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Faith-based camps feel sting of Trudeau government’s summer jobs abortion clause

Daniel Peacock says this year is tougher for Camp Jordan.

The small Baptist summer camp in Jordan Falls, N.S., has relied on $4,000 in federal grant money to hire a student camp counsellor for the last four years — a job that is invaluable, according to Peacock, a member of the board that oversees the camp.

But this year Camp Jordan, along with at least five other faith-based camps in Nova Scotia, didn’t even bother to apply for the Canada Summer Jobs program.

But if you’re a Muslim who wants to kill Jews for Allah money is no problem.


Liberal Party sets quota hiring conditions on federally funded infrastructure projects

OTTAWA — Cities, provinces and territories building new roads, bridges, water and transit systems funded with federal dollars will have to let Indigenous Peoples, veterans and recent immigrants have a hand in those projects under new rules being unveiled today.

The idea of so-called community benefits will be a mandatory requirement for many infrastructure projects the federal government will help pay for through its $33-billion spending envelope.

Provinces and territories will have some leeway to decide what projects are to be subject to the rules. Those projects that are will have to explain publicly how far they have come in meeting the government’s goals.

Identity politics is poison, it will kill the LPC just as it killed the Democrats.


LILLEY: Liberal official has social media meltdown over Trump

A senior federal Liberal Party official out of Vancouver got a spanking from the party over a potty-mouthed rant Donald Trump on Thursday.

Mark Elyas, chair of the Vancouver East riding association, posted a dance remix of a congressional intern, yelling “f— you” at Donald Trump, and when questioned on social media, he lost control.

From the facebook page of Justin Trudeau’s good friend Mark Elyas


GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau’s climate crusaders have feet of clay

Doug Ford isn’t even Ontario’s premier yet and already Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s courtiers are slagging him about climate change.

Leading the charge has been Trudeau’s principal secretary, Gerald Butts, and Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna.


Barbara Kay: The Yazidis are in danger of extinction and Ottawa’s stopped helping

I’ll call her “Nada,” not her real name.

Nada is a Yazidi woman from Sinjar, Iraq, now age 31. On Aug. 3, 2014, ISIL came for her people. The Kurdish Peshmerga, tasked with protecting them, fled, leaving them helpless. Nada and her two children — a boy, eight months and a girl, two — were separated from her husband and father-in-law, whom she never saw again.

Justin prefers their rapists.


A Canadian U-Turn on Iran?

On June 12, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau led the Liberal Party in supporting a Conservative Party motion condemning “the current regime in Iran for its ongoing sponsorship of terrorism around the world, including instigating violent attacks on the Gaza border.” It also called for designating the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organization.

Trudeau’s vote marked a sudden, unprecedented U-turn from more than 10 years of his personal and very public support for pro-Islamist causes and Iran, beginning in 2008 when he entered the parliament.

No. Just posturing.


Justin Trudeau gives funding to Muslim hate preacher’s group

Using the politicized Canada Summer Jobs grant, the Trudeau government recently gave funding to a controversial hate preacher who’s the subject of a criminal complaint.

The Islamic Humanitarian Service in Kitchener, Ont., was approved by the Trudeau government to receive the grant in 2018, according to the government’s public registry of approved organizations.


Muslim hate preacher gets summer jobs grant from “social justice” Liberals

A hate preacher calling for the genocide of Jews on the streets of Toronto, or an evangelical church group trying to feed the hungry – guess which one got the summer jobs grant funding from the Liberals?


FUREY: Trudeau just made a major pivot towards toughness with his Iran policy

“While Tuesday’s vote was just a motion, the fact the PM and his cabinet voted for it tells you it’s basically now government policy. What exact form that policy takes and when it will be put into place remains unclear.”

“Just a motion” -That’s all you need to know.

This was simply posturing.


Trudeau’s foreign minister ducks question on Canada funding illegal abortions overseas

OTTAWA, June 11, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) — Canada’s foreign minister won’t say if she believes Justin Trudeau’s government is or is not funding illegal activity by giving money to abortion giant Marie Stopes International.

Liberal Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland dodged the question from Conservative MP Garnett Genuis last Wednesday, instead asserting her belief in abortion — not just for Canadian women, but for women everywhere.

Genuis quizzed Freeland on Canada’s funding of the scandal-plagued Marie Stopes International during the June 6 meeting of the standing committee on foreign affairs and international development.


Trump’s ‘Bully’ Attack on Trudeau Outrages Canadians says local woman previously caught publishing made up stuff

Trump’s ‘Bully’ Attack on Trudeau Outrages (Ed. “Some”) Canadians

By Dan Bilefsky and Catherine Porter

MONTREAL — Canadians have had enough.

It takes a lot to rile people in this decidedly courteous nation. But after President Trump’s parting shots against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the day he left the Group of 7 summit meeting in Quebec, the country reacted with uncharacteristic outrage and defiance at a best friend’s nastiness.

“It was extremely undiplomatic and antagonistic,” Frank McKenna, a former Canadian ambassador to the United States, wrote in an email. “It was disrespectful and ill informed.”

“All Canadians will support the prime minister in standing up to this bully,” he added. “Friends do not treat friends with such contempt.”

That would be this Catherine Porter – I made mistakes in my Ezra Levant column: Porter

Frankly many of us are not outraged in the least. This piece is pure Liberal Party propaganda aided and abetted by the New York Times. Trudeau and crew are incompetent and an embarrassment. Don’t insult your guests next time clown crew.