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Robot to run for mayor in Japan

The robot is campaigning under the slogan “Artificial Intelligence will change Tama city”.

The election in the west of the Japanese capital features high-ranking local politicians, as well as the robotic candidate competing against its human counterparts.

The campaign process is no different either: the district has had posters with smiling faces of the party leaders plastered across it, with the usual slogans promising positive change for all residents.


Experts slam EU proposal to grant personhood to intelligent machines

From George Dvorsky at Gizmodo:

Over 150 experts in AI, robotics, commerce, law, and ethics from 14 countries have signed an open letter denouncing the European Parliament’s proposal to grant personhood status to intelligent machines. The EU says the measure will make it easier to figure out who’s liable when robots screw up or go rogue, but critics say it’s too early to consider robots as persons—and that the law will let manufacturers off the liability hook.

This all started last year when the European Parliament proposed the creation of a specific legal status for robots … More.

See also: Should chimpanzees be considered legal persons or things? Chimpanzees being considered legal persons is a step on the road to human beings not being considered so. But people vote for it. And academics and law firms will profit from it. It will not help chimpanzees at all, unfortunately, as the only thing that can really help them is protection of their environment.


Live webinar with Robert Marks, Baylor U, on artificial intelligence and human exceptionalism


ROBOTS causing millions of job losses could lead to the rise of communism says Mark Carney

Mark Carney warned the automation of jobs currently done by humans could trigger mass unemployment and wage stagnation.

That will create vast inequalities between workers who benefit from artificial intelligence and those whose careers are wiped out by it.

“If you substitute platforms for textile mills, machine learning for steam engines, Twitter for the telegraph, you have exactly the same dynamics as existed 150 years ago when Karl Marx was scribbling The Communist Manifesto,” he said.

I predict robot communists.

h/t DH


New documentary Pre-Crime shows how Minority Report-esque police techniques are already a reality

Being able to predict crime sounds almost akin to a superpower, conjuring up the image of a world in which masked men are scooped up moments before they execute a bank job or where back alley-prowling lowlifes are stopped just as they are about to mug an unsuspecting good citizen. If it also sounds a bit like some futuristic vision from a Philip K. Dick novel, well that’s because it is.


Self-driving Uber car runs over and kills a pedestrian in Arizona in first fatality of its kind

A pedestrian was killed after she was struck by a self-driving Uber vehicle in Arizona.

Elaine Herzberg, 49, was hit by a SUV early on Monday in Tempe when she was walking outside of a crosswalk

She was immediately rush to the hospital where she died from her injuries, ABC 15 reported.

Tempe Police says the SUV was in autonomous mode at the time of the crash and a vehicle operator was also behind the wheel.


Japan deploys robotic ‘Super Monster Wolf’ to protect crops

Japanese farmers are using terrifying robotic wolves with beaming red LED eyes to scare off wild boars, deer and other pests from grazing on the country’s rice and chestnut crops.

The “Super Monster Wolf” stands at 50cm tall, is 65cm long and runs on rechargeable solar-batteries, using motion-sensors to detect when other mammals approach and letting out an alarming primal howl in response.


Burger-flipping robot taken offline after one day

Flippy the burger-flipping robot that started work this week in a California restaurant has been forced to take a break because it was too slow.

The robot was installed at a Cali Burger outlet in Pasadena and replaced human cooks.

But after just one day at work the robot has been taken offline so it can be upgraded to work faster.

Its human helpers are also getting extra training to help the robot keep up with demand.

He didn’t complain or ask for a raise.


Rage against the machine: self-driving cars attacked by angry Californians

Local residents are hitting back at their new robot neighbors – literally – as reports detail assaults on driverless cars

The great promise of self-driving cars is that they will save innumerable lives by removing the most fallible and unpredictable element from vehicle traffic: the human.

But in San Francisco at least, fickle human behavior is taking a stand.

Two of the six collisions involving autonomous vehicles in California so far this year involved humans colliding with self-driving cars, apparently on purpose, according to incident reports collected by the California department of motor vehicles.


Should EMS save a human or a dog first?

These are the questions your tax dollars fund and they are the wave of the bioethics future: From Wesley J. Smith at ENST:

Klugman then ponders a situation in which both a human and an animal need CPR. Which, he asks, should the EMT help first?

Before you read his answer below about flipping a coin and decision-making by “aesthetics,” realize that Klugman understands his readership. Many bioethicists would brand an automatic response, “the human,” to be “speciesism” — i.e., discrimination against animals — which those who hold such misanthropic views deem akin to racism. (Ditto, animal-rights activists.) More.

Reality check: Those who vote for it own it.

See also: Canada moves quickly toward forced citizen involvement in abortion


AI ripe for exploitation, experts warn

Drones turned into missiles, fake videos manipulating public opinion and automated hacking are just three of the threats from artificial intelligence in the wrong hands, experts have said.

The Malicious Use of Artificial Intelligence report warns that AI is ripe for exploitation by rogue states, criminals and terrorists.

Those designing AI systems need to do more to mitigate possible misuses of their technology, the authors said.

And governments must consider new laws.


Is PayPal’s Peter Thiel leaving Silicon Valley for Los Angeles?

Maybe thinking about it. From Olivia Solon at the Guardian:

If the billionaire tech investor and noted libertarian Peter Thiel really does leave Silicon Valley for Los Angeles to escape what he views as an increasing intolerance for conservatives, the city’s growing community of conservatives will be there to welcome him.

Thiel’s decision to move to LA comes at a time when conservatives in the Bay Area are feeling increasingly squeezed by what they perceive to be liberal groupthink.

“Silicon Valley is a one-party state,” said Thiel at Stanford University last month. “That’s when you get in trouble politically in our society, when you’re all in one side.” More.

Reality check: The revolution that Silicon Valley birthed abolished locality. But the Valley does not seem to know it. They are still the Mean Girls where they think we are all forced to go to high school forever and ever.

See also: Rich New Yorkers making plans to escape social welfare tax burden – now that they have to pay it themselves One could, of course, refer the Chardonnay socialists to the many Bible verses on the virtue of giving till it hurts of one’s own wealth. But somehow, we fear they will have a secularist meltdown at that point and renew their attacks on traditional religion instead.


Data basic: An introduction to information theory