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What Exactly Does Disrespecting The Flag At An NFL Game Have To Do With Fighting ‘Injustice?’

“LET’S GET REAL: If you think kneeling respectfully to protest injustice is more egregious than cops gunning down 12-year-old #TamirRice for holding a toy or murdering #PhilandoCastile in his car with his young daughter, then you have no moral compass. NONE.” – Peter Daou

I love that quote because it’s like saying, “LET’S GET REAL: If you think urinating respectfully on Ted Kennedy’s grave to protest injustice is more egregious than an illegal immigrant murdering Kate Steinle, then you have no moral compass. NONE.”


Rachel Dolezal facing felony theft charges for welfare fraud

SPOKANE, Wash. -Former Spokane Chapter NAACP President Rachel Dolezal is now facing legal trouble that could land her behind bars. KHQ has confirmed that Dolezal, who legally changed her name to Nkechi Diallo in 2016, is accused of 1st Degree Theft by Welfare Fraud, Perjury in the 2nd Degree, and False Verification for Public Assistance. Her potential punishment under RCW 74.08.331 could include up to 15 years in prison.


Meghan Markle and the myth of ‘racist’ Britain

In recent years the British public have been bombarded with allegations about our alleged bigotry. When we failed to follow the advice of the ‘Remain’ campaign in the EU referendum this ramped up several gears. Since then there has been a seemingly endless parade of pseudo-scientific claims that ‘hate crime has soared’ and the like. This has encouraged politicians and pundits to spend the last two years insisting that while the UK had long been a cauldron, it is now one whose lid is off and where racists are allowed to roam the land, attacking foreigners at will.

Some of us – certainly a majority – knew all this to be nonsense.


The black nihilism of Ta-Nehisi Coates

Coates has profited from the very thing he is intent on destroying: the American Dream.

The past few years, ever since the publication of his celebrated books Between the World and Me (2015) and We Were Eight Years in Power (2017), have been superlatively successful ones for Ta-Nehisi Coates. He has been hailed as the pre-eminent black intellectual of his generation, awarded a National Book Award, a MacArthur Genius Award, and courted as a public speaker by major college campuses across the country.

It is only in America, however, where a poor black boy who grew up in a crime-infested area in West Baltimore could become the man Coates became and achieve the status he did.

H/T Marvin


Colin Kaepernick receives a humanitarian prize — but no NFL job offers

He can’t get an NFL team to hire him, but former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick — whose “take a knee” protest against racism sparked a nationwide movement — was awarded another major human rights prize Saturday, this time from Amnesty International.


Maybe just stop committing crimes?

Ontario judge urged to adopt new way of sentencing Black offenders

An Ontario Superior Court judge has been asked to adopt a new way of sentencing Black offenders, similar to how courts must consider the impact of the social and cultural history of Indigenous Canadians when determining punishment.

On Tuesday, Toronto defence lawyer Emily Lam told Justice Shaun Nakatsuru her case is an opportunity to address the problem of over-incarceration, which has been viewed as a relevant sentencing factor in cases involving Indigenous offenders, who, like Black people, are over-represented in prison.

Sorry but no, as in HELL NO.


A distinguished law professor is publicly shamed for pointing out truths about race preferences.

Deep-Freezing the Truth at Penn

The diversity imperative demands dissimulation and evasion. The academic-achievement gap, the behavioral differences that produce socioeconomic disparities, and the ubiquity of racial preferences must all be suppressed in public discourse, since they undercut the narrative that white racism is the driving force in American society. This dissimulation was on display last week at the University of Pennsylvania Law School, when Dean Ted Ruger announced that law professor Amy Wax would no longer teach mandatory first-year law courses at the school. In a memo announcing his decision, Ruger accused Wax of “conscious indifference” to truth. It is Ruger, however, who has distorted facts.


Parents Pull Daughter, 7, out of School After She Portrayed a Racist Character in a Play for the Class

Amber and Heath Bertram were horrified when they saw Anastasia on stage, holding up a sign that read ‘Go home!’ and ‘Cursed is the man who integrates!’

Anastasia, who was playing the role of a white child against school desegregation, took the microphone and yelled at a black peer: ‘Go away, you don’t belong here!’


The American Black-Jewish alliance—a fiction laid to rest

The 50-year narrative of a ‘historic coalition’ between blacks and Jews only existed among leaders, and never among the people.

The recent flare up of tensions caused by the anti-Semitic rantings of American black Moslem Louis Farrakhan, and the lack of condemnation, let alone outright support he received from Democrats and leftists, is hopefully a final footnote in the fictional 50 year alliance between American Jews and blacks.

Since the beginning of the American Civil Rights movement in the 1960s there has been a dictatorial narrative among Jews that promoted the “historic alliance” between American Jews and American blacks.

Embracing this narrative went far beyond political correctness, as it became a foundational underpinning among many in the American Jewish community for half a century.

This black-Jewish alliance, however, was only practiced at the level of the anemic Jewish and black leaderships, and not for one day did it exist among members of the Jewish and black communities.