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Nine-in-ten Canadians say ‘no’ to future arms deals with Saudi Arabia; divided over cancelling current one

While Canadians express almost total unanimity about prohibiting future sales of weapons and defence equipment to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the latest public opinion survey from the Angus Reid Institute shows they are evenly divided over the question of what to do about the current, 15-year, $15 billion dollar agreement between this country and the KSA to exchange military goods for cash.


Encana founder Gwyn Morgan blames ‘disastrous’ Trudeau policies for Newfield deal, shift to U.S. focus

Encana Corp.’s founder and former Chief Executive Officer Gwyn Morgan said he’s disappointed by the driller’s US$5.5 billion purchase of Newfield Exploration Co., which moves focus to the U.S. and dashes his hopes that the company would represent Canada on the world stage.


40 per cent of Canadian jobs could be lost to automation, McKinsey chief says

The head of the government’s economic growth advisory council says governments need to craft “new social contracts” with Canadians to avoid deepening income inequality over time.

Dominic Barton said the gulf between rich and poor could become wider as those Canadians who aren’t on the leading edge of technological change are left behind.

That is going to require governments to figure out what to do with older workers who are expected to lose their jobs to technology, said Barton, managing director of global consulting giant McKinsey & Co.

Canada to increase annual immigration admissions to 350,000 by 2021

The figures were announced Wednesday as part of government’s updated multi-year immigration levels plan, which covers the next three years. The target rises annually from 310,000 this year, counting all classes of new arrivals.

The vast majority of these newcomers are coming under economic programs designed to address skills shortages and gaps in the labour market.

Hussen says economic immigration is badly needed in areas across the country that are short on workers and long on older residents.

That’s right, the Trudeau government knows there’s going to be a job shortage and is still importing over 300,000 immigrants per year. This is the same strategy Merkel used – announcing Germany would accept large numbers of migrants for humanitarian reasons when in reality she was enacting population replacement. Trudeau refined her technique by appointing Muslims in top government positions to speed the immigration process (there is a process, right?) and acclimate Canadians to Muslim overlords. At least you’ll have weed and a guaranteed income. Allahu akbar!


Kenneth Green: Bill C-69 — a dagger pointed straight at Alberta

When testifying to the Senate Standing Committee on Energy, the Environment and Natural Resources, University of Guelph professor Ross McKitrick noted the many failings of Bill C-69, currently under review in the Senate, which would replace the National Energy Board (NEB) with a new assessment agency, changing how major resource projects are reviewed in Canada.


Canadians Give Trudeau Bad Marks On Handling Of USMCA

52% say they are “disappointed,” while 37% say they are “pleased.”

Notably, only 41% are disappointed with Canada’s negotiators overall, while 43% are pleased – reflecting the fact that negotiators can only really do what they are ordered to from the top.