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Christie Blatchford: Facts no longer matter in hysteria of a school racism allegation

It is that most modern of stories, with only a couple of lessons, each profoundly depressing.

The first is this: She who gets to social media first wins.

The other is this: When they come for you, whether it is with allegations of sexual assault or sexual harassment or even worse, racism, or worst of all, because there’s a hierarchy in racism too, anti-black racism, you are done like dinner.

Facts no longer matter.


Black Brooklynites Attack Hasidic Jews, De Blasio Blames Trump And ‘White Supremacy’

In a recent spate of hate crime attacks on Hasidic Jews in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, virtually all the perpetrators have been African-American, according to local activists, elected officials, and victims.

Yet at a recent news briefing reporting an 82 percent increase in anti-Semitic incidents in the city, when New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio was asked about the attacks, he connected the attacks to national trends, blaming “white supremacy” and “nativism.”


Sanctuary for Illegal Aliens and Persecution for Male Students in Our Universities

What explains the remarkable contrast between the protection, support, and coddling of illegal alien students, and the vicious persecution of students under the Obama Title IX letters of instruction? In the case of the illegal aliens, universities have flouted federal law; in the Title IX case, universities have taken up prosecution with a vengeance. How can we understand this?


Reverse Racism: Does It Really Exist?

No way, says the progressive. Why would he, or she, say that?

The organizers of a half-marathon in the northern Italian city of Trieste have been accused of racism over their decision to exclude African athletes from the race, which takes place on May 5. Racism is abhorrent, full stop.

What about reverse racism? Does it even exist?


Cambridge University inquiry into slave trade connections is ‘virtue signalling on steroids’, Trevor Phillips says

Cambridge University’s slavery inquiry is “virtue signalling on steroids” which was only initiated to make “white liberal academics” feel better about themselves, one of the country’s leading equality campaigners has said.

Trevor Phillips, the former chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, criticised the University’s decision to investigate how it benefitted from the slave trade, calling on its vice-chancellor to “change the future rather than attempting to rewrite the past”.


Basic Becky? Conference explores ’emboldened’ female teachers ‘enacting their whiteness’

“Explorations of Becky and implications of educational practice from a variety of perspectives and contexts will illuminate the dynamics of power, privilege, and oppression tied to the gendered and raced mechanisms of whiteness enacted by Becky,” says the session description.

h/t Marvin


Conrad Black: Donald Trump’s nationalism is of all colours

With some regret, I must take rather strenuous issue with an opinion piece posted on the CBC website on April 16 by my cordial cyber-acquaintance Neil Macdonald, entitled “Why Is Conservative Politics Such a Natural Home for White Supremacists?” Neil sets out to answer the question with a completely spurious sequence of assertions and deductions. Inevitably, Donald Trump is the principal offender. “He proudly calls himself a nationalist, without specifying what kind; ‘Use that word,’ he tells his angry, overwhelmingly white base, ‘Use that word.’ ” It’s a 70-per-cent white country, and the president has very extensive non-white support, especially among Latin and Asian Americans. His base is angry at the 20 years of misgovernment that preceded Trump: the endless fruitless Middle East wars and humanitarian disaster, the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, a flat-lined economy and a shrinking work force and a foreign policy that oscillated from George W. Bush’s trigger-happy interventionism to Obama’s pacifism and appeasement of Iran and North Korea.


Today in your very existence as a white person is racist…

h/t Mauser


Liberals’ Invite-Only – ̷A̷n̷t̷i̷-̷R̷a̷c̷i̷s̷m̷ ̷S̷t̷r̷a̷t̷e̷g̷y̷ – Blame Whitey Election Strategy Consultations Quietly Wrap In Secrecy

OTTAWA — Details about the government’s new anti-racism strategy continue to be shrouded in secrecy after at least $845,000 was spent on 22 closed-door consultations across Canada.

Documents tabled in the House of Commons show all the invitation-only meetings were held between October 2018 and early March in cities including Halifax, Montreal, Toronto, Thunder Bay, Calgary, and Vancouver. The last one was held in Iqaluit, Nunavut on March 4.

I would love to see the “secret feedback” from these consultations. The Liberal Party’s stock in trade is hate. They’re currently conspiracy mongering on social media with a blitz warning of the growing threat posed by  “white supremacy”.  Its purpose is to fire up the LPC base with hate for anyone opposed to Trudeau and it will sell well in the last urban bastions of LPC strength. If the LPC hope to hold on to power they need to pump up their base of guilt ridden white liberals, the ususal suspect ethnic vote blocs and the SJW’s of the only industry they have actually managed to grow – Hate Mongering.


Trudeau, Scheer Tangle In Heated Exchange About White Supremacy

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer traded heated barbs in the House of Commons Wednesday on the scourge of white supremacy.

Trudeau called on the Conservative leader to denounce white supremacists by name after a Tory senator’s remarks about racism. Scheer accused the prime minister of using “typical Liberal smear tactics” to avoid talking about the SNC-Lavalin affair.

A simple “F&ck Off Justin you’re a lowlife race baiter” would do.


False Accuser Shaun Lying King’s Record of Harm

This week, “journalist, activist and humanitarian” Shaun King will give a keynote speech at the annual Innocence Network conference in Atlanta, Georgia. The theme of the event, whose attendees work to prevent and undo wrongful convictions, is “The Presumption of Innocence.”

I’ve covered many flabbergasting things over the course of 25 years as a columnist, author, blogger and documentary host, but this one takes the cake.


Racial Resentment As Pedagogy

Education researchers seem far more interested in “interrogating whiteness” than in developing methodologies to help black students improve their skills

This weekend, more than 14,000 academics will gather in Toronto to share their research for the American Educational Research Association’s annual conference. In past years, I’ve documented the focus of AERA academics on matters that seem only obliquely connected to curriculum, instruction, and policy. It looks like more of the same this year, from the symposium on “Liberating Oppressed Ontologies and Cosmologies for Transformational Praxis” to the paper “Queer Evolution: (Re)invigorating Environmental Education through Queer Interpretations of Evolutionary Onto-Epistemological Choreography.” But this year’s conference has especially lofty ambitions. Under the title Leveraging Education Research in a ‘Post-Truth’ Era: Multimodal Narratives to Democratize Evidence, the event’s promotional poster features a lighthouse inscribed with the words “Trust, Integrity, Methodology, and Reliability,” which looks out over a sea of “Post-Truth, Propaganda, and Fabrication.”