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Trudeau is leading Canada to a recession

Trump has attempted to reach a compromise with Canada on numerous occasions, but he’s been rebuked by Trudeau every time. The latest holdup is over Trudeau’s insistence on protecting Canadian culture industries, but do you think the majority of consumers would really like to see less competition in the market?


Canada’s NAFTA waiting game enters new week as U.S. and Mexico work on differences

For five weeks, top officials from both the United States and Mexico have logged many hours of face-to-face talks in Washington on the North American Free Trade Agreement. With signs of progress apparent, the high-level American-Mexican meetings stretched through the weekend.

But even with brightening prospects, Ottawa has remained absent from summertime discussions on a continental pact that’s deeply important for the Canadian economy. A timeline for Canada’s return to the table has yet to be mapped out.


‘We’re not done’; Carbon tax plans could still change more as feds weigh cost to Ontario businesses

In a briefing held with reporters in Ottawa on Thursday, senior officials from Environment and Climate Change Canada told reporters that the prospect of an ongoing trade war with the United States and considerations of how the federal plan could hit Ontario industries mean it’s possible the adjusted targets reported on Wednesday could shift again before they go into effect.


Canadian Business Analyst: Trudeau Intentionally Sinking Canadian Economy for Anti-Trump Political Benefit

Several days ago I noticed a well-connected Canadian business analyst, Manny Montenegrino, had a considerable assembly of facts, examples, data-points and details to support his proposition that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was intentionally collapsing his own economy.


Justin From Canada Calls President Trump to Talk Tariffs and NAFTA

There’s no mention of any response, in any way, not even inferred, from President Trump. The report is uni-directional…. Justin is doing all the talking…. Meaning POTUS Trump is going silent and deep; which is his exact historic pattern. Not good news for Justin and Chrystia from Canada.