RACIST! No doubt that horrid dead white male Shakespeare is next on the hit-list.

I’m pretty sure Harper Lee would have told them to Go F$ck themselves.


Jack Mintz: Actually, evidence shows ‘diversity’ makes countries weaker — not stronger

Maxime Bernier ignited his latest political firestorm when he used his Twitter account to criticize the “cult of diversity” perpetually promoted by the federal Liberals. If he had a valid point in there somewhere it was not helped by his unfair comments about “people who refuse to integrate into our society and want to live apart in their ghetto” that “don’t make our society strong.”

Most immigrants coming to Canada want to build a new life in a free and democratic society, escaping tyranny, prejudice or poor economic circumstances. Their local ethnic communities help them get adjusted to their new home. But it is nonetheless true that Canada faces a real test in maintaining national identity when so many people come from disparate backgrounds, and in avoiding problems that occur with ethnic conflict.

Everybody knows…