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Ignore the green lobby, Doug Ford. Ontarians voted for affordable energy this time

…Liberal clownery on electricity prices almost defies description. Between 2008 and 2016, Ontario’s residential electricity costs grew by more than 70 per cent, doubling the average rate increase in the rest of the country over this time. Large industrial users also suffered, with costs in some cities spiking more than 50 per cent between 2010 and 2016. According to the provincial auditor-general, the Liberals’ fixation with subsidizing uneconomic renewable energy sources such as solar and wind meant Ontarians paid about $37 billion more than they should have for their electricity. In other words, Ontario’s high energy prices were caused by lousy policies.


Kathleen Wynne touts environmental record on final day of campaign

With change in the air, Kathleen Wynne spent the final day of the election campaign touting what her Liberals have done to clean it up.

On the eve of Thursday’s election, Wynne was in Toronto’s Cabbagetown neighbourhood and, later, on Lake Erie near the former site of the coal-fired Nanticoke power plant that was once Ontario’s biggest polluter.


EXCLUSIVE: Liberals ignored green energy advice that could’ve saved Ontarians billions, lead engineer says

It’s been nearly a decade since Ontario Liberals passed the Green Energy Act, an ambitious plan to rid the province of coal-fired electricity and make Ontario a powerhouse in renewable energy manufacturing.

But the lead engineer responsible for designing and implementing a key component of the plan – the FIT and Micro-FIT programs that saw billions of dollars in green-energy contracts awarded to solar and wind companies – tells Global News in an exclusive interview the Liberal government ignored expert advice that, if followed, could have saved Ontario electricity customers billions of dollars in unnecessary spending.


Jason Kenney declares war on ‘green left’, takes aim at David Suzuki foundation

RED DEER, Alta. – United Conservative Leader Jason Kenney, in a fiery speech to party members, is promising an all-out attack on the “green left” and those who secretly fund and support the demonization of Alberta’s oil.

“The special interests have targeted Alberta oil and not Saudi, Venezuelan, or Russian oil because they saw us as the boy scouts, the soft target,” Kenney told about 3,000 delegates and observers in his keynote speech at the party’s founding convention Saturday night.

“If I’m premier, those days are over.

My issue’s with Kenney date back to his days in the Harper government when it was determined he talked out of both sides of his mouth regarding Islamic immigration.


Corbella: Notley’s electricity plans will shock Albertans with high prices

The information in the Stop the Shock Campaign  is, in itself, shocking.

On Monday, a room of about 100 members of the Calgary West Rotary club heard alarming information put forward by Todd Beasley, one of the organizers of a group called Albertans for Affordable Electricity.

Beasley, with a simple power-point presentation, has been lighting small groups on fire across the province by warning them that Rachel Notley’s NDP government is sending us down the road to energy poverty not unlike what’s happened in Ontario — where spiking costs for electricity have led to “heat or eat” predicaments for vulnerable citizens who face the most expensive consumer electricity in North America.


GOLDSTEIN: McKenna’s carbon price report is a farce

It’s impossible for Canadians to assess the effectiveness of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s national carbon pricing plan when his government is pulling numbers out of a hat, making highly suspicious claims about its effectiveness.

A report released Monday by Environment Minister Catherine McKenna predicts Trudeau’s carbon price could come close to meeting Canada’s 2020 and 2030 industrial greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets, submitted to the United Nations.


Sins of the father visited on the children

Germany’s largest company, owner of Volkswagen, Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini and Porsche had been caught red-handed. Not only were they cheating, but also the pollution from their diesel engines has caused cases of asthma, bronchitis and cancer.

Think about Germany. What’s the first thought that comes to mind?

If it’s refugees, then Angela Merkel’s plan has paid off.

To understand, we have to follow two parallel tracks through time. One is about asylum-seekers, and the other is about Volkswagen.

About ten years ago, VW was working to become the largest car manufacturer in the world. It had its hopes pinned on the diesel engine. Diesels are fuel-efficient but run dirty. The pollutants can be captured in an exhaust system, but the technology is expensive and reduces mileage. VW claimed to have solved the problem and began selling massive amounts of diesel Jetta and Passat Turbocharged Direct Injection (TDI) cars into the United States and Europe.


Corbella: Honorary degree to Suzuki the spark to Albertans’ fiery rage

The catalyst is David Suzuki.

The spark is the University of Alberta’s plan to grant the tele-environmentalist an honorary degree.

And the fuel? It’s not bitumen. It’s not oil or gas. It’s the palpable rage that Albertans feel over having their main industry constantly demonized by U.S.-funded, non-governmental organizations like the David Suzuki Foundation, Tides Canada, Dogwood, Leadnow, etc. while oil products from oppressive regimes like Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and Azerbaijan fill eastern Canadian gas tanks.