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‘Racist Pseudoscience’: 280 Academics Slam Cambridge Researcher in Open Letter

Over 280 academics from around the globe have signed an open letter condemning a Cambridge University research fellow for publishing work investigating the link between race, criminality and IQ.

The letter, which blasts the work of Dr Noah Carl, a 28-year-old sociology PhD graduate as “racist pseudoscience,” has been signed by about 75 Cambridge academics as well as those from institutions around the world, including Princeton in the United States.

…According to Cambridge’s student newspaper, Varsity, Dr Carl wrote in one of his papers that it “seems plausible” that the more Muslims immigrate to a given country, “the greater the share of citizens susceptible to Islamist radicalisation, and therefore the larger the fraction of the population that the security services should need to monitor.”

Goodness that is damning! You can’t go round telling the truth willy nilly like that!


UC Berkeley to stop ‘tax’ on conservative speakers in major settlement

University of California Berkeley will change policies that effectively blocked conservative speakers, no longer charge exorbitant security fees, and pay the plaintiffs’ legal expenses in a settlement with two conservative groups.

The settlement announced Monday was hailed as a victory by Young America’s Foundation (YAF) and the Berkeley College Republicans, who sued the university in 2017 over what they argued were unconstitutional practices restricting conservatives’ freedom of speech.

“This is a landmark free speech victory for all students at UC Berkeley,” Harmeet Dhillon, the attorney representing YAF, said on Monday. “We wanted a settlement that doesn’t benefit just conservative students, but all students.”


Baby It’s Cold Outside pulled by radio station, citing #MeToo

It’s a Christmas classic probably being played in shops and radio stations all over the world.

But a radio station in Cleveland, Ohio has decided to remove Baby It’s Cold Outside from its playlist following complaints from listeners.

Local media report that listeners said the song was inappropriate and at odds with the #MeToo movement.


Britain a horrible unconsciously racist island of awful white folk say Guardian grievance mongers

Revealed: the stark evidence of everyday racial bias in Britain

…The ICM poll, commissioned to launch a week-long investigation into bias in Britain, focuses on everyday experiences of prejudice that could be a result of unconscious bias – quick decisions conditioned by our backgrounds, cultural environment and personal experiences.

It is believed to be the first major piece of UK public polling to focus on ethnic minorities’ experiences of unconscious bias, and comes amid wider concerns about a shortage of research capturing the views of minority groups.


If Liberals Cared About Immigrants, They Would Not Support Open Borders

A few days ago, migrants tried to storm the U.S. border in Tijuana, throwing rocks and trying to break through the fence.  Many in this same group have also applied for asylum, overwhelming officials at the border, who now have to process them.

Not surprisingly, members of the liberal media have little care for people who have to cope with these migrants or the border patrols who have to keep the peace while being pelted with rocks.  All their sympathy is extended to the migrants themselves, who are simply “looking for a better life.”


White liberals ‘patronize’ minorities: study

White liberals present themselves as less competent when addressing minorities, while conservatives use the same vocabulary no matter what the race of their audience, according to a newly released study.

Yale and Princeton researchers found that both white Democratic presidential candidates and self-identified liberals played down their competence when speaking to minorities, using fewer words that conveyed accomplishment and more words that expressed warmth.

On the other hand, there were no significant differences in how white conservatives, including Republican presidential candidates, spoke to white versus minority audiences.


Feminists Charge $500 For ‘Heal From Internalized Whiteness’ Seminar

With admission averaging at only $475, Everyday Feminism is offering readers the opportunity to attend “Heal From Internalized Whiteness” seminars where they can learn to identify racism in their daily lives.

The website for the seminar, led by Everyday Feminism founder Sandra Kim, claims that white people are stepping forward in record numbers to combat racism due to the election of President Donald Trump.

However, many of these anti-Trump whites may be “unconsciously acting in racist ways.”


The Left Case against Open Borders

…Today, by far the most visible anti-globalization movement takes the form of the anti-migrant backlash led by Donald Trump and other “populists.” The Left, meanwhile, seems to have no option but to recoil in horror at Trump’s “Muslim ban” and news stories about ICE hunting down migrant families; it can only react against whatever Trump is doing. If Trump is for immigration controls, then the Left will demand the opposite. And so today talk of “open borders” has entered mainstream liberal discourse, where once it was confined to radical free market think tanks and libertarian anarchist circles.

While no serious political party of the Left is offering concrete proposals for a truly borderless society, by embracing the moral arguments of the open-borders Left and the economic arguments of free market think tanks, the Left has painted itself into a corner. If “no human is illegal!,” as the protest chant goes, the Left is implicitly accepting the moral case for no borders or sovereign nations at all. But what implications will unlimited migration have for projects like universal public health care and education, or a federal jobs guarantee? And how will progressives convincingly explain these goals to the public?


Moral Bankruptcy

People who follow politics, even casually, learn not to expect high moral standards from politicians. But there are some outrages that show a new low, even for politicians.

Among the consequences of Democrats’ recent election victories, especially at the state and local levels, is the election of officials who have publicly announced their opposition to charter schools, and their determination to restrict or roll back the growth of those schools.

What have the charter schools done to provoke such opposition?


Progressives stir up Fake Hate… again… Wisconsin high schoolers not giving the Nazi salute but waving to parents: photographer

MILWAUKEE — The parent who took a photo of a group of Wisconsin high school boys giving what appears to be a Nazi salute on the steps of a local courthouse said Tuesday he was simply asking the teens to wave goodbye to their parents before they headed off to prom and never anticipated the image would draw such widespread condemnation.

Pete Gust, who operates Wheel Memories and has a son in the photo, said the timing sequence of the shot he took of about 60 boys outside the Sauk County Courthouse in Baraboo last spring showed the teens’ arms extended in various stages as they raised them.

“There was nothing intended in any way shape or form to simulate anything that was offensive to anyone,” Gust told The Associated Press. “If there’s any error, it was me in timing the shot.”

link fixed


If Sex Isn’t Fixed, Why Is Age?

Emile Ratelband, a 69-year-old motivational speaker in the Netherlands, has petitioned a Dutch court for permission to change his legal age by altering his birth certificate to show he was born 20 years later than he really was — to legally make him 49 rather 69 years old.

Ratelband told the Washington Post: “We can make our own decisions if we want to change our name, or if we want to change our gender. So I want to change my age. My feeling about my body and about my mind is that I’m about 40 or 45.”


How the liberal West is dismantling itself

The occupation of Afghanistan by American, British and allied forces – which followed soon after the 9/11 attacks in 2001, lasted officially until the end of 2014 and continues in a diminished form today – was not only a military campaign. In fact, since the occupation lacked any well-defined or achievable strategic objectives, it was not strictly a military campaign at all. The stated aim was to deny al-Qaeda a safe base in the country – a goal that might have been achieved by a concentrated bombing campaign and diplomatic initiatives. Instead, allied forces decided to overthrow the Taliban and enact a far-reaching transformation in society.

In the event, enormous quantities of money, weaponry and human lives were expended over the ensuing 17 years in something more like a vast missionary enterprise than a military one, with the aim of converting the country’s inhabitants to modern beliefs and values. Not only were the Afghans taught how to run elections. In an effort to shake them out of pre-modern modes of thinking, they were also instructed in the emancipating power of conceptual art.


A Racial Shakedown in Portland

PORTLAND — In a 30-second video recorded on Oct. 28, a female pedestrian holding a bicycle helmet is seen making a phone call. She’s complaining about a car blocking a crosswalk on a busy street in Portland, Ore. The phone call ends and the car’s occupants—a young black man and woman—walk up to her and take her to task for reporting them. Some angry words are directed at the bicyclist by the man—“go back to your f—ing neighborhood”—and then the video ends.

If this encounter had unfolded in a normal part of the world, this would be where the story ends: Just another squabble in the battle between drivers and non-drivers over public space. But Portland is not normal. This is a city where antifa mobs are allowed to set up roadblocks and mob elderly drivers, all with the mayor’s apparent acquiescence.  


GOLDSTEIN: Liberals no longer proud of third-party spending

According to The Canadian Press, the Trudeau Liberals are “bracing for an onslaught” of attacks on social media by Ontario Proud — a conservative advocacy group which campaigned for Doug Ford and against Kathleen Wynne in the recent Ontario election.

That’s because pro-Progressive Conservative Ontario Proud, which claims credit for helping to defeat the Ontario Liberals, is now setting its sights on next year’s federal election.

The original Canadian Press hit piece ran in the Star, CBC, CTV and Lord knows where else. Millions of dollars have poured into Canada from foreign donors to influence policy that favours the liberal-left agenda not to mention the financial clout wielded by our public and private sector unions for similar ends. Yet that gets a pass by the press. Nope no bias in our media.