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Trudeau Liberals name Lickspittles that will dole out $660M “journalism” slush fund

The federal government has named the eight Canadian organizations that will sit on a special advisory panel tasked with recommending news operations for participation in a $600 million media support fund.

Finance Minister Bill Morneau announced in his fall economic update that the federal government would make $600 million in tax credits and incentives available to selected media outlets over the next five years.

An independent panel of experts was to be tasked with naming the eligible news organizations and assisting the government in implementing the measures.

“Today, we are reaching another milestone toward the implementation of these tax measures that aim to support Canadian journalism and journalism in under-served communities,” said Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez.

Trudeau named UNIFOR – a scum sucking psycho-left union as one of the “advisers”.


LILLEY: Trudeau’s dark cast of characters at the centre of scandal

Perhaps Jody Wilson-Raybould should be meeting up with Mark Norman to compare notes.

The Vice-Admiral and the former attorney general likely have much in common in how they have been treated by Team Trudeau.

In separate interviews with Postmedia over the last few days, the pair have been telling their respective stories.


Trudeau makes unsubstantiated claim immigration responsible for Canada’s growing tech sector at Toronto conference, media dutifully regurgitates it

Justin Trudeau credits immigration for Canada’s growing tech sector

TORONTO — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told hundreds of attendees at a conference in Toronto on Monday that Canada’s thriving technology sector is a result of the country’s openness to immigrants and he hopes Canadians will continue to view immigration positively.

Trudeau was the first keynote speaker at the four-day conference, called Collision, which is being held in Canada for the first time.

Justin’s bought and paid for media never fails to deliver. Trudeau is a liar, the media his enablers.


Trudeau will be judged in court of public opinion

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is absolutely right when he says Canada’s justice system operates under the rule of law and that due process, the independence of the judiciary and the prosecutions branch underpin the integrity of our justice system.

That’s no thanks to him, though…


AGAR: Trudeau refuses to protect our border from illegal aliens

Try to spot the number of ridiculous items in the following sentence.

The Toronto Star’s Nicholas Keung writes: “The Liberal government has killed a controversial Harper-era initiative that did not afford all refugees the same rights and instead penalized those who came from so-called ‘safe countries’ like the United States.”


Scheer’s back to basics sure beats Trudeau’s bungling

To sum up Andrew Scheer’s recent foreign policy speech in a sentence: Advance and protect Canadian interests abroad, stand proudly for the values Canadians we hold dear, strengthen our relationships with traditional allies, and leave Mr. Dress-Up’s tickle trunk at home.

After four years of Justin Trudeau’s “Canada is Back” bungling, a back to basics approach is ironically refreshing — and badly needed.


Justin Trudeau wants to regulate the internet

During the Christchurch Call to Action summit in Paris, Justin Trudeau pledged to introduce a “digital charter” to combat hate speech on the internet.

Trudeau, who didn’t specify the extent of the charter, claimed that its intent was to battle hate, misinformation and election interference online.


Trudeau Government Imposes ‘Social Justice’ on All Universities

The Liberal government of Canada has formulated a new program to which all universities are expected to commit. It is called “Dimensions: Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.” A “Charter” for “Dimensions” has been distributed to all university presidents, who are urged to sign, endorsing the program for their universities.

Minister for Science and Sport Kirsty Duncan launched this program, using the “independent” funding councils—The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), The National Science and Engineering Council (NSERC), and The Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)—as the conduit for “Dimensions” grants. This is not the first time that Minister Duncan has imposed “equity, diversity, and inclusion” conditions for grants; in 2017, new diversity criteria were enunciated for the Canada Research Chair grants.


Gun grabbing Trudeau Liberals have not ruled out federal order to implement potential handgun ban

OTTAWA – Minister of Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction Bill Blair said implementing a national handgun ban is still on the table, and would not rule out issuing a federal order instead of legislation given the limited window of Parliamentary time.

In an interview on CTV’s Question Period, Blair was asked whether the handgun ban that the government had consulted on was still on the table, and if it’s possible it’ll be brought forward before the next election, or as part of the Liberal re-election campaign. He was also asked if it was something he was pushing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on, and if an Order in Council, essentially an order recommended by the executive branch, could be a way that a ban is brought forward.


FUREY: The 2019 election is looking like 1972 all over again

Trudeau wins a majority government thanks to his personal popularity, as regular Canadians take to the streets to pose for photographs with him, swooning over his style.

This is a description of Justin Trudeau and the 2015 election, right? Sure, but the same words equally apply to the original Trudeaumania – the 1968 election that Pierre Elliott Trudeau won.


Mark Norman tells his side of the story

Bev Norman was watching television in her home in the east-end Ottawa suburb of Orleans around 5 p.m. when the screen flashed images of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

It was April 6, 2017, and the prime minister was taking questions from journalists. One of them was about Bev’s husband, Vice-Admiral Mark Norman.

Mark Norman was in the kitchen when an astonished Bev called out to him. “I think the prime minister was just talking about you.”