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Double Standards and Distortions

The media condemns President Trump for “normalizing hatred”—while it looks the other way on Islamist violence and black-nationalist hatred.

Political elites on both sides of the Atlantic are still frothing over President Donald Trump’s retweeting of three videos recording Muslims acting badly. The videos originated with a reviled British organization, Britain First, deemed a hate group by the British establishment for linking Britain’s high levels of Muslim immigration to incidents of Islamic terrorism. One such video, from 2013, shows a Muslim cleric in a Syrian village deliberately shattering a terra cotta statue of the Virgin Mary. The second, also from 2013, shows a scene of civil anarchy in Alexandria, Egypt, in which Islamists push two teenagers off a turret onto a lower roof level and beat at least one to death. The third, from May 2017, allegedly shows a Muslim teenager in the Netherlands push over a white boy on crutches and repeatedly kick him while he is on the ground.


Profs see criticism of their far out views as “violence”

From Toni Airaksinen at Campus Reform:

A group of education professors recently claimed that Campus Reform “attacks” and commits “violence” against “faculty who represent historically marginalized groups.”

In the most recent issue of the Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, 11 professors signed onto a joint statement condemning the “violence” perpetrated by news outlets that report on higher education, including The College Fix and Campus Reform.

“The attack on critical scholars within US universities has greatly accelerated with the election, statements, and actions of Donald Trump,” the professors write, later adding that “We know these attacks are only going to grow, and we know we cannot just be in a defensive mode.”More.

Reality check: Of course, to them it must seem like violence. They are not used to people who can defend themselves by reasonable argument, evidence, and moral suasion.

Let’s just hope they don’t plan to attack fellow profs or institute a reign of terror, such as happened at Evergreen State. On the other hand, if they do…

See also: Biology prof Bret Weinstein’s persecutors face sanctions from Evergreen State College


Four Times Liberal Hollywood Declared War Against GOP Women

The Democrats ran with the “War on Women” strategy against the GOP with some success in recent years.

The party used it against GOP hopeful Ken Cuccinelli in the 2012 Virginia governor’s race. It’s the women’s issues, stupid, they cried, citing “reproductive rights” and equal pay concerns. The phrase gained traction with select voters, so Democrats kept hammering away at Republicans with it.

Flash forward to 2017, and one prominent Hollywood liberal just savaged a GOP woman in ways that hearken back to that battle-tested talking point. Only not in the ways Democrats intended.


I Am Not the Racist; They Are

Since I religiously follow my own recommendation to my readers that you should read the writings of the Left to understand the arguments they are making, it is clear that there is a strain of thinking that people like me are inherently racist.The in-vogue position is that we are white supremacists and benefactors of white privilege. This line of thinking perpetuates racial stereotypes and in itself is racist.

One of the elements of these arguments purports that only white people can be racists.


Liberalism and the Wrath of the Privileged Whites

Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and Kevin Spacey at Celebrate Liberal Sex Predator Day

“…Many liberal whites wanted to be rid of the culturally conservative, economically liberal, working-class white voters whom Democrats had courted in the previous decade. Upper-middle-class whites were embarrassed by these people. After all these centuries of white privilege, they never managed to get into a good school—or even a state college—and now they were making demands about trade and immigration.”



Christmas Classic It’s A Wonderful Life Makes List Of Movies That Trigger Victims Of Sexual Assault

Cambridge students create database of rape, abuse and sexual harassment in 1,000 films and TV shows from Last Tango in Paris to It’s a Wonderful Life

It’s A Wonderful Life? It’s a brutal Sex Assault-O-Rama of a film!

In this scene George brutally assaults Mary while she negotiates a business deal with Hee Haw thereby negating her value as a savvy independent feminist business person.

Violet, who would later become Bedford Fall’s trailblazing Sex Worker Rights Spokesperson, is slut shamed by Mary who has been brainwashed by the patriarchy. – “You Like Every Boy” from “It’s a Wonderful Life”

Related… Parents slam Christmas pantomime after ‘smutty’ Rapunzel mimes shaving her ‘intimate area’ in front of audience including six-year-old children

Bonus… 12 Wonderful Facts From It’s A Wonderful Life


Porn Star Kills Herself After Being Bullied For Refusing To Shoot With Man Who Does Gay Scenes

On Tuesday morning, 23-year-old porn star August Ames was found dead from an apparent suicide after she was bullied and branded a homophobe for refusing to shoot with a man who has sex with men on camera. Ames made it clear that she was, of course, refusing to do such work for safety reasons and was not homophobic.

According to The Blast, “law enforcement sources tell us Ames was found early Tuesday morning in Camarillo. She was pronounced dead at the scene, and we’re told there is no indication of foul play or any other crime occurring. We’re told toxicology tests are also being conducted while the death is investigated.”


Christie Blatchford: Tearful Liberal MP should accept James Bezan’s fifth apology and move on

Sherry Romanado – Faux Outrage Overdose Sufferer

James Bezan was entitled to assume that he was dealing with an adult who had a sense of proportion, if not a sense of humour. He was grossly mistaken

Nobody’s idea of a shrinking violet…


Don’t call us snowflakes – it damages our mental health, say young people

Being called a “snowflake” is damaging to mental health, young people say. Figures show that the majority of young people think the term is unfair – and even more think it could have a negative effect of its own.

The “snowflake generation” is a disparaging term now commonly used to refer to young people, who are perceived to be over-sensitive and intolerant of disagreement.


Hahahaha! Female police captain in Indiana suspended after ‘white male privilege’ remark

Carri Weber hates white men.

An Indiana police force placed a female captain on paid administrative leave after she told a fellow officer that he benefited from “white male privilege.” A vote on Capt. Carri Weber’s future with the Plainfield Police Department is scheduled for a commissioner’s meeting on Thursday, according to WRTV.

The incident occurred at a Nov. 1 training seminar on how police should interact with transgender people in their communities, led by a U.S. Department of Justice representative and a United States attorney.


French authors of ‘colonial Paris’ guide hope to spark Rhodes Must Fall-style movement

While debate rages in the UK and across the English-speaking world about removing statues of Cecil Rhodes and General Lee and others deemed guilty of historic wrongs, in France there is barely a whimper.

A small band of militants, bent on highlighting their country’s colonial and slave-trading past, aims to change that.

Patrick Silberstein is one of them. The retired doctor, along with fellow activist Didier Epsztajn, will next month publish their Guide to Colonial Paris.


How Joy Reid’s Homophobic History Illustrates Vox Day’s Third Law of SJWs

“…Recently resurfaced internet archives show political commentator Joy Reid wrote a dozen blog posts in 2007, 2008, and 2009 that contained homophobic conspiracies and anti-gay jokes. The MSNBC weekend host ran a blog called The Reid Report — which is the same name as her now-defunct cable news show — a decade ago while she wrote for the Miami Herald. “


GOLDSTEIN: Hypocrisy defines university safe space argument

When Canadian universities claim to strive to create “safe learning environments” for their students, they overlook the obvious.

That is, the seriousness with which they carry out this task often depends on the views of the students who feel unsafe.

And whether those views fit ideologically with the left-wing and politically correct attitudes that typically dominate among the faculty teaching in the humanities and social sciences.