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The Left’s Last Spasm

As far as anybody knows, the November 4th revolution/tantrum/jamboree planned by Antifa and its associate organizations remains on schedule. The “Opposition” – Antifa, the John Brown Clubs, Refuse Fascism, and assorted other scraps have announced that on that date the revolution will begin with a mass nationwide uprising that will continue until the Trump/Pence regime is overcome. Dozens of hundreds of the people’s vanguard will hit the streets, squatting at intersections and holding their breaths until the fascists are exorcised and the new epoch of light is fully underway.


UCF Antifa group says “death to the police” and “kill capitalists”

The Knights for Socialism is an Antifa group that recently made headlines for hosting a “Leftist Fight Club” in which they stated “This event is open to everyone and anyone, except Republicans” who would presumably be the targets of their newly acquired fighting skills. Even though this group self-labels as a socialist organization they are overt proponents of militant communism as made clear by their Twitter and Facebook feeds. They constantly share pro-communist images as well as news and videos form Latin american state run media outlet TeleSur and are even planning an event to commemorate the Russian Bolshevik Revolution in November.


The Antifa Threat to America: Far-Left Hatred for Trump and American Values

Antifa is an abbreviation for anti-fascist. In the United States, it is a loosely knit social media connected movement of about 200 local organizations that have in common a far Left political and cultural ideology especially characterized by mob violence and disrespect for free speech. They believe violence is warranted against any political or social action, agenda, or speech that contradicts their essentially Marxist ideology.


Antifa, students shut down Tommy Robinson event at Columbia U

Student protesters attempted to block the entrances to Tommy Robinson’s speech at Columbia University Tuesday night, then stormed inside to ensure that the event could not proceed.

According to a Facebook page for the protest, the rally was explicitly dubbed an “anti-fascist” protest to show that “alt-right speakers” allegedly like Robinson are “not welcome on our campus.”


Communist Front Group ‘Refuse Fascism’ Plans Nov. 4 Revolution to Unseat Trump

A front group for the Revolutionary Communist Party USA has declared November 4, 2017, as the day their revolution to depose the “fascist Trump/Pence regime”  begins.  Soros-funded “Refuse Fascism” is calling on leftists across the nation to take to the streets and declare that the Trump presidency is “illegitimate.”

I’m pretty sure that the #1 rule for a successful revolution is ‘Don’t announce it in advance’.


Berkeley Protesters Try To Explain What They’re Protesting. It’s Hilarious.

Despite the cancellation of the “Free Speech Week,” which was allegedly going to star Milo Yiannopoulos, Ann Coulter, and Steve Bannon, a bunch of social justice activists converged on Berkeley to protest anyhow. So YouTube personality Fleccas, real name Arthur Fletcher, arrived on the scene to learn firsthand what all those outraged activists were specifically protesting. By the end of the day, Fletcher came to the conclusion that a vast majority of them don’t really know and even fewer are able to defend their incoherent political positions.

h/t Mom


UC Berkeley’s ‘Free Speech Week’ officially canceled, appeared to be set-up from the start

Former United States Army soldier Chelsea Manning, left, listens to a person after speaking before a couple hundred demonstrators during a march and rally against hate at UC Berkeley in Berkeley, Calif., on Saturday, Sept. 23, 2017. Several organizations representing communities targeted by white supremacy and hate violence took part in the march.

The alt-left at its finest.


Threat of Antifa Violence Shuts Down “Antifa” Documentary Premier

The September 25 premier at Free Speech Week at U.C. Berkeley of the latest feature-length documentary by Dangerous Documentaries (the film wing of Capital Research Center), “America Under Siege: Antifa,” was cancelled in part due to security threats concerning members of the radical terrorist organization Antifa.