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Andrew Scheer Says He ‘Would Have Signed A Better’ Trade Deal Than USMCA

OTTAWA — Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is opening a new front in his party’s fight against the revamped NAFTA deal, saying he would have done better than Justin Trudeau.

Scheer tweeted today that the U.S. is measuring its success in the newly revised North American Free Trade Agreement by what it gained.

He says the Liberal government, on the other hand, is defining its success by what it didn’t give up.


MALCOLM: Liberals’ planned voter ID changes ‘incredibly concerning’

The opposition Conservatives are ringing the alarm bell following an exclusive Sun report revealing that Elections Canada sent a voter registration card to an asylum seeker who has only been in Canada for 18 months.


Anatomy of a mutiny: How Leona Alleslev walked away from the Liberals

Leona Alleslev says her decision to cross the floor to the Conservative Party in dramatic fashion on the first day of the fall sitting wasn’t one she made lightly — or in a hurry.

“I didn’t make that final decision until I stood up in the House,” she said Monday in an interview on CBC News’ Power & Politics.

There was evidence of nervous anticipation in the Commons in the minutes prior to her announcement, which happened right in the House of Commons just before question period Monday. Fewer than 20 Liberal MPs were seated around her at the time — but the Conservative benches were full.

That’s a maybe…


Inside story of Andrew Scheer’s trials with Maxime Bernier: More than a year of tension finally boils over

It all started during the Conservative party’s marathon of a leadership race. Nearing its conclusion, armed with good polling results and enthusiasm for his ideas among young Conservative members, Bernier’s odds looked good.

But his rival, Scheer, was bolstered by down-ballot support for his pitch to keep the party united. His organizers readily admitted that votes from advocates of dairy supply management, which Bernier opposed, and of socially conservative policies, which Bernier had little to say about, also factored in


How much ya wanna bet Scheer ignores this too?

Federal Tory Delegates Vote That Being Born In Canada Shouldn’t Guarantee Citizenship

HALIFAX — Birthright citizenship should be barred to anyone who doesn’t have a parent who is a Canadian citizen or is a permanent resident, Tory delegates said in a vote Saturday at their party’s policy convention.

Currently, anyone who is born on Canadian soil receives Canadian citizenship, something that has spurred concerns about so-called “birth tourism.”


None of it matters anyways….

Grassroots Conservatives at policy convention target carbon tax, irregular migrants

HALIFAX—A Conservative government should get out of climate change policy, crack down on irregular migration, and exclude funding for abortion in foreign aid for maternal and newborn health, the party’s grassroots members say.

Conservative partisans wrapped up a three-day policy convention in Halifax on Saturday. While there’s no requirement for Leader Andrew Scheer to adopt the policy resolutions into the 2019 election platform, they did send a message to the party brass about their activists’ priorities.


Bernier’s move comes with pros and cons for all parties

So far 2018 has been one of the biggest years for political blockbuster announcements and news events in recent Canadian history.

Last Thursday we saw another bombshell go off as the man who almost became Leader of the Opposition, Maxine Bernier, quit the Conservatives. In the process he thoroughly attacked its leader Andrew Scheer and pledged to start his own new national party.


Emergency Right Turn Required – Conservative Party of Canada

…Canada has been booted out of the NAFTA negotiations because the Liberal government is pig-headed about maintaining the market control mechanism.

Inexplicably, the Conservative Party stood by the Liberals and watched punitive tariffs get slapped on a variety of industries. Today, Canada is suffering the consequences.

Andrew Scheer in pocket of Dairy Cartel

It’s even worse…


Conservative delegates defeat anti-abortion policy resolution

A slim majority of Conservative convention delegates voted Saturday against a resolution backed by anti-abortion campaigners while at the same time affirming the party’s opposition to using Canadian foreign aid to fund abortion services abroad — a mixed bag result for social conservatives.

The abortion resolution, No. 65, would have struck from the party’s policy book a pledge that a Conservative government would not support any legislation to regulate abortion, something added under former prime minister Stephen Harper to reassure some Canadians that the Conservative Party did not have a “hidden agenda” to legislate an abortion ban.


MALCOLM: Andrew Scheer is also very much to blame in this Maxime Bernier saga

The Conservative Party of Canada is gathering in Halifax this weekend, and it’s time for the party to take a long, hard look in the mirror.

Maxime Bernier, a principled advocate for free-market principles and an outspoken critic of vile Leftist forces, has left the party, saying that “the Conservative Party has abandoned conservatives.”

I’ve heard from many conservatives — both party members, and non-partisans who’ve supported the CPC in the past — who completely agree.