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CBC refers to communists who want to confiscate private property as “advocates”

Why advocates say expropriating unused buildings could help solve Toronto’s housing shortage

“The city should take any and all land possible that’s not being used and build social housing,” said Yogi Acharya, an organizer with the coalition pushing for the expropriation of 214-230 Sherbourne St., a cluster of lots near Dundas Street East.


Leaning to the Left

It is a much-discussed phenomena that the majority of the so-called mainstream media in Canada – the established newspapers, radio and television networks – tend to favour a left-leaning news perspective. In some instances, this is not surprising. For example, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) is typically funded from the public purse more lavishly when a Liberal government is in power in Ottawa. Shortly after being elected in 2015, the Trudeau government poured several hundred million more taxpayer dollars into the CBC than the $1 billion or so they were already receiving, so their subsequent cheerleading for Trudeau and all things Liberal doesn’t exactly come as a big shock. What is surprising in the case of the CBC is that there are still some Canadians who actually believe their coverage is fairly balanced.


Terence Corcoran: Forget firing the CBC’s far-left ideologues. Just unfund it

…As intellectually warped as the Mesley/Barton smears on Bernier were — and warped is the right word — talk of firing and sanctions is misplaced. The problem certainly demands radical reform, but you can’t fire journalists for doing the very job the CBC hired them to do: to front for a state-funded corporate news organization that has become, by design, a purveyor of leftism and social activism.


Maxime Bernier is furious after being interviewed by the CBC — and he may have a point

After a CBC interview aired Sunday, Maxime Bernier’s Twitter account launched into an angry rant, accusing host Wendy Mesley of a “smear job.”

The tweets linked to the video, arguing that Mesley fabricated a story “about a libertarian conspiracy funded by US billionaires, and implies with her repeated questions about it that I violate Canadian electoral laws.”

Mesley pushed back on the same platform, saying she never made that claim. Bernier said she implied it via repeated questions.


CBC left out names of Arab Canadians charged with armed robberies

CBC, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, described the suspects of armed robberies as “26-year-old from Brampton” and “25-year-old from Toronto” while Peel Police identified the suspects by their names “Aynla Mustafa Hassan” and “Mossab Abdelrahim”.

Here’s the CBC article.

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Shorter CBC… How can we shit on the 9/11 memorial day?

By running this: Light beams from 9/11 memorial pull in huge flocks of migrating birds

Leave it to CBC to run a biased piece on how NYC’s 9/11 memorial lights are wantonly KILLING SONGBIRDS! An unfortunate but only once yearly event that even the subject’s interviewed admit is in fact only a very small aspect of a much larger problem.

I bet the CBC’s buildings kill far more birds on an annual basis.


Ford government undermining media report asshats at CBC who lied about the provenance of Terrorist Faisal Hussain’s “Family Statement”

From the people who foisted the Big Lie of the Hussain family Statement on an unsuspecting Canadian public…

‘It’s not news’: Doug Ford’s Ontario News Now attempts to muzzle media, experts say

One political propaganda outlet criticizing another. Nope, no irony there.


Why should we pay for the CBC? A now proven Islamist propaganda mouthpiece for the NCCM and LPC.

The CBC was a key partner in the effort to cover up the Muslim terrorist attack in Toronto going so far as to serve as the covert mouthpiece of an associate of the NCCM, an Islamist propaganda outlet linked to the terrorist front group CAIR USA.

The CBC was first to issue the now infamous “Hussain Family” statement – a now proven fabrication in its entirety concocted as part of that cover up.

How far does the rot extend? My suspicion is that members of the Liberal Party of Canada friendly to the NCCM assisted this cover up. The LPC has no shortage of shady Islamists within its ranks who have openly demonstrated their desire to further their agenda via useful idiot Trudeau.

How else to explain the “Hussain Family” statement? The CBC issued this heinous lie as fact without revealing its dubious provenance. As easy as if doing a “favour” for a fellow traveler.

This was clearly an effort to manipulate the news, it wasn’t an error as subsequent articles were generated to garner sympathy for the Muslim terrorist and all of them maintained the talking points established in the “family” statement. Much of Canada’s incestuous MSM were equally complicit.

The CBC reporter who was 1st to issue the debunked “statement” should be fired as should her supervising editors etc.

Will anything be done about this? Will the CBC face an inquiry? Will anyone pay a price? Of course not.

But we will remain stuck paying the bill for an organization that does not represent us and that we want no part of.

The CBC does not represent Canadians or Canada, it is a sick culture that has now been revealed to actively manipulate the “news” to fit a dangerous agenda.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the the Muslim terror attack in Toronto. I believe them.


Islamophonia: CBC aghast Quebecois aren’t enthused about “celebrating” the misogyny of girls 9 to 12 wearing the hijab

Fearing backlash from Quebec’s far-right, venues cancel Muslim event celebrating hijab

School board, reception hall abruptly backed out of contracts after social media outcry

It’s called child abuse.

A Muslim community group in Montreal was forced to move an event twice in two days after both venues faced pressure from far-right groups.

For the past two years, the Centre Communautaire Musulman de Montreal (CCMM) has rented an auditorium in an east-end high school, where it has held an annual event that celebrates the decision of girls aged nine to 12 to wear the hijab.

…But on Thursday, the Journal de Montréal ran a column by Lise Ravary under the headline “Abuse of young girls at the CSDM.” It was critical of the school board’s decision to let the Muslim group use the auditorium.

Of course the CBC, that stalwart of leftist feminist group think, has rang the Islamophobia alarm bell. The hypocrites gladly throw children under the bus rather than denounce an evil practice by a anti-woman cult.