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Album by French rapper Nick Conrad: “I’m fucking France, I’m burning France (…) I’m catching a white ptite, I’m tearing her anus

A controversial French rapper is facing more heat after he released a track in which he sings, “I fuck France, I burn France,” as he is portrayed strangling a white woman meant to symbolically represent France.

Fdesouche has the original article with links to a lot of commentary, alas my French not so good.

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Universities must ‘decolonise’ the curriculum to boost black students’ grades, vice-Chancellors say

Universities must “decolonise” the curriculum in order to help black students close the attainment gap with their white peers, vice-Chancellors say.

Campuses need to become “racially diverse and inclusive environments” if black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) are to succeed academically, according to a new report.

Universities UK (UUK), which represents vice-Chancellors, commissioned a review into how institutions can ensure more BAME students graduate with top degrees.

Is there a connection?

Students going to university with EEE grades at A-levels is ‘lunacy’, education minister says

Students going to university with EEE grades at A-levels is “lunacy”, an education minister has said as he warns it is “madness” but the Government has to “suck it up”.

Lord Agnew, the minister for school systems, said that the voices “screaming for lowering standards” in higher education are “relentless”.

Speaking at an education conference at Brighton College, he said: “Why are we letting kids go to university with three E’s at A-levels? I mean, why? It’s lunacy.


Somali diversity hire cop who murdered Justine Damond plays victim card

‘My world came crashing down’: US cop who shot dead an Australian in her pyjamas reveals the moment he realised he had killed an innocent woman

A US cop accused of murdering an Australian woman while on duty cried in court as he testified and said his world ‘came crashing down’ when he realised he shot an innocent woman.

Mohamed Noor, 33, is accused of shooting US-Australian Justine Damond on 15 July, 2017 in Minneapolis.

Ms Damond, a 40-year-old life coach who grew up in Sydney before moving to America, had called police to report that she could hear a sexual assault on a street near her home.


Sajid Javid defends noting the ethnicity of child grooming gang

The home secretary, Sajid Javid, has defended calling a convicted sexual grooming gang “sick Asian paedophiles”, arguing that noting the ethnicity of the perpetrators was a key element in tackling such crimes.

Discussing wider issues of immigration on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Javid said his comments in a tweet in October, which prompted condemnation from other MPs, were “absolutely appropriate” and did not demonise immigrants.

Referring to the conviction of a grooming gang in Huddersfield that raped and abused girls as young as 11, Javid tweeted: “These sick Asian paedophiles are finally facing justice.”

Ironic given “Asians” is code for Muslims


Pusha T concert in Toronto erupts into violence

Rapper Pusha T’s show in Toronto was interrupted by a massive brawl when a group of people threw drinks at the rapper and tried to rush the stage.

While early reports claimed that Pusha himself was jumped on the stage, a video from Apollo For the People Instagram clearly shows that he wasn’t involved in the altercation that ultimately spilled onto the stage.

The video shows Pusha T, 41 (real name Terrence Thornton) on stage performing, when he’s drenched by multiple drinks that were hurled onto the stage.

Obviously they have internalized Canada’s systemic racism. John Tory must promise more millions!


Minnesota: Somali cop raised red flags with trainers, psychiatrists before killing unarmed woman

Mohamed Noor should never have been a cop. He was a diversity hire – a black Muslim refugee – lauded by Islamophiles including the now disgraced former mayor. The evidence of his, and their, incompetence was readily available, but ignored with deadly consequences.


Justice department sides with Asian American students in Harvard bias lawsuit

The Trump administration on Thursday sided with Asian American students suing Harvard University over its consideration of race in its admissions policy.

The lawsuit, filed by Students for Fair Admission on behalf of the students, argues that Harvard discriminates against Asian American applicants.

The justice department said in a court filing that the school has failed to demonstrate it does not discriminate on the basis of race.


Genocide Junction

In New York City, street co-namings—in which a thoroughfare takes on an additional, ceremonial name in honor of a distinguished figure—rarely generate much fuss, and their approval is typically pro forma. But yesterday, a city council committee voted to co-name a street in Brooklyn after Jean-Jacques Dessalines, emperor of Haiti after the island won its independence from France in 1804.

The council’s designation of a two-mile stretch of Rogers Avenue in Brooklyn as Jean-Jacques Dessalines Boulevard sparked some controversy because Dessalines was an enthusiastic advocate of racial murder. Following the defeat of Napoleon’s forces and their retreat from Hispaniola, Dessalines named himself Governor-General-for-Life and decided to wipe the slate clean. Heeding the words of his personal secretary Louis Boisrond-Tonnerre, framer of the Haitian Act of Independence, who declaimed, “we should use the skin of a white man as a parchment, his skull as an inkwell, his blood for ink, and a bayonet for a pen,” Dessalines ordered the murder of virtually every white man, followed soon afterward by all white women and children, in the new nation. Between 3,000 and 5,000 people were butchered in a few months.


Asians get the Ivy League’s Jewish treatment

Decades ago, the Ivy League colleges thought they had a problem: too many Jews. These recent immigrants, from a culture that prized education and academic achievement, had an unfortunate characteristic: They worked harder, studied longer and cared more about school. In short, they had all the attributes required for success in the Ivy League.

Problem was, the Ivy League didn’t really want them.

Being first-generation students, these applicants didn’t have rich alumni parents who would be likely to donate big bucks. Being from an ethnicity not associated with America’s governing class, they didn’t help the Ivy League with its biggest selling point — that going to college there provides an opportunity to rub shoulders with America’s governing class. And they were seen as boring grinds who studied too hard and weren’t much fun.


California university plans to slash its number of white students in a huge diversity drive

A California university is looking to slash its number of white students in a drive to boost diversity on campus.

California Polytechnic State University recently released a 30-page report which stated that it was hoping to reduce its percentage of white students from 55 per cent to less than 40 per cent.

The percentage of Caucasian students has already fallen from 63 in 2011, to 55 in 2017, but there is still much work to do,’ the report states.


Making the Right Move on Racial Preferences

The Trump administration revokes Obama’s admissions guidance to colleges, to the fury of activists and the press—who won’t acknowledge why preferences are necessary.

From 2011 to 2016, the Obama administration’s Justice and Education Departments issued six guidances to colleges on how to use racial preferences in admissions. Such preferences, the guidances explained, may provide the best way to achieve racial diversity within a student body, especially if a college does not want to lower academic standards across the board. The 2011 guidance claimed that racial diversity raises the “level of academic and social discourse both inside and outside the classroom” and helps students “sharpen their critical thinking and analytical skills.” Attaining racial diversity lies at the very heart of a university’s proper educational mission, the 2011 guidance announced.

On July 3, the Trump administration withdrew those six college guidances, plus a seventh promoting racial quotas in secondary education. The documents went beyond the confines of existing law, according to the Trump Education and Justice Departments, and were part of the Obama administration’s abuse of executive power. Universities would remain free to use racial preferences, but the federal government would no longer encourage them to do so.


Progressives support Racist Policies targeting Asian-Americans to Protect the Big Lie at the Heart of Multiculturalism

New York’s super-progressive mayor, Bill de Blasio has pledged to get rid of the Specialized High School Admissions Test, the rigorous entrance exam that has, up to now, been the sole determinant for entry into New York’s elite high schools.

De Blasio is concerned that the current demographics in elite schools like Stuyvesant High and Bronx Science, previously mostly white, is skewing disproportionately Asian-American, with very low numbers of African-American and Hispanic children.


Liberal Party sets quota hiring conditions on federally funded infrastructure projects

OTTAWA — Cities, provinces and territories building new roads, bridges, water and transit systems funded with federal dollars will have to let Indigenous Peoples, veterans and recent immigrants have a hand in those projects under new rules being unveiled today.

The idea of so-called community benefits will be a mandatory requirement for many infrastructure projects the federal government will help pay for through its $33-billion spending envelope.

Provinces and territories will have some leeway to decide what projects are to be subject to the rules. Those projects that are will have to explain publicly how far they have come in meeting the government’s goals.

Identity politics is poison, it will kill the LPC just as it killed the Democrats.


Harvard accused of racism against Asian applicants

Harvard University has been accused of racism against Asian students because of perceived negative personality traits, according to court documents filed on Friday.

The 388-year-old institution is being sued by Students for Fair Admissions, an action group, for discriminating against Asian applicants.

The group commissioned an analysis of more than 160,000 applicants who applied for admission from 2000 to 2015, which showed that Asians were given lower scores on “personality” traits – likability, courage, kindness and being “widely respected”.