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You Don’t Have To Be a Bigot To Be a Racist Anymore

The Southern Poverty Law Center and Washington Post show the way.

What is a racist? There was a time when the answer to that question was pretty clear-cut. A racist was someone who joined a group like the Ku Klux Klan, spewed racial slurs, or supported segregation. A racist was someone who thought that people of other races were inherently inferior.

In the last decade or so, that’s changed. In a time of expanding definitions, you don’t have to be a bigot to be a racist anymore. You just have to have the wrong politics to be branded a racist, or race-baiter or race warrior. Or you can just be associated with someone who has the wrong politics.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has listed David Horowitz, 79, a former 1960s radical turned conservative, as an extremist and “driving force” in the “anti-black” movement.


Left To Asian-Americans: Don’t Complain About University Discrimination Or We’ll Call You White

Is American ‘white’ culture, one that ‘swallows up’ Asian identity? Progressives would like you to believe so, but it’s not the case.

The Department of Justice filed a brief Aug. 30 to support several Asian-American plaintiffs involved with a group called “Students For Fair Admissions” in a racial discrimination case against Harvard University. The DOJ’s actions united the Trump administration with anti-affirmative action activists, who have long claimed that elite Ivy League colleges are denying Asian-Americans admittance on the basis of their race.

The reaction from liberal publications was mixed, but one bizarre critique generated the most buzz: the idea that with this lawsuit Asian-Americans are really just “being used” to advance the causes of white people — because they have become, in fact, much like white people.


University TA, Hosted by College Dems, Compared Whites to “Sociopaths”

An anti-white tweet can win a seat — at the media’s or academia’s table, seems to be the message. First there was Sarah Jeong, the New York Times editorial-board hire retained despite likening whites to “dogs” and “groveling goblins” on Twitter. Now there’s a guy an eHarmony algorithm might label her perfect match: University of Georgia (UG) teaching assistant Irami Osei-Frimpong, who compared southern whites to “sociopaths.”


Students Fight Oppressive Ice Cream Marginalizing Muslims, Vegans

Students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are taking action against discriminatory and marginalizing ice cream on campus, since some of the flavors use a beef gelatin.

Yes, we’ve become so far removed from reality on college campuses that students are now fighting against oppressive ice cream. Talk about First World problems.


Terms ‘whiter than white’, ‘pale, stale and male’ and ‘a good egg’ result in racism probes at Scotland Yard

Senior Scotland Yard officer faces the sack for using ‘racist’ term ‘whiter than white’ in briefing to colleagues about being faultless in their inquiries

A senior officer with the Met Police faces the sack after he was accused of racism for using the phrase ‘whiter than white’.

The detective in Scotland Yard’s anti-corruption squad is facing an investigation by the police watchdog after he is said to have used the phrase during a briefing to colleagues.

According to Cambridge Dictionary, the term means ‘never doing anything wrong’, and the detective reportedly used it to mean officers’ actions should be beyond reproach.

Another Met officer told The Evening Standard: ‘It may have been a poor use of language but this is not what the misconduct process is for. This is not corruption, this is not serious wrongdoing.’

The paper reported that other officers are being investigating over the use of seemingly innocuous phrases including ‘pale, stale and male’ and ‘a good egg’.


Under White Privilege Theory, Progressives Won’t Be Happy Until You Hate Your Kids

You’re probably perpetuating racism. How? Because you love our kids and want them to do well in life. Which is just the worst, right?

Under the “Family” heading, The Atlantic recently carried a cheerful little article titled, “How Well-Intentioned White Families Can Perpetuate Racism.” How are we doing this horrible thing? The problem, it seems, is that we love our kids and want them to do well in life. Which is just the worst, right?

From a rational perspective, of course, this is a deeply silly argument. Yet it perfectly represents some fundamental things that have gone wrong in our culture’s thinking about race, human nature, and morality. It also demonstrates why those ideas are dangerous, because it seems that so-called “progressives” won’t be happy until you hate your kids.


Jewelry store getting death threats over so-called ‘racist’ taking a knee billboard: ‘Business is business’

The reaction to an innovative businessman trying to inject a little levity into what has proven to be a dark, divisive campaign to protest perceived injustices is going a long way toward exposing the political aspirations of NFL players taking a knee during the national anthem.


White people food is racist!

We all know how damn racist food can be. It’s racist to imply back people like food that they like and it’s super-racist for anyone from the Trump administration to eat Mexican food. There is however an even greater scourge threatening the very existence of black people in this country and that is “white people food.” Yes, even the thought of eating healthy but racist white people food is enough to have blacks running to Al Sharpton for some justice.


College Offers Class on ‘Consequences’ of Whiteness

The University of Oregon is offering a course this summer to teach students about the “consequences” of masculinity in the United States.

Taught by Ashley Woody and Tony Silva, Sociology 399: Whiteness, Masculinity, and Heterosexuality is a featured course on the sociology department’s website, and it aims to take a critical approach to the historical development of masculinity and heterosexuality.


NBC Op-Ed: It’s Impossible To Be Racist Against White People

In an opinion piece for NBC News, writer Chris Mohny explains to his fellow white people why it’s “literally impossible, by definition, to be racist against white people.”

The piece, titled “Are White People Jokes Racist? Let A Fellow White Explain,” is in part a defense of The New York Times’ decision to hire writer Sarah Jeong despite her history of posting racially-charged tweets, including ones touting that “it’s kind of sick how much joy I get out of being cruel to old white men” and decrying “Dumbass f***ing white people” for “marking up the internet with their opinions like dogs pissing on fire hydrants.”


Dozens of Neo-Nazi Losers Seeking Attention in DC Met By Hundreds of Far-Left Weirdos

Around two dozen hate-mongering, white nationalists traveled to Washington, DC today in an attempt to gain relevance, media attention, and spout nonsensical theories at some event they called a “Unite the Right 2” rally. In turn, hundreds of far-left Antifa freaks counteracted the protest by haranguing President Trump, police, and the free press with threats of violence and uprising.