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Liberals “Tax People Back Into the Stone Age” Plan Is Sending the Wealthy Out of the Country

Hey, these guys know what they’re doing:

A big Canadian player has quietly picked up his chips and is heading for the exit amid all the tumult over the Trudeau government’s controversial tax proposals.

A business owner has informed John Manley, the head of an organization representing Canada’s largest corporations, that he’s moved billions of dollars outside the country since the Liberals announced their tax changes in mid-July.

The government’s proposals to eliminate several tax incentives have awakened a large contingent of vocal opponents from numerous backgrounds — from the small business community, to farmers, to tax planners, to professionals like doctors and lawyers. Even backbench Liberal MPs have publicly expressed their concerns.

In the background, the Liberals’ proposed tax reforms are also a deep concern for a much-smaller, silent group of Canadians: wealthy business leaders.


The M103 Sham

The article below sums it up nicely, this study is a sham.

Parliament’s anti-racism hearings kick off with witness warning of ‘Islamists in the corridors of power’

Pretty much as expected, the Liberals are vote whoring for their Islamist constituency.


M-103 weaponizes what a ‘phobia’ is

“…The term “Islamophobia” was popularized in the 1990s by a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood that promotes Sharia law.

It was introduced to promote victimhood amongst Muslims.

A former adherent of this group, Abdur-Rahman Muhammad, now rejects Islamist ideology and says this of Islamophobia: “This loathsome term is nothing more than a thought-terminating cliché conceived in the bowels of Muslim think tanks for the purpose of beating down critics.”

The ultimate purpose was to advance the Muslim Brotherhood’s mission — to impose Sharia law — by silencing critics and stifling free debate.”


M-103 talk turns to prosecution, censorship

After the first M-103 hearing on Monday, I wrote that we were perhaps facing a less adversarial process than expected. Liberal MP Iqra Khalid was conciliatory as the initial witness, emphasizing that her motion to tackle discrimination was equally about all religions and races. She hardly mentioned the ill-defined phrase Islamophobia.

How quickly things change. Wednesday’s hearing confirmed some of Canadians’ worst suspicions about the process and its effects on free speech.


Things you won’t hear at the M103 study: Ex-Muslims speak out about leaving Islam – but fear they may be KILLED if they do

‘I’m 25, I’ve never had alcohol and I want to take my hijab off’: Ex-Muslims speak out about leaving Islam – but fear they may be KILLED if they do so


Some idiot at the Star wants M103 to declare Islamophobia a form of racism

M-103 study should explore how Islamophobia is a form of racism: Paradkar

As everyone knows, M103 is all about the sharia. No matter how much they try to move the goal posts and redefine “racism” to suit their agenda Islam is at its core a political ideology, a violent supremacist cult “religion” that seeks dominance, not tolerance or acceptance, but dominance. Wherever Islam is at or near majority status oppression and violence follow. There is not a singe Islamic state that does not persecute its religious and ethnic minorities. There is not a nation in the west, including Canada, that does not devote vast security resources to containing the terror threat posed by the “Religion of Peace” even when its adherents constitute relatively small percentages of the population.

The Liberal party have done this nation a great disservice by granting credibility to vile deceptions such as M103 and ludicrous notions such as “Islam is a race”, all in the name of tolerating the intolerant. But suicidal virtue signaling is so Liberal and so 2017!

Political correctness and the desire to avoid being called “racist” has allowed such travesties as the M103 study to fester and have now reached peak insanity where even criticism of ISIS is considered “Islamophobic”.  Unfortunately tragedies such as Rotherham have also been the result of the useful idiots who propagate dangerous nonsense such as M103.

Now please tell me, when do Christians get to be a race Ms. Paradkar?


Liberals lower deficit … to clock in at only billions more than they promised

It’s prudent financial planning to play up your expenses while downplaying your revenues. It greatly decreases your odds of coming up short.

This is what financial planners recommend families do to get their personal budgets on track. It’s what more governments should do. But Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Finance Minister Bill Morneau have picked a really odd version of this accounting method.

I laughed pretty hard reading this headline in Bloomberg News on Tuesday: “Canada beats deficit forecast by $5.3 billion on lower spending.

Sounds pretty good, no?


M103: ‘I have never seen such fomented anger’ says Muslim 5th Columnist

Members of Parliament of different political stripes have been getting an earful about a controversial anti-Islamophobia motion passed last spring.

On Monday, the House of Commons heritage committee began a study of racism and religious discrimination required by M-103, a motion whose sponsor, Liberal MP Iqra Khalid, received death threats and hate mail after she tabled it in December 2016.

She’s not the only MP who’s been hearing about it. A number of those present remarked that they’ve been contacted repeatedly about the issue.

This is the Liberal Party, Quislings all.


Robert Spencer’s Letter to Melanie Joly, Heritage Minister in the Trudeau Government

Useful idiot Joly with Muslim 5th columnist Khalid.

Is writing for Jihad Watch now a fireable offense?

The freedom of speech is under severe attack all over the world, and the controversy that has erupted in Canada over Christine Douglass-Williams, a board member with the Canadian Race Relations Foundation, writing for Jihad Watch, is ongoing. The Canadian Press reported: “With concerns about the post circulating among her fellow board members, it came to the attention of Heritage Minister Melanie Joly, whose department is responsible for the foundation.” So I sent this letter to Joly…