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France Is Investigating Russia’s Supposed Role In Promoting Yellow Vest Riots

French security services are looking into whether Russian outlets boosted hashtags promoting the protests, Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said in a Sunday local radio interview. His comments come after reports showed that 600 Twitter accounts pushed the anti-carbon tax protests.

Anti-carbon tax protests would have ended when the carbon tax was rescinded.


The Riots In France Aren’t Just About Gas Taxes, But About The West’s Decline

While protests and car-burnings are actually common in France, what’s happening now is much worse than usual and will not go away anytime soon. What observers should know is that this is not about fuel prices or Macron’s incompetence; this is about the fall of the West.


Crowd rallies on Parliment Hill to demand government intervene in transfer of child-killer Terri-Lynne McClintic to healing lodge

About a hundred people crowded the steps in front of the Peace Tower on Parliament Hill Friday chanting “Send her back” and “Life means life,” in the hopes of convincing the federal government to transfer convicted murderer Terri-Lynne McClintic out of an Indigenous healing lodge and back to a maximum security prison.


BLM and Antifa Agitators Take Over Street in Portland to Protest Police Shooting

Portland authorities allowed a small group of Black Lives Matter and antifa protesters to take over a busy street in downtown Portland over the weekend, where they redirected traffic and bullied drivers — and it wasn’t for the first time.


WATCH: Anti-Kavanaugh Protesters Being Arrested in Droves at Supreme Court and Capitol Buildings

If you’re looking for some great footage to view on a pleasant Saturday afternoon, forget Netflix or Hulu and instead, join me for a review of the scene in D.C. right now, as what appears to be dozens of proteseters are being handcuffed during increasingly mob-like anti-Kavanaugh protests.