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CBC News Top Source Used By Foreign Influence Campaigns On Twitter… Not surprised their stance aligns with Iran, Russia and Venezuela

Talk about burying the lede… Twitter trolls stoked debates about immigrants and pipelines in Canada, data show

The trolls appeared well-versed in Canadian debates about pipelines, quoting and retweeting prominent figures. The account of Greenpeace Canada climate and energy campaigner Mike Hudema, for instance, was the eighth-most retweeted by trolls. Hudema has been highly critical of Canadian pipeline projects and oilsands developments. The trolls retweeted him 53 times.

CBC News was the account that saw the most troll retweets.

The CBC is a foreign country. No doubt the CBC agenda was found to closely align with the interests of Iran, Venezuela & Russia.


CBC speculates wildly about how Alexandre Bissonette’s sentence could fuel Canada’s far-right

But I think regardless of what the sentence was going to be it was always going to be seen by the far right as, you know, inappropriate for someone like this — one of their heroes, if you will — to be held to full account by the law anyway.

So it’s going to be used as more of the platform I think to create a martyr of Bissonnette.

Has anyone met or otherwise communicated with anybody who approved of Bissonnette’s actions? Who would consider him a martyr? I haven’t. But like myself any reader/commenter of this blog is almost certainly labeled “far-right” by the CBC and company. The goal as always is to smear critics of multiculturalism, diversity and our nation’s destructive immigration policy.

CBC “Far-Right” Story Recipe


CBC can’t beat Netflix’s ‘imperialism’ with subsidized Cancon nobody watches

As she may now regret having done, CBC president Catherine Tait wandered off script last week to compare the popularity of Netflix, a U.S. multinational, with the French and British empires. You have to be careful, she reminded us, taking a trope from Donald Trump, of the harm foreign influences can do to domestic communities. Nineteenth-century Brits may have thought they were doing good by painting the globe pink, but many of those painted didn’t agree.

There’s nothing worse you can call somebody in this day and age than “imperialist.” Unless maybe it’s “settler” or “white male.” But give Mme President the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps it’s not so great if everyone in the world (I exaggerate) gets their entertainment from the same source.

I don’t subscribe to Netflix and don’t watch CBC but do visit the news site. We do have cable TV though but will likely cut the cord – one day. Hollywood? There are only so many SJW actors and Superhero movies one can stomach in a lifetime, I have seen my fill. Cancon has always seemed a sort of 3rd rate cheerleading squad, patronizing and too often the product of toxic leftists giving grants to their equally toxic friends.


DZSURDZSA: If you’re a populist, the Liberals think you’re poor and stupid

Soon after Maxime Bernier founded the People’s Party of Canada, the mainstream media pursued a campaign to undermine and slander the PPC as a gathering grounds for racists, the uneducated and the backward thinking.

National treasures like Maclean’s writer Paul Wells called the PPC voter base the “stupidest people on Twitter”.


Liberal Party Water Carrier CBC Calls Trudeau Created Refugee Shelter Fiasco Currently Burdening Tax Payers A “Housing Crunch”

Big city mayors call for emergency federal funding to deal with housing crunch

Oh it’s a “housing crunch.” That’s what they’re calling the costly and grossly mismanaged faux refugee fiasco created by PM Idiot. And we’re expected to ignore the fact that our tax dollars are being frittered away to solve yet another Liberal Party vote whoring identity-politics scam.



CBC Breaking Story! Doug Ford Met With Someone Liberals Don’t Like! The Horror! The Horror!

Ontario Premier Doug Ford held a one-on-one meeting with Jordan Peterson a week after the controversial university professor publicly urged Ford to abolish the province’s human rights commission, CBC News has learned.

The meeting was revealed in Ford’s appointment calendar for October and November, obtained through a freedom of information request. CBC News made the request because Ford is not providing the media with his daily public itinerary, breaking from the practice of previous premiers.

Translated from CBCspeak into real world language “controversial” means someone who exposes the liberal-left for the totalitarian asshats they are. Peterson’s comment on the HRC is spot on, anyone who has followed that Star Chamber’s Stalinesque antics would agree.


CBC runs “over-the-top diatribe” against PPC candidate Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson

The CBC’s headline on a story about the People’s Party of Canada candidate in a Vancouver area by-election read: “Bernier’s party taps anti-‘trans agenda’ activist as candidate in Burnaby-South” and the article goes on to vilify Laura-Lynn Tyler Thomson in every way possible.


Adults pimping children: Normalization of Prepubescent Drag as Grooming

If pre-teen “drag-queen” “Desmond is Amazing” dancing for money at an adult gay bar is not enough to make you consider the possibility that this entire “pre-pubescent children being dressed up in drag” might be a sign of grooming…

Yes it is grooming , yes it is child porn, yes it is sick deviant behavior on the part of the adults who pimp these children. The CBC is one such pimp.



Maxime Bernier Challenges Left-lean CBC to Ask Justin Trudeau if He Still Believes in a “World Parliament”

In the interview, the CBC female reporter acts as if the evidences of “Liberal’s support of the UN’s One World Government” are just Maxime Bernier’s facts, while it’s supposed to be the media’s job to already know and be reporting on these facts.


CBC goes all in for ChiCom party line

Trump’s Huawei threat a risk to Canadian and global tech in 2019: Don Pittis

Reports that U.S. President Donald Trump is threatening to up the stakes in his battle with Chinese tech giant Huawei in 2019 seem at first glance the kind of Trumpian sniping the world has grown to expect.

But if it is true, as Reuters reported this past week, that Trump may sign an executive order prohibiting U.S. firms from buying Huawei technology, the issue goes far beyond Huawei and 5G wireless networks to one that could transform the global tech industry. And not for the better.

The reason is that Huawei — and Chinese chip maker ZTE, which the U.S. president also threatened to ban — are not unique. Instead, they are merely a couple of examples of Chinese technology that is not just catching up to the best in the world, but beginning to exceed it. (Link fixed)

Trump Bad! China Good! Communism Good! Justin Good! Trump Bad!


CBC gives platform to lunatic left.. oh wait they are the lunatic left

The CBC continues to give a platform to the lunatic left. In this instance “No one is illegal” – the no borders, capitalism is evil, Israel bad, Turtle Island fantasists. This latest bit of idiocy promoted by the CBC demands that police should never inquire about an illegal alien criminal’s immigration status.

Unfortunately the rot already runs deep in Toronto where the city does not ask those accessing tax payer funded city services about their immigration status. If any group or individual demanded that illegal aliens not be funded by tax dollar handouts the CBC would be certain to label them “Far-Right” and “anti-immigrant” in order to demonize non Liberal party approved opinion. Meanwhile the lunatics have the stage at the nations public broadcaster.

Group claims police are improperly helping CBSA round up undocumented immigrants

‘Don’t-ask, don’t-tell’

“What we want is for the police to have an actual ‘don’t ask,’ don’t-tell’ policy,” Scott said Monday.

He said Toronto police should not even be telling the CBSA when they’re investigating an undocumented immigrant who’s suspected of serious criminal acts. “I don’t think they should be reporting someone . . . even if they’re up to no good.”


MALCOLM: The CBC should stay out of the bedrooms of the nation

There’s an increasingly popular argument being made among left-wing environmentalists and those on a crusade to reduce other people’s carbon footprint: have fewer children and help reduce the population.

The latest to advocate this drastic step in human behaviour is none other than Canada’s state broadcaster, the CBC, who listed having fewer children as the number one thing Canadians can do to mitigate climate change.


Tristin Hopper: Really want to help print journalism, Ottawa? Stop CBC from undercutting us

This week, Ottawa unveiled its plan to save Canadian journalism. As expected, the plan essentially boils down to throwing money at the problem; $600 million worth of money.

But there’s a much easier and more egalitarian solution to all of this: Stop subsidizing a competitor that is viciously undercutting independent print media.

Over the last few years — fuelled in part by a $675 million boost to its funding by the Liberal government — CBC has pursued an aggressive policy of expanding its online news site.