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The Racism of the Alleged Affronted

At the Consortium of Higher Education for LGBT Resource Professionals, one learns that at an upcoming webinar, “queer and trans people of color are welcome to join and engage in or observe the space. However, we do want to provide a content warning that in these spaces we hope white folks will process our thoughts and behaviors in a learning environment so we can address them and discuss and [sic] tactics of decentering whiteness.”


California university plans to slash its number of white students in a huge diversity drive

A California university is looking to slash its number of white students in a drive to boost diversity on campus.

California Polytechnic State University recently released a 30-page report which stated that it was hoping to reduce its percentage of white students from 55 per cent to less than 40 per cent.

The percentage of Caucasian students has already fallen from 63 in 2011, to 55 in 2017, but there is still much work to do,’ the report states.


Asian Americans Are The Tipping Point For Rejecting Affirmative Action

Progressives refuse to address the disproportionate harm done to Asian students by affirmative action policies. But everyone else is waking up to it.

This week the Trump administration reversed an Obama-era policy that encouraged colleges to use race as a consideration in admissions. While the move itself is mostly symbolic, it coincides with the retirement of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, who in 2016 was the swing vote in a case upholding the University of Texas’ race-based admissions policies.


Fury as feminist activist says she’s ‘confused’ seeing black man with pro-NRA and Tea Party bumper-stickers

Kimberley Johnson – concerned that Negroes are getting Uppity.

An activist author ignited a social media firestorm on Thursday after saying she was left “very confused” seeing a black man with a pro-NRA and Tea Party bumper-sticker on his car.

Kimberley Johnson, a feminist contributor to HuffPost and the spokeswoman for the national advocacy group We Are Woman, was slammed for questioning why a black person would not embrace progressive politics.


It’s Not Laura Ingalls Wilder Who Is Prejudiced, It’s The Librarians Smearing Her Legacy

In Laura Ingalls Wilder’s books, her family shows entirely reasonable fear plus charitable, patient treatment of people whom long experience indicates may rape and scalp them. This is the opposite of racism. It is remarkable.

Apparently history is racist now, and therefore not to be tolerated. A subdivision of the American Library Association has changed the name of its Laura Ingalls Wilder Award to the Children’s Literature Legacy Award.


Progressives support Racist Policies targeting Asian-Americans to Protect the Big Lie at the Heart of Multiculturalism

New York’s super-progressive mayor, Bill de Blasio has pledged to get rid of the Specialized High School Admissions Test, the rigorous entrance exam that has, up to now, been the sole determinant for entry into New York’s elite high schools.

De Blasio is concerned that the current demographics in elite schools like Stuyvesant High and Bronx Science, previously mostly white, is skewing disproportionately Asian-American, with very low numbers of African-American and Hispanic children.


You know things are bad for the lefties when they start calling each other racists

Twenty-eight-year-old Sandernista socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who riled up the Democrats by ousting Rep. Joe Crowley the other day, seems to be a symptom of some sort of problem on the left. Or, as Roger Simon explained, the left is dead.

It follows another bad week for the left over the immigration issue and the left’s unhinged response to that, ahead of this week’s menu of screamings sure to come of the Supreme Court decisions and vacancy news this week.


Toronto Star’s Racism Promoter Ginns Up Racism Angle In Trial Verdict

Echoes of Colten Boushie verdict as Hamilton-area man acquitted in shooting death of unarmed Indigenous man

Shree Paradkar is described as the Race and Gender columnist, Racism Promoter is more accurate. Race was never a factor in this trial so the she just made it up.

The only echoes are the one’s in her empty head.


‘Civility is a tool of white supremacy’: Samantha Bee writer’s head-scratching defense of ‘Maxine Mobs’

A writer for TBS’s “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee” went off on a Twitter rant Monday, saying that “civility is a tool of white supremacy.”

“Civility is a tool of white supremacy. Ok, cool. Byeeeeee!” Ashley Nicole Black wrote in a tweet, lashing out against nationwide calls for civility after influential Democrats like Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters of California called for liberals to remove Trump cabinet members from restaurants and public places.


America the Horrible?

Progressives say that the United States is racist and misogynist, but they still want everyone in the world to come here.

American women live under a suffocating patriarchy. Rape culture flourishes in the United States. Toxic masculinity stunts the emotional and professional growth of American females. Sexual harassment and predation are ubiquitous in American workplaces. College campuses are maelstroms of sexual violence. Female students need safe spaces where they can escape abusive male power.


Star publishes screed attacking Lindsay Shepherd

Entitled, or unemployable: which is the real Lindsay Shepherd?

Thanks to the Toronto Star some idiot with the title of “Race & Gender Columnist” can mock Shepherd’s “employability” in a racist manner that can only be described as “Because White”.

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