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Punishment? Council seizes and impounds 1,300 bins as punishment for residents failing to recycle

A council has seized more than 1,300 bins from residents as punishment for falling foul of recycling rules after employing specialist “snoopers” to inspect people’s rubbish.

Kirklees Council in West Yorkshire last month hired 12 full-time “advisers” to sift through recycling bins before council collections to ensure waste is segregated correctly.

Anyone found contaminating recyclable items with rubbish such as food leftovers, nappies and garden waste has their bin tagged with a yellow warning sticker.


Trudeau a literal Gas Pain: Four-in-ten say rising prices at the pump are making it harder to afford necessities

Scientists reveal that Justin Trudeau spontaneously generates in your bowels causing gas pain.

May 17, 2019 – As the price of gasoline begins its high summer season, painful increases at the pump are causing some road warriors enough heartburn to rethink trips to cottage country this Victoria Day long weekend.

According to a new survey conducted by the non-profit Angus Reid Institute, the vast majority of drivers have witnessed gas prices going up where they live, and fully one-in-three (33%) who have noticed an increase say they are struggling to keep up.

In B.C., where nine-in-ten drivers say they’ve noticed a “major increase” in prices, a sizeable majority of residents (59%) feel the provincial government isn’t doing enough to address the issue.


Socialism Leaves South Africa in the Dark

What happened when a nation tried Bernie Sanders’ power plan.

Nearly 150 years after electricity came to South Africa, the country is in the dark. The blackouts can strike at any time and then lights, hot water and even major industries vanish into the darkness.

Storing perishable food in the fridge has become a gamble. The meat you buy today may be inedible tomorrow if the rolling blackout arrives and lasts long enough to destroy all the food you cooked.


Gwyn Morgan: A principled Conservative policy would challenge Trudeau’s climate propaganda with truth

As the federal election approaches, the Trudeau Liberal government’s record has become increasingly more difficult to defend. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s promise in the last election that he would run only “modest” deficits has burgeoned into a national debt increase that is bigger per person than that racked up by any government in Canadian history, outside of a major war or a recession. Trudeau promised to reduce taxes for “middle-class” families, but a Fraser Institute analysis calculated that 80 per cent of middle-class families are paying taxes at least $840 higher per year.


IPCC Clone Predicts Doom – Once again, the ‘world’s leading scientists’ provide cover for UN machinations.

Here we ago again. For some time, I’ve warned that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is a template, that the United Nations is up to the same tricks elsewhere.

Today, in Paris, an IPCC clone known as the IPBES – the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services – will announce the completion of an 1,800-page report.

Jonathan Watts, the UK Guardian‘s global environment editor, has already told us everything we need to know about this ‘IPCC for Nature‘.


GUNTER: If the carbon tax is defeated, it will have to be politically

It comes as no surprise that the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal ruled on Friday that Ottawa’s carbon tax is constitutional.

What has always surprised me is that several provincial governments even thought to challenge the tax’s constitutionality in the first place. If the carbon tax is to be defeated, it was always going to have to be torn down politically, not legally.


Want an Energy Revolution?

It won’t come from renewables—which can never supply all the power we need—but from foundational scientific discoveries.

Throughout history, some 60 percent to 90 percent of every nation’s economy has been consumed by food and fuel costs. Hydrocarbons changed the way that humans organize their productive capacity. The coal age, followed by the oil age, and now by the ascendant age of natural gas, has (at least for developed nations) driven the share of GDP devoted to acquiring food and fuel down to around 10 percent. That transformation constitutes one of the great pivots for civilization.


Amnesty International to make climate change a cause

From Sean O’Neill at The Times:

Amnesty International is to adopt climate change as a key issue and encourage increased activism in a move that staff fear will undermine its work on traditional human rights campaigns.

Kumi Naidoo, the secretary-general, is developing a vision for Amnesty that some see as a shift away from research and campaigning work on torture, political prisoners and the death penalty. More.

Reality check: I’ve often noted that firms that are in trouble anyway may inflict raging Woke politics on their customers and drown in seas of red ink. In fact, I suspect Proctor and Gamble wisely threw Gillette to the Woke to spare more promising divisions.

If the same patterns prevail among not-for-profits, Amnesty may well want to back off gracefully from serious confrontation with thugs in power. A sudden concern about climate change would function in the same way as Gillette suddenly championing obesity. Let’s watch the file.

See also: Mark Steyn offers a reason why firms that get woke go broke


It’s a lock, come October Trudeau and his hated tax are gone: Federal carbon tax is constitutional: Saskatchewan’s appeal court

REGINA — Saskatchewan’s Court of Appeal has ruled in a split decision that a federally imposed carbon tax is constitutional.

The Saskatchewan Party government had asked the court for its opinion on the levy that came into effect April 1 in provinces without a carbon price of their own.

In a 155-page decision on the reference case, Chief Justice Robert Richards writes that establishing minimum national standards for a price on greenhouse gas emissions falls under federal jurisdiction.


WUDRICK: Next up for the Trudeau Liberals — a plastic tax?

They say misery loves company and for the Trudeau Liberals that apparently includes miserable tax policy.

It hasn’t even been a month since Ottawa imposed its hated carbon tax on much of the country and lo and behold, it already has another new tax on the table.

Last year, Environment Canada commissioned accounting firm Deloitte to undertake a study of Canada’s $35-billion plastics industry. The resulting report, released earlier this month, noted that only 9% of plastics are recycled.

Here for the slimmest of reasons…


GOLDSTEIN: Dear Canada: Politicians can’t control the weather

When it comes to addressing climate change, there are two major components — mitigation and adaptation.

The only one being discussed in the lead-up to the Oct. 21 federal election is mitigation — lessening the impact of climate change through government policies (i.e. carbon taxes) to reduce industrial greenhouse gas emissions.


Braid: Vancouver gasoline crisis is John Horgan’s just reward

Premier John Horgan and his B.C. New Democrats now have their rewards – or nightmares – for two years of pipeline obstruction.

They are: Jason Kenney as premier of Alberta, and absurdly high gasoline prices in Vancouver.

Kenney has said that shortly after taking office Tuesday, cabinet will proclaim legislation giving Alberta power to cut fuel shipments to B.C.

Monday’s prices at many Vancouver stations were over $1.70 per litre. That’s about 50 cents higher than Calgary. A full tank can easily cost $30 more over there in paradise.


Carbon tax costs hit families most, PBO reveals

What is the point of the federal carbon pricing scheme? Or, more to the point, what does Prime Minister Justin Trudeau claim is the point of his beloved carbon tax?

“We’re making big polluters pay, and giving the money right back to Canadians.” Those are the exact words from a social media post by the PM from the other week. He’s repeated this line almost verbatim many times before and there’s good reason to believe he will again.

It’s properly called theft.


Stop scaring children witless about climate change

Not many people can command an audience of senior politicians. Fewer still can expect cheers and a standing ovation from those they have just publicly criticised. Yet this was the reception 16-year-old Greta Thunberg received when she addressed MPs and journalists in Westminster this week. ‘Your voice – still, calm and clear – is like the voice of our conscience’, environment secretary Michael Gove told her, praying for absolution. When it comes to climate change, the normal rules of politics and the usual ways that adults relate to children have all been abandoned. Adults, it seems, now defer to children.


GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau’s ‘revenue neutral’ carbon tax claim omits GST

Before you accept Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s claim his carbon tax is going to make almost everyone richer, you might want to factor in that you’ll be paying the federal goods and services tax (GST) on top of it.

And that this will pour hundreds of millions of additional dollars into federal coffers from Canadian taxpayers annually, despite Trudeau’s claim his carbon tax is “revenue neutral” for his government.

It isn’t, as the federal Conservatives have pointed out.