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John Ivison: Andrew Scheer’s ‘problematic’ leadership sparks concern among Conservatives

When Andrew Scheer was elected leader of the Conservative Party 18 months ago, I suggested it was a fair bet he would one day be prime minister.

“Short of a meltdown,” I suggested the odds were with him — of 22 Conservative leaders since Confederation, 13 went on to become prime minister. Scheer will only be 44 years old in 2023, by which time Canadians may have had their fill of sunny days.

But my thinking has evolved.


The NDP is in trouble — and that’s bad news for the Conservatives

As the next federal election approaches, Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives might be asking themselves whether they can win without a strong NDP.

With the New Democrats and their leader, Jagmeet Singh, struggling in the polls, the answer to that question might not be the one the Conservatives want to hear.

A big part of the problem is Scheer himself. For instance Michelle Rempel has declared that a conservative government would end support for the UN’s migration compact which Justin is going to sign on to shortly.

Why won’t Scheer say this publicly?

I suspect his silence is due to the party’s ethnic voter calculus, a mass immigration policy plays well in those circles and it simply would not do to be seen as threatening to curtail Canada’s intake. Scheer’s silence also provides plausible deniability, Rempel’s statement can in future be easily dismissed as nothing more than a rogue party member speaking out of turn. Scheer’s support for unnecessary mass immigration is little different than Justin’s. It’s all about pleasing corporate Canada, depressing wages, balkanizing the electorate, keeping the serfs busy scrambling for public and private resources made scarce by the influx and garnering some votes along the way by rewarding local ethnic strongmen.

That’s how multiculturalism works in Canada, that’s what decides immigration policy for the rest of us and we all know how very un-Canadian it is to oppose diversity.


Doug Ford promises to balance books, targets Trudeau and team at PC convention

Premier Doug Ford promised to balance Ontario’s budget, without providing specifics, while broadening his attack on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax at a gathering of Progressive Conservative party faithful on Friday.


Attempts to expose former Conservative MP Tony Clement’s online sexual activities go back to last summer, women say

Two women who claim to have had intimate relationships with Tony Clement — one online, one in person — say the ousted Conservative parliamentarian was aware of attempts to expose his allegedly inappropriate behaviour toward women as early as last spring or summer.


Ontario Tories to unveil social assistance reforms on Nov. 22

In a statement on Wednesday, Children, Community and Social Services Minister Lisa Macleod said the government has spent 100 days carving out a plan to reform Ontario’s “disjointed patchwork” of programs.

“The previous government’s solution aimlessly threw money at the problem without any plan to help people get out of poverty,” she said. “The only measurable outcome has been trapping the very people the system is there to assist, in a deeper cycle of financial insecurity.”


Scheer asks Tony Clement to leave Conservative caucus over sexting scandal

Scheer had said earlier Wednesday that Clement was still a member of his caucus, despite his disappointment with the MP’s actions, and that he believed Clement when he said this was an isolated incident.

By mid-afternoon, shortly before question period, new developments had made Scheer’s previous position untenable.


FUREY: Andrew Scheer has a year to shrug off the ‘blah’ factor – can he do it?

It’s not too difficult to find things to say about Justin Trudeau. Love him or hate him — and both categories are well-populated — the prime minister has staked out firm territory to tell us who he is and what he stands for.

The same just can’t be said for Conservative leader Andrew Scheer. There are few truly strong opinions out there on the man who hopes to unseat Trudeau in less than a year’s time.