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Let’s Do Follow The Climate Money!

Nothing that is required to harness breezes and sunshine to power civilization is clean, green, renewable, climate-friendly or sustainable. Tens of billions of tons of rock would have to be removed, to extract billions of tons of ores, to create millions of tons of metals, concrete and other materials, to manufacture millions of wind turbines and solar panels, and install them on millions of acres of wildlife habitats – to generate expensive, intermittent energy that would be grossly insufficient for humanity’s needs. Every step in this process requires fossil fuels – and some of the mining involves child labor.


6 positive advancements against climate change to lead us into 2019

Global carbon emissions may be on the rise and poised to reach an all-time high this year, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t positive climate news to talk about. If you are looking for some uplifting stories about the environment as we close out 2018 and head into the new year, here are six reasons to be hopeful in spite of climate change.


Someone at the Globe thought it was a good idea to publish this hysteria… A holly, jolly Christmas – while the planet burns

Christmas is a complicated time of year. There’s the Yuletide carol and gay apparel, the peace on earth and goodwill toward man. There are wonderful acts of charity and more acts of shopping. There’s food, music, and for some, religion. And then there’s the end-of-year, off-the-treadmill downtime for reflection. And the fact that the planet is going to hell in a handbag.


The Green Farce at Katowice

It is tempting to dismiss the just-ended environmental circus at Katowice as mere additional demonstration of Charles Mackay’s ‘madness of crowds,’ syndrome, but this would mean missing its intensely political nature as a frontal assault on capitalism and the last great hope of the Left to do away with the hated free market. COP-24, as the Katowice cabal making the rules and declarations is known, was but the 24th iteration of the United Nations Climate Change Conference that was originally dedicated to fighting global warming until the name became inconvenient when temperatures refused to cooperate with the mantra. It is already clear that COP-24, like most of the previous confabs, will do nothing more than punt fighting the promised doom of us all to a future date.


Make damn sure Trudeau is voted out in 2019 – Nearly 200 nations agree on framework for Paris Climate Agreement

Nearly 200 nations overcame political divisions on Saturday to agree on rules for implementing a landmark global climate deal, but critics say it is not ambitious enough to prevent the dangerous effects of global warming.

After two weeks of talks in the Polish city of Katowice, nations finally reached consensus on a more detailed framework for the 2015 Paris Agreement which aims to limit a rise in average world temperatures to “well below” two degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) above pre-industrial levels.

If you vote Liberal you will have voted to impoverish yourself and your neighbors.


Green Madness

The doctrine of deep ecology declares that we must keep our hands off the divine order of nature—even if it kills us.

During his time in the White House, Barack Obama, along with Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State John Kerry, and other administration officials, asserted that man-made climate change was the greatest threat to humanity’s future—not just one threat among others, or a pretty big one, but the greatest. As recent Pew research makes clear, far more Americans on the political left think that climate change is a big deal than do those on the right, and since the Left is typically more secular and the Right more religious, we see a spiritual paradox: on the environment, those on the left are the true (if pagan) believers, while those on the right are the dogmatic “atheists” (the whole climate thing is just an exaggerated crisis cooked up by liberal elites and the fake media).