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When the inmates run the asylum, whispers of ‘climate’ explain everything

Lawrence Solomon: The unspoken danger of CO2: It makes people go absolutely nutty

Carbon dioxide, a colourless, odourless and tasteless gas, represents the most serious threat today to the citizenry of the developed world. No other substance known to man more often makes us go crazy.

“The world is going to end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change” and combat CO2, Democrat firebrand Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stated two weeks ago, explaining her views and those of “millennials and Gen Z and all these folks that come after us.”


The 6 Most Bizarre Proposals from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez “is the leader — everybody knows it, everybody feels it. She’s the leader of this mass movement.” — Michael Moore

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is loud, perpetually outraged, and not particularly bright. In fact, saying she’s not particularly bright is kind of like saying Antarctica is not particularly hot. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez IS what the mainstream media THOUGHT Sarah Palin was when she first came on the scene except she’s liberal, dumb, and considerably less accomplished.


AL GORE: Migrant Caravans Are Victims Of Global Warming

Former Vice President Al Gore said the recent Central American migrant caravans seeking asylum in the U.S. were fleeing the ravages of global warming.

Gore said the so-called “dry corridor,” which includes El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, “is the most vulnerable region in the world to global warming.”

“And they’ve gone without a harvest this year. Some have gone without a harvest for two years,” Gore told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour in an interview Wednesday. “That is one of the principal causes for them making that long journey.”


Ottawa, Queen’s Park spar over federal plan for more zero-emission vehicles

OTTAWA—The federal government says it will drive ahead with its plan to get more zero-emission vehicles on the road, as Queen’s Park lambasts the strategy after a desired consensus failed to materialize at a meeting of Canada’s transportation ministers in Montreal on Monday.

While federal Transportation Minister Marc Garneau left the meeting touting Ottawa’s goal of seeing zero-emission vehicles account for 100 per cent of new cars sold in 2040, his counterpart from Ontario’s Progressive Conservative government slammed the target as a “reckless” threat to jobs in the province.

Liberal bullshit is poisoning our air and water.


Liberals push ̷’̷e̷c̷o̷n̷o̷m̷i̷c̷ ̷a̷r̷g̷u̷m̷e̷n̷t̷’̷ ̷ bullshit for ̷g̷r̷e̷e̷n̷ ̷i̷n̷n̷o̷v̷a̷t̷i̷o̷n̷ ̷ carbon tax thievery they can’t justify

Liberal cabinet members begin the final day of a three-day retreat today, wrestling with how to advance a green economy — and how to sell it to the Canadian electorate.

The ministers meeting in Sherbrooke, Que., will hear from a panel of experts on the Quebec economy, as well as local professionals on regional development issues and innovations.

Finance Minister Bill Morneau said the Liberals want to learn more about how to promote regional prosperity, and make an “economic argument” for tackling climate change.

So let me get this straight, they’re imposing a carbon tax on us that won’t make a whit of difference to climate change and they admit they don’t have an economic argument for it? Do I have that right?


Canada’s emissions to GDP are remarkably low. Why won’t our politicians admit that?

Politicians continue to virtue signal when advocating for renewable energy — but sometimes, they omit facts. That might be because the omitted facts fail to support the “virtue” they are promoting, such as a clean green environment, or maybe politicians don’t feel the need to discuss cost versus benefits or other close examinations of their claims. But despite their best efforts, more information keeps coming to light showing why politicians find it necessary to sometimes leave out inconvenient truths. For instance, Canada appears to be leading the world in reducing air pollution while actually being a low emitter of GHGs in respect to our GDP. When have you heard any green-crusading politician mention that?


Green Is the New Red

It should probably be called a manifesto, although AOC is not yet the writer Marx and Engels were.

Green New Deal legislation enjoys a number of enthusiastic, high-profile supporters. This stems in large part from no such bill existing.

Forty-five House Democrats support the Green New Deal. So does New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman. An Outside magazine headline proclaims, “The Green New Deal Is a Great Deal for the Outdoors.”

But what, exactly, is the Green New Deal?


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s ‘Green New Deal’ Is About Socialism, Not Global Warming

The Green New Deal has been hailed by Democrats and liberal pundits as one of the most important proposals to tackle global warming in decades, but don’t be fooled: Many supporters of the Green New Deal know it will do absolutely nothing to reduce global temperature or prevent future temperature rise—the primary purpose of the proposal, according to Ocasio-Cortez. The real goal of the Green New Deal is to impose a series of radical, socialistic programs—policies that would dramatically increase the size and power of the federal government, cause immense harm to the U.S. economy, and run up the national debt by trillions of dollars.


Let’s Do Follow The Climate Money!

Nothing that is required to harness breezes and sunshine to power civilization is clean, green, renewable, climate-friendly or sustainable. Tens of billions of tons of rock would have to be removed, to extract billions of tons of ores, to create millions of tons of metals, concrete and other materials, to manufacture millions of wind turbines and solar panels, and install them on millions of acres of wildlife habitats – to generate expensive, intermittent energy that would be grossly insufficient for humanity’s needs. Every step in this process requires fossil fuels – and some of the mining involves child labor.


Rex Murphy: How the Liberal carbon tax is not unlike a $2,000 cat door

A couple of worthy green missionaries out in Vancouver, weary of their weight on the global ecosystem, have installed in their new, modest $3-million home “a super-insulated, radio-frequency-controlled designer cat door.”

Their cherished furball can prance from the house to the lawn and back whenever it takes it into its whiskered little head to do so, with an absolute minimum of atmospheric displacement.

The cost? A pittance, a trivial $2,000. 


Carbon taxation needs public buy-in. Are you seeing much of that?

An important question in this year’s federal election will be whether Canadians hold the Liberal government to account for consciously inflicting an economic calamity on an energy industry that sits on the third-largest proven oil reserves in the world. The answer depends on whether the public buys into climate-change alarmism. We recently heard from a climate believer on why the answer may be no. A skeptic would agree, but for different reasons.