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Hypocrite Trudeau Claims To Disavow Negative Politics, Then Attacks Lisa Raitt As “Ambulance Chaser”

Justin Trudeau recently said the Liberals wouldn’t go negative in the upcoming election, saying they would avoid “personal attacks” and would run a positive campaign.

But less than a day later, he went negative on the Conservatives, attacking them for wanting to put brutal killer Terri-Lynne McClintic behind bars.


Roseanne Barr back on Twitter after ‘leaving,’ blames ‘Ambien tweeting’ after ABC cancels hit show

In a series of late-night tweets, Barr appeared to blame the prescription sleeping pill Ambien for the racist tweet that led to her show’s cancellation Tuesday. She also repeatedly criticized ABC for what she implied is the network’s hypocrisy.


Chelsea Clinton says Trump ‘degrades what it means to be an American,’ says Brits should protest his UK trip

The former first daughter, who just published “She Persisted Around the World,” blamed the Trump administration for having “mainlined hate” and cited reports of a rise in hate crimes — as documented by organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center and the FBI.

Well those are two impeccable sources, eh?


Oprah, Meryl Streep Lecture World Leaders About Gender Equality

Two of Harvey Weinstein’s biggest pals, Oprah Winfrey and Meryl Streep, have joined other Hollywood celebrities in penning an open letter to world leaders about the importance of gender equality.

“Dear World leaders,” the letter reads, according to The Hollywood Reporter, “We’re putting you on notice.”


Open Borders Lily Allen Claims No Space for Migrants in Her Luxury London Pad

The pop star has previously implied the British people should be ashamed for not taking in more migrants, whilst apologizing “on behalf of my country” for the migrant crisis in October 2016.Speaking to the BBC at the migrant camp when asked if she would house a “child migrant,” Allen tearfully replied: “100 per cent. Who wouldn’t?


Rich A-holes Sanders And Warren To Host Town Hall On Income Inequality

Would you let HIV-positive drug addict Charlie Sheen lecture you on substance abuse and safe sex? No, of course you wouldn’t. Nobody would, but three old rich-ass white people are going to shame everyone for the “unfairness” of a free market society. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Michael Moore will hold a town hall on income inequality and you can bet it won’t be about how wealthy and overprivileged they are. I’m also assuming the topics of bank fraud, cultural appropriation, and gluttony won’t come up.


Rich New Yorkers making plans to escape social welfare tax burden – now that they have to pay it themselves

From Robert Donachie at Daily Caller,

Wealthy New Yorkers can currently lower their federal taxable income by more than $100,000 through a provision of the tax code known as the State and Local Tax Deduction, or SALT. The average SALT deduction in the Manhattan area is at least $60,000.

The Republican bill will cap the deduction amount at $10,000, meaning wealthy New Yorkers who currently write off expensive real estate could face an extra six figures in taxable income.

President Donald Trump is expected to sign the bill into law by Christmas, which is why many hedge fund and private equity managers are seriously considering getting out of New York. More.

Reality check: In short, they were big supporters of every type of largesse the government could think up as long as someone else was paying. It’ll be a test of Trump’s presidency whether he does sign the bill for the cold shower these people need.

One could, of course, refer the Chardonnay socialists to the many Bible verses on the virtue of giving till it hurts of one’s own wealth. But somehow, we fear they will have a secularist meltdown at that point and renew their attacks on traditional religion instead.

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