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Bill Nye: Taxing Cow Farts a ‘Fantastic Thing for the World’

“Well, this is what we can do and it’s a win-win: to have a fee on carbon. So if you are raising livestock and producing a lot of carbon dioxide with your farm equipment and the exhaust from the animals, then you would pay a fee on that and it would be reflected in the price of meat, reflected in the price of fish, reflected in the price of peanuts,” Bill Nye said in a recent interview with the Daily Beast.


Feds have pledged $2 billion to protect communities from natural disasters. Here’s what it means for Calgary

The money could be used for big-ticket items such as the Springbank dam or a new reservoir upstream on the Bow River. It’ll need to happen under a tight deadline, however, and amid fierce competition — city staff have until July 31 to submit initial applications for a piece of the fund, vying against the rest of Canada for the same parcel of federal cash.


Scientists Confirm That Climate Change is Coming for Your Kids

Climate change may disproportionately harm children’s health, according to new research in Pediatrics. And the numbers are shocking. Researchers suspect that kids may bear up to 88 percent of the disease burden as temperatures and sea levels rise due to human-caused climate change. Especially worrisome is the projected increase in deaths due to malaria, diarrhea, and nutritional deficiencies—three conditions that hit children the hardest.

They’ve set a record for the use of qualifiers in this article.


California To Demand People Sacrifice and Suffer For The God Of Global Warming

Some people like solar panels on their homes because it’s free electricity, and are promised that any excess energy will be used as a credit against nighttime demands for electricity. Indeed, there is an allure of being disconnected from any grid and being energy self-sufficient. But for new housing tracts, this means adding tens of thousands of dollars upfront for marginal gains later. But this sacrifice to appease the God of Global Warming is deemed sufficient enough to not only offset “carbon” in the atmosphere, but also to assuage the guilt of the rich as the poor suffer in hell-holes in neo-Feudal California.


GOLDSTEIN: Scheer’s carbon fantasies as bad as Trudeau’s

It’s bad enough when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau misleads Canadians by claiming we can reach our international commitments to reduce industrial greenhouse gas emissions linked to climate change through his national carbon pricing plan.

But it’s no better when Conservative leader Andrew Scheer claims he can do so without the measure if he wins the 2019 election, as he said Sunday on CTV’s Question Period, adding, “The Liberals would love to have people believe that the choice is a carbon tax or nothing. I reject that.”


Ontario’s power-price crisis — how it happened and who got hurt

Ontario’s power troubles began after the provincial government began phasing-out coal power generation in 2005. But electricity prices really took off in 2009 when the government launched its Green Energy Act, which features a program to provide long-term guaranteed contracts to generators with renewable sources (wind, solar, etc.) at a fixed, above-market price.