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College ‘Toxic Masculinity’ Program Costs Students 90K Annually

The University of Oregon Men’s Center recently revamped its mission to start fighting “toxic masculinity,” now a monumental effort that will cost the student body nearly $90,000 this upcoming school year alone.

Founded in 2002, the Men’s Center initially served as a hangout for men to learn about healthy living and nutrition. But in early February, the Men’s Center was taken over by a young woman who announced that it would be overhauled to focus on social justice.


‘We don’t want to be rescued’: Tunisian migrants turn down charity boat and vow to continue to Italy

A boatload of Tunisian migrants – including two children suffering from exposure – declined the chance to be rescued by the charity ship Aquarius, as they vowed to continue unaided to the Italian island of Lampedusa.

On August 12, the Aquarius was alerted to a boat in distress in the Mediterranean, and was told by the Libyan joint rescue coordination centre to proceed to the vessel to rescue those on board, according to The Guardian.

The vessel was carrying 11 people sailing without life jackets – nine men and two children – all of whom were reported by the Aquarius as being in ‘good condition’.


Westminster crash may not have been an act of terror because ‘there’s NO evidence suspect Salih Khater is a radicalised extremist’

Just a bad driver.

The Westminster terror suspect may not be a terrorist after all as police can’t find any evidence of political or religious motives.

Salih Khater, 29, was arrested on Tuesday after his Ford Fiesta Zetec rammed into pedestrians and cyclists outside the Houses of Parliament.

Three people were injured including two who needed hospital treatment but have since been released.


Tesla suing Ontario government over cancellation of electric vehicle rebates

The Canadian arm of Tesla, Inc., is taking the Ontario government to court, claiming it has been treated unfairly in the cancellation of a program providing rebates to residents who bought electric vehicles.

In an application for judicial review, Tesla Motors Canada says the decision by Premier Doug Ford‘s government to cancel the program in July left hundreds of its customers no longer eligible for rebates they expected to get when they ordered their vehicles.

Related: Tesla whistleblower/saboteur releases VIN of Model 3s with alleged punctured battery cells


Anti-Semitism ‘Invented to Prevent Criticism of Jews’ – Malaysian PM

In 2013, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad appeared to urge the wiping out of all Jews and cited as an example the Holocaust.

Anti-Semitism is an artificial construct created to stop people from criticizing Jews for any wrongdoing, making them the only race that is beyond reproach, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said in an interview with the Associated Press on Monday


Feign outrage, act surprised, accuse Russia: How Sweden reacts every time after mass car firebombing

…Usually so clear and concise, news articles become detective mysteries to be pieced together by the reader.

There is talk of shadowy hooded figures, criminologists discussing that most such attacks happen in August before school starts (and?) or that car burning is a form of insurance fraud (this could well be true, but somehow one doubts that anyone is going to be lodging 100 simultaneous claims next week) that the mass arson was organized on social media, which is neither here nor there.


Milquetoast Scheer pressured to kick Maxime Bernier out of alleged Conservative caucus over ‘divisive’ multiculturalism tweets

OTTAWA — Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer was under mounting pressure to denounce Maxime Bernier’s public statements and kick him out of caucus Wednesday after the maverick MP used his Twitter feed to renew a sustained attack on “extreme Liberal multiculturalism.”

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh used the social media platform to say he’s been waiting for Scheer to “do the responsible thing” and denounce what he calls Bernier’s “divisive” words.

Didn’t Jaggy refuse to renounce Sikh terrorism?

There is no such thing as a conservative party in Canada.