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The Civil War

America is a land that bans books, has political prisoners and condemns people to a form of internal exile where they cannot have a job or maintain a normal life. Ten years ago, if someone said Americans would lose their jobs because they liked something on social media, only the aluminum foil hat types would have believed it. Such things were considered impossible just a decade ago. In the 1980’s, these were the sorts of things that happened in the Soviet Union, which was why communism was considered evil.


What does white privilege look like? Here are a couple of examples …

I’m certainly no fan of racial profiling, but if there’s anyone I’m inherently suspicious of, and frankly afraid of, in a post-Pittsburgh, post-Christchurch world — in a society with a growing white nationalism problem — it’s definitely not Muslims in the lavatory. It’s white men wearing red hats that say Make America Great Again. Wouldn’t it be nice, for a change, if one of those guys was rudely interrupted on the toilet?


Journo Claims There’s ‘Obscene’ Anti-AOC Graffiti At Airport. Things Get Complicated When Airport Confronts Him.

Anti-Trump journalist David Corn took to Twitter on Tuesday to complain about “obscene” graffiti directed at Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex (D-NY) at the Phoenix airport. Corn, who serves as the Washington, D.C., bureau chief for left-wing outlet Mother Jones, made it clear that he would not share a photo of the alleged obscene graffiti, which understandably ignited suspicions.


Mayor believed she was the victim of a hate crime victim after ‘yellow, sticky substance’ is found on her car but cops discover it’s simply POLLEN

Police investigated the claims made by Lamar Mayor Darnell Byrd McPherson, who reported that someone sprayed her 2017 Symphony Silver Hyundai Elantra Sport with a residue outside their home on February 7.

The Mayor of the South Carolina town also claimed her husband’s soft-top 1998 Buick Roadmaster had been sprayed with a substance which ‘got in all of the grooves’ of the gray sedan.


Tlaib to offer impeachment articles against Trump by end of month

Democratic leaders have sought to deter members of the caucus from pressing the impeachment issue, arguing the need for further investigations into Trump’s actions in office. They’re concerned that without more evidence of presidential wrongdoing — and more public support for impeachment — the issue could backfire on the Democrats at the polls next year.


The Rise of the MAGAphobe

Hate crimes are a rising problem — but not the hate crimes against minorities and gay people the media keeps insisting are true (but aren’t). The real hate crimes that keep happening on a regular basis are against MAGA supporters, and no matter how many times some elderly person is assaulted for simply wearing a hat, no one will call the perpetrators what they are: hate-filled MAGAphobes.


The new rock stars? AOC joins Ilhan Omar, Jahana Hayes, Nancy Pelosi on cover of Rolling Stone magazine where they talk Trump’s impeachment and the controversial Green New Deal

In the features, the four liberal politicians are asked their opinions on President Donald Trump, the possibility impeachment, and how they are changing the way Congress works.


​Could a Nobel Prize for Climate Change Save the Planet?

When Swedish chemist and inventor of dynamite Alfred Nobel died in 1896, he left his considerable fortune to fund annual prizes given to individuals who had conferred “the greatest benefits” to humanity during the previous year. But his vision only included five fields deemed worthy of recognition at the time: chemistry, physics, physiology or medicine, literature and peace. Later, Sweden’s central bank also created a sixth prize in economics in his memory.

Nobel wasn’t prescient. He couldn’t have foreseen the that climate change would become the defining crisis of future generations, one that would call on the courage, insight and ingenuity of our most brilliant scientists, inventors, advocates and political leaders. Helene and Raoul Costa, a French couple now living in Seattle, want to recognize achievements in climate change — and they think Alfred Nobel would have approved.


What if Trump refuses to accept defeat in 2020?

Let’s start with why we need to ask this question: Trump is increasingly proving himself to be a President eager to overstep his authority. Just last week, Trump displayed his willingness to invoke unprecedented presidential power to declare a national emergency utterly without justification. This week has brought a startling report from the New York Times that, for the past two years, Trump has tried to undermine the investigations by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and other parts of the Justice Department in order to, in the words of the Times, “make the president’s many legal problems go away.” In light of these overreaching assertions of his own authority, it’s at least plausible that Trump might attempt to cling to power in ways previously unimaginable by an American president.