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British politics has worst record for antisemitism in Europe, poll says

Nearly a third of Jews in UK say they are thinking of emigrating out of fears for their safety

Four out of five Jews in the UK believe antisemitism is a major problem in British politics, the worst record within the EU, and nearly a third are considering leaving Britain out of fears for their safety, according to the world’s largest survey of Jewish people.

The report from the EU’s agency on fundamental rights has found antisemitic hatred and discrimination on the rise across Europe, with attitudes in France, Germany, Belgium and Poland said to be the most disturbing.

The survey of 16,300 Jewish people in Europe found that almost a third avoid attending events or visiting Jewish sites because they do not feel safe.


Islamic State ‘is plotting chemical attack in Britain,’ security chiefs warn

Security chiefs have warned a ‘devastating’ chemical weapons attack in Britain could be more likely than not, according to a report.

The warning reportedly comes after ‘chatter’ between senior Islamic State figures was intercepted.

And there are fears the London Underground could be the target of the detonation of a chlorine bomb, it is reported.

ISIS is believed to have been inspired by the Novichok poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury back in March.


Muslim prison chaplain arrested for trying to smuggle £60,000 worth of Spice to inmates

A Muslim chaplain has been arrested after allegedly trying to smuggle £60,000 worth of illegal drugs into one of Britain’s most notorious prisons.

Mohamed Rawat was caught at Belmarsh jail allegedly carrying more than 60 sheets of paper soaked in the highly addictive synthetic substance spice.

The 49-year-old imam was dramatically detained at the prison gates after a secret probe by the anti-corruption unit at the Category A jail in South East London.


Liverpool council finds 24 adult asylum seekers who are posing as children

A legal fight has begun to stop almost £1million of taxpayers’ money being spent on adult asylum seekers posing as children, it emerged last night.

Since May Liverpool council say 39 refugees whose age was in doubt have arrived in the city.

Following specialist assessments costing £60,000, 24 were found to be adults, while only 15 were under 18. Another 17 cases are under review.


Oh No! Anti-Islam activists get key roles in ‘family-friendly’ Brexit march

A “proudly anti-Islam” Australian activist and a YouTuber who sent a rape tweet to a Labour MP have been handed prominent roles at a “family-friendly” Brexit rally due to take place in London on Sunday, the Guardian has learned.

Avi Yemini, who described Islam as a “barbaric ideology” that had taken over England and described Muslim countries as “Islamic sh**holes”, has flown from Australia to cover the event on social media at the invitation of Tommy Robinson, the activist who is organising the event alongside the Ukip leader, Gerard Batten.

Yemini’s attendance is being funded through online donations in partnership with the Canadian far-right website the Rebel Media, which previously employed Robinson.

I wonder how many fainting couches the Guardian owns?


British Forces Mired in Identity Politics, Army Winning ‘Race for Diversity’

The Armed Forces of the United Kingdom have become mired in identity politics, with the British Army bragging that it is winning the “race for diversity” against the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy.

“[M]ultiple long-term targets [were] set out by the country’s defence and military leaders” to increase military diversity in 2015, according to military interest news source the Forces Network, with an increase in the proportion of BAME (Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic) personnel in the Regular Forces to 10 per cent by 2020 becoming a key target.


Muslim takes local council to High Court because their burial rules ‘breach his human rights’

A Muslim man has taken his local council to the High Court after complaining that their burial rules are infringing on his human rights.

Atta Ul-Haq, a practising Barelvi Muslim, wants to erect a four inch marble edging around his father’s grave to stop people walking across it, an act he described as “deeply offensive” and prohibited by his religion.

His father, Hafiz Qadri, died in 2015 and is buried in Streetly Cemetery in Walsall, West Midlands.


Mr. Mahmood punched his partner in the face at a funfair & then told police attack was acceptable in his culture

Says Allah is OK with beating women.

Mahmood, of Ravensthorpe, initially told police he had only pushed his partner when he was first arrested.

Ms Chapman added: ‘He said it was Asian culture, an open hand to the back to the head to shut them up.

‘When asked if he’d do anything differently he said “no”.’


UK Property Developer Accused of Islamophobia for Editing Out Mosque

Reacting to the apparent photo trickery, local Muslims accused the developer of “trying to pretend” the Mosque doesn’t exist as they fear it may deter would-be customers.

A property developer has drawn criticism for seemingly “airbrushing” a mosque and the Islamic Cultural Society out of promotional material for its new-build high-end apartments in Hornsey, North London.

The firm, Fairview News Homes, apparently edited out the mosque’s dome and minaret, and added a string of trees to cover the rest of the building.

Deceiving potential buyers was very wrong.


That didn’t take long…

Met police officer under criminal investigation for knocking down moped teen

A Metropolitan Police officer who used his car to knock a teenager off his moped in a “tactical contact” has been put under criminal investigation.

The unnamed officer struck the scooter to deliberately stop the 17-year-old youth riding dangerously in Erith, southeast London, in November last year.

…Scotland Yard said the recently-introduced tactic has helped stop dangerous chases and reduced moped crime in London by more than a third.

Looks effective to me.


Sajid Javid defends noting the ethnicity of child grooming gang

The home secretary, Sajid Javid, has defended calling a convicted sexual grooming gang “sick Asian paedophiles”, arguing that noting the ethnicity of the perpetrators was a key element in tackling such crimes.

Discussing wider issues of immigration on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Javid said his comments in a tweet in October, which prompted condemnation from other MPs, were “absolutely appropriate” and did not demonise immigrants.

Referring to the conviction of a grooming gang in Huddersfield that raped and abused girls as young as 11, Javid tweeted: “These sick Asian paedophiles are finally facing justice.”

Ironic given “Asians” is code for Muslims


Adult asylum seeker who posed as a 15-year-old schoolboy to sit GCSEs ‘is still being treated as a child by British authorities’

The Iranian asylum seeker who posed as a 15-year-old GCSE student is still being treated as a child despite him being outed as an adult.

The 6ft 1in man, who came to Britain using the name Siavash, spent six weeks as a Year 11 pupil at Stoke High School in Ipswich, Suffolk, but was only taken out of class when pupils became upset and parents threatened a boycott.

An official probe found he is almost certainly over 18 and should be treated as an adult asylum seeker, which would mean he could be deported if his claim is refused.


Second Telford sex abuse victim ‘told to take her child to see her rapist or face JAIL’

But a second case in only a matter of days will raise concerns as to how many more women and children may have been similarly affected.

The victim – who we are calling Alison to protect her identity – said: “This has been happening for years and it’s an absolute disgrace.

“I was forced to take my child to a contact centre to see my abuser, where I had to sit across from him. He wanted to hurt me by targeting the thing I loved most in the world.

“It was just another way of trying to control me. Despite the fact I’d repeatedly tried to tell police and social services what was going on, the court allowed him to see my child.


UK: Mohammedan death cultists demand “Islamophobia” be recognized as “racism”

Muslim organisations are urging Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn and all other party leaders to adopt a newly proposed working definition of Islamophobia in an attempt to put pressure on a reluctant Home Office to follow suit.

The Muslim Council of Britain and other Islamic groups want the Conservatives and Labour to take the lead in the aftermath of a week marked by public outrage over the alleged racist bullying of a 15-year-old Syrian refugee in Huddersfield.

The definition was set out in a report published by a cross-party group of MPs last week and says: “Islamophobia is rooted in racism and is a type of racism that targets expressions of Muslimness or perceived Muslimness.”