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Spotify’s hate content policy seems awfully selective

Last week, Spotify announced a controversial decision to cut R. Kelly from its playlists and other editorial promotions amid allegations that the R&B star ran a violent “sex cult.” The streaming service justified its decision as part of its new “Hate Content & Hateful Conduct” policy, which says that it will not include content that promotes hatred or violence toward a particular group of people based on race, religion, gender or sexual orientation, among other things, nor will it actively promote artists whose personal lives are at odds with Spotify’s values.


54 students are in the National Geographic Bee finals. Just 4 are girls.

The National Geographic Bee’s gender imbalance puzzles teachers, parents and students. Some say that the tournament is fair but that educators need to actively foster geographic curiosity in girls, while others think the National Geographic Society is in violation of Title IX and needs to overhaul the bee’s design to promote better results for girls.


Ban solitary confinement for mentally ill, Indigenous inmates: rights groups

Even though Indigenous people make up only four per cent of Canada’s population, 26.4 per cent of those incarcerated in Canadian prisons are Aboriginal

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association, the John Howard Society and the B.C. Civil Liberties Association are calling for a hard 15-day cap to be placed on the use of solitary confinement — or ‘administrative segregation,’ as it is officially known. The groups also want to see a full ban on segregation of inmates who are mentally ill and for Indigenous offenders.


High school passes rule that everyone makes cheerleading squad, or no one does

After seeing this picture. I’m supporting the ‘no one does’ option.

The controversy began with cheerleading tryouts at Hanover Park High School in East Hanover, New Jersey, in April, some cuts were made.

When a parent complained about their child not being allowed on the team, the athletic director changed the policy to allow anyone who wants to be on the team to join. The school administration said that the change came due to an irregularity in the selection process.


‘I’d like to shake his hand’: Father who choked his step-daughter’s 15-year-old bully is BACKED by scores of supporters who say they would do the same

Thousands of parents have rallied together sharing their support for the father who choked a 15-year-old boy for reportedly bullying his stepdaughter.

Mark Bladen, 53, said he was giving the boy a ‘good old fashioned talking to’ when the teenager smiled at him, prompting him to ‘snap’ – which was caught on camera.

Scores of frustrated parents backed the ‘hero dad’ who ‘deserved a medal’ as they claimed they would do the same thing if they were in his shoes.



Was the Starbucks Incident a Setup?

I live in an Italian neighborhood in the Bronx.  Growing up, it was a place where racism was not only rampant, but seemingly an integral part of the community’s essence – so much so that it was one of the jurisdictions covered by Section 5 of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  Any changes made to election practices or procedures necessitated preclearance from Department of Justice.  I wrote about my neighborhood here.

As the world turns, times change. 


The American Black-Jewish alliance—a fiction laid to rest

The 50-year narrative of a ‘historic coalition’ between blacks and Jews only existed among leaders, and never among the people.

The recent flare up of tensions caused by the anti-Semitic rantings of American black Moslem Louis Farrakhan, and the lack of condemnation, let alone outright support he received from Democrats and leftists, is hopefully a final footnote in the fictional 50 year alliance between American Jews and blacks.

Since the beginning of the American Civil Rights movement in the 1960s there has been a dictatorial narrative among Jews that promoted the “historic alliance” between American Jews and American blacks.

Embracing this narrative went far beyond political correctness, as it became a foundational underpinning among many in the American Jewish community for half a century.

This black-Jewish alliance, however, was only practiced at the level of the anemic Jewish and black leaderships, and not for one day did it exist among members of the Jewish and black communities.


Canada: A Nation Crashing with NO SURVIVORS

Following is the article that references “Operation Sidewinder”

CSIS Warns Of Chinese Influence On Canadian Real Estate…20 Years Ago

Remember when the RCMP and CSIS accused the Chinese government of purchasing real estate in Canadian urban centers as a method of threatening Canada? No? That’s because the recommendations from a former classified program called Sidewinder was abandoned. All documents were ordered destroyed, and buried in 1997 by the Liberal government. Turns out we were as anxious to build ties with China then as we are now. Despite our national spy services advising the government that, well…this would happen to real estate.


Sometimes The Appropriation Appropriates Itself – OR – Dem Hoes Be Mad I Married A Skinny White Yoga Instructor

A new “rap yoga” class has ruffled a few feathers in midtown Sacramento. The yoga class featuring rap music would have been taught by a (skinny) white woman and the Sacramento Chapter of Black Lives Matter viewed it as cultural appropriation.

Solfire Yoga canceled the class after the uproar but that didn’t prevent a protest in front the studio early Saturday.

Darrell Spence (whom is black), the husband of the rap yoga instructor (whom is a skinny white bitch), defended his wife saying, “My wife and I we listen to rap music in our home. And we enjoy the music, we respect the music, we love the music.” He further explained, “She wanted to marry her love with hip-hop with her love of yoga. And combine the two and teach a class with a hip-hop theme.”

Founder of BLM Sacramento Chapter Tanya Faison said, “Historically rap music has been a way of expression for black folks to talk about the pain that they go through in their neighborhoods and their lives.” Faison continued, “We’re just trying to make change and we’re trying to get them to acknowledge what they’re doing and be accountable.”