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This is why we need a ‘Space Force’

A mysterious Russian satellite has exhibited “very abnormal behavior” in its orbit, leading the Pentagon to worry that it may be some kind of weapon.

Weapons are banned from outer space by treaty, but it’s believed that there are ways to weaponize lasers and electronic jamming devices to disable or destroy satellites.  China is believed to already have an advanced anti-satellite capability, with the U.S. nearly on par with the Chinese and Russia trailing in the race to develop this vital technology.


Electric Grid Hacking More Perilous Than Election Hacking

Kremlin-connected cyber criminals are capable of turning off our electric power from afar, while power plant employees watch helplessly. In the last two weeks, the federal Department of Homeland Security held four briefings warning that Russian hackers are already practicing how to throw the switch and cause a blackout in the U.S. We’d have no lights, no gas at the pump, no life support in hospitals, no mass transit, no food supply.

Yet nearly all Washington pols are ignoring the danger. To the public, “power” means electricity. But to self-absorbed politicians, “power” means elections, votes, and protecting their seats. That disconnect explains why they’re in a frenzy over Russians hacking into campaign email accounts and tweeting unflattering things about Hillary Clinton, instead of dealing with the far larger peril of Russians hacking into the electric grid.


Chinese military vessels & Russian subs are now operating in the Northern Atlantic

PENTAGON — Chinese military vessels are now operating in the Northern Atlantic, and Russian submarines are prowling those same waters at a pace not seen since the end of the Cold War, the Navy’s top admiral told VOA in an exclusive interview.

Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson said China’s military movements from the North Atlantic into the Mediterranean Sea is a “new dynamic.”

“Even five years ago, we wouldn’t have seen anything like this,” Richardson said.

According to Richardson, the Chinese navy is a global one that is both “ready and capable” of operating wherever Beijing wants.


Russian hackers could have caused massive power outages

Russian hackers managed to infiltrate the control rooms of US utility companies — where they could have easily “thrown switches” and caused power outages, according federal officials.

Members of the notorious cyber espionage group “Dragonfly” or “Energetic Bear” were reportedly behind the hack, which first came to light earlier this year.

Department of Homeland Security officials told the Wall Street Journal on Monday that the group gained access to a series of highly-secured, “air-gapped” networks owned by the electric utilities in the spring of 2016 — and were likely still trying to access them today.


Does Putin’s Russia reject the West?

The road out of Perm runs along a frozen river dotted with crouching figures. They huddle round small holes drilled through the ice. All around are thick forests of silver birch and fir trees, covered in snow.

Lyubov laughs off mention of the cold as I approach her gingerly, looking for cracks beneath my feet. It’s -17C and the pensioner has been fishing with her husband on the frozen river for hours without gloves.

“It’s fine!” she insists, dipping a finger through the ice hole and swirling it round. “It’s warmer in the water.”


Setting a Bloody Century in Motion

Romanov skulls

One hundred years ago, the Bolsheviks’ slaughter of the Romanovs prefigured seven decades of Communist tyranny.

The family was roused early in the morning and told to dress in preparation for an immediate change of location. They were brought to a dingy basement room and ordered to wait, while their killers fortified themselves with liquid courage. One hundred years ago, in the early hours of July 17, 1918, the abdicated Czar Nicholas II and his immediate family, along with four retainers, were murdered, and buried in haste under cover of night.


Putin Summit May Prove to Be Trump’s Finest Hour

What? Did you just read that headline correctly?

Yes, you did. Writing it I assumed people’s heads would explode. It’s about as far as you can can get from today’s conventional wisdom (i.e. what David Gergen thinks). Virtually every member of the smart set from Pelosi to McCain to some ninety-five percent of the media, including several cowards on Fox News, to, alas, Lindsey Graham (who should know better) are going out of their minds excoriating Trump for being soft on Putin, even for being “owned” by the neo-Soviet strongman. John Brennan — once a communist himself, so he should know — accused Trump of treason.


Once Again, President Trump Is Magnificently Right—This Time About Russia

President Trump offended the entire political spectrum with a tweet this morning blaming the U.S. for poor relations with Russia. “Our relationship with Russia has NEVER been worse thanks to many years of U.S. foolishness and stupidity,” the president said, and he is entirely correct. By this I do not mean to say that Russia is a beneficent actor in world affairs or that President Putin is an admirable world leader. Nonetheless, the president displayed both perspicacity and political courage when he pointed the finger at the United States for mismanaging the relationship with Russia.


Donald Trump hopes for ‘extraordinary relationship’ with Vladimir Putin as two leaders meet for key US-Russia summit

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin shook hands ahead of the crunch talks in Finland.

Talking briefly to the media ahead of a private conversation inside the Finnish Presidential Palace, the US President hoped for an “extraordinary relationship” between America and Russia having earlier claimed relationships have “never been worse”.

Before the show of mutual respect, the US President congratulated his Russian counterpart on the success of the FIFA World Cup and said: “The world wants to see us getting along – we’re two great nuclear powers.

The Telegraph link above is offering “Live Updates” and the Liberal-Left is going insane on Twitter – see “#TreasonSummit”

The BBC is offering live coverage.


How Vulnerable Are Undersea Cables That U.S. Says Russia Is Tracking?

Announcing fresh sanctions against Russia this week, the U.S. Treasury Department accused Moscow of “tracking undersea communications cables” and imposed punitive measures on a St. Petersburg firm that it says provided underwater diving equipment to Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB).

The announcement followed warnings by U.S. and other Western officials about Russian activities in recent years near undersea cables that serve as conduits for nearly all global telecommunications data.


Tiny Troops? Shocked Mom Fired After Kids Welcome Putin’s Call To Join ‘Final Battle’

NIZHNEVARTOVSK, Russia — A local journalist in this remote Siberian city has been fired after she gave an interview about children from a local kindergarten performing a controversial song pledging fealty to President Vladimir Putin.

Journalist Aleksandra Terikova of the local N1 television channel was fired on June 6 after the channel’s general director, Rinat Karimov, told her that someone with such “political ambitions” should go and work for the independent TV Dozhd.


Putin and Lessons from Lenin and Gromyko

“Consolidation”. In Moscow these days this is the word that most flavors discussions in political circles. The idea is that, thanks to President Vladimir Putin’s bold and risk-taking strategy, Russia has made a number of major gains on the international scene and must now act to consolidate those gains and reduce the diplomatic, economic and political price it has had to pay for them.

The analysis is inspired by Lenin’s famous “Two-steps-forward, one-step back” dictum that saw the founder of the now defunct Soviet Union abandon vast territories under the Brest-Litovsk Treaty in order to consolidate the then fragile Bolshevik hold on power in Russia itself. Later, Lenin used the same dictum to justify his New Economic Policy (NEP), a step back to confuse the growing opposition from the hated “bourgeoisie”.