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Goodbye “Welcome Culture”? Part I

…For the West and its security, the risks now involved in this process are enormous. A decisive change in the demographic patterns of long-term strategic Western allies in favor of large-scale Muslim immigration, where anti-Semitism is endemic, will have its consequences. The situation of Jewish communities around the world, already worsened by rising anti-Semitism, will deteriorate further. In a recent comment in the Jerusalem Post, Manfred Gerstenfeld described Malmö, a typical European city with high Muslim immigration, as the capital of European anti-Semitism.

Much of European academia and media still seem to be in a state of shock-induced paralysis, unable to come to terms with the challenges posed by Islamism and Muslim anti-Semitism almost two decades after 9/11 and almost half a decade after the Paris 2015 terror attacks. But these aspects are well-known to any serious analyst of developments in the region, and they are often glossed over in the call for “radical diversity.”

Goodbye “Welcome Culture”? Part II

…The overview of the failed, foiled, and completed terror attacks in 2017 per EU member state and per terrorist group affiliation, as reported by the European Commission, speaks a clear language about the danger of jihadist violence on European soil and justifies our emphasis on the study of predictable societal patterns and Islamist violence in the wake of the massive influx of refugees to Europe since late summer 2015.[22]

Of the 205 terror attacks reported in Europe in 2017, 137 (66.83%) were separatist in character, while 33 (16.10%) were jihadist, 24 (11.71%) were left-wing, and 5 (2.44%) were right-wing.[23] In other words, there were 6.6 times more jihadist terrorist attacks than right-wing terrorist attacks in Europe.


Multiculturalism and Modern Australia

Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Cairo, Vienna, St Petersberg, Venice, Rio de Janeiro.
So many great cities. So many culturally identifiable features and attractions. That’s what makes the world fascinating, inspiring people to travel and experience the sights, sounds and atmosphere in each of these unique places.

Australia, a vast land of desert, sun and surf. A climate as varied as the many different backgrounds of people now residing in her cities. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth are quite the melting pots of cultures. A good thing, I hear many say. They bring a variety of foods, clothing and perspectives that broaden our own horizons. But let’s stop and ponder the way this multiculturalism is headed in this beloved country of ours.


The Partner Chase

An elite law firm’s inability to promote enough minority partners exposes the unrealistic expectations of diversity mandates.

In December 2018, the New York law firm Paul, Weiss announced its latest class of partners. A scandal erupted: all 12 of the newly promoted lawyers were white, the photo accompanying the announcement revealed. The New York Times published a front-page hit job on the firm headlined: 12 WHITE FACES REFLECT BLIND SPOT IN BIG LAW. Nearly 200 corporate general counsels signed an open letter threatening to pull their business from law firms whose partners are not “diverse in race, color, age, gender, gender orientation, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, and without regard to disabilities.” Paul, Weiss did what every other mainstream institution does today when accused of racial bias: it fell on its sword. Rather than defend his organization against specious charges of discrimination, the firm’s chairman declared his unwavering commitment to “diversity” and promised to do better the next time around.

The Paul, Weiss saga is a casebook study in the evasions and duplicities that govern the national discourse about race, when any discussion of the academic skills gap is taboo and when racial preferences have become the universal way to engineer “diversity.”


The Left’s Obsession with Race

There was a time when people aspired to a world where race was an afterthought. It was always a tough slog, but we’d moved closer and closer over time. Then something funny happened – a political party realized they could benefit from division and that unity was bad for business. Unity would require a debate on issues and their merits, which was one they had been losing, so they opted for backsliding; divide to conquer.

If you divide people into groups it is much easier to win. Groups of people are easier to manipulate than millions of individuals.

Tell me this isn’t the Liberal party…


Report reveals alarming — and growing — racialized income divide in GTA

If you were a Black man living in Toronto in 1980, you were probably making about the same income as your white neighbour. But today, it’s a dramatically different story.

Average incomes of racialized people in the Toronto region have stagnated or dropped over the past 35 years while incomes of non-racialized residents have soared, according to alarming new research by United Way Greater Toronto.

The earnings gap was barely noticeable in 1980. But by 2015, for every dollar earned by non-racialized Torontonians, racialized residents made an average of just 52.1 cents, says the agency in a report being released Monday.

“The growth of income inequality is undermining the promise that ‘diversity is our strength’ — and that’s a problem,” said United Way president Daniele Zanotti.

More blame whitey bullshit. Diversity is not a strength, it is a con used by the elites to bludgeon dissent.

Question mass immigration? You’re a racist!

Any questions?


LEVY: Is there a hiring quota at City Hall?

Omo Akintan started off her presentation at General Government committee earlier this week by reprimanding chairman Paul Ainslie for calling her division People, Equity and Human Resources.

“You just committed the one faux-pas that is not allowed,” said the new executive director.

“You read HR as human resources, instead of human rights.”

Toronto – your craphole to the future!


Defend America—Defeat Multiculturalism

Through identity politics and political correctness, today’s multiculturalist enforcers seek to erase and replace America. Together, we must save the Union once again.

Today, multiculturalism and its politics of identity pose an existential threat to the American political order comparable to slavery in the 1850s or communism during the Cold War. Once confined to graduate seminars and the ethnic “studies” departments at our nation’s colleges and universities, multiculturalism is now the authoritative ideology reigning over higher education, our media and political establishments, legal system, and corporate boardrooms.

If we do not reverse multiculturalism’s advance, it will continue to undermine our country and constitutionalism, destroying the possibility of a common good and a life of civic peace. Indeed, multiculturalism threatens to take down western civilization as whole.


Man who killed Ottawa cyclist obstructed justice because he feared racist police, avoids jail time

An Ottawa landscaper who covered his tracks and hid from police after a deadly hit-and-run has been spared jail time by a judge who accepted his explanation that a fear of turning himself in was heightened because he’s a “man of colour” afraid of racist police.

The maximum penalty for obstruction of justice is two years in prison, but Ontario Superior Court Justice Catherine Aitken instead sentenced St-Hilaire to 100 hours of community service. In the conditional sentence, delivered Wednesday, the judge also gave St-Hilaire a curfew of 10 p.m. for one year, unless it’s snowing. (She wanted to accommodate his winter snow plow job.)

Now that’s racist.


Justin’s Base Mobilizes: Ahead of federal election, imams at 69 Canadian mosques deliver message that every vote counts

When Canadians go to the polls in October, a non-partisan group hopes Muslim voter turnout will be higher than ever — and seized one of the year’s most-attended days of prayer to mobilize the community with a single message: every ballot counts.

On Good Friday, imams at 69 mosques in five provinces — Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Nova Scotia and Quebec — delivered a coordinated sermon in four different languages, emphasizing the importance of voting.

Non-partisan? Bullshit. This is the LPC base, this is tribalism, this is LPC identity politics and this is the CBC issuing a clarion call for a desperate Trudeau.

The upside is that the Liberal Party is rapidly beginning to mirror Britain’s anti-semitic Islamist harboring Labour Party.


High School Students Assigned To Tabulate “Privilege” Based On Race, Gender, Sexuality, Religion

The “Privilege Reflection Forms” were given to students in a business class at Saratoga Springs High School, apparently with the approval of school administrators who considered it a useful tool to enlighten students on their relative status in society. According to the worksheet provided, students were told to calculate how privileged they are by adding or subtracting sums for possessing different attributes.


FATAH: Trudeau is perfecting the art of the ghetto

The curse of identity politics and ethnic vote banks in Canada has become the most racist aspect of our country’s slow and steady slide into the moral bankruptcy of our political values.

Thirty years ago, when we landed as immigrants at Mirabel Airport in Montreal, the 1988 federal election was just around the corner. It didn’t take long for me to sink my teeth into the politics of the land. Despite the fact we couldn’t vote yet, our house had a sign on the front yard “This Time It’s Ed”, the slogan of the NDP’s dynamic leader in the 1980s, Ed Broadbent.


Maxime Bernier says Trudeau’s warning against white supremacy is ethnic attack

OTTAWA (Reuters) – Maxime Bernier, the founder of a right-wing party running in Canada’s October federal election, said on Monday that Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s warnings about the dangers of white supremacy were an attack on an “entire ethnicity.”

…His comments on Monday were in reference to last week’s move by the Trudeau government to change a report on terrorist threats in Canada that was first published last year to no longer explicitly mention “Sikh extremism.”

“We’re told the word Sikh was removed because ‘entire religions should never be equated with terrorism.’ And yet, (Trudeau) has been warning us for weeks about the dangers of ‘white supremacy,’ equating an entire ethnicity with terrorism,” Bernier wrote on Twitter and Facebook.

Justin Trudeau’s “white supremacy” bender is a desperate appeal to his base ahead of the coming election designed to curry favour with Sikh extremists and his Islamist constituency. Additionally this will sell well in the Annex and other progressive ghettos. Liberal-left white progressives are race flagellants who unpack their “privilege” in order to deceive themselves and reinforce their imagined moral superiority. 

Trudeau governs as a sociopath opportunistically playing up or sacrificing any principle, well anything for that matter, convenient to his ends. It’s nothing new, previously he attacked pro-life Christians to demonstrate his alleged feminist bona fides.

The Liberal Party uses mass immigration, multiculturalism and diversity to divide and conquer and now we see the intended results – Tribalization & 3rd world politics are the new normal in Canada. 

On the upside Trudeau has just had his “Deplorables” moment.