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Instead of ISIS, The Hague is investigating US soldiers

The Hague is too busy to hunt ISIS butchers on the run. Instead it is investigating Afghanistan, including the US Armed Forces and the CIA.

Instead of hunting ISIS leaders fleeing in Syria and Iraq to orchestrate a Nuremberg style trial of the Islamic butchers, the Criminal Court in The Hague is investigating US forces alongside the Taliban.

The Public Prosecutor of the Court, Fatou Bensouda, has just started an investigation of Afghanistan. US military personnel, along with the Taliban, could be put on trial for committing “crimes against humanity.” This is the first time since 9/11.

Under investigation at The Hague are the Taliban of the Haqqani network, the Afghan security forces, the US Armed Forces and the CIA. The latter will also be held liable for acts committed in secret detention centers located in Lithuania, Poland and Romania, as well as in Afghanistan.


Iraqi Politicians Considering Law Allowing Legal Marriage for Nine-Year-Old Girls

Spinsterhood at 10.

A draft law being considered by Iraq’s parliament to allow Muslim girls as young as nine to marry has stirred outrage among critics who view it as a state-sanctioned licence “to rape children.”

Conservative Shiite deputies on October 31 proposed an amendment to a 1959 law that set the minimum age for marriage at 18. The proposal, an amendment to Iraq’s personal status law, would allow clerics of Muslim sects to govern marriage contracts.


New Conyers Accuser Claims He Verbally Abused Her, Appeared at Meeting in Underwear

Took Casual Friday too far.

Lawyer Melanie Sloan has come forward with inappropriate behavior that Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) used towards her, which included verbal abuse and comments about her appearance. This happened when she worked as a Democratic counsel for the House Judiciary Committee in the 1990s, which Conyers still serves on as ranking member.


‘No suspects, no shots, no casualties’ say police after armed officers rush to Oxford Circus amid stampede of panicked shoppers on Black Friday

UPDATE: ‘No suspects, no shots, no casualties’ say police after armed officers rush to Oxford Circus amid stampede of panicked shoppers on Black Friday

Hundreds have been evacuated from Oxford Circus tube station amid reports of gunshots.

Armed police have arrived on scene after a gunman was reported to have fired shots.

The area is in lockdown and comes on one of the busiest shopping days of the year and pedestrians are being asked to inside buildings as police flood the area.

Greg Bird told MailOnline he was sat outside a coffee shop near Oxford Circus station when he saw ‘about 50 people sprinting around the corner and screaming’.


University of Lethbridge professor accused of anti-Semitic views reinstated

A professor accused of espousing anti-Semitic views has been reinstated at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta.

The university confirms Anthony Hall is no longer suspended, but won’t comment further.

The board of governors and the faculty association also said in a statement that issues around Hall’s activities will be addressed in the context of the faculty handbook, but they didn’t explain how that would be done.


Families of British ISIS fighters launch new group to beat stigma & trauma

Families of British jihadists say they are victims who suffer social isolation and trauma. Now they are launching their own support group to help cope with losing loved ones who have fled to the Middle East to fight for Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS).

Fighters like Thomas Evans, 25, left their families to join the ranks of IS, exposing their relatives to the scrutiny of police and intelligence services, as well as the stress of dealing with being related to a terrorist. Evans was killed in 2015.


Israeli blogger’s selfies from Prophet’s Mosque trigger anger, outrage

RIYADH: Images posted by an Israeli blogger inside the Mosque of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) in Medina sparked outrage in the Muslim world over religious insensitivity and what many said double standards of Saudi authorities.

Ben Tzion, a blogger and writer for the Times of Israel, shared on his Instagram account pictures of himself dressed in traditional Saudi clothing inside the Prophet’s mosque, as well as a video of a sermon likely taken during the same visit.


Justin’s Free Range Jihadis: Federal government not tracking interventions with returning ISIS fighters

Turning radicalized individuals away from extreme ideologies and helping them rejoin Canadian society is a key goal of the federal government, but it has little data on how well that fight is going.

The new Canada Centre for Community Engagement and Prevention of Violence is supposed to be on the front line of this fight. It funds research and programs that “aim to prevent and counter radicalization to violence at the individual level.”

But the government doesn’t know how many radicalized people are actually being spoken to, or who they are. Public Safety Canada says it can’t provide statistics because the Canada Centre does not directly intervene with radicalized individuals.