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Feds could tell you when to drive if carbon price law stands, court told

The federal government will end up with the power to regulate almost every facet of life — such as when you can drive or where you can live — if its law aimed at curbing harmful greenhouse gas emissions is allowed to stand, Ontario’s top court heard Monday.

Ottawa’s climate-change law is so broad, a lawyer for the province told the start of a four-day Appeal Court hearing, that it would give the federal government powers that would be destabilizing to Canada in the name of curbing the cumulative effects of global-warming emissions.

That’s a feature not a bug!


REPORT: Canada’s Middle Class Is Shrinking, And The Carbon Tax Will Make Things Much Worse

Yet another Justin Trudeau promise has been broken.

Trudeau has repeatedly talked about the middle class, using that phrase as an excuse for every policy he brings in.

But as Canadians have seen, Justin Trudeau’s policies have been terrible for Canada’s middle class.

On the bright side, only 12 years left before climate change kills us all.


Fact check: Does the Liberal carbon tax leave 8 out of 10 families better off?

“Climate change is real and it requires real solutions,” Environment Minister Catherine McKenna said on Twitter on April 1. “It’s a fact that pricing pollution is the most cost-effective way to cut pollution. Our plan will also leave 8 out of 10 families better off, with an Ontario family of four receiving a #ClimateActionIncentive rebate of $307.”


Worried about the climate and carbon taxes? What to know about Ottawa’s new electric-vehicle incentive

Canada is warming twice as fast the rest of the world with “irreversible effects,” the country just learned from a new scientific report from Environment and Climate Change Canada.

The release of the study roughly coincided with the rollout of the federal carbon tax, which adds 4.4 cents to the price of a litre of gas for consumers in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and New Brunswick. Meanwhile, Canadians in most other jurisdictions have to contend with their own provincial carbon levies.


Here’s what the carbon tax means for you

Historically, we’ve thought of pollution as a problem caused by a few factories. Climate change is different and urgent.

Only half of Canada’s carbon emissions come from big industrial sources. The rest come from small sources like motor vehicles, buildings and landfills. We can’t meet our goal to stabilize the global climate unless all sources are part of the solution.


GOLDSTEIN: Carbon credits could cost Canadian taxpayers billions

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s national carbon price alone will not achieve the industrial greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction commitments he made in the United Nations’ 2015 Paris climate accord.

Taxpayers will have to spend billions of dollars more to reach Canada’s target of cutting emissions to 30% below 2005 levels by 2030.


France Is Investigating Russia’s Supposed Role In Promoting Yellow Vest Riots

French security services are looking into whether Russian outlets boosted hashtags promoting the protests, Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said in a Sunday local radio interview. His comments come after reports showed that 600 Twitter accounts pushed the anti-carbon tax protests.

Anti-carbon tax protests would have ended when the carbon tax was rescinded.


France prey to ‘poison’ that caused Brexit says Emmanuel Macron, as he tries to defuse ‘yellow vest’ protests

Mr Macron has been under pressure to defuse popular anger over planned hikes in “green taxes” on diesel and petrol which has morphed into a wider revolt against basic living costs, high taxes, and a sense of state abandonment in suburban and provincial France.


Doug Ford promises to balance books, targets Trudeau and team at PC convention

Premier Doug Ford promised to balance Ontario’s budget, without providing specifics, while broadening his attack on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax at a gathering of Progressive Conservative party faithful on Friday.