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Hate preacher linked to Tunisian beach atrocity fights to stay in the UK… and gets £123,000 of legal aid

An Islamic hate preacher has won £123,000 in legal aid despite links to a terror group which murdered 30 British tourists at a Tunisian beach resort.

Hani al-Sibai was granted public money to help him fight deportation even though he is alleged to be a ‘key influencer’ of the extremist Ansar al-Sharia movement.

This group is believed to have recruited Seifeddine Rezgui, the gunman who massacred 38 British and other tourists at Sousse in June 2015.

Queen’s chaplain quits over cathedral Koran reading which said ‘not to worship Jesus’

ONE of the Queen’s Chaplains has resigned amid a row over a passage of the Koran read out at a Glasgow cathedral which denies Jesus is the son of God.

…”After a conversation instigated by officials at Buckingham Palace, I decided the most honourable course of action was to resign,” Reverend Ashenden wrote.

“I have held the position for the last nine years. But over the last few years people who objected to my defending the Christian faith in public wrote to both Lambeth Palace and Buckingham Palace to try to get the association ended.

“When I was confronted with these attempts to silence or defenestrate me, my reaction was to ask ‘in what way is a priest defending the faith on behalf of a monarch who was Defender of the Faith, incongruous or improper?’

The hateful whispers that make me want to move from London to Tel Aviv

I’ve always lived in London. I grew up near Baker Street and went to school in Camden. Even when I was at college in Kent, I lived in Islington and commuted. Five years ago I moved to Belsize Park and I’ve been here, the nicest place I’ve lived, ever since. I didn’t mean to stay — I was going to see the world, but my father died and my mother said she needed me to be close. She said it with a tremor in her voice, so I stayed.

London is in my heart and in my blood, but the wind has changed, like it did for Mary Poppins, and I think it’s going to blow me out of the city, all the way to Tel Aviv.

Jogger brutally attacked by hooded thugs – and only escapes by speaking ARABIC

Dad-of-two Lee Skinner, 38, was punched and knocked into the freezing water as he ran past five hooded youths in Acocks Green, Birmingham.

As he struggled to get out of the cold, slippery canal the thug who punched him was waiting – until the former language teacher started speaking Arabic.

The shame-faced gang, all aged around 17, then fled the scene and the attacker is now being hunted by police.

Well they seem well integrated.

Outrage as Islamic CALL TO PRAYER held inside historic British CATHEDRAL

A clip of the call to prayer was initially shared on the cathedral’s Facebook page but then taken down as “inappropriate” as tensions rose.

One post on the removed thread by Isabel Farmer said: “It’s wonderful to be multicultural, but faith is set apart.

“We are never to worship other Gods in a house built for our saviour.

“My ancestors built this cathedral and to allow a practising Muslim pray to another God is insanely naive. What did you think it would do? Encourage them to convert?

This is the 2nd such incident in as many weeks. Suicidal clergy is a thing nowadays.

Hundreds of Muslims who have returned to the UK from Syria pose the greatest terror threat to Britain for years, expert warns

British Union flags fly in front of the Big Ben clocktower of The Houses of Parliament in central London, Britain February 24, 2016. REUTERS/Hannah McKay

Jihadists returning to the UK from fighting in Syria are among hundreds of Islamic State supporters posing the greatest terror threat to the country for years, a watchdog has warned.

David Anderson QC, the Independent Reviewer of Terror Legislation, said the danger was worse than at any time since he took the post in 2011.

Then, there had been a sense of being ‘over the worst’ after a crackdown on Muslim fanatics in the wake of the July 7 attacks in 2005, which killed 52 and injured hundreds. Al Qaeda was also reeling after military action in Afghanistan and the Middle East.

Britain wants a burka ban, poll reveals – as support in Germany soars

BRITONS want to BAN the burka according to a new poll which found more women than men want to outlaw the controversial Muslim headdress.

The new poll by YouGov, published on Tuesday, found 50 per cent of 1,609 people questioned wanted to ban the burka in Britain.

That number compared to 70 per cent of 7,101 Germans questioned in a separate YouGov survey.

The study shows a seven point increase in support to ban the burka in Germany, compared with a similar study in August last year.

Twelve of Britain’s most dangerous jihadis will be put in isolation units at cost of £1million a year to taxpayer

Twelve of the most infamous jihadi extremists in prison will be placed in isolation inside three jails at a cost of £1million per year.

Anjem Choudary, who was jailed for five-and-a-half years in 2015 for supporting ISIS, is thought to be among the prisoners due to be separated.

It is believed that the hate preacher, who has been encouraging British Muslims to wage holy war on the West for years, is trying to radicalise other inmates.

One of Britain’s most experienced Muslim prison chaplains is arrested over an alleged sex attack on a woman

A senior prison chaplain has been suspended after he was arrested over an alleged sex attack.

Sikander Pathan was removed from his full-time duties at Feltham – one of Britain’s biggest centres for young offenders – last week.

It came after the imam was questioned by officers on December 29 last year over claims that he violently assaulted a woman in Staines, Surrey.

Idiot who let Muslims desecrate church service shocked by hate mail he’s received

Kelvin Holdsworth – The Church of England’s most stupid Reverend.

CofE clergyman is bombarded with hate messages after allowing a passage from the Koran denying Jesus was God’s son to be read in his cathedral

“…Rev Dr Gavin Ashenden – Chaplain to the Queen – wrote on the website Archbishop Cranmer: ‘Kelvin Holdsworth’s lack of awareness, and his carelessness with the sanctity of worship [is] a betrayal of those Christians throughout the world whose churches have been forcibly torn down and desecrated by an Islam that energetically repudiates the claims of Christian revelation.’

‘I’d be safer in Iraq’ Ex-soldier fears for life after failed attempt to fight ISIS

A BRITISH former soldier who was prevented from joining the war against ISIS in Iraq has hit out at the government over the handling of his case.

Robert Clarke was stopped by police as he boarded a flight from Heathrow to Jordan in September last year. He was allegedly planning to meet up with Kurdish fighters who would take him to the front line with ISIS.

Last week, Mr Clarke was sentenced to 50 hours unpaid work under the Terrorism Act.

After his story went public, the 23-year-old says he was subjected to death threats from the terror group’s sympathisers and could be “safer in Iraq”.

A man who told a Muslim convert to ‘eat bacon’ has admitted a racially and religiously offensive offence in court.

Scotland. The “victim” is his stepfather. The Metro article is so badly written that I had trouble figuring out who was related how to whom, given that they are both referred to as “McAndrew” throughout the piece. I’m also not sure whether this horrific crime was committed on Facebook or Messenger, not that it matters.

(The) stepson Dean of Dundee [his name isn’t actually “Dean of Dundee”, which sounds kind of Medieval. He’s just Dean McAndrew, and he lives in Dundee. A couple of commas would have helped clarify this. – Ed] admitted using a public communications network to send grossly offensive or indecent, obscene or menacing messages with racially and religiously offensive content on December 6, and threatened him with violence. [This seems to mean that he was threatened with violence in court. – Ed.]

Depute fiscal (sic?) Jill Drummond said: ‘Mr McAndrew (Sr) is in the process of converting his religion to Islam. He has completed paperwork to change his name.

…‘At 6.49pm on December 6 (Jr) messaged witness McAndrew (Sr) “go and eat some bacon”.’

Ms Drummond also said McAndrew described the man as ‘black’ and used an obscenity.

…Sheriff Murray told him: ‘I’m going to defer sentence on you for a report from the criminal justice social work department.

‘You will have to co-operate with them in its preparation. I hear you’re a first offender but that does not stop me from thinking this is serious, from the charge and what I’ve just heard.’ (I’m just glad there’s no actual crime in Scotland so they can concentrate on this sort of thing. – Ed)

Soooo… is the stepfather black? Is it an insult to call him black if he isn’t? If he is? Is the son black? If so, is it racist for a black guy to call another black guy black? To call a white guy black, if they’re both white, or… oh, scr*w it.    h/t