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Environmentalists Claim In Court They Had No Choice But To Vandalize A Pipeline

A group of environmentalists are claiming “necessity defense” regarding their attempts in 2016 to shut down two pipelines, arguing that the threat of climate change is so imminent that they were justified in their actions. The Minnesota Court of Appeals in April ruled in their favor. The Minnesota Supreme Court subsequently declined to review this decision, allowing the protesters to fight their criminal charges using the necessity defense strategy.


WALSH: Mankind Will Be Extinct Within 50 Years If We Do Not Abolish Plastic Straws

I thought I had witnessed the zenith of human courage when Billy Joel recently announced in an interview that “Nazis aren’t good people.” Joel is risking his career, perhaps even his life, to dispel the popular notion that Nazis are decent chaps. But his heroism is mere pond scum in comparison to the warriors who have taken up the fight against plastic straws.


Chaos reigns at Camp Cloud: Trudeau fails to stop “mayhem” at Kinder Morgan work sites

On Monday Global News visited the hobo squat that anti-pipeline protesters in Burnaby BC call, Camp Cloud.

Global reporter, Jordan Armstrong, said his news crew was threatened with violence, accused of racism and told not to film on public property where the protesters had set up their tents.


Ontario’s power-price crisis — how it happened and who got hurt

Ontario’s power troubles began after the provincial government began phasing-out coal power generation in 2005. But electricity prices really took off in 2009 when the government launched its Green Energy Act, which features a program to provide long-term guaranteed contracts to generators with renewable sources (wind, solar, etc.) at a fixed, above-market price.


Green Party Leader Elizabeth May arrested at anti-pipeline protest in Burnaby

Green Party Leader and Saanich-Gulf Islands MP Elizabeth May was arrested while protesting Kinder Morgan’s expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline in Burnaby on Friday.

May and New Democrat MP Kennedy Stewart were arrested about noon after standing with signs reading “PM Trudeau: Climate leaders don’t build pipelines” at the gates of a Kinder Morgan worksite.


Canadians are realizing foreign groups sabotaged our energy economy — for no good reason

Is the pipeline debate starting to resolve in favour of pipelines being built and in favour of Canadians receiving full value for our energy exports? I believe it is, in part due to the realization as to just how much of the anti-pipeline campaign is foreign funded. More about that funding in a moment, but there’s a new reason for finding the blatant U.S.-based interference in Canadian energy policy particularly egregious.