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The Adulthood Track

Recent national test results make clear that schools should offer students training for the working world that doesn’t require a college degree.

The results of the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), released this week, offer little to celebrate. Political leaders and education advocates are struggling to find evidence that their preferred policy—whatever it might be—is having much impact on student performance. Progress has stalled in recent years, and results at the state and national level are far below where most education policymakers thought they would be by now. Despite the efforts of George W. Bush, many children are still being left behind; despite the efforts of Barack Obama, the race to the top didn’t produce many winners.


Wake Forest Professor Claims Believing in God is ‘Immoral and Illogical’

Dr. Jarrod Whitaker specializes in South Asian religions at the North Carolina school and also allegedly asserted that belief in an objective truth “is the most tremendous evil that is responsible for all the great suffering in the world,” reported The Wake Forest Review.

The professor would perpetually “explain why Christian theology is problematic, racist, sexist, imperialist, and fundamentally evil,” Whitaker’s Catholic student John told the Review, who kept his identity concealed.


Parents Pull Daughter, 7, out of School After She Portrayed a Racist Character in a Play for the Class

Amber and Heath Bertram were horrified when they saw Anastasia on stage, holding up a sign that read ‘Go home!’ and ‘Cursed is the man who integrates!’

Anastasia, who was playing the role of a white child against school desegregation, took the microphone and yelled at a black peer: ‘Go away, you don’t belong here!’


Student sues University for ‘Mickey Mouse’ degree

A former student is taking her university to court after claiming that two years of study has left her with nothing more than a “Mickey Mouse” degree that has not helped her career, despite graduating with a first.

Pok Wong is suing Anglia Ruskin University for more than £60,000.

Claims the institution made about a “quality education and prospect of employment after graduation” were fraudulent, she told The Sunday Telegraph.


Commie Revolutionary Student Front Is Recruiting And Radicalizing Students With Mental Health Issues

It was a very short hop from Austin, Texas being progressive, to becoming a communist hotbed of radicals and revolutionaries. There are many communist groups there now. One of the most active according to Far Left Watch is the communist militia group, Red Guards Austin. Evidently, this is a Maoist “anti-fascist” group. They are big into armed demonstrations and they routinely call for violent armed revolution. They are itching to kill capitalists. They also have a track record of attacking pro-lifers and Trump supporters.