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The SAT Is Adding An ‘Adversity Score’ To Judge Students On ‘Social And Economic’ Background

The “adversity score” will take into account the social and economic backgrounds of SAT takers, and will be awarded based on a 15-factor analysis, the Wall Street Journal reports. Students will be judged on “the crime rate and poverty levels of the student’s high school and neighborhood,” the student’s “housing environment,” the student’s parents’ income and education levels, and whether the student had access to higher-level and advanced placement (AP) classes.


Microsoft Word just got woke with its new social justice plugin

Coming soon to a word processing app you probably already subscribe to is Microsoft’s new Ideas plugin. This leap forward in the predictive text trend will endeavor to help you be less offensive. Worried you might be a little bit racist? A little gender confused? Not sure about the difference between disabled persons and persons who are disabled? Never fear, Microsoft will fix your language for you.


Whitewashing Black College Beach Week

After 30 years of relentless black mob violence at the annual black college beach weekend in Virginia Beach, pop star Pharrell finally figured out how to “change the vibe.” He gentrified it, staging a three-day festival with white performers and white concertgoers paying $280 for a three-day pass.

The result: instead of 30,000 to 100,000 black people invading Virginia Beach at the end of every April to create epic levels of violence, theft, mayhem, chaos, attacks on police, killing a police horse, looting, defiance, lots and lots of dope, shootings, dine and dashes — all celebrated in a song by Public Enemy — Pharrell’s festival attracted an older, whiter, more docile crowd.

Nothing happened. Other than music celebrating guns, drugs, money, bitches, murder and cop killing, that is. But that was confined to the stage. More on that in a minute.


Canadian sports “experts” embrace misogynist practices to please trans activists­

When a biologically male runner or cyclist who ranks as middle of the pack in men’s races becomes the gold medallist in a Women’s race, he cheats the silver and bronze women athletes beside him on the podium, and especially the woman who came in fourth. But he also cheats people who came out to see a clean race. Joe and Jane Public know unfairness and reality denial when they see it, and it sucks all the joy out of the word “competition” for them.


The Green New Deal Isn’t Just About Energy, It’s Also About Controlling What You Eat

New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Ed Markey introduced highly anticipated Green New Deal bills in early February, calling for “net-zero” greenhouse gas emissions within 10 years through a radical transformation of America. The bills also calls for a slew of new social justice and welfare programs totally unrelated to global warming.


D.C. City Council overrides mayor’s veto, will allow fare theft because so many perps are black

The bill was originally introduced by Trayon White, who claimed the current laws meant citations were disproportionately “issued to black people.” White sparked an outcry last year when he accused Jews of controlling the weather and for leaving in the middle of a scheduled tour of Washington’s Holocaust Memorial Museum.


Black Santa: Tell a Different Story About Santa This Holiday Season

It is that time of year again: People are dusting off their holiday decorations in order to make their homes and public spaces festive. It is also the time when certain stories and songs are being repeated.

Television holiday shows such as “A Charlie Brown Christmas” are almost iconic, with audiences watching them year after year. And the same is true of holiday songs such as “Jingle Bells,” or “Santa Claus is Coming to Town,” that are played at almost all stores.



History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes.” We don’t know for sure whether it was Mark Twain who came up with that bon mot, but it has proved useful enough to deserve a creator of that stature. It comes in particularly handy in times like these, when many seemingly unprecedented events turn out to have familiar echoes from the past.

Such is the case with the #MeToo movement. Extraordinary as this post–Harvey Weinstein moment may seem, it’s not the first time that American women have risen up to protest male misbehavior. During the nineteenth century, women were in the vanguard of reform movements dedicated to fighting licentiousness, most of it male, and much of it sexual. If you squint hard enough to blot out the Victorian archaisms, these #MeToo prototypes can yield considerable insight into today’s reckoning.


‘Do white people dominate the outdoors?’ MEC apologizes for using only white models

In a surprising apology, Mountain Equipment Co-op, the Canadian outdoor apparel giant, admitted to helping advance the “vastly incorrect notion” that the outdoors is for white people only, criticizing decades worth of its own advertisements and catalogues for depending almost exclusively on white models to sell wares.


To desegregate Brownstone Brooklyn middle schools, high scores, good grades no longer a factor

The move is part of a citywide push to increase the number of black and Hispanic students admitted into high achieving schools. Admissions at 10 of the 11 middle schools in District 15 are currently competitive, admitting students with the best grades, test scores, attendance record and other positives.