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Warming hurting shellfish, aiding predators, ruining habitat

The scientists reached the conclusion in studying the decline in the harvest of four commercially important species of shellfish in coastal areas from Maine to North Carolina — eastern oysters, northern quahogs, softshell clams and northern bay scallops. They reported that their findings came down squarely on the side of a warming ocean environment and a changing climate, and not excessive harvest by fishermen.


Media Outlets Attempt To Spin a Global Warming Narrative on Migrant Caravan

Media outlets want you to know the Central American migrant caravan heading to the U.S.-Mexico border isn’t just about fleeing poverty and violence, it’s also about global warming.

The Guardian cited “experts” who “say the big picture is that changing climate is forcing farmers off their land – and it’s likely to get worse.” The Huffington Post said the migrant caravan “foreshadows” what’s to come with global warming.

Likewise, E&E News called the caravan a “preview of climate migrations” — that is people driven from their homes due to man-made global warming.


Kevin Libin: Trudeau’s carbon plan is so much worse than just a tax

The federal Liberals were, curiously, still calling it the “Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change” on Tuesday when they unveiled the details of the carbon tax they’ll be imposing on any provinces that don’t already have one. But that certainly gives a pretty good indication just how detached the entire plan has come from reality.