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Is Andrew Scheer the antidote to Trudeau’s poisonous personality?

Election season is right around the corner, and Canadians are going to have to make an important decision.

With their vote, they will back the person they believe best represents their views, and who they believe will serve the nation best.

As of now, it appears to be a two-horse race, with current PM Justin Trudeau and CPC Leader Andrew Scheer neck and neck with one another in the polls, each of them are doing their best to pull away as the race inches closer to the October finish line. Though Scheer is currently ahead by a decent chunk, there is still plenty of time for Canadians to make up their minds.

Realistically do Canadians have much choice?  I like a lot of what Bernier is saying but the fear of a 2nd Trudeau term is paramount and a vote for the Conservative party a matter of necessity. We simply cannot allow the Liberal Party kleptocracy continued access to the national vault. 


Conservatives fire volley of TV attack ads at Trudeau saying he betrayed those who voted for him

The federal Conservatives fired the first major volley in the 2019 election campaign Wednesday, unveiling a quintet of English-language television ads and one French-language ad that attack Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for betraying those who voted for him in 2015.

Put this on a loop.


After Budget Poll: Conservatives Open 6 Point Lead Over Scandal Ridden Trudeau Liberals

Overall, 31 per cent of respondents polled after the federal budget was released Tuesday said they would vote for Justin Trudeau’s Liberals if an election were held now, a decline of about three percentage points from February.

That compared with 37 per cent who said they would back the Conservatives under leader Andrew Scheer, a one-point increase from February, while 12 per cent said they would vote NDP and eight per cent the Greens.


LILLEY: Path to Conservative victory runs through the GTA

Justin Trudeau’s popularity and favourability ratings are taking a beating and an awful lot of it has to do with the SNC-Lavalin scandal.

The latest poll from the firm, Campaign Research shows the Liberals trailing the Conservatives nationally by six points and Trudeau’s approval rating below 30%.

Eli Yufest, CEO of Campaign Research, says his latest poll has the Conservatives with 36% support, the Liberals at 30% and the NDP at 16%. Yufest says that while the Conservatives have remained steady over the past several polls, sitting in the mid-30s in terms of voter support, the Liberals have dropped off.

Forget Toronto, Hillary Clinton could get elected here.

CBC is gonna CBC – Opposition is a caricature, and Scheer is a humid performer: Neil Macdonald

McLean’s is gonna McLean’s – Andrew Scheer’s LavScam fumble


WARREN: A year and a half in, Scheer’s a disappointment

…He also needs to stop attacking Trudeau as an Ottawa elitist out of touch with the common person. Scheer has collected an MP’s salary since he was 25 years old. He has lived in two different houses payed for by the taxpayer, first as Speaker and now as Opposition leader.

He has a limo. He has gold-plated MP benefits. He has an MP’s pension.

Everything Scheer says about Trudeau being out of touch is actually true about Scheer himself.

Since age 25? Six of one, half a dozen of another. While I’m certain the PC’s are a better choice than the Trudeau Gong Show our politics are in need of a rethink. Scheer is a lackluster leader and a shining example of the “Politics as a Lifestyle Choice” predicament that has to end.

We need term limits as a first step to dismantling the grip of the permanent political class. Government is never your friend. Less government is always better. Fewer bureaucrats and politicians building well feathered fiefdoms and perpetually scheming to find new ways to criminalize and fleece citizens is always better.

The biggest task will be to fix a society poisoned by our politicos vote-whoring immigration policy and diversity antics. The situation is so ludicrous in Canada that we have both media and grandstanding politicians blindly defending a Mosque that once partnered with Muammar Gaddafi’s World Islamic Call Society, the one that got it’s money from his “Jihad Fund”, an outfit that was later stripped of its charity status by Canada Revenue – for  funding Islamic terror. But hey, gotta score some “diversity” points.  A good start will involve putting a stake through the heart of toxic identity-politics – official multiculturalism.

Make elected public service an honorable but always temporary, part-time endeavor.


Conservatives Make Joint Missile Defense With US A National Security Priority

Canada’s Official Opposition Conservatives say it is time for the country to join a missile defense system with the United States — and to do otherwise would be irresponsible.

In a news release sent to The Daily Caller, Conservative defense critic James Bezan noted that the U.S. is anxious to explore joint missile defense with Canada, as evidenced in a U.S. Department of Defense document released on Thursday, the “2019 Missile Defense Review,” which also said missile threats are increasing in the world today.


Here’s Andrew Scheer on the Liberal government bailing out the dying legacy media

The top Tory, of course, realizes that the Liberals are essentially buying what they already owned for nothing at the rest of the country’s expense but that’s woke government for you.

Scheer doesn’t sound very statesman-like about the historic change but I’ll leave that to his handlers.

A couple of thoughts:

1. People who can cross the planet for news in seconds won’t be hurt. But a myth will be encouraged among the young that a) the government PR media are in some sense sources of “truth” and that b) what we can learn from people who don’t need government funding is somehow fake or wrong. We must protect the indies and keep them in business while we fund approved drivel through our taxes.

2. If Scheer gets a majority, he probably can’t ever get the legacy media off welfare because they’ll bend all their efforts to creating a firestorm against him (they are doomed if they don’t). So putting up with a permanent welfare class of former serious news people who are now mere scolds on behalf of progressive politics is one of the prices he and his supporters will have to pay.

Or am I just too pessimistic?

See also: Our American friend on the “Islamization of Minnesota media”


John Ivison: Andrew Scheer’s ‘problematic’ leadership sparks concern among Conservatives

When Andrew Scheer was elected leader of the Conservative Party 18 months ago, I suggested it was a fair bet he would one day be prime minister.

“Short of a meltdown,” I suggested the odds were with him — of 22 Conservative leaders since Confederation, 13 went on to become prime minister. Scheer will only be 44 years old in 2023, by which time Canadians may have had their fill of sunny days.

But my thinking has evolved.


The NDP is in trouble — and that’s bad news for the Conservatives

As the next federal election approaches, Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives might be asking themselves whether they can win without a strong NDP.

With the New Democrats and their leader, Jagmeet Singh, struggling in the polls, the answer to that question might not be the one the Conservatives want to hear.

A big part of the problem is Scheer himself. For instance Michelle Rempel has declared that a conservative government would end support for the UN’s migration compact which Justin is going to sign on to shortly.

Why won’t Scheer say this publicly?

I suspect his silence is due to the party’s ethnic voter calculus, a mass immigration policy plays well in those circles and it simply would not do to be seen as threatening to curtail Canada’s intake. Scheer’s silence also provides plausible deniability, Rempel’s statement can in future be easily dismissed as nothing more than a rogue party member speaking out of turn. Scheer’s support for unnecessary mass immigration is little different than Justin’s. It’s all about pleasing corporate Canada, depressing wages, balkanizing the electorate, keeping the serfs busy scrambling for public and private resources made scarce by the influx and garnering some votes along the way by rewarding local ethnic strongmen.

That’s how multiculturalism works in Canada, that’s what decides immigration policy for the rest of us and we all know how very un-Canadian it is to oppose diversity.