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Meghan’s uninvited family celebrate her wedding with breakfast and CROWNS from Burger King after getting up early to watch the ceremony

Florida is the armpit of ‘Murca. You snowbirds know it’s true!

Meghan Markle’s aunt and cousin in Sanford, Fla., were not invited to the royal wedding – but they did feel like royalty Saturday morning.

Heraunt Teresa, 67, and cousin Nick, 38, hit a Burger King fast-food restaurant near their home in Sanford, Florida, after the live television broadcast of the wedding of Meghan and Prince Harry finished.

They shared a quick breakfast on throw-away plates then left with coffees and Burger King’s cardboard emblem – golden crowns.


Liberal prof tries to ban book about Robert E. Lee’s horse

On March 9, the Washington and Lee University Bookstore and the Lee Chapel Museum Shop removed a book from their shelves after a Washington and Lee (W&L) professor accused the book of painting a sympathetic picture of the Confederate States of America and the Old South.

The book in question was a children’s book written about Robert E. Lee’s beloved companion and most trusted warhorse, Traveller.


Marvel Confirms First Muslim Superhero

One character yet to be introduced via the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the Muslim superhero Ms Marvel.

But it seems that now is the time – or at least, it will be soon.

The man behind the movies – producer and President of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige – has teased to the BBC that the story writers are gearing up to introduce Ms Marvel in the near future.

So do we get a Christian superhero? Charles Martel, maybe?


The Government’s plan to deal with returning ISIS fighters is online and it’s terrible

According to government plans which were acquired through a Global News freedom of information request, the most frightening aspect of these returning ISIS fighters is the fact that government plans are fairly limited.

EXCLUSIVE: Canada’s plan for managing the return of ISIS fighters revealed in documents

Disclosed under the Access to Information Act, the documents are a stark assessment of the prospects that former ISIS fighters like Ali will ever face criminal charges upon their return to Canada, saying terrorism investigations are among the most difficult the RCMP conducts.


UN Paints Sweden As A “Racist” Inferno Where Immigrants Face “Painful Racism”

Sweden’s major problems are “hate crimes” and “racist violence” committed against immigrants, according to a new UN report. The report also criticizes Sweden for the fact that extreme racist organizations have not yet been banned, SvD reports. The UN demands that Sweden quickly take action against this racist “hatred”.

Apparently Swedish culture hasn’t disappeared quickly enough for the UN.


Comedian Gets Visit From DHS For Telling Followers To Kill Ice Agents

Jake Flores calls himself a comedian but as far as I can tell he’s a part-time bartender and pizza delivery guy. Last week to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, he tweeted a “joke” to his followers instructing them to kill Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents. Hilarious, right? The Department of Homeland Security didn’t think so and paid this self-describe comic a visit.


Imam Preaching In Denmark: You May Commit Any Crimes – Murder, Rape Of Children, Selling Drugs – As Long As You Pray Five Daily Prayers.

Mohamed Hoblos is a tough Salafist Muslim, born in Australia but with Lebanese roots. In a video , he can be seen explaining to imprisoned Muslims that they can commit any crimes – murder, rape of children, selling drugs – just by praying their five daily prayers.


To Fight Patriarchy, Female Cornell Student Presents Thesis in Her Underwear

A female student at Cornell University stripped down to her underwear—twice—before presenting her senior thesis to professors and other students.

The student was attempting to strike a blow against the patriarchy, repudiating her media arts professor’s advice to dress up for the presentation. Yet I can’t help but wonder: On what planet is this not a violation of Title IX, the federal anti-harassment statute that so many college administrators cite when cracking down on problematic, sexually charged behavior?