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Trudeau funds UN agency employing pro-Nazi teachers

On last night’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Hillel Neuer, Executive Director of UNWATCH, joined me to discuss Trudeau’s decision to fund the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), after Trump pulled out.


WATCH: Scheer & Trudeau Clash On Government Proactively Assisting ISIS Terrorists

As the Trudeau Liberals try to use weasel words like ‘foreign fighters,’ ‘extremist travellers,’ and ‘Daesh,’ to avoid calling ISIS terrorists what they are, the government is facing mounting questions.


Ottawa holds consultations on racism behind closed doors

“The meetings are not held in public for the simple reason that we want to be able to have in-depth discussions with experts across the country, in which the participants’ comments are not misconstrued or judged,” Pablo Rodriguez, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Multiculturalism, said in an interview on Monday.

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Are Democratic Countries Like Canada Funding Terrorism?

Most democratic governments claim they are against extremism and terrorism. If so, then why does it appear possible that governments are funding it? Would senior members of a democratic government send taxpayers’ money down a path they know will lead to more extremism and terrorism?

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Canada announces $50 million in funding for UNRWA

The Canadian contribution is to be spread over two years. $40 million will go to “meeting the basic education, health and livelihood needs of millions of Palestinian refugees,” Ottawa said in a statement.

Another $10 million will be used to provide “emergency life-saving assistance to more than 460,000 Palestinian refugees in Syria and Lebanon,” it said.


(Nearly) Free Oil, Anyone? Oilsands Product Sells At Bargain-Basement $16 A Barrel

Canadian oil can’t get to the world, and the world won’t pay for what it can’t have. The result? Canadian crude was trading at a 77-per-cent discount to benchmark North American oil at the end of this week.

Prices have fallen for much of the past two weeks, with Western Canadian Select (WCS) — the benchmark price for product from the oilsands — dropping to US$16 a barrel on Friday. That pretty much ties for the lowest prices in records going back to 2009, and it’s down nearly 37 per cent since its close on Monday.


Trudeau gives 50 million tax payer dollars to “Palestinian” terrorist enabler UNWRA

OTTAWA — Canada is contributing $50 million to the United Nations Palestinian refugee agency — after the United States decided to stop funding what it called an “irredeemably flawed” organization.

The new Canadian funds announced today will be allocated over two years to assist the health and education efforts of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, or UNRWA.

The Trump administration decided in August to withdraw US$300 million in support, ending the United States’ status as the largest donor for an organization that had been trying to help more than five million Palestinian refugees.

B’nai Brith Questions Yet Another Round of UNRWA Funding from Canada

OTTAWA – B’nai Brith Canada is extremely concerned about a decision by the federal government to contribute another $50-million to the United Nations Palestinian Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA).

The new Canadian funding, announced Friday, comes shortly after the U.S. government chose to stop supporting what it called an “incredibly flawed organization.”

Last March, Canada decided to provide $10-million to UNWRA, an agency that has been under fire for years for indoctrinating Palestinian youth to violent struggle instead of peace.

Canada & UNRWA: Enhanced Due Diligence? A new report by UN Watch

OTTAWA, April 9, 2017 – Teachers and other employees of the U.N.’s Palestinian relief agency, according to a new UN Watch report presented today at the Canadian Parliament, are holding rallies to support the wave of Palestinian stabbings of Israelis, posting pictures and quotes of Adolf Hitler, glorifying Hamas terrorists, and instructing students to erase Israel from the map — and the Canadian government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau needs to take promised action and ensure perpetrators are fired.


Are Justin’s Jihadis coming home to Canada?

A Canadian, is a Canadian, is a Canadian. It’s one of Justin Trudeau’s mantras but I’m not sure how much he will want to wear that now that reports out that Trudeau’s government has a deal to take back more ISIS fighters.


BONOKOSKI: Captured Canadian ISIS sniper deserves to rot out of sight

The Trudeau Liberals are in a moral pickle over what to do with a captured Canadian ISIS fighter languishing in a Syria jail who wants to come home after being captured by Kurdish-led forces.


Canada’s weak ISIS message is on display once again

A Canadian member of ISIS has been caught and captured by our Kurdish allies in Syria. With the collapse of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria in early 2018, this ISIS soldier was trying to make his way back to Canada.

He wanted to join the 60-plus returned terrorists who have found a safe haven in Trudeau’s Canada, according to reports by Global News.