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Is Jussie Smollett The Modern Tawana Brawley?

Multiple sources have told ABC7 in Chicago that police are investigating whether the attack on “Empire” TV star Jussie Smollett was staged.

Though a Chicago Police Department spokesperson said that claim is “unconfirmed,” two suspects have been arrested who were reportedly close with Smollett — appearing on the set of “Empire” with Smollett as well as recently working out at a gym with the openly-gay, African American star who claims that two men attacked him and screamed, “This is MAGA country!”

If the attack turns out to have been staged, it will be the biggest racially-motivated hoax since the Tawana Brawley case in the late 1980s.

Interesting development… I’m sure it’s nothing.

New evidence as a result as a result of today’s interrogations? That might explain Jussie’s need for a high powered defense attorney.


The ADL Can’t Stop Faking Hate Crime Statistics

“Right-Wing Extremist Violence is Our Biggest Threat. The Numbers Don’t Lie,” Jonathan Greenblatt blared in a JTA editorial.

Numbers don’t lie. But people lie with numbers all the time.

Greenblatt’s ADL has become notorious for undermining its mission by putting out fake hate crime statistics. And these fake statistics were as surreally egregious as they were confusing.


An explanation of the Progressive savior complex.

The bottom line is Progressives always want to feel like they are saving the world. And don’t get me wrong, trying to save the world can be a great thing. But the problem is, Progressives don’t actually want to do the work to save the world. You see, solving the world’s real issues takes a signifigant amount of work. Not only that, it can be frustrating as progress is often slow and setbacks are the norm.


In Virginia, Democrats Are Hoist with Their ‘Intersectionality’ Petard

It’s not easy being a Democrat these days. At any moment, some action or character trait that was celebrated just a few years ago suddenly becomes verboten; or some hitherto unknown social-justice concern comes flying in from left field or outer space and lands in your lap. Such is the case with the senior Democrats in the Virginia state house, who from the governor on down have suddenly been accused of behavior that was perfectly acceptable when Al Jolson, Laurence Olivier, or Harvey Weinstein used to do it. What’s a jackass to do?


Virginia scandals show Dems aren’t champions of women and minorities

No matter what comes of the racial scandals involving Virginia’s Democratic governor and attorney general – and of allegations of sexual assault against the Democratic lieutenant governor – we know this: Democratic claims to be the champions of women and minorities have been exposed as a blatant lie.

We also know that the Democrats’ rush to abandon the right of due process and the concept of innocent until proven guilty has now come back to bite them.


Isn’t it interesting that Bezos and others think they are entitled to know the source of stories at other news outlets?

One of the major stories in the media yesterday was how Jeff Bezos was complaining that the National Enquirer was trying to extort money unless Bezos stops trying to find out the source of the racy photos to the Enquirer.

I saw a journalist at the New York Times on the Today show on Friday morning say how important it is to know the source of stories and to be transparent. It is truly rich and disingenuous of anyone at the NYT, WaPo or any other mainstream news outlet to talk about the need to know the source of articles when they all run so many stories based on anonymous sources and without evidence.


Blackface in Virginia: Did the Republicans sit on the evidence during the campaign?

That was the first question that had occurred to me when the story broke.

When the scandal broke about Virginian Governor Infanticide’s pictures in blackface (leaked by a horrified former fellow medical student, we are told), one huge question was, why didn’t his Republican opponent Ed Gillespie’s team find the pictures first? Why did it take someone freaked out by Democrat’s now-open espousal of ending the lives of survivors of very late abortions to finally uncover what many must have known about him (and, it turns out, other Virginia Democrats)? \

Well, from streiff at Redstate:

Having observed a boat-load of GOP campaigns over the years, I find nothing at all implausible about the Gillespie campaign having the material and deciding not to use it. From what I’ve seen of Vichy Republicans in action at fairly close range, I’d actually be more shocked if it was used than finding it wasn’t. In fact, one of the reasons Kessler gives as to why the story might be false is actually one of the reasons why Gillespie might have decided not to use it …

So finding a GOP campaign acting against its own interests for the sake of being a noble loser isn’t new. I would submit the 2008 McCain campaign had as its objective to be a gracious loser to the first viable black presidential candidate. I’ve never really been convinced Mitt Romney wanted anything more than to lose cleanly in 2012.

As to the denials, if you’d had the images and chosen not to use them because you wanted to take the high road and protect “muh principles,” knowing what you know today, would you admit to not using them? My guess is that you would deny knowing anything about them and take the hit for being merely incompetent. More.

Reality check: You will only understand why Trump won if you take into account the fact that—very unusually for a Republican—he actually wanted to win. It will be telling indeed if the American (and Canadian) conservative electorate continue to sponsor and fund candidates that enjoy posing as graceful losers. They don’t have to.

See also: Mark Steyn on the Conservative Flash Mob against the Covington School Kids “What’s disturbing about this fake hate crime is not that the Twitter mob scented blood in its nostrils and went bounding after its prey, but that a big chunk of Conservative Inc piled on, as enthusiastically as the left.” Conservative, Inc., showed what it really believes about the people fool enough to fund it.


Before Northam, Democrats Didn’t Just Dress Up as Klansmen

When Virginia Governor Ralph Northam endorsed fourth-trimester abortions last week, nobody called for his resignation. His decision 35 years ago to masquerade, either in blackface or as a Klansman — which malefaction against taste Northam engaged in seems unclear — offends modern sensibilities to such a degree that his party, his predecessor, and nearly every presidential wannabe says he should step down. This says something more about us than him.

Democrats did not always exhibit a zero-tolerance policy toward dressing up in white sheets. They once, at least in some parts of the country, demanded it from candidates.


Amnesty International has toxic working culture, report finds

Amnesty Int’l – Trump Derangement Syndrome

Amnesty International has a “toxic” working environment, with widespread bullying, public humiliation, discrimination and other abuses of power, a report has found.

A review into workplace culture, commissioned after two staff members killed themselves last year, found a dangerous “us versus them” dynamic, and a severe lack of trust in senior management, which threatened Amnesty’s credibility as a human rights champion.

It added: “As organisational rifts and evidence of nepotism and hypocrisy become public knowledge they will be used by government and other opponents of Amnesty’s work to undercut or dismiss Amnesty’s advocacy around the world, fundamentally jeopardising the organisation’s mission.”

Amnesty Int’l has a very “interesting” past, read about it at NGO Monitor.


Maxine Waters Urges Americans Not to Watch Trump’s SOTU Address

“I don’t even know why he wants to come and give the State of the Union,” Waters said in an interview with ESSENCE on Monday. “The state of the union under him has not been good and he has been divisive, and I think he’s putting us all in harm’s way. And so he is not worthy of being listened to.”

Maxine Waters Unfit to Chair House Financial Services Committee

Throughout her storied political career, Waters has been embroiled in numerous controversies, including abusing her power to enrich family members, getting a communist dictator to harbor a cop-murdering Black Panther fugitive still wanted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and accusing the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of selling crack cocaine in black neighborhoods. A few months ago, the 80-year-old Democrat from Los Angeles encouraged violence against Trump administration cabinet members. “If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them and you tell them they are not welcome anymore, anywhere,” Waters said at a summer rally in Los Angeles. Judicial Watch filed a House ethics complaint against Waters for encouraging violence against Trump Cabinet members.


“The Resistance” – Canadian unions helped fund delegation that gave glowing review of Venezuela election widely seen as illegitimate

OTTAWA — Four Canadian unions helped fund a private delegation to observe the Venezuelan presidential election last year, even as Canada, the United States and President Nicolas Maduro’s opponents decried the results as illegitimate.

With many of Maduro’s opponents in jail or barred from running for office and the country’s legislative system already weakened under his rule, opposition leaders had urged international observers not to travel to Caracas to lend legitimacy to the May 2018 proceedings.


Covington Teen’s Lawyer Releases Brutal 14-Minute Video Showcasing Lies of Nathan Phillips and Media

By now most everyone knows that the Covington Catholic High School boys didn’t mob and harass a revered “tribal elder” at the Lincoln Memorial following the March for Life on January 18. The boys were actually targeted and harassed by two groups of protesters: the Black Hebrew Israelites (who hurled hateful, racial, homophobic slurs at them) and Native American activists from the American Indian Movement, led by “tribal elder” Nathan Phillips.

Now read this absolute bullshit from Nathan Phillips in the Guardian.


Racist photo tip came from ex-classmate angry with Northam’s abortion remarks

h/t RM

A far-right conservative website was reportedly tipped off about the racist photo on Gov. Ralph Northam’s medical school yearbook page by one of his former classmates.

A source from Big League Politics told the Washington Post the individual reached out because of “anger” over Northam’s recent comments about a bill that would loosen restrictions on abortions.

“The revelations about Ralph Northam’s racist past were absolutely driven by his medical school classmate’s anger over his recent very public support for infanticide,” the unnamed source said.


The Privileged Elitist Who Saw Blackface, Not Black Lung

The other day, a Facebook friend shared a photo — and an article about the photo. The photo, a vintage item that looks as if it might date back as much as a hundred years, shows a group of white coal miners, their faces black with soot, standing at a bar, presumably at the end of a workday, and enjoying a round of beers together. The soot on their faces testifies to a long day of toil, in fact a lifetime of thankless, underpaid, backbreaking toil, far beneath the surface of the earth, which they performed in order to support their loved ones, some of them doubtless contracting respiratory ailments that shortened their lives.