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Alex Trebek believes Trudeau keeps a “buzzer” under his shirt to contact his assistants

Trebek, 78, is a Canadian-American who was born in Ontario. A host of the popular game show Jeopardy, he’s become a familiar face with millions of viewers.

His popularity in the entertainment industry landed him a visit with Justin Trudeau. Trebek however, picked up on a variety of clues that he used to construct a hypothesis about the Canadian Prime Minister, according to the National Post reports.


The U.S. midterms are over: What comes next? Chrystia Freeland answers your questions

What’s next for Canada-U.S. relations in the wake of the recent U.S. midterm elections? Is the coverage of American politics taking up too much airtime in Canada? How can the media fight against the moniker of “fake news”? Are there more surprises to come with the USMCA trade agreement? Which funny socks is Trudeau wearing today?


Ottawa says no trade deal photo op unless U.S. tariffs are lifted

The official celebration of the new USMCA trade agreement may be a far more low-key affair than anyone imagined. Canada’s ambassador in Washington said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will not be taking part in any sort of signing ceremony alongside U.S. President Donald Trump unless American tariffs on steel and aluminum are lifted first.


Scheer asks Tony Clement to leave Conservative caucus over sexting scandal

Scheer had said earlier Wednesday that Clement was still a member of his caucus, despite his disappointment with the MP’s actions, and that he believed Clement when he said this was an isolated incident.

By mid-afternoon, shortly before question period, new developments had made Scheer’s previous position untenable.


Trudeau’s tickle trunk adventures continue

Justin Trudeau just can’t help himself. He has to reach into the Trudeau tickle trunk to see what outfit, what prop, what action he can do to show the people that he is meeting that he is just like them.


The stupidest man in Europe?

Did you know that it was the EU which defeated both German Naziism and Soviet Communism? No? Well then I think you should thank President of the European Parliament – Italian (IMHO) cretin Antonio Tajani – for helping us all better understand history. In a speech yesterday to the toothless, corrupt, pointless, misnamed ‘European Parliament’, that historical expert – (IMHO) braindead, Europhiliac, waste of skin Tajani – claimed that it was the EU which defeated both Naziism and Communism.