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Unfounded Charges Of Racism Are Hate Speech Too

If there is anything that characterizes the rhetoric and the ideology of the far left, it is a pathological obsession with race and racism, and an almost reflexive tendency to accuse people on the right of racist beliefs and motivations. Everything from opposition to Obamacare, to reading Shakespeare, to waving the American flag – anything and everything can be, and frequently is, diagnosed as “racism” by the inventive and cynical minds on the left.


Overreach: PayPal Bans Jihad Watch, Then Backs Down

When a neo-Nazi psychopath plowed his car into a crowd of Leftist protesters in Charlottesville, the Left saw a golden opportunity to use the moment as its Reichstag Fire, and indulge its increasingly obvious authoritarian tendencies. But when they came after Jihad Watch, they overreached.


The Hypocritical Statue Obsession of a ‘Smug Generation’

Victor Davis Hanson slams progressives who ‘pick and choose their type of outrage for political purposes’

Military historian and political columnist Victor Davis Hanson said the “moral smugness” of this current generation allows it to “pick and choose their type of outrage for political purposes,” all the while adhering to a “double standard,” during an interview Wednesday on “The Laura Ingraham Show.”


‘Nut Cases’ And ‘Snowflakes’: Judge Suspended Over Facebook Posts

LAWRENCEVILLE, GA — A Gwinnett County judge and longtime local politician has been suspended after a series of controversial Facebook posts came to light.

Over the weekend, magistrate Judge Jim Hinkle, who also was a longtime mayor of Grayson, made several posts in which he called people protesting Civil War monuments “snowflakes” and “nut cases,” and compared those who would tear down those monuments to radical Islamic group ISIS.

The posts brought to light older controversial posts by Hinkle. In January, the judge posted that he was “proud to be a deplorable infidel,” an apparent reference to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s reference to some of now-President Donald Trump’s most extreme supporters as “deplorables.”

But they are snowflakes and nutcases, violent nutcases in fact.


My comrades on the Left flaunt their moral superiority. But many of them are the most racist and sexist of all

“…Some hypocrisies are amusing, others simply illuminating. But increasingly these double standards are taking a potentially more dangerous turn.

I have written in these pages before about the scores of young girls betrayed by Labour councillors who turned a blind eye to the grooming scandals in Rochdale, Rotherham and now Newcastle, so as not to offend their Muslim block vote.

Now we see another equally disturbing trend. There is little doubt the Far Left is bent on turning Labour into a comfortable home for anti-Semites.
The pretext is support for Palestinians.”


SJWs Melt Down over Bruce Willis’ ‘Death Wish’ Trailer: ‘Alt-Right,’ ‘Racist,’ ‘Nakedly Fascist’

MGM Pictures released the first trailer for its remake of the 1974 vigilante classic Death Wish on Thursday, featuring Bruce Willis taking over the lead role — but some critics and commentators have already branded the unreleased film “racist,” “alt-right,” and “nakedly fascist” over the short clip’s content.

Then I have to see this.


When Progressives Embrace Hate

“…The Women’s March moved me. O.K., so Madonna and Ashley Judd said some nutty things. But every movement has its excesses, I reasoned. Mr. Trump had campaigned on attacking the weakest and most vulnerable in our society. Now was the time to put aside petty differences and secondary issues to oppose his presidency.

That’s certainly what the leaders of the Democratic Party, who applauded the march, told us.”

Via this post on Twitchy… Finally: New York Times editor takes closer look at the Women’s March, doesn’t like what she sees


Liberal Pastor on MSNBC: Praying for Trump ‘Violates’ ‘Principles’ of Faith

The first outlandish statement, that the “extreme” agendas of Speaker Ryan and Leader McConnell were “a form of malpractice that borders on heresy” came from the mouth of the noted liberal Rev. William Barber. That was not all the Pro-Abortion Reverend had decided to say during his time on the soap box though. He raged against those who would pray for the President, assailing:


Turn Left and Go Over the Top

Radical opponents of free speech can’t tolerate hearing anything new.

Pity the poor members of the Resistance. They decried violence on the right—only to have GOP congressman Steve Scalise shot by rifle-wielding left-winger James T. Hodgkinson. Then, a group of theater professinals decried any attempt to quash a staging of Julius Caesar with the title character, caparisoned as Donald Trump, assassinated with shouts of revenge and gouts of blood. But soon afterward, yet another assemblage of theater professionals decided that censorship was a good thing after all.


The Third Law of SJW: VidCon 2017 and Anita Sarkeesian’s Paranoid Projection

Anita Sarkeesian (@femfreq on Twitter) is a feminist who made herself notorious by her attempts to destroy the videogame industry with dubious charges of sexism, and who has since made a career of victimhood, claiming to be a target of criminal harassment.

Who is “harassing” whom?


‘Anti-Fascist,’ Anti-Trump Protesters Applaud Hitler Quotes

In “Mein Kampf,” Adolf Hitler said, “It is not truth that matters, but victory.”

Poor Antifa. Just when you think they couldn’t be any more hypocritical in their actions, we get this little nugget of irony.

A video recently came out of an Antifa/anti-President Trump protest in Chicago not surprisingly called the “Impeach Trump March.”

Adolph Hitler Quotes praised by Antifa