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Muslim protester who hit police officer at Tommy Robinson rally spared jail

Omar Mohamad, 62, scuffled with Sergeant Guy Rooney and left him with a severely bruised face at a counter protest in Hyde Park in March 2018. The officer suffered from post traumatic stress and his injury was so bad his children refused to walk to school with him.


Far-left group has serious plans to disrupt #FreeTommy rally in London today

Today’s protest to free Tommy Robinson, that will take place in London, will face organised resistance of at least one far-left group. The “Stand Up To Racism” (SUTR) initiative, calls Robinson a ‘violent racist’ and made a counter-protest event on Facebook.


Muslims To Protest Trump By Eating Food Outside Of His House

Liberals have been trying in vain to get rid of the freely-elected President of the United States for a year and a half now, but those crafty bastards at the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) may have finally figured out a way to get rid of Trump for good. Muslims are planning an anti-Trump protest where, now get this, Muslims will eat food near the White House. I honestly don’t see how the Trump presidency can survive this brutal smack-down.


Thousands of patriots protest against ‘criminal’ Angela Merkel in Berlin

More than 2,000 police officers were needed to protect the peaceful AfD protesters against 25,000 leftist counter-protesters. Antifa related websites earlier said that they would destroy Berlin during its counter-protest, because Berlin gave permission for the AfD demonstration.


David Hogg Promotes ‘Die In’ At Florida Publix Grocery Stores

Vicious Rat Face Commie Reminds Me Of The Monty Python Skit ‘Piranha Brothers’.

Publix grocery stores which are among the best in the country, are clean and make one hell of a deli sandwich is the latest target of a sinister and despicable campaign of lies and demonization that’s being spearheaded by the far-left Tampa Bay Times, a paper owned by the Poynter Institute. This nexus of propaganda is partially funded by George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, Pierre Omidyar’s dirty money and the National Endowment for Democracy which are all three integral components of the regime change machine.


MSNBC Panel Frets Ban on NFL Kneeling, Talks Up Cutting Anthem

Football Kneegroes

After Todd bemoaned that the decision means players “have to abide by the owners’ political views,” TheWashington Post‘s Ruth Marcus declared that she never understood why people “have a cow” over the kneeling, and Savage pushed to end the “pageantry of hyper-patriotism” that began at the games after the 9/11 attacks.

Before long it will be illegal to sing the National Anthem or recite the Pledge of Allegiance.


At least 37 Palestinians killed, 900 wounded in rioting over move of US diplomatic headquarters

The bloodiest day in weeks could get even worse as Israel vows to hold back protesters and stop them from breaching the border at any cost. Over 35,000 protesters at 12 locations have amassed along the Gaza fence.

They’re being paid $1000 each to breach the border.


Chaos reigns at Camp Cloud: Trudeau fails to stop “mayhem” at Kinder Morgan work sites

On Monday Global News visited the hobo squat that anti-pipeline protesters in Burnaby BC call, Camp Cloud.

Global reporter, Jordan Armstrong, said his news crew was threatened with violence, accused of racism and told not to film on public property where the protesters had set up their tents.