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Chateau Trudeau: City of Toronto may buy hotel for alleged refugees from Hoboken NY and environs

The City of Toronto is quietly planning to spend millions of dollars to buy a hotel currently housing around 500 homeless people and asylum seekers.

With its shelter system at capacity, city officials have since 2017 used the Toronto Plaza Hotel to house newly arrived refugees and homeless families from the charitable Fred Victor Centre.

The city has signed at least $4.5 million in contracts with Alternative Living Solutions Inc. (ALS), a private contractor, to house and feed those staying at the 199-room hotel near the juncture of Highways 401 and 400.


Toronto Elite Can Guffaw At Steve Bannon All They Like, But They Ignore His Words At Their Own Peril

Last Friday an unruly mob of protesters greeted well-heeled Munk Debate attendees with hostility as they lined up to enter Roy Thompson Hall to watch the debate between two intellectual heavyweights. Toronto-born American conservative pundit David Frum faced-off against former Trump White House chief strategist and co-founder of conservative firebrand news website Breitbart Steve Bannon. The motion argued: “Be it resolved, the future of western politics is populist, not liberal…”


Toronto judge considering case of man accused of advocating genocide, promoting hate online

Rupen Balaram-Sivaram has pleaded not guilty to 10 charges, including the rare charge of advocating genocide. The charges stem in part from a series of hateful social media posts and emails he allegedly sent to public figures and media organizations that call for death to Jews, homosexuals, Westerners and Christians.


LEVY: TCHC sitting on 3,628 vacant units amid cries for more affordable housing

For two years, Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) tenant Murray Bevan has watched the home behind him sit vacant while the homeless and drug-addicted that frequent the area loiter in the alleyway beside his Sherbourne and Dundas building.

The 11-unit home at 237 Sherbourne St., he says, is part of their high-rise property but since it got destroyed by the drug-addicted, it has essentially sat empty.


Call the Munk debates advisors and shut down Bannon in Toronto!

Comrades, family, friends,

It’s a sad day in Toronto. We just watched a publically racist, white-supremacist, xenophobic hate-monger — Faith Goldy — get over 25,000 votes in the mayoral election. And you are probably aware that the Munk foundation here in Toronto is hosting Steve Bannon — ex-Trump advisor, alt-right figurehead and campaigner for xenophobic, racist parties here and in Europe.

h/t Marvin


Toronto Election: Law, order absent from frontline mayoral campaigns

One more murder and a dubious Toronto record will be tied.

Toronto is now at 88 homicides. The record is 89 from 1991.

We had 66 for all of 2017.

That the huge spike in violence and murder in Toronto this year was not a key election issue is also a crime.

Earlier this year Tory dumped millions more into crime prevention programs that didn’t work much the first time around. Your tax dollars were used as a bribe to shut up the grievance industry during the election run and the media ran cover for it all. Expect to see tax payer subsidized Gangsta Rap performance venues in your neighborhood once Jello Tory is re-annointed.

Today is election day folks – get out and vote!

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