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Evergreen Prof. Bret Weinstein’s greatest alleged sin? Not suffering in silence

By now you hopefully are familiar with the plight of Evergreen State College professor Bret Weinstein. You can follow our prior coverage at the Evergreen State College Tag.

The short version of the story is that for the sin of objecting to a racist proposal that white students and faculty leave campus for a day, Weinstein has been subjected to well-documented harassment, threats and abuse by a coalition of “social justice” students and faculty on campus. The administration further enabled the attacks on Weinstein through cowardly capitulation to student demands.


Ms. Magazine: When Will Wonder Woman Be a ‘Fat Femme Woman of Color’?

A blog post from Ms. Magazine criticizes the new Wonder Woman film because the title character is not a fat, femme, woman of color.

Ms. Magazine, which was founded by feminist activists Gloria Steinem and Dorothy Pitman Hughes in 1971, published an online blog post by author Stephanie Abraham this week, lamenting the new Wonder Woman movie on the grounds that the title character is an attractive, white woman, much like the character in the popular comic books that inspired the film.


Threatening Facebook posts, balaclavas and violent rallies: Inside Antifa the so-called ‘anti-facist’ group that hides behind face masks & hates free speech

This is the far-left Antifa movement whose members cowardly attacked political commentator Andrew Bolt on a Melbourne street on Tuesday.

Antifa Australia is a branch of a wider international movement which claims to ‘defend the working class from fascists and other right-wing threats’ and says ‘Aussie pride can f*** right off’.

Members of Antifa Australia have claimed one of their ‘family’ was responsibility for attacking Bolt with thick liquid at a book launch in Carlton on Tuesday – which lead to a brawl on Lygon Street.


Crystalline metamorphic form of limestone declared enabler of white supremacy

Iowa Professor: ‘White Marble’ of Ancient Statues Supports White Supremacy

A University of Iowa professor argued that the appreciation of beauty inspired by the “white marble” of classical statuary supports white supremacy today.

“The equation of white marble with beauty is not an inherent truth of the universe; it’s a dangerous construct that continues to influence white supremacist ideas today,” Sarah Bond, assistant professor of classics, wrote in an article for the art blogazine Hyperallergic.


The Revolution’s Angry Children

From Evergreen to Middlebury, the circular shooting party continues.

Videos from Evergreen State College in Washington state show mobs of students—mostly but not only black—haranguing their professors and accusing them of racist abuse. The college president, George Bridges, is heckled, insulted, mocked, and ordered to stand with his arms firmly at his sides because his gestures are considered threatening to the students, who have invaded his office and refused to leave. Bridges complies meekly with all demands, including buying gumbo for his captors.


Jewish Ryerson student ‘felt targeted’ over placement request

All Ryerson social work grad Rebecca Katzman wanted was to do her third-year placement at one of two respected Toronto Jewish organizations with a track record of addressing social justice issues.

The 22-year-old, who will graduate with her Bachelor of Social Work degree on June 8, said her desire to be placed at either the Prosserman Jewish Community Centre (JCC) or the United Jewish Appeal (UJA) was “sparked” by a combination of actions at Ryerson — among them the anti-Semitism she experienced on campus.

However, she wasn’t prepared in the slightest for what happened with her third-year placement coordinator in the faculty of social work, Heather Bain.


Math is racist

Well, we knew that math does NOT lead to a more interesting social life but… now get this from American Thinker:

One thing you realize when following the follies and foibles of social justice warriors is that there is no limit to their idiocies – that anything and everything can be declared “racist” or “sexist” if they stretch logic and reason beyond the breaking point.

Case in point: a course designed to teach high school kids that mathematics, as taught in the Western world, is a “dehumanizing tool” that has been used to “trick indigenous peoples out of land and property.”More.

But can anyone imagine a world without math? And how did it get to be “Western” math anyhow? Isn’t math liberating for anyone who chooses to take advantage of it?

Calling it “Western” math sounds like calling accountable government “Western” government.

Hint: If you don’t have accountable government where you live, hold a revolution and keep it going until you do. Don’t blame the “Western” world if we have accountable governments and you don’t.

Most of us did nothing to deserve that; we just happened to be born here. You, by contrast, could be part of a revolution!

See also: The Big Bang: Put simply,the facts are wrong.


Police Tell Prof He’s in Danger for Not Participating in Campus ‘No Whites’ Day

Evergreen State College hosts an annual event called a “Day of Absence” where, traditionally, minority students and faculty step away from the campus for the day to show just how significant their impact is. Additionally, white students attend indoctrination seminars workshops on racism.

This year, the school apparently thought it would just be a hoot to change things up and just kick all the white folks off campus instead. Biology professor Bret Weinstein, however, took issue with the event.


Barbara Kay Purged From CBC Radio By SJW Scalp Hunters

Barbara Kay: A lone academic dares to challenge accepted narratives about Canada’s residential school system

As the token conservative on otherwise liberal panels, I have been a regular contributor to CBC radio’s comedy news trivia program, Because News, since September 2016. I was let go from this panel last week for my politically incorrect views on indigenous cultural appropriation (that I did not even express on CBC). I can now empathize (as opposed to merely sympathize) with the individuals who have paid a far greater price for the same reason.


Victimhood Isn’t What It Used To Be

The Independent weightily titles its interview with John Legend as “John Legend interview: Donald Trump will be impeached, it’s just a matter of when Congress has the guts to do it” with the subtitle: “Musician and actor talks his recent album Darkness and Light, shaking up the academy voting system and a growing sense of victimhood among the most privileged people in the world”


Alabama Legislature Passes Bill Protecting Confederate Memorials

Confederate Memorial Choctaw County Court House

The Alabama senate passed a bill Friday which would prevent the changing of the names of Confederate memorials and removing of historic Confederate monuments.

The bill “would prohibit the relocation, removal, alteration, renaming, or other disturbance of any architecturally significant building, memorial building, memorial street, or monument that has stood on public property for 40 or more years,” reads the text of the bill, reported Yahoo News.

Sen. Gerald Allen, a Republican sponsor of the bill, blasted what he perceived as a “wave of political correctness” assailing monuments dedicated to people who, despite having flaws, were important to history.

Good. History should never be Blacked Out. Ooops I said “Blacked”, that’s racist probably.


Georgetown U. Professor Says Only White People Aren’t Killed by Police

Professor Michael Eric Dyson – White Skin Is Racist

This rant by Georgetown University professor Michael Eric Dyson suggests that white people have tremendous benefits over people of color: “One of the greatest privileges of being white in this country is to encounter a police person on the street and live to tell about it.”


Cal Poly Professor Argues Squirrels Are Subjected to Racially-Charged Media Bias

An assistant professor at California State Polytechnic University argues in a recent academic research paper that eastern fox squirrels are subjected to a “gendered, racialized, and speciesist” form of media bias. Teresa Lloro-Bidart, an associate professor of liberal studies at Cal Poly, argues in a recently published postmodernist research paper that eastern fox squirrels are on the receiving end of racially-charged media bias.

Lloro-Bidart claims that she worked towards such a conclusion by analyzing the coverage of eastern fox squirrels through “feminist posthumanist,” and “feminist food studies” lenses.


Bad Think: Evil white male editor quits after sparking faux outrage for suggesting ‘Appropriation Prize’ in writers’ magazine

Bad white male found guilty of Bad Think.

Hal Niedzviecki has resigned as editor of the Writers’ Union of Canada magazine after sparking outrage with an opinion piece titled “Winning the Appropriation Prize” in an issue devoted to indigenous writing.

In it, he states that he doesn’t believe in “cultural appropriation.” “In my opinion, anyone, anywhere, should be encouraged to imagine other peoples, other cultures, other identities.” Niedzviecki, who has been the editor of Write for about five years, later wrote: “Set your sights on the big goal: Win the Appropriation Prize.”

In the same editorial, Niedzviecki goes on to note that most Canadian literature is written by people who are “white and middle-class,” and exhorts those same white, middle-class writers to look outside of their own community and write about “what you don’t know” in an effort to “explore the lives of people who aren’t like you.”

Canada – the land of petty outrage.