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Why Palestinians are Fleeing Lebanon

Palestinians appear finally fed up with the apartheid and discriminatory laws they have been subjected to in Lebanon in the past few decades. They appear fed up with the ongoing apathy towards their plight in the international community and media. They also appear fed up with the international media’s obsession with Israel and the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The only Palestinians the international media reports about are those whose “problems” are directly linked to Israel.


Hamas Plans to Use Children as Human Shields in Mass Border Riots This Weekend, Israeli UN Envoy Warns

In a letter to the UN Security Council and Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, Israeli Ambassador Danny Danon wrote, “Hamas has cancelled school on 30 March so that children will be free to attend the riots. As always, Hamas will exploit these children as human shields and compensate the rioters and their families, should they suffer injuries.”


Palestinian Lives Don’t Matter – Unless Israel is to blame.

The people of the Gaza Strip are protesting again, and soldiers are shooting again, and civilians are being victimized again. Only this time you may have missed the story, because these protests barely rated a buried paragraph in most Western news accounts.

That’s odd: Some media outlets are prepared to devote months of journalistic effort in order to trace the trajectory of a single bullet that accidentally kills a Palestinian — provided the bullet is Israeli.

The difference this time is that the shots are being fired by Hamas, the militant Islamist group that has ruled Gaza since 2007, when it usurped power from its rivals in the Fatah movement in a quick and dirty civil war. Since then, no genuine elections have been held, and no dissent brooked.


US closes Jerusalem consulate in sign of souring relations with Palestine

The United States downgraded its diplomatic mission to the Palestinians on Monday, the latest in a series of steps by President Donald Trump’s White House Palestinian leaders say is aimed at wiping out their cause.

The move, following a decision announced in October, closes the US Jerusalem consulate general that had acted independently and served as a de-facto embassy to the Palestinians since the Oslo accords of the 1990s.


PA minister ignores brutal murder of young Israeli woman but criticizes Israel for searching in mosque for murderer

Three days ago, a 19-year-old Israeli woman, Ori Ansbacher, was stabbed several times and brutally murdered in Jerusalem. DNA from the scene led Israel to the Palestinian, 29-year-old Arafat Arfiah, who was captured after soldiers entered a mosque and seized footage from its security camera.


Why Palestinians Oppose an Anti-Iran Coalition

The Palestinians have good reason to believe that some influential Arab countries have given up on both them and the Palestinian cause. They fear that several Arab countries might even be headed toward normalizing their relations with Israel.

For several weeks now, the leadership of the Palestinian Authority (PA) has been waging a campaign against a US-Polish conference that is scheduled to take place in Warsaw later this month. US and Polish officials said that the conference will include sessions on the situation in Syria, Yemen, missile development, terrorism and illicit finance and cybersecurity. A US official said that the conference will also discuss “Iran’s destructive policies in the region.”


Turkey’s President Erdogan says he will use ‘all means available to end Israel’s occupation of Palestine’ as he meets Israeli Arab leaders before welcoming the King of Jordan on state visit

Recep Tayyip Erdogan – whom Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called an ‘anti-Semitic dictator’ last December – added that he will ‘not turn his back on the Palestinian cause’.


Time to Tell the Truth about the Palestinian Issue

The front page of the New York Times Sunday Review featured one of the most biased, one-sided, historically inaccurate, ignorant and bigoted articles ever published by that venerable newspaper. Written by Michele Alexander, it is entitled: “Time to Break the Silence on Palestine,” as if the Palestinian issue has not been the most over-hyped cause on campuses, in the United Nations and in the media. There is no silence to break. What must be broken is the bigotry of those who elevate the Palestinian claims over those of the Kurds, the Syrians, the Iranians, the Chechnyans, the Tibetans, the Ukrainians, and many other more deserving groups who truly suffer from the silence of the academy, the media and the international community. The United Nations devotes more resources — time, money and votes — to the Palestinian issue than to the claims of all the other oppressed groups combined. Some of these other groups cannot even get a hearing at the United Nations.

The suffering of the Palestinians, which does not compare to the suffering of other groups, has been largely self-inflicted.


Luv’n it: Palestinians to refuse remaining US aid over terror lawsuit fears

The Palestinian Authority will refuse all US government aid for fear of lawsuits over alleged support for terrorism, officials said Tuesday, throwing into doubt the future of security coordination and projects already under way.

Senior official Saeb Erekat said the Palestinians had demanded all funding stop at the end of January for fear they would expose themselves to costly lawsuits under the US Anti-Terrorism Clarification Act (ATCA) which is about to come into force.

“The government sent an official letter to the US administration requesting it stop all aid to the Palestinian Authority, including assistance to the Palestinian security services,” Erekat told AFP.

He said the main reason for the move was the ATCA legislation.

The Pallies should not be receiving any aid from Western states, but watch PM Asshat dump another truckload of your stolen tax dollars on them to “alleviate the pending humanitarian crisis” of their own making.


The UN, the “State of Palestine” and the Torture of Women

A Palestinian mother of three has accused the Palestinian Authority (PA) security forces of torturing her and threatening to rape her during the two months she was held in a PA prison in the West Bank.

The accusation by the woman, Suha Jbara, 31, came on the eve of PA President Mahmoud Abbas’s visit to New York, where he is scheduled to assume the chairmanship of the largest bloc of developing countries in the United Nations, known as the “Group of 77 and China.”

As chairman of the group, which represents 134 nations, Abbas and the “State of Palestine” will negotiate and co-sponsor proposals and amendments on various developmental, humanitarian and legal issues that are on the agenda of the UN.


Proof that most leftist critics of Israel don’t give a damn about Palestinians, they just hate Jews

One of the best and most conclusive tests of antisemitism among Israel’s many critics is whether or not they apply the same standards to others that they apply to the Jewish homeland. Virtually every time Israel responds to violence launched from Palestinian enclaves, we read and see stories damning it as “not proportional” or “callous” or ‘racist.”

But what about when Palestinians are responded to by other nations?


Linda Sarsour Tells Muslim Crowd Not to ‘Humanize Oppressors’ of Palestine

“In my opinion, on an issue like Palestine, you gotta choose the side of the oppressed, Sarsour said. “And if you’re on the side of the oppressor, or you’re defending the oppressor, and you’re actually trying to humanize the oppressor, then that’s a problem, sisters and brothers, and we’ve gotta be able to say ‘That is not the position of the Muslim-American community.’”


New York Times Ends Year With Epic Smear

The hagiographic December 30th account spans a remarkable three and a half full pages of the paper, tracing Rouzan al-Najjar’s personal life and sad end. Yet it manages, in all the words and images (and online videos), not to report the nature of the violence in which she was entangled nor the murderous and implacable hatred of Israel fueling it.