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The Globalist Empire Strikes Back in France

The progressive global elite is breathing a sigh of relief after “centrist” newcomer to electoral politics, Emmanuel Macron, defeated Marine Le Pen to become the next president of France. After the shocks of last year’s Brexit and the election of populist Donald Trump as president, the rejection of populist, nationalist, and anti-EU parties in Austria, the Netherlands, and now the second most important EU country suggests the tide has turned. But the Eurocrats and Europhiles shouldn’t start popping champagne corks yet. Like all of Europe, France’s problems run deep.


Khameni Promises to Punish Protesters Who Disrupt the Upcoming Election

As people may well remember:

In a speech to graduating cadets of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps, which is loyal to the ayatollahs rather than the secular government, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei threatened harsh consequences for protesters who disrupt the presidential election in two weeks.

“Anyone wanting to take any measure against the country’s security in the election will certainly receive a hard reaction and slap in the face,” Khamenei promised.

As the late Nega Agha-Soltan well knew.


Good news for Canada’s Conservatives

Conservatives in Canada have a lot to be optimistic about.

This may seem counter-intuitive, given the recent string of electoral loses that saw conservatives defeated by far-left candidates in Alberta, Ontario and in the federal campaign.

Despite these setbacks, Conservative Party faithful can hold their heads high going into their federal party convention later this month.