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‘ISIS-supporting’ Uber driver ‘attacked police with 4ft Samurai sword outside Buckingham Palace because he hated the Queen

An ISIS-supporting Uber driver who ‘hated the Queen’ tried to run down police officers outside Buckingham Palace and attack them using a Samurai sword, a court has heard.

Mohiussunnath Chowdhury left a note for his sister in which he promised he would see her in paradise and told her ‘the Queen and her soldiers will all be in the hellfire,’ the Old Bailey heard.

The 27-year-old from Luton had written on one Whatsapp chat, ‘I support ISIS’ and searched for ISIS beheading videos online, the court heard.


Jewish Students Abandoning UK Labour Party Over Anti-Semitism Claims

Sustained anti-Semitism in UK Labour is driving young students away from the party with many directly blaming opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn for his lack of action on the matter.

The outgoing National Chair of Labour Students, Melantha Chittenden, told the BBC that her own party’s leadership is sadly lacking in any ability to protect Jewish students or guarantee them a future role in the left-wing party.


Muslim passenger rants stewardess and calls her a ‘f****** sl**’ and a ‘b****’ for serving him a turkey ham sandwich – because he mistakenly thinks it contains pork

Stupid and violent.

This is the moment a British Muslim passenger called an air stewardess a ‘f****** sl**’ and a ‘b****’ for serving him a turkey ham sandwich – because he mistakenly thought it contained pork.

The taxi driver from Hampstead Heath, north London, was flying from Luton Airport to Skopje, Macedonia, on Sunday morning when he ordered the 4.50 euro roll and a bottle of water.

But mid-way through eating the baguette, he said it ‘didn’t taste like turkey’ – and flew into a rage when he saw the packaging labelled with the word ham.

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Car mechanic from West Midlands who became top ISIS bomb maker is revealed as the reason the US banned laptops on flights

The former British car mechanic who once boasted of his bomb-making activities in Syria has been named as the reason the United States banned laptops on flights last year.

A former MI6 spy made the revelation in his autobiography explaining how Hamayun Tariq, from Dudley, had plans to smuggle bombs ‘disguised as laptop batteries’.


‘Muslims are the vilest animals’: post shared by Jewish Board of Deputies member sparks probe

A member of the Jewish Board of Deputies is to be investigated by the organization for her “Islamophobic and “anti-Arab” views, after sharing tweets that described Muslims as “the vilest of animals” and Arabs as “so evil.”

The Jewish Chronicle (JC) has claimed that it has seen the offending tweets shared by Roslyn Pine, who is deputy for Finchley United Synagogue and who failed to become vice-president of the Board in last month’s elections.

….Pine insists that: “There is no such word as Islamophobic. ‘Islamophobia’ is trying to shut down criticism of Islam. I detest the creed of Islam and I’m entitled to say it.

“I have an issue with Muslims and Arabs who want to kill us, who want to destroy Israel. And that is an Islamic fundamental if you know anything about what the Koran is.

“I have views that offend people. That is what a free society is. To criticise a religion —

including Judaism — I have no problem with that. In a free society you should be able to criticise a body of ideas.”


Crime figures: less than 5% of burglaries and robberies in UK solved

Britain’s largest police force has said it is doing all it can to bring thieves to justice after figures suggested less than 5% of burglaries and robberies across the UK are being solved.

The Metropolitan police said they were putting a “huge amount of effort” into tackling a rise in moped-related crime, which they said has reduced.

They said burglary presents particular challenges in finding culprits, however they have accepted more work needs to be done to tackle such crimes.

There are fears over a wave of criminality in parts of the country, with moped thefts attracting particular concern after a number of high-profile incidents.


Police charge man over ‘Punish a Muslim Day’ letters

A man has been charged in connection with the investigation into the so-called “Punish A Muslim Day” letters, West Yorkshire police said.

David Parnham, 35, from Lincoln, is accused of 14 offences including one count of soliciting to murder.

He is also charged with two counts of sending a number of letters promoting a “Punish A Muslim Day”, encouraging the commission of one or more of a number of offences.

Parnham further faces five counts of sending a substance with the intention of inducing in a person a belief that it is likely to contain a noxious substance, five counts of sending a number of letters conveying a threat and one count of making a bomb hoax.


Almost 400 British jihadis free to roam UK after return from fighting with ISIS in Syria as just ONE IN TEN prosecuted

There are currently around 400 Brits who have returned to the UK from the Middle East where they fled to fight for ISIS.

But just 40 of these have been prosecuted for “direct action they’ve carried out in Syria”.

Barrow and Furness MP John Woodcock, who had pressed for the figures, told the Commons: “So, only one tenth of people have been successfully prosecuted.
“That does not mean the others are innocent of terrorism charges, if they have been over to Iraq and Syria, if they have been aiding Daesh in whatever form and they are British citizens, they have been aiding enemies of the British state.”


Man arrested on suspicion of soliciting murder over ‘Punish a Muslim day’ letters

A man has been arrested as part of a police investigation into letters calling for a “Punish a Muslim day”.

The 35-year-old man, from Lincoln, was arrested on suspicion of soliciting murder by police investigating the letters which called for a day of violence against Muslims in Britain.

He is also being held on suspicion of sending a hoax noxious substance and threatening letters. The anonymous letters issued a plea for a co-ordinated attack on Muslims.

No idea who the Perp is, just that he got a face like a man.


Wake up England, the nightmare is real

Life, with all its difficulties and unexpected hardships, is still pretty good if you’re lucky enough to be living in Australia.

From the very beginning, being in Australia has always made me feel safe – like a healing balm, it has helped me forget those terrible events from my dreadful past. But sometimes, in the midst of my comfort and ease which I share with my wondrous Aussie friends, my chosen family, something happens to bring back bad memories: a particular scent; the notes of a long-forgotten melody; a turn of phrase; someone’s particular gait . . .and it all comes flooding back, like an evil tsunami.

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Child sex gang of eight ‘predatory’ men who abused girls as young as 13 in a ‘s*** wagon’ jailed 90 years

The eight men – branded ‘predatory and cynical’ by a judge – have now been jailed for between seven and a half and fifteen years each. Those jailed are (left column top to bottom) Haji Khan, Khalid Hussain, Assad Hussain and Moinul Islam and (right column top to bottom) Raheem Ahmed, Kamran Khan, Alladitta Yousaf and Kameer Iqbal

A group of men who abused teenage girls in a vehicle they called the ‘s**gwagon’ have been jailed for a total of nearly 90 years.

The men – aged 36 to 48 – befriended vulnerable girls as young as 13 before plying them drink and drugs at ‘parties’ in Oxford.

The eight men – branded ‘predatory and cynical’ by a judge – have now been jailed for between seven and a half and fifteen years each.

Judge Peter Ross said the investigation into the gang had uncovered ‘systematic and widespread grooming’.


Hezbollah flags fly at Al Quds Day rally and counter protest in London

Hezbollah flags flew in central London as supporters were locked in a noisy standoff with counter-protesters.

Pro-Palestine protesters chanted “free free Palestine” beneath the yellow flag which is adorned with a gun, yards from the Saudi Embassy in the annual Al Quds Day rally.

A line-up of uniformed police formed a guard between them and the building. Security was very visible.