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Angry protests erupt at ‘racist’ Brooklyn bar that serves 40 ounces of rose wine in paper bags and brags about its ‘genuine’ bullet holes in the wall

Protest erupted at a Brooklyn bar on Saturday amid anger at the owner’s decision to make a feature of a ‘bullet damaged’ wall on the property, sell wine in 40 ounce bottles and suggest she might wrap beverages in paper bags.

Dozens met up outside Summerhill, a ‘boozy sandwich shop’ in Crown Heights neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York to speak out against the ‘bar’s commodification of stereotypes that only serve to hurt the community.’

The area has been rapidly gentrifying in recent years and the owner – Canadian former corporate lawyer Becca Brennan – has been accused of racism for trading on the neighborhood’s African American roots.


At NPR: For social justice’s sake, get rid of algebra!

From Kayla Lattimore and Julie Depenbrock at NPR:

Algebra is one of the biggest hurdles to getting a high school or college degree — particularly for students of color and first-generation undergrads.

It is also the single most failed course in community colleges across the country. So if you’re not a STEM major (science, technology, engineering, math), why even study algebra?

That’s the argument Eloy Ortiz Oakley, chancellor of the California community college system, made today in an interview with NPR’s Robert Siegel.

Oakley is among a growing number of educators who view intermediate algebra as an obstacle to students obtaining their credentials — particularly in fields that require no higher level math skills. More.

Hmmm. If we dropped analysis of grammar from a serious English curriculum, more people would pass too. The trouble is, they would not usually know how to find out if they are using standard English where it is expected and needed, or how to fix it if they aren’t doing so. So college would be easier but the time spent there would be less productive.

At the site, there is also: Who Needs Algebra? New Approach To College Math Helps More Pass:

“I feel like, if math isn’t important in your career, then there is no need for it in college,” she says. “What’s the purpose of wasting your time and your money?”

I  spent more time on my algebra homework in high school than on all my lang and lit courses put together. But algebra taught me to see the theoretical structure behind the numbers we tend to accept as given.

Thinking that way saved me from any number of financial predators over the subsequent fifty years. I was much less likely to get lost in a blizzard of numbers as long as I kept my eye on the governing principles, the theoretical structure that is true for all x’s and y’s.

Drop your maths if you want, girls. But if you get stuck with a bad car loan, tenancy agreement, marriage contract, or mortgage, the worst part is that you may not even find it easy to understand why it is so bad. Not being able to grasp the underlying theory—maybe not even realizing that there is an underlying theory—sets you up for making the same mistake again.

Aw, just do your math homework! It’ll pay off in ways you don’t expect.

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The Left Sees A Need For A More Sophisticated Form of Book Burning

“Do you have the book Hillbilly Elegy?”
“Yeah, we should have a copy on the front table; let me grab one for you.”
“Is it any good?”
“…It’s sold really well.”
“I hear it’s so powerful and important, especially now, since, well, you know…”

Working at an independent bookstore in the Greater Boston area, I find myself having some variation of this conversation a few times a week. To be fair, bookselling, like any retail or service job, comes with its fair share of repetitions. For example, the sales pitch for our loyalty program is so ingrained in me that it comes pouring out in a breathless flurry of words. Such things are largely innocuous, a necessary (if not occasionally tedious) part of the job. But when it comes to the above conversation concerning J.D. Vance’s bestselling memoir, there is something a bit more personal at stake, viz. my moral objection to the book that has become, for conservatives and liberals alike, a means of understanding the rise of “Trumpism.” And while it’s easy enough to take this moral high ground, it comes into direct conflict with that old chestnut about the customer always being right…

So what can you do when a customer wants a book that you not only find objectionable but also believe actually dangerous in the lessons it portends amidst such a politically precarious time? If it helps, swap Elegy for any book that you find particularly insidious, whether it’s Atlas ShruggedThe Communist Manifesto, or The Bible. The question remains: without stooping to the level of crazed book-burning, does the bookseller’s role ever evolve past the capitalist exchange of money for paper and pulp? And are there meaningful ways to resist the continued sales of disastrous books?

All I can say is: Thank God for Amazon!


Help wanted: University seeks social justice warrior

From Jennifer Van Laar at Townhall:

Parents ponying up the $42,910 annual tuition at the University of Scranton will be pleased to know that the school is looking to hire a “Director of Cross Cultural Centers” to promote feminist and social justice theories through its Jane Kopas Women’s Center and its Multicultural Center.

The Director would oversee the day-to-day operations of the Centers and their staff, “who work together to develop, implement, and present programs that promote inclusion, multiculturalism, and equity, within a framework of intersectionality, social change, feminist and critical race theory, and mission of the University.”More.

Reality check: Why do parents pony up? Probably because they believe that the restoration of progressive government will enable secure, well-paying jobs wielding considerable power, making the tuition an excellent investment. So let’s not assume they are dumb.

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Stop Calling Them Progressives — Call Them What They Really Are!

Years ago Marxist-socialist leftists, embarrassed at being Marxist-socialist leftists, made up a shiny new name for themselves, ‘progressives.’ It’s a word that sounds like a garden of forward-thinking delights, but is simply code for the failed, human-spirit-destroying government-command-and control that birthed all the evil “isms” of the past. That’s why every time I hear a conservative commentator in print, radio, or on TV call lefty-socialists “progressives” my 200 billion brain cells swoon.


Canada Goes Full Maoist

“Health Canada considers sweeping ban on junk food ads aimed at children and teens.” So reads the headline at CBC News. And with that matter-of-fact announcement — just a normal day’s political news in the true north weak and socialist — a nation quietly declares itself lost to freedom forever. D-Day memories of the brave Canadians at Juno Beach washed away in a tide of authoritarian progressivism. Freedom traded for paternalistic social engineering in the name of protecting children from over-salted cheese.


Teachers learn to use math as Trojan horse for social justice

This summer, middle school math teachers can learn how to incorporate social justice issues like racism and privilege into their classrooms.

“Teaching Social Justice through Secondary Mathematics” is a six-week online course designed by Teach for America and offered through EdX, which provides free online classes from top universities such as Harvard University, MIT, and Columbia University.


BLM no-show to anti-black racism action plan meeting

So I’m trying to get this straight.

Mayor John Tory told a gathering of black community leaders Saturday that the actions of Black Lives Matter-Toronto (BLM-TO) convinced him and city officials to create a Toronto Action Plan to confront anti-black racism in the city.

That 35-page draft plan with 77 recommendations – unveiled Saturday at City Hall – was the result of 41 “community conversations” (yes, 41!) by 800 residents between January and March.

The “Plan” is the usual “free money for rent-seeking grievance mongers” scam we’ve all come to know and love.


Black Lives Matter Protester Who Disrupted Police Hearing Sues L.A. for $4 Million

According to Southern California Public Radio (SCPR), the officers arrested him, not for disrupting the meeting but for allegedly grabbing a female officer. He was later charged by the city attorney with misdemeanor battery and he refused a plea deal, which took the case to trial. He was reportedly convicted of resisting arrest, but the court could not reach a decision on whether to charge him with battery.

“I wasn’t arrested for anything but upsetting and disrupting the meeting,” Akili told SCPR outside police headquarters this past Tuesday. “And there is no law against that.”