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LEVY: Killing King St. one streetcar stop at a time

Brenda Bent — wife of celebrity chef Susur Lee — came to the city’s executive committee last week to plead with Mayor John Tory and councillors to consider the negative impact the streetcar pilot has had on King St. eateries during the past 17 months.

She said Lee restaurant — at King St., east of Bathurst St. — experienced a 15% decline in sales last year, not the “cherry picked” 1.2% figure reported in the city’s 33-page report full of spun numbers and phony logic (the latter my words, not hers) .

I never go near King St. anymore.


Doug Ford commits $11.2B for 4 major GTA transit projects, including new ‘Ontario Line’

Premier Doug Ford’s provincial government unveiled its nearly $30-billion transit expansion plan — including a new 15-kilometre “Ontario Line” stretching from Ontario Place to the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto.

Meant to replace the concept of a Downtown Relief Line to ease what Ford calls the “dangerous congestion” on the city’s subway network, the proposed line will be double the length proposed by the city at a cost of nearly $11 billion.

“We’re making the largest investment in new subways in Canadian history,” Ford told reporters on Wednesday.

Well at least there’s no plan for a monorail.


Cities consider suing oil companies over climate change

The city of Toronto is considering taking oil companies to court over the costs of climate change. Several U.S. cities have launched similar lawsuits against producers of fossil fuels. And the western city of Victoria is going to ask a group of municipalities in its province of British Columbia to launch a similar class-action lawsuit.


City Hall turns blind eye to Muslim’s hateful Al Quds Day rally

Al Quds Day – Queen’s Park Toronto

For the past two years, city of Toronto officials and the Toronto police have permitted an anti-Israel hatefest to take place right under their noses in a city park and along University Ave.

To make the absurdity of the city’s political foot-dragging worse, the Al Quds Day rally took place — for two years in a row — illegally in the park, located to the north of Queen’s Park.

After two years of excuses — in response to two requests from Cllr. James Pasternak — another report that says nothing and offers to do nothing has been placed on the agenda of Thursday’s executive committee.


A look back at Toronto’s history as the city celebrates its 185th birthday

Wednesday marks 185 years since the Town of York was incorporated as the City of Toronto.

On March 6, 1834, Toronto had a population of just over 9,000 and its main boundaries were Bathurst Street in the west, Dundas in the north and Parliament in the east.

As of 2016, the city had a population of 2.732 million and had grown in size to encompass the former municipalities of Etobicoke, North York, York, East York and Scarborough.


LEVY: City’s 2019 budget an exercise to ease white guilt

…The real concern, as I will continue to point out, is that funding of basic services is being starved to pay for unaccountable anti-oppression programs — ones that essentially make the white guys and gals on council feel better.

Nowhere is there more proof of that than the city’s patheticly inept attempts at snow removal during the three blizzards of the last six weeks.

Toronto – trying hard to be world class like Democrat run US cities.


Anti-vaccination billboard campaign called ‘dangerous’ by Toronto councillor

A Toronto councillor says he’s concerned about a series of digital billboards that have gone up around the city implying that vaccines are dangerous for children.

“This is deeply disturbing, and potentially dangerous,” Coun. Joe Cressy, who represents Spadina-Fort York, said in a tweet on Wednesday morning. Cressy is also chair of the city’s board of health.


Wokeopolis: Toronto is often an outlier for public opinion, researchers say

Toronto is often an outlier in terms of public opinion across the province on various topics, such as immigration and climate change, a survey has found.

Research conducted on behalf of the Mowat Centre, a think tank at the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs, found that otherwise, there are not many general differences of opinion across the regions.

But a main finding of the research is that Toronto seems to be different than other regions.

“Toronto in many ways is a region unto itself in terms of public opinion in Ontario — that is to say, it is frequently somewhat of an outlier,” the authors of a report write.

“The frequency with which opinions in Toronto stand somewhat apart from those in the other regions of the province suggests that the factors and experiences that shape these opinions in the inner metropolitan 416 area are somewhat unique.


Police shelve plan to implement gunshot detection technology ShotSpotter

The Toronto Police Service will not be moving forward with implementing new gunshot-detection technology ShotSpotter due to legal concerns, Police Chief Mark Saunders confirms.

Last summer, city council voted in favour of investigating whether to implement the technology in Toronto but in an interview with CP24 on Thursday, Saunders confirmed that he has opted to shelve ShotSpotter for now.

ShotSpotter, which has been utilized by police departments in Chicago, Denver, and New York, uses microphones to triangulate sound waves to help officers accurately detect the location of where gunshots were fired.

Somehow “privacy issues” doesn’t sound like the real reason this project was shelved.


GORDON: Refugee claimants staying at North York’s Radisson Hotel Toronto East have been told to not speak to journalists

“You know we have a lot of obligations to — before we get into this place they told us not to go for an interview, not talking to anybody,” says a Bangladeshi man staying at the hotel for the past four months after crossing illegally into Canada at Roxham Rd. and filing a refugee claim.