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New York Times Observes Sharia Blasphemy Laws

Mohammed Hanif, the author of this disgraceful op-ed published Friday in the New York Times, is a Pakistani novelist, and so it is perhaps understandable that he may wish to observe Islamic blasphemy laws, but why is the New York Times, which is supposedly a journalistic outlet in a nation that upholds the freedom of speech, validating his doing so?


Limbaugh Unloads On NY Times For ‘Two Shameful, Despicable Stories’

On his “99.8% right all the time” talk radio show Thursday, Rush Limbaugh lambasted The New York Times for “two shameful, despicable stories” targeting, you guessed it, Donald J. Trump — one quite literally.

As The Daily Wire pointed out, the Times apparently couldn’t find enough actual news about Trump to spin badly enough to meet their standard, so it went out looking to manufacture some in the form of a “spy and crime” fiction series that included one charming piece that ends with the Secret Service helping a Russian agent assassinate President Trump.


New York Times Publishes Trump Assassination Fantasy After Asking Fiction Writers To Imagine End To Mueller Investigation

The New York Times published a short story about assassinating President Donald Trump Tuesday just one day before “potential explosive devices” showed up at the addresses of multiple political figures including former President Barack Obama.

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China and Russia ‘are eavesdropping on Trump’s personal iPhone calls’: Foreign spies are taking advantage of the president’s ‘casual’ approach to electronic security and have a list of his ‘friends’ they hope they can turn

Current and former members of the intelligence community say that the president has been repeatedly warned about the use of his personal cellular device, The New York Times has reported.


Justice Kavanaugh Hires First All Female Law Clerk Team in SCOTUS History

The New York Times reported on Sunday that only one of the four women, Kim Jackson, previously worked for Kavanaugh at the appellate court level. The other three women, Shannon Grammel, Megan Lacy, and Sara Nommensen, all worked for appeals court judges appointed by Republicans. Jackson will become one of three black law clerks working at the Supreme Court this term, and like Kavanaugh went to Yale Law School.


The New York Times discovers a use for hillbillies

The hills have gone high tech. Sniff. Fetch the air freshener:

Traveling through eastern Kentucky, American sociologist Arlie Hothschild, “who studies work, family and the American right,” chronicles the changes in work patterns [toward careers in programming]:

“Worse, some saw rural Kentuckians as dubious recruits — tooth-free, grinning, moonshine-drinking hillbillies. “It’s a terrible myth,” an Interapt administrator who is the daughter of an unemployed Pikeville coal miner told me. “A hillbilly can do anything.””

At present, says Hochschild, Ankur Gopal and Interapt are sourcing as many new hillbillies as they can find: “For now, there is so much demand for I.T. workers — 10,000 estimated openings by 2020 in the Louisville metro area alone — that Mr. Gopal is reaching out to new groups. “We’re talking with the Department of Defense about a 16-week, eight-hour-a-day coding training program for vets returning from Afghanistan and Iraq to Fort Knox,” he said.” More. (Mind Matters Today)

See also: So lifelike … Another firm caught using humans to fake AI. Byzantine claims and counterclaims followed as other interpreters came forward with similar stories. According to Qian, something similar happened last year…


Maybe iGen really IS fragile Note: The point of the article at Mind Matters Today is not that the prof beaters and car rollers are somehow okay or justified but that they may really be as fragile as they claim. Of course, that may mean they are no use to themselves or anyone else. But consider what they have been raised with – and by whom – before you judge whether it’s true or not. – Denyse


What If The New York Times Anonymous Op-Ed Wasn’t From A Gutless Trump Staffer But Pure NYT BS?

Yesterday’s “anonymous op-ed’ from the New York Times stinks to hell. There’s something very odd about it. Is it the New York Times finally admitting the Deep State is real and they are colluding with it to stage a soft coup of Trump? Or is it just pure and complete BS propaganda from the New York Times masquerading as an op-ed?