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China bars millions from travel for ‘social credit’ offenses

BEIJING (AP) — Forgot to pay a fine in China? Then forget about buying an airline ticket.

Would-be air travelers were blocked from buying tickets 17.5 million times last year under a controversial “social credit” system the ruling Communist Party says will improve public behavior.

Some 5.5 million people were barred from buying train tickets, according to the National Public Credit Information Center. In an annual report, it said 128 people were blocked from leaving China because they were behind on their taxes.

The ruling party says penalties and rewards under “social credit” will improve order in a fast-changing society. Three decades of economic reform have shaken up social structures. Markets are rife with counterfeit goods and fraud.


Student groups call for Ottawa to investigate alleged interference by Chinese officials on Canadian campuses

Any “malicious interference” in Canadian affairs by foreign representatives here would be inappropriate, a federal official warned Wednesday in the wake of incidents that saw students from China angrily attack Tibetan and Uyghur activists at two Ontario universities.

But the spokeswoman for Kirsty Duncan, minister responsible for universities, sidestepped a call for Ottawa to investigate whether Chinese diplomats are using such students to meddle in Canadian post-secondary institutions.


Could Huawei threaten the Five Eyes alliance?

In the shiny, optimistic vision of the future we will all be living in “smart cities” in which self-driving cars will check the best routes after being charged up on intelligent, connected power grids.

Public services and safety will be carefully managed though data, while devices in our homes will talk to each other and the wider world as part of the “internet-of-things”.

Many of these services will be delivered over what is called 5G. It will be much more than just faster data on our phones, but potentially transformational for our lives – if you believe the hype.

But there is a darker fear as well. What if it is also transformational for our security if we end up reliant on a Chinese company to deliver this future?


China set up crime web in Canada, report says

The Chinese government and Asian criminal gangs have been working together in drug smuggling, nuclear espionage and other criminal activities that constitute a grave threat to Canadian security, a secret study by federal law-enforcement and intelligence analysts says.

“In many ways, China remains one of the greatest ongoing threats to Canada‘s national security and Canadian industry,” the report says.

The study, titled Chinese Intelligence Services and Triads Financial Links in Canada, was prepared in June, 1997, by as many as five analysts from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service who worked for about two years using classified files from both agencies.

Copies of the original draft were destroyed or kept under lock and key until The Globe and Mail obtained one this week.


Tibetan-Canadian student politician, Uyghur rights activists come under attack by Chinese students in Canada

Chemi Lhamo had barely claimed victory last week as student-union president at the University of Toronto’s Scarborough campus when it began: first a petition demanding she be removed from the post, then a torrent of online abuse.

The calls came from what appeared to be Chinese students, insisting her long-standing advocacy for Tibetan independence was “irrational” and made her ineligible to represent the student body.

Some simply wished for her to die or be raped.


Confucius Infecting Your Child’s Education?

Since at least 2009, there are an estimated 100 classrooms across 28 states that are part of the Confucius Classroom program. At this level, the program is collecting data on all the mainstays of public education including the students themselves.

Has your child expressed an interest at home in Chinese culture, language or even attending some summer camp? Beware. Have you determined if your child’s school has a sister school in China?


China’s hidden camps

On 12 July 2015 a satellite swung over the rolling deserts and oasis cities of China’s vast far west.

One of the images it captured that day just shows a patch of empty, untouched, ashen-grey sand.

It seems an unlikely place to start an investigation into one of the most pressing human rights concerns of our age.

But less than three years later, on 22 April 2018, a satellite photo of that same piece of desert showed something new.

A massive, highly secure compound had materialised.

It is enclosed with a 2km-long exterior wall punctuated by 16 guard towers.


South America Is a Battlefield in the New Cold War

The political crisis in Venezuela has pitted the U.S. against a dictator who refuses to leave office. But the crisis has a broader significance: It shows that Latin America has again become an arena in which rival great powers struggle for influence and advantage. As the U.S. faces surging geopolitical rivalry around the world, its position is also coming under pressure in its own backyard.


Hundreds of Russian and Chinese spies in Brussels — report

The EU’s foreign service has warned there are hundreds of Russian and Chinese intelligence agents operating in Brussels, according to a report in Germany’s Welt am Sonntag newspaper.

The European External Action Service (EEAS) estimates there are “about 250 Chinese and 200 Russian spies in the European capital,” the paper reported, citing EU diplomats.

Diplomats and military officials were advised to avoid certain parts of Brussels’ European quarter, including a popular steakhouse and a cafe near the European Commission’s main building, the report said.


The Chinese Threat to our National Security

There are contradictions between China’s overt national confidence, its growing domestic repression, and its paranoia, both internal and external. Perhaps there is an understanding that, despite China’s impressive rise, time actually may not be on its side

The problem posed by the rise of China has been a prominent theme in Australian national security considerations for over a decade. The sheer scale and multi-dimensional nature of the challenges posed by China, however, are more often commented upon than explained. The China debate in Australia often tends towards simplification or euphemism, with China’s supposed ascent to regional dominance viewed by many as inevitable. Not only does such a view potentially overstate the extent of China’s national prowess, it also presumes a linear inevitability to China’s progress towards superpower status. It is important not to seek out some semi-mythical middle ground of non-illuminating diplomatic nuance, but rather to identify the underlying nature of the China problem and the challenges posed by it.


China mess was inevitable for ‘post-national’ Canada

The previous Canadian government spoke out against the one-child policy of China, since it coerced women to have an abortion whether they wanted a child or not. The current Canadian government made it a party policy that in Canada you had to support unrestricted access to abortion to be part of the government and then decided that no Canadian or group (especially those pesky religious groups) could apply for summer jobs grants unless they also supported unrestricted abortion. China understands how to force citizens to agree with a party policy, and would no doubt agree with the initiative.


They’re probably spies but $$$$… Canadian schools face money trouble if China orders students home

OTTAWA — Moody’s Investors Services says three of Canada’s biggest universities would face a cash crunch if Canada’s diplomatic row with China results in the world’s most populous nation pulling its students from Canadian schools.

Tuition for international students is much higher than that charged to Canadians and has become a “crucial” source of income for schools, Moody’s says.


Chinese billionaire suspected of interfering in Australian politics on behalf of Communist Party stripped of residency

A prominent Chinese billionaire suspected of making political donations to further Communist Party influence in Australia has been stripped of his residency in the country and barred from returning.

Huang Xiangmo – a property developer who has donated millions to Australia’s two main political parties – has been at the centre of a spate of political interference concerns.

On Wednesday, he was left stranded outside the country after the Home Affairs office cancelled his permanent residency and turned down his application for Australian citizenship, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Canada’s corrupt Liberal Party would never think of emulating Australia, they love their Chinese money men.


Huawei likely faces 5G ban in Canada, security experts say – but the trick will be how and when to announce it

…As Trudeau awaits a security review ahead the 5G roll out, former envoys to China, ex-spy chiefs and telecom analysts are increasingly of the view that Canada will follow some of its allies in freezing out Huawei from the next-generation network.

“I think a ban is likely,” Richard Fadden, a former national security adviser to Trudeau, said in an interview.

Don’t dismiss the ability of Trudeau’s string-pullers, they will happily sell Canada out and in Justin they have an easily manipulated moron.