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Begum’s case is not about human rights, it’s about protecting us from jihad

FIVE years ago, a boy named Zane Gbangbola died during the Surrey floods.

Zane was only seven years old when he succumbed to what his parents suspect was cyanide gas caused by the floodwaters to leak from a former landfill site. Kye Gbangbola and Nicole Lawler’s request for legal aid to represent their case at Zane’s inquest was turned down by the Legal Aid Agency who said this did not constitute ‘the public interest’.

Yet civil servants at the Legal Aid Agency have seen fit to grant Shamima Begum legal aid – funded by the British taxpayer – to appeal against Sajid Javid’s decision to strip her of her citizenship. As Melanie Phillips correctly says, Begum has the right to apply for legal aid.

But why was she was given it when more deserving cases are not? Legal aid is means tested. How is it in ‘the public interest’ to risk letting this jihadist back into the UK?


Police officers following orders to ‘tactically ram’ moped thieves could face criminal charges

Five police officers are reportedly facing criminal charges for ramming thieves off their mopeds under new policing tactics signed off by Scotland Yard.

The controversial move, introduced in 2017, sees officers using their vehicles to stop dangerous chases and arrest suspects.

Scotland Yard signed off on ‘tactical ramming’ after a surge in the use of mopeds in violent robberies and muggings.


CIA warns Britain over China’s secret funding of Huawei as tech giant bids to supply 5G mobile network across UK

The CIA has accused Huawei of being funded by Chinese state security amid a list of allegations facing the company.

They say the technologies giant, who wants to provide Britain with technology for the new 5G network, has received funds from China’s National Security Commission, the People’s Liberation Army and a third branch of the Chinese state intelligence network, The Times reported.

The US source explained that Huawei wants to sell its 5G technology to members of the Five Eyes intelligence-sharing group – including Britain, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.


Lib Dem candidate suspended over sensible comments about Muslims

A Liberal Democrat candidate has been suspended from the party over comments such as: ‘There is no such thing as Islamophobia.’

Dániel Tóth-Nagy, 32, was due to stand for election in Manchester but is now facing an investigation.

In one of the comments, he responded to a Twitter post by MP Naz Shah about Islamophobia asking: ‘What about FGM? Honor Killings? Forced marriage? What do you think about the protest of women in Iran, Saudi-Arabia and other Islamic countries against the compulsory hijab?

Oh the horror!


Sword wielding Prince Charles calls for an end to ‘pervasive horror’ of knife crime in Easter message

The Prince of Wales has spoken of the “pervasive horror” of knife crime, saying anyone who commits “such brutal deeds” must be brought to justice.

The Prince, who is working with his son Prince Harry to listen to the victims of knife crime and their families, issues a strong plea to halt the “terrible deeds of darkness” occurring on Britain’s streets.


Former ISIS bride blames anti-Islamic bullying at her British school for driving her to marry a Syrian Jihadi

She’s 30 years old.

A former ISIS bride, who turned her back on the organisation after spending two years in Syria, has blamed anti-Islamic bullying at her British school for driving her into the arms of ISIS.

Fatima, 30, from London, spent two years in Syria before cutting all ties with them and returning to her family in 2017, at the age of 28.

In an eye-opening interview with Stylist, she said she sought solace in extremist beliefs, after being regularly assaulted in school, and singled out due to her headscarf.

And there are plenty of gullible types willing to believe that BS.


“This is Ahmad Ibn Abdillaah, leader of the Muslims, confessing to a crime of which I am wanted for.”

Muslim convert who stabbed stranger six times in neck at bus stop ‘heard voices in Birmingham’

A Muslim convert who stabbed a man six times from behind as he walked towards a bus stop has revealed he heard voices saying ‘The Muslim Leader’ while in Birmingham.

Alex Davies, 26, stabbed Jaroslaw Poterucha six times from behind as he walked towards a bus stop in Levenshulme, Manchester, on August 12 2016.

The 26-year-old was seen on private premises at a military air base days after he repeatedly knifed the stranger in the neck in the street.

I think mental illness fits this time.


Begum Lawyer Claims 400 Jihadis Back in UK, Prepares Taxpayer-Funded Court Bid

Shamima Begum’s lawyer Tasnime Akunjee has claimed that because 400 jihadists have returned to the UK from Syria, she should be allowed to return.

Begum’s lawyer confirmed that the legal aid had been awarded, and reiterated that Ms. Begum must be brought back to the UK, as the others who came back hadn’t had their citizenship revoked.


Self-Proclaimed ‘Muslim Prince’ Planned to Blow Up Meghan-Harry Wedding – Report

A man prompted a security scare in the UK after he sent a raft of emails to Prince Andrew and government officials, in which he threatened to blow up the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s wedding last May, according to The Daily Telegraph.

In one email, Mohammed Jibra-Eel Saleh reportedly challenged what he described as “f*****g stupid British royal family”, proclaiming himself “the Muslim Prince of Spain married to the illegitimate daughter of the former King of Spain, Juan Carlos’s daughter called Marguerita”. 


Plane mutiny rapist is back on our streets: Convicted Somalian is living in England as lawyers fight his extradition

A rapist whose deportation was halted when airline passengers staged a mutiny is back on the streets after being released on bail, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

Yaqub Ahmed, who should have been deported to his native Somalia last October, was released on bail four weeks ago.

He is now living in the North West as his legal team continue to fight his deportation.


Shamima Begum is on legal aid despite being stripped of UK citizenship: Fury as jihadi bride’s legal fees are paid by taxpayers

Jihadi bride Shamima Begum has been granted legal aid to fight the decision to remove her citizenship, the Mail can reveal today.

In a decision blasted as ‘disgusting’ and ‘ridiculous’ by MPs, lawyers have successfully asked for taxpayers’ cash on her behalf, arguing that Home Secretary Sajid Javid’s decision was unfair on the 19-year-old Islamic State acolyte.

It means taxpayers face a legal bill which could run into hundreds of thousands of pounds to fund the former London schoolgirl’s fight to come back to the UK. She is currently in a refugee camp in Syria.


Shamima Begum ‘stitched jihadis into suicide vests’ say MI6 – she DENIED active role

Miss Punchable Face 2019

MI6 chiefs briefed both Mrs May and Home Secretary Sajid Javid over the East London teenager’s alleged role in preparing jihadis before they carried out suicide attacks.

Begum fled the UK and joined the vile death cult in 2015 when she was just a school girl.

It is known she had three children – all of which have since died – with a jihadi fighter.


Jeremy Corbyn admits Labour ‘ignored’ anti-Semitism in a secretly recorded meeting

Jeremy Corbyn has privately expressed concern that evidence of anti-Semitism in Labour has been ‘mislaid or ignored’, according to reports.

The Labour leader made the comments during a secretly recorded meeting with MP Dame Margaret Hodge, the Sunday Times said.

Mr Corbyn was speaking in February as he outlined his intention to appoint former Cabinet minister Lord Falconer to review the party’s complaints process, the newspaper said.