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Climate change likely to cause more Catherine McKenna sewage leaks

Climate change likely to cause more sewage leaks, Environment Minister Catherine McKenna warns

McKenna said Tuesday that climate change is expected to bring about more frequent storms, like the flash flood rainfall in Toronto a week ago that left the harbourfront waters covered in debris from the toilets of millions of Toronto residents.

“This is a real problem,” McKenna said.


FAKE NEWS: ‘Nat Geo’ Photographer Admits Viral Photo Of Polar Bear ‘Dying From Climate Change’ Is False

One year later, National Geographic has finally admitted to facilitating “fake news” regarding climate change. The magazine’s most viral video ever, which featured heart-wrenching images of a starving polar bear, perpetuated the narrative that the animal’s imminent death was caused by climate change. However, the climate change aspect of the story is void of any real evidence.


Environmentalists Claim In Court They Had No Choice But To Vandalize A Pipeline

A group of environmentalists are claiming “necessity defense” regarding their attempts in 2016 to shut down two pipelines, arguing that the threat of climate change is so imminent that they were justified in their actions. The Minnesota Court of Appeals in April ruled in their favor. The Minnesota Supreme Court subsequently declined to review this decision, allowing the protesters to fight their criminal charges using the necessity defense strategy.


Assistant director of Swedish newspaper blames catastrophic forest fires on ‘elderly white men’

In the article Liljestrand writes that because older white men deny climate change and also have a way of overconsumption they therefore cause the largest carbon dioxide emissions in the world.

The only person Liljestrand has met in recent years who “denied climate change” was an elderly Swedish man, he writes. “This single episode has caused me to blame all the fires, the chaos, (…) on older white men.”


David Suzuki column: We can’t hide from global warming’s consequences

Despite the calamity unfolding before our eyes, many people and organizations still cast doubt on climate science and scientists, and politicians and governments fight against the very measures critical to addressing the crisis and ensuring the planet’s climate remains stable enough for good human health and survival.


Stop The Madness: Everything ‘Contributes To’ Climate Change Including Your Breath And Your Cat

Earlier this month, The New York Times featured an article titled “Hockey in the Desert.” The article concluded that by building a hockey stadium in Las Vegas, the National Hockey League was contributing to climate change. The phrase “contributing to” is used over and over by political leaders and the media to voice concern about human-caused global warming, but “contributing to climate change” is a meaningless phrase.