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Sailor Punished for Vandalizing His Own Bunk With Racist Graffiti

A Navy seaman assigned to the carrier USS George H.W. Bush has been disciplined and counseled by his unit after officials determined he staged the vandalism of his own bunk with racist graffiti and then posted about it on Facebook.

Naval Criminal Investigative Service and command officials have been investigating the claim that the sailor was targeted because of his race ever since he posted photos on Facebook on Nov. 15. The investigation wrapped up a few days ago, Naval Air Force Atlantic spokesman Cmdr. Dave Hecht told

“After a thorough investigation was conducted with the assistance of NCIS, several indicators supported the conclusion that the incident was staged,” Hecht said, adding there were inconsistencies in the alleged victim’s statements.

Navy Times, which first reported on the matter, identified the sailor as 27-year-old Marquie Little, an African-American. Photos published in Little’s Facebook post, which has since been deleted, show a pillow ripped open and pieces of corrugated cardboard and other garbage stacked in Little’s rack aboard the Bush. The N-word appears to be written on the wall of the bunk in black marker.

He crapped in his own bunk.


Religious Hate Crimes, USA.: Jews, Not Muslims, Still Key Victims

In a prepared statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee on May 2, 2017, Prof. Brian Levin — director of the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University, San Bernardino — stated, “Hate crime, especially those based on religion, have [sic] increased in recent periods.”

Levin, who has dealt extensively with the topic for decades — analyzing statistics, compiling data and advising American and European policy-makers — argued that one of the problems involved in tracking hate crimes in the U.S. is that some states do not cooperate in collecting or reporting on the information. Another, he said, is that there is no uniform way in which different bodies (such as the FBI and the Anti-Defamation League) receive and investigate complaints.


Contrary to Media Reports, FBI Hate Crime Statistics Do Not Support Claims of Anti-Muslim Backlash

The annual release of the FBI’s hate crime statistics report has attracted little attention by the mainstream media in the past few years. The most recent report, however — revealing a rise in hate crimes targeting Muslims and whites in 2016 — has been greeted with more notice than usual by the daily newspapers; even CNN chimed in to highlight the results of the report.

… In the first place, the FBI statistics by themselves do not show the context of the rise in hate crimes and anti-Muslim incidents. What most of the stories about the report neglect to mention is that in 2015, the FBI changed its method of classification. Before then, ethnicity- or nationality-spurred hate crimes were designated as Hispanic or non-Hispanic. The FBI subsequently revised that classification, breaking down hate crimes into a variety of possible categories. As a result, the most recent data is misleading, making the incidents in which Arabs or Muslims were targeted appear to be more numerous than in previous years.

Secondly, the widely cited “20 percent increase” in anti-Muslim hate crimes engenders a false assumption about the actual figures. The total of reported bias incidents of any kind in 2016 was 6,121; of those, 361 were directed at Arabs or Muslims. Although even a single such incident would be one too many, in a country whose population is approximately 325 million – including millions of Arabs and/or Muslims — it is hard to argue that the numbers are indicative of a “wave” of hatred sweeping over the nation, either prior to or since the rise of Trump, even if one accepts the assumption that hate crimes are under-reported.


Decline in anti-Muslim hate crimes spurs fears Canadians are too Islamophobic to hate…

The number of police-reported hate crimes specifically targeting Muslims went down last year after spiking by over 250 per cent in the four years prior.

According to Statistics Canada data released Tuesday, police across the country recorded 139 hate crimes against Muslims in 2016, down from 159 in 2015.



Here’s The Latest Hate Crime Hoax — Caught On Video

The latest string of “hate crimes” discovered to be a hoax comes to us from New Jersey, where it turns out a black male vandalized five black churches, for which there is video surveillance evidence. At the time of the attacks, the Left hyped the incidents as evidence of their grim narrative of an America plagued by constant racial targeting, particularly against minorities. In other words, the “hate crimes” helped bolster the Left’s drive to divide the country by race.


Fake Hate Crimes Pose Real Threat

American society equates victimhood with power, to the point where people are committing crimes against themselves.

For the first time in a century, Kansas State University closed its doors during the school year for something other than bad weather. All classes from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. were canceled on November 14 for a K-State Unity Walk and a KSUnite rally. Students, faculty and staff left their classrooms, dorms and offices to rally against racism. The events were organized after a Jewish student’s sukkah (a temporary hut used during the festival of Sukkot) was knocked over and a black student’s car was defaced with racist graffiti.


Wild Blue Yonder

A general’s overwrought response to a race hoax at the Air Force Academy was off-base.

American politics has been largely free of military influence since George Washington defused an incipient army mutiny at Newburgh, New York, in 1783. There have been relapses, including George McClellan’s presidential maneuverings before the 1864 election, and the insubordination of the politically ambitious Douglas MacArthur in 1951. But military deference to America’s elected civilian leadership has been so consistent for so long that even faint political activism by high-ranking officers stands out. Recently, a three-star air force general nudged up to, if not across, that thin line—taking to YouTube to accuse the institution, its cadets, and its staff of racism.


WaPo Thinks Fake Hate Crimes Might Energize ‘Right-Wing Commentators’

The Washington Post seems to think the real problem with fake hate crimes is that conservative media scrutinizes them too much, when in reality many hate crimes deserve such scrutiny because they are fabricated.

In a WaPo article titled “A black student wrote those racist messages that shook the Air Force Academy, school says“, reporter Samantha Schmidt covered the recent revelations that racist messages written at the Air Force Academy in Colorado were put there by a black cadet.

Schmidt then wrote, “These reports have also energized many right-wing commentators and President Trump supporters, who argue that reports about hate speech and racist graffiti are often fake accounts disseminated by liberal media.”


HATE HOAX: Air Force Academy Cadet Candidate Wrote Fake Racist Messages Himself

Racist messages written on a whiteboard at the Air Force Academy in September that made national news and inspired an impassioned speech from a lieutenant general were written by a student supposedly victimized by the messages.

A report from KKTV11 Tuesday states “one of the cadet candidates at the Air Force Academy Preparatory School allegedly targeted by racist remarks has been found responsible for the act.”

The cadet candidate has now left the school, KKTV11 reports.


Oh dear, who painted racist things on this black man’s car? Of course . . .

Serious question, and it’s one about which I’m genuinely concerned: Are young black people being made to feel that they have no real identity if they can’t claim some sort of racial victim status? Are they being browbeaten into thinking that being strong, independent and happy means you’re “trying to act white” or something along those lines?