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Extinction Rebellion: the new millenarian cult

There is something spooky about these bourgeois rioters.

Over the past week, large groups of protesters have brought traffic to a standstill in central London. They have glued themselves to bus stops, pavements and Jeremy Corbyn’s fence. They have stood on top of trains, barricaded bridges, painted slogans on corporate headquarters and planted trees in the streets. Meanwhile, politicians have remained on holiday or cowered in Westminster. The police appear to have no idea what to do when confronted by a mass of people who don’t care if they are arrested. This is Extinction Rebellion (XR) – a new environmental protest movement that is spreading across the country.


CBC: Meat and the environment – Do Canadians know what’s at stake? I don’t care I want a BBQ Meat Vending Machine

The CBC’s latest eco-rant says you should replace meat with Rabbit Food – Meat and the environment: Do Canadians know what’s at stake? – I say we install meat vending machines at all CBC facilities.

Michigan restaurant installs barbecue meat vending machine

(CNN) — Do you ever have late night cravings for some really good barbecue or smokehouse meat — and can’t find a restaurant that’s still open?

Well, a Michigan company has come up with a solution for that very problem — a meat vending machine.


Partying police FINALLY go in to clear eco-mob protesters after four days of disruption

An army of up to 100 police officers has closed in on Oxford Circus and started arresting Extinction Rebellion (XR) activists who have brought central London to a standstill all week.

But hopes of a swift resolution to the four-day standoff quickly waned as the size of the protesting crowd swelled to almost twice its previous size, led by a samba band and drummers arriving from Marble Arch to reinforce the Oxford Circus protest.

Police arrived just hours after six officers were filmed delicately stepping over seated protesters rather than arresting them while eco-warriors around them cheered.


The European left’s ‘Extinction Rebellion’ is more radical than even the ‘Green New Deal’

The Dems’ Green New Deal is simply an adaptation of the recent sustainability movement, but another movement with European origins is even more radical.  Both use climate activism to disguise its core intentions of socialist indoctrination.

A review of a Finnish-to-English translation from “The Ilmastotiede blog” in “Watts Up With That?,” titled “The New Green Threat: Extinction Rebellion,” exposed the spinoff of the sustainability movement.


Sweet: Shell Oil which supports Trudeau’s carbon tax has HQ windows smashed by eco-lunatics in London protest

Extinction Rebellion: Shell HQ windows smashed as climate protest blocks London roads

Three men have been arrested after the London headquarters of major oil firm Shell was targeted by climate change protesters as Extinction Rebellion (XR) demonstrations were staged across the capital.

Police were called to the Shell Centre, near Waterloo station, to reports of a disturbance after the building’s revolving doors were shattered and graffiti was daubed on to the building.

Scotland Yard confirmed three men were arrested on suspicion of criminal damage.

Messages such as “Shell kills” were sprayed on to the property, while a female climate change activist glued herself to the door of the building.

Shell supports the hated Trudeau carbon tax: Shell urges Canada’s oil lobby group to support carbon tax


We’ve taken Marble Arch! Thousands of climate protesters block roads and bring parts of London to a standstill

Thousands of environmental protesters blocked Waterloo Bridge, Oxford Circus and Marble Arch today as they tried to bring London to a standstill in a co-ordinated day of action at five landmarks.

Transport for London told of widespread disruption amid 20 bus routes being diverted, with organisers of the Extinction Rebellion group claiming up to 30,000 eco-protesters are expected to block major routes today.

But it appeared that only thousands, rather than tens of thousands, of people had gathered by the time the protests began at 11am today – with Parliament Square and Piccadilly Circus their other two targets.

The new religion.


The Terrors Of Dr.Suzuki

In the 2010 film Force of Nature: The David Suzuki Movie and a related National Film Board interactive website, famed Canadian environmentalist David Suzuki indicts “suicidal” human population and economic growth by drawing an analogy between its impact on our finite planet and exponential bacterial growth in a test tube full of food. In the latter system, one bacterium divides every minute. At the beginning there is only one, but a minute later there are two bacteria. At two minutes there are four, at three minutes eight, at four minutes 16, and so on. At 59 minutes, we are told, the tube is only half full, but due to exponential growth at 60 minutes it will be full – and all the food will be gone. The camera swoops in for a close-up of Suzuki as he delivers the kicker: “Every scientist I’ve talked to agrees we’re past the fifty-ninth minute!”


Yes, David Suzuki, you are what you do

If indeed all politics is local, then surely all carbon footprints are correspondingly individual.

After all, the vast majority of us have two feet, which we use to plod about this earth using energy in various forms and differing degrees.

So can you imagine anything more individually wasteful in burning such energy — with those resulting carbon emissions — than buying and using a holiday home on the other side of the planet?

Equally, can you imagine anything more hypocritical as turning around to lecture other folk about the dreadful environmental damage caused by burning various oils, including, of course, jet fuel?