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It’s too easy to form a mob today. Where are our protections from online mob ‘justice?’

Mobs are as old as settled humanity. From the Roman mob, to the Blues and Greens of Constantinople, to the London mobs that provided the “riot” part of the 18th century British governance model (“aristocracy tempered by rioting” in one famous description). and on to the present day, mobs have formed and left wreckage behind.


Poll: How Do Fans Feel About The NFL’s Kneeling Ban? Good. ‘Big Fans’? Even Better.

Amid more player and pundit backlash over the NFL’s new “no kneeling” policy, Survey Monkey asked Americans how they felt about the league’s attempt to put the divisive National Anthem protests behind them. What they learned is that the league has the support of the majority of Americans — and the more die-hard the NFL fan, the more pro-kneeling ban they are.


70 Berlin nightclubs to protest AfD march

“The Berlin club culture is everything that Nazis are not. And everything they hate,” the clubs wrote in a joint message that called the AfD “suit-and-tie-Nazis” and PEGIDA “German bratwursts.” “We are progressive, queer, feminist, anti-racist, inclusive, colorful, and we have unicorns. On our dance floors, people from all backgrounds unite, with diverse desires, changing identities and good taste.”

“We cannot dance to this state of things,” they wrote. “Our party will crash their march.”

Don’t you love it when SJWs take themselves way too seriously?


Alberta “Conservatives” Walk Out During Abortion Vote

Walking out isn’t leadership. It’s cowardice:

Alberta’s abortion clinic bill has moved one step closer to being passed following a debate that saw Opposition United Conservatives walk out of the chamber en masse five more times to avoid casting a vote.

At one point, the votes on amendments came quickly, with UCP members leaving their seats, exiting the chamber, returning and sitting down, then popping up minutes later to walk out again.

Five amendments put forward by Independent Derek Fildebrandt were defeated by the NDP and the opposition parties, moving the bill to third and final reading.

The bill calls for putting a legal buffer zone in place around abortion clinics to prevent staff and patients from being harassed by anti-abortion protesters.

UCP Leader Jason Kenney, who is against abortion, has said the bill is a political game by Premier Rachel Notley’s NDP to stir up divisive social issues, and has said his caucus will not participate.

By not participating, Kenney has allowed an abortion bill to go through. How does that wash with his moral objections?



New York Judge Rules Bar Can Throw Out Trump Supporter for Wearing MAGA Hat

A New York Judge has now succumbed levels of incomprehensible discrimination against Trump supporters by issuing a court ruling that bar owners are able to throw out voters of the 45th President of the United States of America based upon them wearing “MAGA” or “Make America Great Again” hats inside the facility.


4Chan Is Circulating Another Starbucks Ad Welcoming All Homeless People To “Stay And Lounge”

From the geniuses that brought us the “Free cup of coffee exclusively for people of color” coupon, comes an even greater turnaround. Starbucks is quickly going from a racist, homophobic, transphobic, Islamaphobic, whatever-else-phobic, into a well-respected coffee shop that caters to those of any other race but white.


Colin Kaepernick receives a humanitarian prize — but no NFL job offers

He can’t get an NFL team to hire him, but former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick — whose “take a knee” protest against racism sparked a nationwide movement — was awarded another major human rights prize Saturday, this time from Amnesty International.

Share readies ‘rapid response’ to Trump, 800 protest marches planned

It’s not likely to happen, judging from Mr. Trump’s recent tweet clearly indicating he had no interest in such a move — despite persistent news coverage suggesting the contrary. But should Mr. Trump show Mr. Mueller the door, is ready. The progressive activist group has already organized hundreds of protest rallies and marches, and mobilized a multitude.


Christians and white people get ‘unmerited perks,’ live ‘easier’ lives, George Washington University seminar says

According to an event description, students in a 90-minute training session will learn about ways American Christians receive things they don’t deserve and are not worthy of getting: “How do we…acknowledge that Christians receive unmerited perks from institutions and systems all across our country?”


NFL owners’ social justice cash may defuse anthem protests, may not satisfy fans

After two years of kneeling players and plummeting ratings, NFL owners are expected next week to put the finishing touches on an $89 million social justice package intended to defuse the sideline protest problem that began with Colin Kaepernick in 2016 and put the focus back on what happens on the field.