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CBC answers Katie Telford’s Call – Gins Up story complimenting LPC Social Media Blitz On “Right Wing Extremism” – unfortunately CSIS explains Islam still greatest threat

CSIS dealing with right-wing extremism ‘more and more,’ says spy chief

Oops… Vigneault said the main threat concern for intelligence and law enforcement in Canada continues to be violent extremism, often tied to religious beliefs.

“Traditionally, in the last number of years we’ve seen that form of extremism leading to violence being people invoking religion, Islam,” he said.

Don’t you just love how the CBC is an extension of the LPC re-election campaign? Don’t you just love having to pay for this horse-crap?


GOLDSTEIN: McKenna’s credibility problem is Trudeau

Federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna’s problem with selling Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax on its first day of application in Ontario on Monday was simple.

It’s Trudeau.

Not to mention the Liberal Party’s lackeys in the media who spread that “leaked” temperature rising report on the day Justin’s Carbon Tax Theft took effect.


The CBC isn’t even trying to hide their LPC bias any longer… “Why you can expect more spam texts from Andrew Scheer and what to do”

As if yesterday’s timely leak of the Chicken Little Temperature report wasn’t scummy enough.

“Why you can expect more spam texts from Andrew Scheer and what to do”

Many Canadians were surprised this weekend when their phones were buzzed by an incoming spam text from an unexpected political source.

The Conservative Party of Canada mass-texted millions of randomly generated phone numbers in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and New Brunswick, telling recipients that gasoline prices were about to spike and they should fill up. The texts were meant to drum up political opposition to the Trudeau government’s carbon tax, which came into effect Monday in the four provinces that didn’t come up with carbon pricing plans of their own.


This article is QCJO Approved: ‘The criticisms are completely baseless,’ Scheer says of claims he’s too soft on hate groups

This article is QCJO Approved

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says accusations that he panders to groups with hateful or intolerant messaging are unfounded.

In his remarks to the Manning Centre networking conference on Saturday, Scheer said he “unequivocally” condemns hateful ideologies.

“The criticisms are completely baseless.”

Those criticisms have been plentiful in the past few weeks.

A ginned up “scandal” by a dying Liberal government.


Have the QCJO’S launched a coordinated attack on Jody Raybould-Wilson and Jane Philpott? #SNCLavalin

3 QCJO’s earning their 30 pieces of Silver? Is this Ms. Telford’s rolodex at work?

“Look for the union label”

CBC – ‘Put up or shut up’: Liberal MP challenges Philpott and Wilson-Raybould over SNC-Lavalin

CBC – Philpott and Wilson-Raybould can speak freely on SNC-Lavalin in Commons, says former House law clerk

The Star – Former cabinet ministers have Justin Trudeau in their sights

The Star – Trudeau dismisses the need for a blanket waiver and says Wilson-Raybould is free to speak

The Star – With Added Crazy Mallick! – Why does Jane Philpott keep knifing her fellow Liberals?

Maclean’s – What Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott can actually say — and where


Andrew Coyne: It’s when you read details of media bailout that the chill sets in

If this goes through, everything will be subsidized: print, broadcast, the works — a whole industry of CBCs. You couldn’t do a better job killing the news business

Remember citizen – report unauthorized news

“Henceforth, if this goes ahead, the Canadian journalism business will be divided into two groups: on the one hand, a coterie of government-approved trough-feeders adorned with little merit badges identifying them as Qualified Canadian Journalism Organizations, and on the other, everyone else. Eligibility for QCJO status is ostensibly to be decided by an “independent panel” of journalists, but the government has already dictated a list of its own not-so-independent criteria in advance.”


The election-year budget is sprinkled with what money TruMorn could scrap together. And buried deep inside is a big headache for journalists.

“A strong and independent news media is crucial to a well-functioning democracy,” they write, so they’re giving the news media hundreds of millions of dollars. Never let it be said that irony is dead. The Prime Minister and his finance minister promise “an independent panel of experts” to “recommend… eligibility criteria.” But the eligibility criteria are already laid out in detail in pages 373-376. I’m left wondering what the independent panel is for.

In order to get its share of the federal money, a news organization will need “Qualified Canadian Journalism Organization” status. It’ll need to be incorporated in Canada, operate in Canada, resident in Canada, its chairperson and at least 75 per cent of its directors will have to be Canadian.


#Budget2019 Remember to report unlicensed news

Look for the union label…


And look what else is in the works…


As dictated by Katie Telford: Is the SNC-Lavalin affair a failure of governance or a failure of journalism?

Is the SNC-Lavalin affair a failure of governance or a failure of journalism?

There is no question that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau could have managed this better: the ghosts of Liberal scandals past are now easily recalled from the Chrétien and years.

In 2016, many journalists believed that the election of this generation of federal Liberals marked a change, especially when we see what is passing for governance in Donald Trump’s United States. Re-reading enthusiastic, hagiographic profiles of Trudeau and especially of former Attorney-General Jody Wilson-Raybould from only two years ago, you are struck by the adulation. It is slightly embarrassing.

The Star offers up a Mea Culpa Op-Ed for the MSM to use that excuses their 24/7 Trudeau BlowJob of the last 4 years while advising them how to frame the SNC-Lavalin scandal in terms favourable to the Liberal Party. Good Work Katie.


Trudeau’s lineup of willing op-ed writers points to larger problem of media manipulation #SNCLavalin

One of the most revelatory bombshells from former Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould’s candid and damaging testimony was when she alleged that the Prime Minister’s chief of staff Katie Telford offered to get the minister positive press if she were to follow the Trudeau government’s wishes.


MALCOLM: CBC non-story an attempt to back up Trudeau’s social media crackdown

Liberal Minister For Hitlery Stuff

I recently learned that Canada’s state broadcaster spent resources trying to investigate me and my social media. And the Prime Minister’s Office took an interest.

The CBC attempted what amounts to a smear campaign against, among others, myself, Ezra Levant and Barbara Kay.

You might have seen the story online. The alarmist headline read: “Twitter trolls stoked debates about immigration and pipelines in Canada, data show: 9M troll tweets released by Twitter reveal foreign campaigns to influence Canadians’ opinions.”