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Campus culture: Fall of the Soviet Union in reverse

From Derek Hunter at Townhall:

I didn’t graduate college all that long ago, (December 2000, to be exact), but the culture on campuses has changed so dramatically in those years that it’s akin to when the Soviet Union fell, only in reverse.

Still, there is no place closer to a totalitarian police state in the United States than the college campus. Except, perhaps, public high schools.

Even if parents were to attend occasional classes, the propaganda would be difficult to notice. That’s how indoctrination into left-wing ideology works – like Chinese water torture, one drop at a time. More.

Reality check: There is a certain macabre fascination with the fact that the snowflake offspring of virtue-signalling progressives will likely be  subtly indoctrinated into anti-Semitism. But it’s the very nature of progressivism to turn on those who gave it life, alongside various road kill such as actual opponents. Put another way, Donald Trump probably has less to fear from progressive ideology than its Jewish adherents do.

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Rabbi takes Pope Francis to task for anti-Semitic rhetoric

People Are Actually Mad That Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Has No Armpit Hair

When we look back at the great social justice struggles of 2017, surely, neigh certainly, the cause of putting armpit hair on fictional women will top the list.

This week, Warner Bros. released the new trailer for Wonder Woman, and most problematically, the Amazonian warrior princess played by Gal Gadot did not have any armpit hair.

Feminists Attack CNN For ‘Future of Media’ Plan Featuring Only Men

Activists were riled up by the image of CEO Jeff Zucker and four of its top presenters posing for a cover feature for The Hollywood Reporter.

In the article, Zucker boasts about the network’s ratings, its dominance online, the amount of cash it is funnelling into future projects, and all the hot new talent it’s hiring.

However, although the 3,000-word piece, called CNN’s New War, was exhaustive in its describing the legacy network and its offshoots it found no cause to mention any female staffers.

Bay Area restaurants register as sanctuary businesses

President Donald Trump’s hard-line stance on the issue has sparked the Sanctuary Restaurants Movement, which launched in early January and now counts more than 240 restaurants across the country. The Bay Area is home to about two dozen participating restaurants, including Alfred’s Steakhouse in San Francisco, Cancun Sabor Mexicano in Berkeley and Flea Street in Menlo Park.

Canadian government supports “anti-Islamophobia” motion, will likely pass

The Liberal Party of Canada has opted to support an “anti-Islamophobia” motion (M-103) in Parliament which calls on the government to “condemn Islamophobia and study the best ways to quell an ‘increasing public climate of hate and fear.’” M-103 is the second anti-Islamophobia motion tabled. The first was unanimously approved and passed, but M-103 has stirred up questions and opposition by some Conservative Members of Parliament.

College club clubs Trump effigy at recruitment fair

The Gustavus Adolphus College “Womyn’s Awareness Center” (the misspelling is intentional) erected an effigy of President Trump alongside its recruitment table Wednesday, encouraging passers-by to unleash their political anger on a replica of the new president.

According to images of the event obtained by Campus Reform, members of the Womyn’s Center dubbed the activity “Wac-a-Trump,” attaching a list of their grievances with the new administration to the Trump-dummy.

Lena Dunham Hails ‘Political Strength’ of Liberal Women, Fears Trump ‘Xenophobia’

In a friendly chat with actress and left-wing activist Lena Dunham on Friday’s NBC Today, substitute co-host Maria Shriver lobbed one softball after another while promoting the final season of HBO’s Girls. Dunham, in turn, praised liberal young women for practicing “identity politics” and denounced the “xenophobia” of the Trump administration.

Shriver began the exchange by fawning over Dunham’s explicit show coming to an end: “So final season going in, you’ve said a lot over the years. What do you want to say this year that you haven’t been able to say?…what do you want it to have stood for, what do you want the headline of it to be?”

WA College Helps Parents ‘Cure’ Their Toddlers of Racism and Sexism

The workshop, for parents of children aged 3-6, includes a presentation, handouts, group activities, and homework that will help you cure your young children of any attachment they have to rational thought. That way, they don’t have to wait until college to find out that their ideas about race and gender are outdated.