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The Breakneck Islamization of Turkey’s Education System

After the minimum age for Quran studies in Turkey was abolished in 2011, a project named “Pre-school religious education through Koran classes” was piloted in ten cities across the country in 2013. The project teaches “basic Islamic information” to children between the ages of four and six. Since then, the number of “pre-school Koran classes” has continued to rise.


Two girls, age 11 and 12, ‘brought knives and a pizza cutter to school with plan to kill at least 15 classmates before drinking their blood and killing themselves as part of a Satanic ritual’

Two middle school girls in central Florida brought knives and a pizza cutter to school in a foiled plot to kill classmates, cut them up and drink their blood before ‘leaving their body parts at the entrance’ and killing themselves, police officials said Wednesday.


Preview: Pocahontas Warren Pushes Far-Left Indoctrination School

I stumbled across a bizarre and Orwellian video thanks to Major Burdock and Lexy and at first, I thought it had to be satire. Someone had surely taken clips of Elizabeth “Pochohantas” Warren and mashed them up into a mind-numbingly stupid “Resist” Trump online college where you could learn how to join the resistance! Well, it turns out it wasn’t satirical at all and Warren is promoting this nonsense.