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Canadian politicians will court the ethnic vote, but will it benefit any one party?

Certain very racist policies, like the Barbaric Cultural Practices Act and tip line … woke up communities to actually say, ‘We cannot tolerate this in our country.’
– Abdikheir Ahmed, Immigration Partnership Winnipeg

…Andrew Griffith, a fellow of the Canadian Global Affairs Institute and the Environics Institute, says data on immigration and ethno-cultural diversity from the 2016 census shows many Canadian communities now have a larger percentage of visible minority residents than in 2011.

Of 338 federal ridings in Parliament, 41 have populations where visible minorities form the majority, compared with 33 five years earlier.

“Parties, when they’re developing their electoral strategies, take that into account in terms of how they advocate policies and programs to attract them,” said Griffith.

Welcome to The Great Replacement. Canada is so mired in toxic identity politics that immigration is now the proverbial 3rd rail. Mainstream pablum politicians simply will not go there as frank public discussion is virtually criminalized by our political class and their lackey media. By the way Mr. Ahmed your death cult is barbaric.


Canada wants 1M more immigrants by 2022

Canada wants more than 1 million immigrants to enter the country by the end of 2021.

In an annual report to Parliament, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Ahmed Hussen wrote that Canada’s “future success depends on continuing to ensure they [immigrants] are welcomed and well-integrated.”

The report showed that Canada’s goal is to bring in 330,800 immigrants in 2019, 341,000 in 2020, and 350,000 in 2021, for a total of 1.02 million immigrants.

“Thanks in great part to the newcomers we have welcomed throughout our history, Canada has developed into the strong and vibrant country we all enjoy,” Hussen said in the report.


Our media – busy carrying water for Trudeau

Man booed at Trudeau town hall for ‘Christianity and Islam don’t mix’ remark

Islam and everything don’t mix.

As I commented on CTV’s tweet, the reaction was hardly surprising given the venue for the “town hall” was a university campus where moral and cultural relativism reign supreme and never an “Islamophobic” word is uttered.

It’s only to be expected that stating the obvious truth, that Islam does not play well with others, a provable fact, would send such an audience into a frenzy of group-think faux outrage.  Expect a steady stream of such bald faced lies and distortions from Canada’s media as they earn their Liberal party stipends this election year.


Trudeau government finds new way to assist entry to Canada of fake “refugees” from America

Undocumented U.S. migrants may have chance of working in Canada, immigration lawyer says

“…There was a low-level rumour circulating that it’s possible to bring these people in both for study permits and job offers,” Routley said, which is why she moved forward with Sanchez’s application. She said she would not have taken the case in the past, given the low probability of success.

“I knew there was a chance that (Sanchez) could be refused, but there seemed to be a new willingness on the part of Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada to give preferential treatment to people who would otherwise do an irregular (border) entry, but were clearly trying to comply with the regulations and do it through legal pathways.”


Doctors urge Ottawa to extend health care coverage to irregular migrants

More than 1,500 doctors and other health care professionals are calling on the federal government to extend medical coverage to irregular migrants — people living in Canada with uncertain immigration status, usually because of insufficient documentation.

The call comes after one woman, Nell Toussaint, took her fight for health coverage to the United Nations.



CBC gives platform to lunatic left.. oh wait they are the lunatic left

The CBC continues to give a platform to the lunatic left. In this instance “No one is illegal” – the no borders, capitalism is evil, Israel bad, Turtle Island fantasists. This latest bit of idiocy promoted by the CBC demands that police should never inquire about an illegal alien criminal’s immigration status.

Unfortunately the rot already runs deep in Toronto where the city does not ask those accessing tax payer funded city services about their immigration status. If any group or individual demanded that illegal aliens not be funded by tax dollar handouts the CBC would be certain to label them “Far-Right” and “anti-immigrant” in order to demonize non Liberal party approved opinion. Meanwhile the lunatics have the stage at the nations public broadcaster.

Group claims police are improperly helping CBSA round up undocumented immigrants

‘Don’t-ask, don’t-tell’

“What we want is for the police to have an actual ‘don’t ask,’ don’t-tell’ policy,” Scott said Monday.

He said Toronto police should not even be telling the CBSA when they’re investigating an undocumented immigrant who’s suspected of serious criminal acts. “I don’t think they should be reporting someone . . . even if they’re up to no good.”


CBC attempts to normalize illegal alien invaders

Crossing the border illegally into Canada was the only option left for me

“The decision to come to Canada came around this time, when I was working with NYU on a research project in Afghanistan and was regularly visiting New York City for official purposes. Security had deteriorated in Afghanistan and civilians like me were particularly targeted because of their ethnic and religious affiliations. People were being attacked at mosques, at places of learning, at gyms, at cultural ceremonies and plenty of other places where groups get together.

Seeking asylum in the U.S was not an option — not after President Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant policies and rhetoric. So I made my way to Canada. This was not an easy decision by any means.”

Another refugee from war torn New York State…


Deficits, Saudi Arabia, Trump and oil: 4 key takeaways from CBC’s interview with Justin Trudeau

  1. Justin is a deficit fighter who is growing the economy and showin that Harper what for
  2. Justin really showed those Saudis what for
  3.  Justin really showed that bad Trump what for
  4. Justin is real serious about that place that has oil somewhere in Canada

Empty room, empty heads.



More UN Chicanery

  • The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration — which seeks to criminalize criticism of migration — is nothing more or less than a dangerous effort to weaken national borders, to normalize mass migration, to blur the line between legal and illegal immigration, and to bolster the idea that people claiming to be refugees enjoy a panoply of rights in countries where they have never before set foot.
  • One thing about the agreement, in any event, is irrefutable: almost nobody in the Western world has been clamoring for this. It is, quite simply, a project of the globalist elites. It is a UN power-grab.
  • It is something else, too: it is an effort to enhance the clout of the UN’s largest and most influential power bloc — namely, the Arab and Muslim states. Briefly put, whatever this deal is or is not, it is definitely not good news for the West, for freedom, or for national identity and security.

The following is a paid message from the usual government shills: Academics call out Tories for spreading misinformation about UN migration pact

Canadian academics and refugee advocates are calling out the federal Conservatives for spreading misinformation about the implications of a United Nations migration agreement, which Canada will join in Morocco next week.

International law and global affairs professors from the University of Toronto and McGill University held a video conference with reporters Friday to explain the Global Compact for Migration and rebut Conservative Party claims that the agreement will force Canada to give up control over its borders and immigration policies. The first-of-its-kind agreement has become the subject of a contentious political debate in Ottawa, with the Tories urging Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government not to sign the pact.


Move along… Nothing to do with Jodi Butts… PETA threatens to sue Toronto, Astral Media over removal of anti-Canada Goose ads

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is threatening to sue the city of Toronto and Astral Media for removing anti-Canada Goose ads.

The animal rights group said Friday that it will commence legal action against the city and Astral, if they do not repost ads the group paid to put up in September that criticized the Toronto-based luxury jacket maker for using goose down and coyote fur in its jackets.

Now I’m sure that this has nothing to do with the fact Gerry’s wife Jodi sits on the Canada Goose board or that Bell, owner of Astral Media swills from the government’s paid media trough. Am I right?


The following is a paid political message: Canada’s UN refugee-agency rep condemns ‘xenophobic’ views of asylum seekers

Canada’s representative with the UN’s refugee agency says increasingly antagonistic rhetoric directed at asylum seekers in the country is becoming “concerning,” and that politicians and news media need to provide more appropriate context when reporting on refugee claimants in order to combat misinformation.

Jean-Nicolas Beuze said there’s been a “deterioration” in public discussions of migrants and refugees in recent months in Canada, with populist appeals to shared values and emotion overriding evidence and “rational thinking.” Better context for the numbers of migrants seeking asylum in Canada, and information on contributions made by refugees, could help defuse tensions, he said.

The UN, The Star and the Liberals – Canada’s Tone Police – paid for with your tax dollars.


MALCOLM: Opposition to the UN migrant compact is broad and far-reaching

The Trudeau government and the mainstream media are not telling the truth about the UN Global Compact for Migration.

Both are casting opposition to the UN agreement as conspiratorial, far-right, and even racist, while leaving out important facts and details about the compact.

Trudeau’s top aide Gerald Butts — sometimes referred to as the co-prime minister, because apparently he does the behind-the-scenes heavy lifting — led the attacks this week.