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FUREY: John Tory faces his first real test – can he get tough and stay tough?

John Tory was something of a “blah” candidate when running for mayor and has largely governed this way throughout his first term. Don’t mistake that for an insult, though. It’s exactly what he promised. And, some would say, just what the city needed at the time.

Now, though, as the number of homicides in the city have doubled from 24 this time last year to 54 and counting, we need something different. We need a John Tory who knows how to get tough.


Toronto gangs to reschedule shootings to off peak hours to lessen strain on police resources

Toronto temporarily adding front-line officers to curb rash of deadly shootings

Toronto will add more front-line officers during peak hours for gun violence for the remainder of the summer, the police chief and mayor announced Wednesday.

Increased resources will be devoted to patrols during the hours of 7 p.m. and 3 a.m., the window during which most shootings occur in the city.

The move is part of a new “gun violence reduction plan” that comes in the wake of a spate of high-profile and brazen shootings.


LEVY: Another shelter wreaks havoc on innocent residents

I first noticed the videos of druggies outside her home on her Twitter posts.

Sammy Barcelos, a mom of three, posted a series showing the lawlessness in her own neighbourhood on the same day — Monday — my story appeared on the crime and violence that has greatly increased around some downtown safe injection sites.


Toronto cops support fellow officer’s ‘Dear John’ letter

Frustrated Toronto cops are taking to social media to show their support for a fellow officer’s Dear John letter that accused the mayor of being a “direct contributor” to the increased gun violence plaguing the city.

Numerous officers have been posting a Toronto Sun photo snapped several years ago of Sgt. Mark Hayward — a veteran who patrols downtown in 52 Division after spending six years with the now disbanded TAVIS program and is now the subject of an internal investigation for the scathing letter he sent to John Tory last week.


Christie Blatchford: Heads ought to roll in Toronto, where incompetent city managers hire shoddy contractors

In the foreword to her searing final report on the Grenfell Tower fire, released just in May, Dame Judith Hackitt was merciless.

She called a spade a spade and, in the bureaucratic chaos that directly led to that deadly fire and the deaths of so many people in London, she saw a lot of spades.

A process for testing and licensing that was weak and woefully inadequate. A collective ennui. A lack of oversight. And a lack of freaking urgency.


Toronto Sucks! Ranked worst city for commuting in North America

Toronto is often cited as among the world’s very best cities in which to live, but a new study suggests Canada’s most populous urban centre lags far behind when it comes to commuting.

A report released by U.K.-based business solution company Expert Market reveals Toronto is the worst in North America when it comes to commuting times and sixth worst in the world.

This is a pic outside of my place, the dug up strip had once been home to 4 lovely trees. The city in its “Green Madness” chopped them down to make way for a bike path as part of the removal of Spaghetti Junction (a worthy project), on a stretch of Dundas that sees few, and I mean very few cyclists, we’ve been here 15 years so trust me, it was not and never will be a crying need.


Fifteen are injured – three critically – after a bomb attack on an Indian restaurant near Toronto, as police race to find two masked men caught on camera entering with a suspicious device then fleeing

The explosion took place just after 10.30pm local time at an Indian restaurant in Mississauga, some 20 miles from Toronto, Ontario.

Authorities said ‘two hooded suspects’ walked into the Bombay Bhel restaurant and detonated the improvised explosion device before fleeing the scene

Twitter: #Mississauga


Toronto to set up two temporary shelters on campuses for refugee claimants

The city will be allowed to set up temporary shelters on the campuses of Centennial College and Humber College to provide accommodations for new refugee claimants arriving in Toronto, but officials say the facilities are likely to be at capacity within 60 to 70 days.

A 400-bed facility at the Centennial College Residence and Conference Centre in Scarborough will be made available to the city tomorrow while another 400-bed facility at Humber College in Etobicoke will be made available on June 1.


LEVY: Refugees flood into our Sanctuary City

Flanked by three of the socialist councillors who have perpetuated the shelter crisis — Joe Cressy, Ana Bailao and Joe Mihevc — Mayor John Tory indicated to reporters Friday morning that 40% of the shelter system’s 6,991 beds are currently being used by refugees and if this influx keeps up, it will jump to 50% by November. That compares to 25% last fall.


BONOKOSKI: Trudeau released floodgates, T.O. pays Sanctuary City price

Back in the cold month of February 2013, there was a lot of backslapping on city council as Toronto proudly declared itself to be Canada’s first Sanctuary City.

The vote was 37-3, so it wasn’t even close and therefore impossible to simply blame it on the lefties, the council’s dominant tribe.