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David Attenborough: too much alarmism on environment a turn-off

Sir David Attenborough, the world’s most famous wildlife storyteller, believes repeated warnings about human destruction of the natural world can be a “turn-off” for viewers – a comment that is likely to reignite the debate about whether the veteran broadcaster’s primary duty is to entertain or educate.

Ahead of the launch of Dynasties, a new five-part BBC documentary series, the presenter of Blue Planet II and Planet Earth II said the impact of habitat loss, climate change and pollution were evident everywhere, but sounding the alarm too often could be counterproductive.

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Hippies Crying And Screaming Over A Tree


WALSH: Mankind Will Be Extinct Within 50 Years If We Do Not Abolish Plastic Straws

I thought I had witnessed the zenith of human courage when Billy Joel recently announced in an interview that “Nazis aren’t good people.” Joel is risking his career, perhaps even his life, to dispel the popular notion that Nazis are decent chaps. But his heroism is mere pond scum in comparison to the warriors who have taken up the fight against plastic straws.


Starbucks Bans Plastic Straws, Winds Up Using More Plastic

The coffee giant says that by 2020 it hopes to have eliminated all single-use plastic straws at its 28,000 stores worldwide. It will now top all its cold drinks with fancy new strawless lids that the company currently serves with its cold brew nitro coffees. (Frappuccinos will still be served with a compostable or paper straw.)

As is to be expected, Starbucks’ decision was greeted with universal adulation.