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Double Standards and Distortions

The media condemns President Trump for “normalizing hatred”—while it looks the other way on Islamist violence and black-nationalist hatred.

Political elites on both sides of the Atlantic are still frothing over President Donald Trump’s retweeting of three videos recording Muslims acting badly. The videos originated with a reviled British organization, Britain First, deemed a hate group by the British establishment for linking Britain’s high levels of Muslim immigration to incidents of Islamic terrorism. One such video, from 2013, shows a Muslim cleric in a Syrian village deliberately shattering a terra cotta statue of the Virgin Mary. The second, also from 2013, shows a scene of civil anarchy in Alexandria, Egypt, in which Islamists push two teenagers off a turret onto a lower roof level and beat at least one to death. The third, from May 2017, allegedly shows a Muslim teenager in the Netherlands push over a white boy on crutches and repeatedly kick him while he is on the ground.


‘Morning Joe’ Ups Ante: Calls For Cabinet-Led Coup, ‘Sociopath’ Trump Must Be Removed

This cabinet-led coup could happen via the 25th Amendment, host Joe Scarborough said Friday. That amendment to the Constitution, adopted in 1967, deals with replacing a president who is no longer able to “discharge the powers and duties of his office,” which these hosts say applies to Trump due to his apparent mental incapacitation.


Why People Hate the Media: Journalists Lash Out at Sanders Asking What They’re Thankful For

On Monday afternoon, some journalists provided another small nail in the coffin of the media’s credibility when they lost their collective minds on Twitter over White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders asking reporters to share what they’re most thankful for this Thanksgiving week.


The Hotel From Leftist Hell

The world’s first leftist anti-Trump hotel is here. You won’t be surprised to learn that it’s opening in Washington D.C. (with additional locations in Seattle, Hong Kong and San Francisco.)

And you’ll be even less surprised to hear that it’s a luxury hotel with organic mattresses and crystal healing. Instead of a Bible, there’ll be a United Nations pamphlet. The minibar will have an activist toolkit. Staffers will be hired for their commitment to leftist social justice. (That’s technically discrimination, but it’s not as if leftists live by the laws that they impose on the rest of us.)


Lol! Desperate Kathy Griffin Makes Home Video To Complain About Not Getting Work After Trump Beheading Stunt…Takes Page From Hillary’S Playbook…Blames Everyone Else For End Of Her Career

Wow! Poor Kathy Griffin…The toxic “comedian” found herself facing a tsunami-sized backlash after she held a severed, and bloodied head of President Trump, during a comedy skit earlier in the year. And now, the former “funny girl” is telling anyone who will listen, that she’s furious no one wants to hire her.


Michael Moore Goes Stompy Feet Over Impeachment

Fresh off of his Broadway flop, fat multimillionaire hypocrite Michael Moore is back to having to eke out a living as the leader of the so-called resistance.

The porcine propagandist is hoping to put the cattle prod to Democrats reluctant to mount an impeachment against President Donald Trump now that a half-dozen scatterbrained racists and a crank from California have introduced articles on the House floor.


Maxine Waters Screams ‘Impeach 45’ from the Stage at Star-Studded Glamour Awards

There were movie stars and supermodels, TV hosts and pop stars.

But perhaps the most rapturous ovation at Glamour magazine’s annual Women of the Year awards went to 79-year-old Democratic U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters of California, who delighted the crowd — including hundreds of cheering young girls — with a rousing speech that ended on a very political note. “Impeach him,” she exhorted the audience. “Impeach 45! Impeach 45!”


Lena Dunham Wants To Sue President Trump For Causing Emotional Distress

If you voted for Trump and the liberal media had you second-guessing your decision, this should put your mind at ease. Though not a true conservative, Trump has done something no Republican has ever been able to achieve. He has literally crushed the souls of liberals. He has devastated the left in a way that may cause them to go extinct and for that we owe him deep gratitude. Out of work child-molester Lena Dunham is considering suing President Trump for emotional distress.


The Trump effect in Canada: A 600 per cent increase in online hate speech

Under Hitler, Germany experienced the consequences of a nation caving in to propaganda and hate speech. This may explain its government’s urgency to enact a new law, known as the “Facebook Act,” in response to the recent alarming rise of hate speech online.

Canada is experiencing a similar rise.