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Muslims are forced to eat pork and drink alcohol as punishment in China’s Islamic ‘re-education’ camps

Former inmates have told of the horror after being detained in China’s indoctrination camps for Muslims, where they were physically and mentally tortured.

Around 900,000 to one million Muslims are estimated to have been detained in such re-education camps in China’s western province of Xinjiang as Beijing tries to clamp down on potential separatist movements.

Omir Bekali and Kayrat Samarkand, both former detainees, have told the Washington Post that these former prisoners have been forced to eat pork and drink acohol, forbidden in Islam, as punishment.


Americans are Dying for China in Afghanistan

On April 22, an ISIS terrorist at a voter-registration office in Afghanistan’s capital city of Kabul blew himself up, killing at least 60 innocent people and wounding an additional 100. The following day, the United States condemned the suicide bombing, while repeating America’s policy of counterinsurgency and nation-building in Afghanistan.

“This attack on this polling station reaffirms our commitment to our Afghan partners and reaffirms on why we have to focus on rooting out violent extremism,” Pentagon spokesman US Army Col. Robert Manning said. “When citizens can’t go and register and exercise their democratic right to vote, that’s a problem. They certainly deserve it, and that’s why we are going to stay there to make sure we can work with our Afghan partners to afford them that right.”


China’s anti-spy campaign: Beware ginger-haired academics

Beijing warns citizens not to be tricked into espionage by foreigners, including ginger-haired academics

Red-headed academics, tourists, English teachers, and NGO workers are some of the suspicious figures that Chinese people should beware of befriending, according to a propaganda campaign launched by Chinese authorities.

Posters on the subway in central Beijing alert commuters to some of the danger signs in a campaign to stop people being tricked into spying on their country for a foreign government.

“You can still come back”, the signs say, with photos of a young man and woman, heads bowed. “If you confess with regret, you will not be charged for your wrongs … Your families will never abandon you. Your country will always have your back.” The posters, from Beijing’s national security bureau, include a hotline to call “in dangerous times”.


China Is Guilty Of A Billion Times More Cultural Theft Than Some Kid In A Prom Dress

Our movies. Our trade secrets. Our defense technology. China has mastered the art of appropriation — to our detriment.

Chinese manufacturers are shipping thousands of fake iPhones to more than 30 fake Apple stores in the city of Shenzhen alone. These phones are designed to look just like the Apple original, capitalizing on the American brand to sell look-a-likes to the emerging Chinese middle-class.

The market for fake iPhones had once been so strong that in 2009 it comprised 20 percent of all Chinese smartphones. 


U.S. Pilots in Horn of Africa Injured by Chinese Lasers, Says Pentagon

ARLINGTON, Va. — The Pentagon said Thursday that there have been “very serious incidents” of the Chinese interfering with flights at the U.S. base in Djibouti by pointing laser beams into the cockpits.

“There have been two minor injuries,” spokeswoman Dana White told a press briefing. “This activity poses a true — a threat to our airmen.” The C-130 crew members suffered eye injuries.


China ‘installs anti-ship cruise missiles’ on outposts in the South China Sea

China has deployed long-range missiles on three distant outposts in the South China Sea, US media said, a move which is seen as a major step towards Beijing dominating the strategically important waters.

The missiles were reportedly installed in the Spratlys – a southerly island chain that Chinese president Xi Jinping vowed in 2015 would be not be militarised by China.

Tensions have been escalating in the disputed waters in recent years as China transforms partially submerged reefs into fortified islands.


White House Considers Restricting Chinese Researchers Over Espionage Fears

WASHINGTON — It sounds like something out of a science fiction movie: In April, China is said to have tested an invisibility cloak that would allow ordinary fighter jets to suddenly vanish from radar screens.

This advancement, which could prove to be a critical intelligence breakthrough, is one that American officials fear China may have gained in part from a Chinese researcher who roused suspicions while working on a similar technology at a Duke University laboratory in 2008. The researcher, who was investigated by the F.B.I. but never charged with a crime, ultimately returned to China, became a billionaire and opened a thriving research institute that worked on some projects related to those he studied at Duke.


Peppa Pig Denounced By Communist Party: China removes cartoon for being ‘subversive’

PEPPA Pig has been axed from a Chinese video platform for being too “subversive” in a shock crackdown on the popular kids’ cartoon character.

…The Global Times, a state-run tabloid newspaper, said people who upload videos of Peppa Pig tattoos and merchandise and make Peppa-related jokes “run counter to the mainstream value and are usually poorly educated with no stable job”.

It said: “They are unruly slackers roaming around and the antithesis of the young generation the Communist party tries to cultivate.”


China criminalizes defamation of revolutionary heroes… Justin drools

China’s ruling Communist Party on Friday passed a law that makes criticizing revolutionary heroes and martyrs illegal.

Under the “Heroes and Martyrs Protection Law” it is prohibited to misrepresent, defame, profane or deny the deeds and spirits of heroes and martyrs, or to praise or beautify invasions,” according to the official Xinhua news agency’s summary of the law.

Those who do so will be punished in accordance with the law and may be investigated for criminal responsibility, Xinhua reported.


Why China Has Already Lost the Trade War

The major developed economies have allowed China to get away with its protectionism and interventionism measures because it was the engine of growth of the world economy.

Many talk about trade war as if it were something new and unexpected, but it’s not. The world has been in a trade war for years. The United States has denounced trade barriers imposed by China, the European Union, and other countries for many years, and the World Trade Organization did little about it. The 2017 National Trade Estimate Report on Foreign Trade Barriers filled more than 70 pages outlining direct barriers imposed on the export of U.S. goods and services.