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BLM and Antifa Agitators Take Over Street in Portland to Protest Police Shooting

Portland authorities allowed a small group of Black Lives Matter and antifa protesters to take over a busy street in downtown Portland over the weekend, where they redirected traffic and bullied drivers — and it wasn’t for the first time.


WATCH: Anti-Kavanaugh Protesters Being Arrested in Droves at Supreme Court and Capitol Buildings

If you’re looking for some great footage to view on a pleasant Saturday afternoon, forget Netflix or Hulu and instead, join me for a review of the scene in D.C. right now, as what appears to be dozens of proteseters are being handcuffed during increasingly mob-like anti-Kavanaugh protests.


Portland braces itself for violent clashes between right-wing and antifa protesters

Portland, Oregon, is bracing for what could be another round of violent clashes between a right-wing group and self-described anti-fascist counterprotesters who have pledged to keep Patriot Prayer and other affiliated groups out of this ultra-liberal city.

Live 3PM EST: ‘Patriot Prayer’ rally in Portland – counter demo expected


NEW REPORT: Leftists Planning To Disrupt Tonight’s Trump Rally in North Dakota

Sources in Minnesota/North Dakota tell Big League Politics that buses of people have left Minnesota to infiltrate the rally. Their plan is already in motion. They got there early to fill up the arena first. The plan is to fill the arena up and then once the doors close and no one else can go in, that they will do a mass walkout when President Donald Trump takes the stage.