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Racist attacks concert goer

‘This was as set up and fake as it gets’: Outrage over suspected ‘publicity stunt’ after Kendrick Lamar kicks a white fan off stage for singing the N-word in HIS lyrics

Fan backlash is mounting over an incident at a Kendrick Lamar concert, which some are calling a set-up intended to humiliate a fan for publicity.

Lamar was headlining the final night of the Hangout Festival in Gulf Shores, Alabama on Sunday when he invited a white concertgoer named Delaney on stage to sing his song M.A.A.D City alongside him.

Just seconds into the song, Lamar cut the music and scolded the fan for singing the full lyrics of the song, which includes the N-word throughout.


Ex-Met police poster girl who cried racism loses all 33 claims after tribunal heard she complained of prejudice whenever she was unhappy at work

A former police poster girl has lost a £144,000 race claim after a tribunal heard she had a tendency to complain of prejudice whenever she was unhappy at work.

Ex-Met officer Carol Howard accused her employer, the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) of discrimination and harassment.

But a tribunal concluded the 39-year-old would complain of victimisation ‘if she does not like what is happening or is prevented from doing the work she chooses’.


From the Guardian… How white women use strategic tears to avoid accountability

That the voices of “women of colour” are getting louder and more influential is a testament less to the accommodations made by the dominant white culture and more to their own grit in a society that implicitly – and sometimes explicitly – wants them to fail.

At the Sydney writers’ festival on Sunday, editor of Djed Press, Hella Ibrahim, relayed the final minutes of a panel on diversity featuring writers from the western Sydney Sweatshop collective. One of the panellists, Winnie Dunn, in answering a question about the harm caused by good intentions, had used the words “white people” and “shit” in the same sentence. This raised the ire of a self-identified white woman in the audience who interrogated the panellists as to “what they think they have to gain” by insulting people who “want to read their stories.”


Actress Sierra Boggess quits BBC Prom’s ‘West Side Story’ amid complaints of ‘whitewashing’

Broadway star Sierra Boggess has withdrawn from a BBC Proms production of ‘West Side Story’ amid claims of “whitewashing.”

The caucasian American actress was supposed to play the main character of Maria, a young Puerto Rican woman. The musical – based on Shakespeare’s tragedy of Romeo and Juliet – is set to be a centerpiece of this summer’s BBC Prom.

See also – Daily Mail’s Quentin Letts accused of ‘racist attitude’ in theatre review

And… Term of Affection? Ethnic Slur? Theater Union Decides That ‘Gypsy’ Must Go.


University of Southern California unveils “dismantle whiteness” mural

Students majoring in communications and journalism at the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles are now being forced to walk beneath a giant anti-white billboard that was recently placed above the threshold to the building where their classes are held, according to shocking new reports.


If You Don’t Agree With Me, You’re A Racist Who Likes Death Threats

On Monday, George Yancy, a black professor of philosophy at Emory University, wrote a lengthy piece in The New York Times detailing the awful death threats he has received from white racists. I can sympathize — throughout 2016, I received my fair share of death threats. But Yancy sees those death threats as representative of a deeper malignancy plaguing all of white America, not a sickness within a subset of the population. Thus, he asks, “Should I Give up on White People?”

Yancy’s case isn’t particularly strong.


Former police race adviser charged with racially aggravated offence

A former race relations adviser to the police who was allegedly injured when a police officer fired a stun gun at him has been charged with a racially aggravated offence.

Judah Adunbi, also known as Ras, was arrested at his home in Bristol on Wednesday and will appear in court next month.

Adunbi, of Easton, Bristol, was charged with a racially aggravated public order offence following an alleged incident at a betting shop on the city’s Stapleton Road on 29 March.


The Unbearable Whiteness of Being

Caucasian culture has become academia’s boogeyman du jour.

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

Those were the words of Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1963, words that have become so entwined into the American fabric that they are among the most memorable ever uttered in a country itself built on brave oratory.

Yet despite its gravity and relevance to this country’s Civil Rights struggle, King’s dream is being increasingly ignored by a more modern, and more militant, “equality” movement.


From Brownshirts to Black Hoodies

Matthew Collins is the ‘head of research’ at Hope Not Hate. He has a history of being part of violent and extreme far-right groups, groups much worse than the media has ever portrayed the EDL as being. He was a member of the National Front and Combat 18 (18 is the numerical equation for the initials of Adolf Hitler – A = 1, H = 8). Matthew Collins, by his own admission, was a violent neo-nazi. His own personal capacity for violence is questionable, or, rather, his ability to DO violence that would injure another person is questionable. In his book HATE he recalls storming a library that was hosting a meeting for ‘Asian’ women and punching a man in the face. The punch did nothing, however, and his mates had to take the man out for him: “I hit him square on the jaw. IT HARDLY KNOCKED HIM OVER, but before he could respond, Blackham gave him a haymaker and the rest piled in.” Matthew’s friends from his past all attest to his alcoholism and addiction to fast-food and his inability to throw a punch. He appears more of an agitator to me rather than a ‘hard man’, a coward who is only capable of violence if he is surrounded by alpha males, men more manly than he himself is. Without having met the man, I would surmise that deep-rooted insecurities plague him judging from what I’ve read about him and the stories I’ve been told about him from his past associates.


Give me a vente of “lovin it when they eat their own”

Women’s March Leader: Boycott Starbucks Over Partnership With Jewish Group

Tamika Mallory, well known Women’s March Harpy and Louis Farrakhan aficionado has unleashed her hate on the ADL, the Jewish Anti-Defamation league.

Why? Because the ADL hates blacks! That’s what Tamara says and given her mentor-ship by the Reverend Farrakhan who are we to question her expertise?

Even worse, Starbucks has recruited the ADL to assist in their employee race indoctrination training which apparently is designed to teach baristas how to properly talk to Black people in a non cis-gendered white privileged plantation owner manner.

But the ADL hates blacks so watch out Starbucks, you’re about to be caught in an intersectional crossfire.

And I’m lovin it, a cat fight between the wretched racist Tamika, the woke Starbucks and the left-wing propaganda organ called the ADL.

Think I’ll have a biscotti with that coffee .


LEVY: Kids invited to white privilege boot camp

Now I’ve heard everything.

It seems organizers of the upcoming White Privilege conference at Ryerson/Social Justice U are not merely content to convince adults that white people are worthy of contempt.

They are also offering a special one-day boot camp for students as young as 11 where they will be coached (indoctrinated) on how to “dismantle white supremacy, white privilege and other forms of oppression.”


Outdoor club at college in Maine accused of being ‘massively white’ and ‘sickeningly privileged’

Student condemns campus ‘rooted in a Northeastern white understanding of self’

An outdoor expedition that’s part of Bates College’s freshman orientation, and the student group that runs it, recently came under fire from one student critic who accused them of perpetuating “white privilege” and “prehistoric policies regarding gender.”

Justin Geddes, the layout editor of the The Bates Student, authored a piece in which he condemned the annual AESOP experience, or the Annual Entering Student Outdoor Program, and the group that runs it, the Outing Club.