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Trump clashes with Pelosi, Schumer on border security in explosive Oval Office meeting

President Trump clashed Tuesday with Democratic leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi with the cameras rolling in the Oval Office, as the president insisted he’s willing to let the government shut down if Congress doesn’t approve funding for his U.S.-Mexico border wall.


Hush Money and Impeachment

Going after Trump like there’s no tomorrow — which there is.

I have written before on the matter of President Trump and the pole dancer with the two implants. The matter is not his proudest life achievement, and what has transpired offers a potent life lesson for all. From all accounts, Mr. Trump has a very wonderful wife who regularly has stood by him publicly over the years through thick and thin, is profoundly intelligent and exceptionally accomplished both in language mastery and in corporate enterprises, has a pleasant appearance, seems to do well with her stepchildren, and has borne him one of her own, a fine young fellow. To the degree that the matter of the pole dancer with the two implants now has become an obstruction in Mr. Trump’s life and yet one more excuse by which cynically dishonest and hypocritical Democrats can try subverting his excellent Presidential agenda, it is a shame. Plenty of shame to go around on this one.


Trump: Unable To Find Collusion, Dems Now Focusing On ‘Private Transaction’ That’s At Worst A ‘Civil Case, Like Obama’s’

The testimony of James Comey on Friday prompted a series of assertions by President Trump about the “lyin’ and leakin'” former FBI director Comey — whom Trump famously fired shortly after taking office — and what appears to be one of the major focuses of the Robert Mueller investigation: Trump paying “hush money” to women who allegedly had affairs with him.


Andrew C. McCarthy: Why Trump is likely to be indicted by Manhattan US Attorney

The major takeaway from the 40-page sentencing memorandum filed by federal prosecutors Friday for Michael Cohen, President Trump’s former personal attorney, is this: The president is very likely to be indicted on a charge of violating federal campaign finance laws.

But… Moreover, campaign finance infractions are often settled by payment of an administrative fine, not turned into felony prosecutions. To be sure, federal prosecutors in New York City have charged them as felonies before – most notably in 2014 against Dinesh D’Souza, whom Trump later pardoned.

In marked contrast, though, when it was discovered that Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign was guilty of violations involving nearly $2 million – an amount that dwarfs the $280,000 in Cohen’s case – the Obama Justice Department decided not to prosecute. Instead, the matter was quietly disposed of by a $375,000 fine by the Federal Election Commission.


Despite Comey’s Forgetfulness, Testimony Reveals Dossier was Unverified Before FISA

Former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony released Saturday afternoon by House Republicans reveals enormous frustration on the part of lawmakers asking questions, severe memory lapses in Comey’s recollections and raises significant questions about the FBI’s handling of one of the most sensitive law enforcement capabilities to spy on Americans.

The 245-page testimony given Friday behind closed-doors to the House Judiciary Committee also revealed through Comey’s testimony that the bureau failed to verify former British spy Christopher Steele’s dossier before submitting it as the bulk of evidence to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court when it obtained a FISA warrant on Carter Page, a volunteer and short term policy advisor for the Trump campaign.


Michael Cohen lied about dealing with Russia, but Trump didn’t

Opponents of President Trump who read the late Friday court filing by the special counsel’s office on Michael Cohen must have once again felt the familiar deep pangs of disappointment that come with every turn in the Russia investigation.

Like before, there is still no sign of any vast conspiracy that Trump or his campaign coordinated with Russia during the 2016 campaign.

Alan Dershowitz: Recommended ‘substantial’ sentence for Michael Cohen bad news for Robert Mueller

Alan Dershowitz argued Friday that federal prosecutors seeking a “ substantial term of imprisonment” for former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen is bad news for special counsel Robert Mueller.

“There are two possibilities,” the lawyer told Fox News’ “The Five.” “One, that Cohen hasn’t really provided them very much or hasn’t been completely cooperative. Or two, by recommending a very, very harsh sentence, they are putting more pressure on Cohen, maybe to come up with even more information because the government has the power to get the sentence reduced afterward if they can tell a court that there was cooperation.”

“Right now, it does not sound like it’s good news for Mueller.


Trump takes aim at Mueller team’s ‘conflicts of interest’ as major filings loom

President Trump launched a broadside early Friday at Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s entire team of investigators ahead of major filings in the Russia probe, alleging a slew of internal “conflicts of interest” and suggesting all those controversies should be included in the final report.

After maintaining a relatively low profile on social media amid this week’s services for the late President George H.W. Bush, Trump roared back into the Russia probe debate with a blistering battery of pre-dawn tweets.


Mueller: Flynn Gave ‘Substantial Assistance‘ to Russia Probe, No Jail Time Recommended

Special counsel Robert Mueller on Tuesday filed a long-awaited sentencing memo regarding his criminal case against former national security adviser Michael Flynn and recommended he not receive any prison time after providing prosecutors with “substantial assistance.”

Mueller: No Jail Time Sought for Flynn as He’s Given ‘Substantial’ Help to Feds

Mueller says Flynn gave ‘substantial assistance’ to Russia probe, recommends little to no prison


Peak TDS reached at Guardian: The Wizard of Oz is a grotesque predictor of Trump’s America

“It’s this lurking inner wrongness, the darkness at its edges and the emptiness at its core, that speaks to me now. The US of The Wizard of Oz is not so far from the US of today. The supposedly great man living in Trump Tower – I mean Emerald City – turns out to be a con artist, a bloviating coward who relies on self-aggrandisement and empty shows of power to cow the people. The film’s chaotic momentum, in which events roll luridly from one rococo set-piece to the next, with Dorothy’s destination and the purpose of her trip moving in and out of focus, seems strangely familiar. And the central reveal about the hollowness, cynicism, opportunism, egotism and fakery of our leaders is chillingly apt.”

Peak TDS.


The Latest Russia Collusion ‘Bombshells’ Are Big, Fat Duds

Like so many other Trump-Russia collusion theories, this is yet another half-built bridge that doesn’t connect to the other shore.

A recent blitz of “bombshell” headlines initially appear to show there might actually have been some collusion between the 2016 Trump presidential campaign and Russia. First, there was The Guardian claiming that Paul “Manaford” (oops, the source meant Manafort) met with Julian Assange of WikiLeaks in spring 2016, with the obvious implication that it was done to plan or coordinate WikiLeak’s Hillary Clinton email dump.

Mollie Hemingway ably pointed out holes in the story by mentioning, among other issues, that Manafort would have entered the Ecuadorian embassy to meet Assange in the heart of London, which is blanketed by the most robust network of video cameras in the world. There would be video and it would have leaked. It hasn’t.


The Mass Hysteria of American Jewry

I have no problem with people being anti-Trump or believing that he is wrong for America. But, when rabbis and other assorted Jewish intellectuals willfully mis-interpret classic Biblical texts in order to validate a leftist agenda, we should all be concerned. Indeed, there is enough evidence to demonstrate that the Bible is an ancient epic of Israel’s history, political theory, cosmology and religion. Therefore, it is intellectually dishonest to conflate an ancient Jewish text with a contemporary political issue.


Female Harvard student, 24, is ordered to move out of her apartment after her roommates searched her room and found legally-owned guns – because her MAGA hat made them suspicious

A Harvard student was advised to move out of her Massachusetts accommodation after her roommates complained they felt uncomfortable with her legally owning two guns that she kept in her bedroom.

Leyla Pirnie, 24, is currently in a battle with her peers and landlord, claiming she should not have to incur additional expenses as a result of being asked to leave, when she is fully within her right to bear firearms.

In an October letter to their property manager, the roommates asked for mediation after Pirnie allegedly agreed to go but later decided to stay.

However Pirnie is appalled the group searched her private space to find the weapons after becoming suspicious when they saw she owned a Make America Great Again cap.