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France Is Investigating Russia’s Supposed Role In Promoting Yellow Vest Riots

French security services are looking into whether Russian outlets boosted hashtags promoting the protests, Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said in a Sunday local radio interview. His comments come after reports showed that 600 Twitter accounts pushed the anti-carbon tax protests.

Anti-carbon tax protests would have ended when the carbon tax was rescinded.


France prey to ‘poison’ that caused Brexit says Emmanuel Macron, as he tries to defuse ‘yellow vest’ protests

Mr Macron has been under pressure to defuse popular anger over planned hikes in “green taxes” on diesel and petrol which has morphed into a wider revolt against basic living costs, high taxes, and a sense of state abandonment in suburban and provincial France.


Doug Ford promises to balance books, targets Trudeau and team at PC convention

Premier Doug Ford promised to balance Ontario’s budget, without providing specifics, while broadening his attack on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax at a gathering of Progressive Conservative party faithful on Friday.


GOLDSTEIN: Flawed carbon tax of the Liberal anointed

Twenty-three years ago, the great American conservative thinker Thomas Sowell provided this cogent analysis of how the liberal political/media anointed dominate the discussion of major political issues today.

See if it reminds you of any current political debate in Canada, even though it was written by Sowell in 1995 about American politics, in his seminal book, The Vision of the Anointed: Self-Congratulation as a Basis for Social Policy.

“Despite the great variety of issues in a series of crusading movements among the intelligentsia during the twentieth century,” Sowell writes, “several key elements have been common to most of them”:

  1. Assertions of a great danger to the whole society, a danger to which the masses of people are oblivious.
  2. An urgent need for action to avert impending catastrophe.
  3. A need for government to drastically curtail the dangerous behaviour of the many, in response to the prescient conclusions of the few.
  4. A disdainful dismissal of arguments to the contrary as either uniformed, irresponsible, or motivated by unworthy purposes.

GOLDSTEIN: Making a scene over carbon spat

The fight, purportedly over climate change, between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and federal environment minister Catherine McKenna, versus Ontario Premier Doug Ford and environment minister Rod Phillips, isn’t really about that.

Rather, it’s a morality play about money. Ours.


Ford says voters should ‘get rid of Justin Trudeau’ next year

Progressive Conservative Premier Doug Ford is urging Canadian voters to topple Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in next year’s federal election.

Introducing Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer at Queen’s Park as “the next prime minister of Canada,” Ford stepped up his attacks on Trudeau over the Liberals’ plan to put a price on carbon to tackle climate change.


Ford Government Ends Cap & Trade Carbon Tax, Rips Trudeau’s “Punishing” New Tax

The Ford Government has passed Bill 4, which ends the cap and trade carbon tax.

The government says the move will save the average Ontario family $260 per year, particularly through gas price reductions. The move will also help business lower their costs, making it possible to compete and create more jobs.